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FF: Tales of the Heart|VirMan|CH 1 - 23 (Thread 1) (Page 120)

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Hey thanks! Will PM you !

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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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I MIGHT update the next chapter in an hour, seeing as I've written like half way through. Watch this space... Embarrassed

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Now that's like a good girl...Big smile.. The more you worry about your problem the more depressed you'll become... So keep yourself occupied with other activities...Spread the happiness(through your updates) and you'll surely get what you have been waiting for... All our good wishes are with you Zahara...You'll get a call from one of the best uni surely... and update soon dear ...waiting very very eagerly for your update...Day Dreaming

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ZAHARA. IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Di, don't worry. The next post by me will be the update!!
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Ohhh god that a good news...i m waiting dear...updt u

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Author's Note: No, I haven't got an offer from Uni yet but after a few people, mainly D (arhifandebi) and Inayah (S.Khan) gave me the support and love, I just had to. So D and Inayah, this is for you. Heart

Amicitia, A New Beginning
Chapter Twenty- Two

"I have to go." Maanvi looked away and swiftly walked out in awkwardness. She didn't even look back at him as she felt her skin become hot to the touch. She touched her lips, where his own lips had been just a minute earlier. She felt it become numb as if bruised. She walked down the stairs, still thinking about the kiss earlier. 

It had been her first kiss.

And she didn't know what it meant. Why did he kiss her? Was it on purpose? Or just in the span of the moment? 

She walked into the Palace's public bathrooms and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face were a flushed red, her cheeks with a hint of blusher. She glanced at her lips and gulped. It was a slight, unusual colour of red. She touched it, flashbacks of him passionately kissing her came back. She gasped before moving her hand away and washing it under the cold tap. She splashed a handful of water onto her face, letting it cool her. 

"What is wrong with me? Why do I keep thinking about him? Whatever happened was just an accident!" She thought to herself. "Yes, it was only an accident. And even he said that he was sorry! I shouldn't think about it too much." 

She sighed looking back at her reflection again. She couldn't even look at herself in the eye, it was all too awkward. She didn't know that he would kiss her. After all, if anything it was just something that happened. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was upset. She had just taken the cigarette away from his hands and he had locked her against the wall. Yes, it was not their fault. It just happened. 

It just happened.

"Maanvi, why are you thinking about him again? Leave it. Don't bother yourself with it. So what if he kissed you? Why do you care? Don't get yourself so hung up on it. Didn't I already say it was a mistake?" She scolded herself before splashing one last handful of water onto her face and wiping it away. 

Virat banged his fist into the walls of the attic before hissing. Rubbing it quickly, letting the pain go he sat back, leaning onto the wall. "What did I do?" He thought as he looked at his hand. It was the same hand that he had held Maanvi with. It was the same hand that he had smoked with. Why did he keep going this? No matter how hard he tried, his past life would always cause him to go mad. He couldn't live with smoking. It was an addiction.

A fatal addiction.

No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't give up. If he vowed to give up one day, the next moment he would break it. It was something that had always been happening but has been getting worse since he had met her. He went to London to study, but ended up falling into the wrong crowd.

"V, baby! Aren't you ready yet?" Maya came out wearing a short, sleeveless black dress. She had straightened her hair, and accessorised herself with a pearl necklace. 

"For what?" Virat spoke as he strummed his guitar. 

"What? Did you forget?" She shook her head displeased. "Today is Rahul's birthday! And we promised that we'll be there."

Virat stopped strumming and stood up from the bed. "No Maya, YOU promised. And anyway, I'm tired from all these parties. Let's do something together, just us two. Why don't we stay in?"  He held her shoulders but she brushed him away shaking her head.

"But baby, we can do anything together later. Come on, I promised Rahul!" Virat shook his head, sighing and trying to walk away. Maya stopped him and pulled him back and hugged him. "Look, I'm sorry. I know we haven't spent much time together lately but I promise after this I'll do whatever you want okay?" She looked up at him and kissed him on the lips. He pulled back, before looking away. 

He sighed. "Okay, fine." 

Maya smiled as she leapt out of her hands and straightened her hair. She groaned knowing that she'd have to reapply her lipstick before moving to fix herself up. Virat watched as she pampered herself. He picked up his guitar and placed it in it's place. 

Though he had his own apartment, Virat was always at Maya's. Ever since they had gotten together, he had moved in with her, as it was easier for her since she didn't have to move her dozens of clothes and make up. At first it was the most amazing time of his life. The nights with her, the moments with her was just everything to him. But somehow he couldn't help but feel that he loved her more than she loved him. 

It was true. She never really did love him. All he was for her was a quick way to get rich and famous. Marry a Prince and become infamous. That's what she wanted. And he fell for it. 

Most girls would dream of marrying a Prince. They would dream their whole lives of being a fairytale, born into a small house but marry into a large family. They would fall in love with a Prince and have many children. But not Maya. She only wanted him for the inheritance that he carried. She only cared about becoming a world class model, and the day that he left her, the day that everything came tumbling down for her. 

He was the one that got away.

Good riddance.

Their relationship was a dead end. He tried everything to fix it but it seemed as if the relationship itself didn't want to be fixed. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't get away from her. He was just too in love with her. 

