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FF: Tales of the Heart|VirMan|CH 1 - 23 (Thread 1) (Page 127)

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Guys watch this space in half an hour :)

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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sn2012

Loved this update!! Haha was so funny when Virat confessed how he kissed Manvi. And Shiv is coming back!!! Yayy!! Will be waiting for your next update. This FF's so addictive! 

LOL Is everyone excited for SHiv?
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Originally posted by cukky

wow beautiful update
cont soonSmile

Thank you! Will do!
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Can I res for the other chapter now, ohh Zahara please save the first spot for me, ps have you got an offer yet my sister has got one for demont ford UNI in Leicester so happy for her going to nawabs to celebrate Big smile, inshallah your offer will come very soon dear Zahara Big smile

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Originally posted by S.Khan

Can I res for the other chapter now, ohh Zahara please save the first spot for me, ps have you got an offer yet my sister has got one for demont ford UNI in Leicester so happy for her going to nawabs to celebrate Big smile, inshallah your offer will come very soon dear Zahara Big smile

Inayah, if you have time to unres just write another comment. I get confused with the comments to look back.
WHAT? omg, wow! Mashallah! bless her! 
ANd no, I haven't got any yet :(

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Originally posted by ZAHARA.

Originally posted by S.Khan

Can I res for the other chapter now, ohh Zahara please save the first spot for me, ps have you got an offer yet my sister has got one for demont ford UNI in Leicester so happy for her going to nawabs to celebrate Big smile, inshallah your offer will come very soon dear Zahara Big smile

Inayah, if you have time to unres just write another comment. I get confused with the comments to look back.
WHAT? omg, wow! Mashallah! bless her!
ANd no, I haven't got any yet :(

Res lemme go pray and I'll get back to you ASAP
Unres once again, ps I've unressed My comment on your chapter Big smile
Yeah I understand that now I think Confused LOL, yeah I know I could believe it either I was like W*F in the morning when she opened the letter, inshallah she will get ahead big time geek of a sister Geek, don't be negative I just prayed Maghrib namaaz and prayed to Allah that you will get an offer soon I have a good feeling you will, can I ask for one thing can you update before 7 because I don't have any wifi when I'm gonna be en route to Manchester please

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Author's Note: hey! No I still haven't got an offer from University but I worked on this chapter all day today and thought why not update? I had to do a bit of research of pag phera's beforehand though, im pretty sure it's when a girl leaves for her mother's home for 2 days? Please like and comment! <3

Amicitia, A New Beginning
Chapter Twenty- Three

Maanvi walked towards Virat who was looking at her with a saddened tone. She looked into his eyes and saw that he had been hurt, not just once but a millions times over. In these eyes, she saw the pain that he had gone through. "Virat? Who is Maya?"

He didn't respond. 

He looked away unable to look at Maanvi in the eye. "I loved her. I really did."

Virat woke up in the middle of the night to hear someone vomiting coming from the bathroom. He looked to his right to see that it was empty. 


He jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom to see Maya retching into the toilet. He held her hair whilst soothing her back. "Virat. Go away." She spat out. He didn't take no notice, instead carried on rubbing her back whilst she started to vomit. He stood up and got a glass of water whilst she cleansed her mouth with it. She took a deep breath whilst she picked herself up and staggered into the bedroom. She nearly fell when Virat helped her up. She nudged him away. "Virat, please." His hands were left in the air, disheartened as Maya walked back into bed without even looking at him.

He leaped into bed and tried to take her into his arms as if to protect her but she pushed him away, taking the blanket to cover herself. He shook his head not being able to sleep any more and walked out of the room. He sighed as he opened the door to the lounge next door and sat near the window. He picked up a picture frame and stared at it.

It was of both of them when he had serenaded her with his voice and guitar. She had instantly taken a liking for them and they had gotten together. Those few weeks were just magical, both of them were not separate from each other for too long. He had come to London to study and he fell in love with her. But somehow things started to change. She was the only one that knew that he was a Prince, but after some time it was like she was ignoring him. He would wake up to see that she was gone and would sleep whilst she came hours after. He never said anything because she was everything to him and he didn't like to see her upset. He didn't like when she would get frustrated nor when she was ill. But sometimes, it was like she didn't care for him. Perhaps Virat knew that, but somehow he didn't want to believe in it. 

He sighed placing the photo frame back and walked into the bedroom again. He looked at her sleeping peacefully as smiled. He brushed her hair from her face before closing his own eyes and falling back to sleep.

"You really loved her, didn't you?" A tear fell from Maanvi's eyes as she looked at Virat. He had the same hurt expression on his face like he always had when a memory stung.

He nodded slowly. "I think it's safe to say, I loved her more than she loved me." He said with a spiteful tone.

"If everything was perfect at first...what happened?"

"I thought it was. I lived for her, I even breathed for her. Everything I did was only for her. I don't know how but everything changed when I...when I proposed to her."

"For marriage?"

He nodded. "Y-Yes. She told me that she wanted to wait a couple of years and I agreed to it because at that time I could do anything for her. Anything."

"And did that work out?" She gave him a slight smile to ease his pain. He shook his head, closing his eyes, completely broken inside. He sniffed, sighing to bring up his strength. 

"Rahul!" Maya spoke into her cell phone. "Rahul! Where are you? Ra-" The phone line went dead and she groaned. 

Virat, wearing his cooking apron, sang along to the infamous songs on the radio as he flipped his omelette. He placed them within two slices of bread before pouring fresh orange juice into a glass. Maya had been distressed the night before and he wanted to make some breakfast for her. He picked up the tray and walked outside, carefully to hear Maya shouting into the phone.

"Is everything alright?" He asked her.

She shook her head furiously. "Rahul isn't answering his phone." She dialled his number again but again was sent to voice mail. 

Virat smiled. "He must be busy, he'll call you back later." She shook her head, trying again. He sighed before placing the tray in front of her. "Eat something, you've been ill for the past few days haven't you?" 

"Virat please, I'm busy right now." She furiously dialled again.

Virat took the phone from her head and placed it onto the side table. He placed the tray in front of her, "Eat."

"Virat? What the hell are you doing?" She pushed the tray hard, making it accidently fall onto the floor. He watched her roll her eyes as the floor was messy, covered in sticky orange juice. "You know I don't eat fattening food like this!" She shouted. He looked at her, hurt. She sighed. "Look, I'm sorry I'm just really stressed right now and I don't need all this. Please, for some time just leave me alone? Okay?" She gave him a kiss on his cheek and left leaving him alone. 

"Is that how she treated you?" Maanvi spoke, with a slight anger in her voice. She was disgusted at how anyone can treat another. 

He nodded. "I thought she was just stressed that day so I let it go. As I always did. Who knew that she was playing a bigger game with me?" He scoffed, letting out a sarcastic laugh. 

Daboo ran over the next two streets to Shiv's house. He was greeted by his mother, Aarti who offered him something to eat. Daboo shook his head before running off to find Shiv.

"Shiv bhai!" He shouted, stopping to pick up a few breaths. 

"What happened?" He spoke, taking his attention out from the novel that he had been reading. "Was there an earthquake or something that you had to come running over here?" He smirked. 

Daboo rolled his eyes trying to catch his breath. "We have to go!"

"Where? Is there really an earthquake happening?" He widened his eyes, concerned. 

Daboo laughed, snorting a little. "Today is Maanvi di's pag phera ritual to start, hai nah? So Beeji asked me to go get her, and I came here to take you with me. Maanvi di will be so happy to see you." 

Shiv bit his lip, he was nervous about meeting Maanvi. He didn't know whether to scream with happiness that he was finally going to meet his best friend, or just nod and calm down. She was no longer just his any more, she became a part of their family as well, the new Vadhera bahu. He sighed, nodding, "Sure, let's go." 

Jeevika stood next to her husband, listening on in the family getting ready for Maanvi's leave. "Tarun make sure you send these gifts with Maanvi, okay?" Vanshika spoke as she handed Tarun the pile of gifts for the family. "I've already talked to Beeji and she said that Daboo is coming to pick Maanvi. Send these to the car as soon as he arrives." 

"I think someone would be restless over someone's absence." Viren whispered into his wife's eyes.

Jeevika gave him a look, trying to hide her smile. "Ssh, be quiet." She looked ahead, trying to cover her wide grin. "Virenji, now don't annoy my devar and devrani."

"What did I do? Your devar was the one who said that he kissed Maanvi, I was just -"

"Ha, ha. I know what you're like. Now, don't mention anything about this in front of them two, no need to embarrass them any more." 

"Okay fine, but I have to say I didn't think my brother would have it in him. I mean, kissing?" He grinned, whispering again.

Swamini looked at the couple, confused. "Viren? Jeevika? What were you talking about? Is there something wrong with these gifts?" She looked at the boxes, wondering. 

Jeevika blushed. "No, no, badi ma. It's no such thing. I was just talking to Jeevika about...about Maanvi!" Viren replied, clearing his throat. 

"Maanvi? Is everything okay? Did something happen to her?" She became concerned. "Did Virat do anything?"

Viren started to cough. "Virat? Virat didn't do anything." He cleared his throat, masking his laughter whilst Jeevika looked away. 

"Then?" She sighed, wondering what was going on.

Just then, two guards came into the Palace with the news that Shiv and Daboo had arrived. The family members went outside to greet them. Shiv parked his car carefully before getting out and looking at the view of the Palace. He was impressed with the way it was presented, the small orchid on the side and the decorations. He inwardly wolf-whistled, somewhat pleased that Maanvi was living the life of a Princess, as she should. Vanshika smiled as she welcomed both Daboo and Shiv whilst Virat looked at Shiv, analysing his every move.

"So, this is Shiv? Maanvi's best friend? Not bad, not bad." Viren thought. Jeevika gave him a look.

"What are you thinking?" She whispered. 

He smiled. "That's Shiv. Maanvi's friend."


"So, my dear wife. This means that he'll be the one to help us join Virat and Maanvi." 

She widened her eyes, grinning at the plan. She took a look at Shiv, nodding her approval. 

"Wow, your house is so big!" Daboo exclaimed, turning around to view each and every part. "How many rooms are there?" He looked left and right, trying to count them but failing - there was just too many corners to count them all. 

Vijay Singh smiled at the younger man's enthusiasm. "There are many. Come, I'll show you them. And I'll also show you my orchid garden." He said with a slight of pride. Daboo walked with him as Vijay Singh took his around the Palace.

Swamini laughed lightly. "Whenever there is a guest in our house, bauji always wants to show them his garden. Sometimes I feel like he loves his trees and plants more than he loves us."

"That's sort of true," Vanshika laughed whilst the others joined in.

Viren cleared his throat looking at Shiv. "So, Shiv. How are you?"

Shiv gave him a look, finding Viren's question somewhat peculiar. "I'm good, and you?"

"Good." Viren said, smiling. Shiv nodded slowly, still not sure what Viren really wanted. Viren looked at Jeevika, gesturing her to talk to Shiv.

"Urm, Shiv. You haven't seen the Palace right? So, come on I'll take you." Jeevika said as she pulled Shiv towards the other side of the Palace. Viren followed, making sure that Shiv wasn't weird-ed out by their gesture - not that it would make a difference! Swamini and Vanshika laughed as the husband and wife duo took the friend over, they went towards the living room where they finished making sure everything was set for Maanvi's leave.

Shiv was confused. No wait, he was more than that. He was actually terrified. There he was, trying to bring his friend home when he is (literally) kidnapped by a Prince and his wife. He had never spoken to Viren nor Jeevika before and was anxious to find out what they wanted with him.

"Did I do anything wrong?" Shiv gulped watching Jeevika and Viren stare him down. "Am I going to jail?" He whispered with a terrified expression on his face. 

Viren and Jeevika looked at each other before they fell into a fit of giggles. Shiv looked at them totally confused. "What happened to these two? They take me away like I'm going to be imprisoned and now they laugh at my expense?" He thought. Viren took a deep breath before smiling at Shiv. 

He placed his hand forward, "Shiv, I'm Viren and this is my wife Jeevika." Shiv nodded as he shook his hand. "Actually the thing is, we have a job for you." Shiv looked at them confused. "By job, I mean...mission."

"Kya, yaar, are you trying to make us spies or something?" Shiv laughed. Jeevika smirked at his comment.

"Not yet. The thing is Virenji and I are on a mission. The mission to get my devar and devrani to confess their love for each other." Jeevika said gleefully.

Shiv's eyes widened. "Love? Are you sure they're in love? Because as far as I know, this whole marriage was a compromise. Believe me, I would want Maanvi to have someone who loves her but are you sure this would work?"

"Of course! Listen, have you ever heard Romeo and Juliet?" Shiv nodded. "In that, Romeo and Juliet met, married and fell in love within a few days. Just like Virat and Maanvi. I mean, minus the love part but we're working on that. The plan is, we have to make them fall in love." Viren explained.

Shiv smirked at Viren's comment. "Fall in love? Is there a such thing?" He shook his head. "And besides what has that got to do with Romeo and Juliet? Both of them die at the end any way."

"My husband thinks of the most silliest examples," Jeevika sighed. Viren gasped as she rolled her eyes. "I know Virat and Maanvi don't love each other - yet. But they do care for each other. These days Virat has been caring about the same girl that he had just met. And he hardly trusts anyone this easily." She gave Viren a saddened look. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Look, Shiv. I know you care a lot about Maanvi, so do I. She's like the younger sister I've never had. But I also care about my devar too. And I know that Maanvi is the best partner for him - and I also know that they are both destined to be together. So many things have happened but now look, through it all they are together and will always be no matter what the situation is." She sighed. "Shiv, Virenji and I will do anything that we can to get them together, to make them understand each other's love and compassion and for that we will need you help." She placed her hands together. "Please." 

Viren's heart melted at the sound of his wife. This was why everyone held so much love for Princess Jeevika. It was her sweet words that made everyone want to agree to her. Shiv smiled, he understood that Maanvi was extremely lucky to have gotten a sister-like figure like Jeevika. Maybe Virat and Maanvi didn't love each other yet - but if Jeevika was right, then it'll be no matter what happens Virat and Maanvi will always be together.


"Okay." He nodded. "I agree to this mission." He said softly whilst Jeevika smiled. Viren patted him on the back, thanking him. "Okay so, when is mission VirMan getting started?"

Viren laughed, "Mission VirMan?" 

Shiv smiled. "You know, Virat and Maanvi. VirMan. It's easier that way." Jeevika giggled whilst Viren nodded. 

"First things first, let's get Maanvi. After all, she has to go home for pag phera right? So, Virenji will call you when the plan commences." Jeevika ordered as Viren and Shiv exchanged their numbers. She smiled, excited that her family's life would be full of happiness. She just hoped that VirMan would actually happen and that the void in Virat's life would be fill with nothing but happiness. Only happiness. 

"A bigger game?" Maanvi spoke, the words hitting her hard. "What do you mean? What was Maya doing?" Maanvi began to get angry. She didn't even know Maya but the way she treated Virat - was just inhumane. 

Virat laughed lightly. It was not the laughter of happiness. But the hard hitting laughter of hurt and agony. He stopped, staring deep into space. Maanvi walked towards him and held his hands. It was the least she can do to show her support. He looked down at her, and smiled. "Why are you so nice?" He whispered. Maanvi shrugged. He focused on the strand of hair that was falling onto her face. Without a second thought he touched it and softly placed it behind her ears. He stared at her. "Why do you treat me like a normal person? I'm destroyed, I live this stupid life but you still treat me the same just like you treat any one else. Why?"

Maanvi looked at him, unsure of what to say. She saw his eyes glistening as if he was seeing something that made him happy for the first time. "I don't know." She whispered. She looked away, taking her hands out of his. She cleared her throat as she moved backwards. 

He turned away, sighing. "Maanvi, I -" The door opened just before Virat was going to say something. She turned back to see Jeevika standing in the door way. 

"It's time to go." She spoke. Maanvi looked back at Virat, with a slight sad expression before looking back at Jeevika and nodding.

Virat watched her as she walked off. His heart began to break as if something special was leaving. He sighed. "She isn't going away for ever." He promised himself. 

Maanvi walked into the hallway with a sullen look. "Miss me, Maanvi?" She stopped and turned right to see where the voice had come from. Her eyes widened and she smiled, getting excited to see Shiv. 

"Shiv?!" She rushed towards him as the family members looked at her smiling. "What are you doing here?" 

"What can't I meet my friend? Or what?" He smiled as he gave her a hug. "I'm here to pick you up."

"Really? I've missed you so much!" She replied excitedly.

"And Maanvi di, me? Haven't you missed me too?" Maanvi turned around to see Daboo, she smiled as she went to hug her brother. 

"Of course I missed you to, idiot." She laughed. After a few minutes of talking, everyone watched as they placed Maanvi in the car, ready to take her back to her house. Her heart sunk noticing everyone except Virat was there. She gave everyone a slight smile before sitting in the car as Shiv drove off.

Virat peered through the windows, watching as Maanvi looked like she was searching someone. He wanted to wave to her, to give her a proper goodbye but couldn't. Things were too complicated. He smiled knowing that he'll meet her again. Even if that was in a few days.

But if you were Prince Virat Singh Vadhera, known for his childish antics, then you would also know that whatever he wants - he gets. Even if that was bending the rules of Pag Phera and meeting Maanvi. 

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am speechless!
u r amazing zahara.
so mission virman started...
shiv is greatThumbs Up

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