Virat touched his lips, and thought about him kissing Maanvi. It was a mistake. He didn't mean it. She was just there and he felt suffocated. He needed someone, he needed someone's touch, and she was there. She was just so innocent, standing there with those succulent lips. He couldn't help but kiss her. He didn't expect to feel anything. It was just something that he felt he had to do.

But he was wrong. He did feel something.

But what? 

It was like something that he hadn't felt before. He couldn't put his finger on it but couldn't understand why he felt like this. He could still taste her strawberry lipstick on his lips and he found himself licking it but stopping. "Why am I thinking about her so much? Why?" He thought to himself. 

Maanvi sat in the main room pondering in silence. She didn't hear the door open and the Vadhera family come in. 

"Maanvi?" Swamini asked. She looked up, startled. "Is everything alright?" 

"Hm?" She looked up, zoning out of her thoughts. "Y-Yes Buaji, everything is fine." 

Swamini nodded but still wasn't convinced. "Where is Virat?"

"Er," Maanvi thought. He had been in the attic before but that was a few minutes ago, was he still there? "I don't know, maybe in his room." 

"I'll go look for him." Viren said walking off. The rest of the Vadhera's nodded.

Viren walked into the room, and peered in. He noticed that everything was quiet. Frowning, he entered, looking for his younger brother. Virat sat on the bed, sitting deep in thoughts. 

"Is everything alright bro?" Viren grinned. Virat didn't respond. "Virat?" He waved his hands in front of his face. 

"Hm?" Virat looked up from his thoughts. "I'm sorry bhai, did you need anything?" 

Viren sat next to Virat. "What's the matter? You seem to be thinking too hard today, did anything happen?"

Virat shook his head. "Bhai, what should you do when you keep hurting the same person?"

"Hurting? How so?" Viren questioned.

Virat thought of the time he had made Maanvi bleed with the rose, then the cigarette. How he had kissed her, shouted at her. Though it was not deliberate, he still can't help but feel like he had hurt her. "I don't know. It's like when you do something but they end up getting hurt."

"Did you hurt them on purpose?"

He shook his head. "Not exactly."

"Then it's not your fault."

Virat looked at his brother and scoffed. "But why do I feel like this? As if I'm guilty, as if I'm..."


"Yes." He nodded. "As if I'm the one hurting." 

"Hm. When that happens that you should whatever you can to make sure that person does not go away from you. If you're hurting because they're hurt, then how would you feel when they're gone? I'm assuming you're speaking hypothetically." 

"I guess you're right, bhai."

Viren nodded, wondering what to say to his brother. Though Virat didn't exactly say it, Viren knew that this had to be linked to Maanvi. Ever since she came into their lives, Virat can't help but think about her. Viren smiled at his brother's plight, so much has changed in these few days. If Maanvi could do this, then what would happen if she actually became his wife in the true sense? Maybe Virat would actually forget about Maya. But even Virat was stubborn, he would never allow anyone else to come close to him. No, if that had to happen Viren needed to get help. If Viren would help by being on Virat's side, then Shiv would be the one from Maanvi's side. Viren smiled, knowing exactly what to do.

"I'm sorry Maanvi, everything had happened so quick that we haven't even welcomed you properly." Swamini said. 

Maanvi shook her head. "No, no. Buaji. It's okay, I understand. After all, you all are Royals."

"Hm, true. But you are now our daughter-in-law and no matter what, you were the first bahu chosen by us. The wedding may have been rushed but so what?" Vanshika said. "It's not your fault."

"Right." Swamini sighed. "Look Maanvi, I know this must have been Virat's idea. After all that boy has always been good for nothing." She gave a displeased look. "Anyway leave it. If he does anything that you don't like, don't hesitate to tell us. After all, we are your family now."

"Swamini is right, Maanvi." Vijay Singh replied. He crossed his arms across his chest and looked at her confidently. "Anything that happens, you tell us."

Maanvi nodded. "Yes Dadaji. I will." She cowered her eyes onto the floor in awkwardness. "Thank God that they haven't found out about before, otherwise who knows what they might have done? What would they do? I don't know, but no I can't tell them anything. After all, this is all between a husband and wife." She thought to herself. 

Vanshika smiled and looked at Maanvi. "Beta, I know you must be missing your family so I was wondering why don't you go home? For your pag phera?"

"But Bhabhi, before that we have to release a statement - public statement - of Virat's wedding. If anyone finds out before that then who knows what would happen? The wedding was done in secret so we have to at least tell them, right?" Swamini persisted. 

"Whatever it is, I don't agree to it." Vanshika replied. "We'll tell the public after the pag phera rituals are over. There'll be unnecessary media coverage." 

"Tik hai, bhabhi. Whatever you think is right." Swamini said as she and her father left to complete a few work for later.

"I want to anything I can for my daughter-in-law." Maanvi smiled at Vanshika, feeling happy that she had a mother-figure with her.

"Is Maanvi your only Bahu?" A teasing voice was heard from the door. Jeevika came in with her hands placed on her hips and a fake frown on her forehead. As soon as the two women looked at her in surprise, Jeevika couldn't help but laugh.

Vanshika rolled her eyes. "Oh look, the jethani is here now.." She looked at Maanvi. "Be careful Maanvi, she won't let her devrani get away with anything." Maanvi looked down blushing. 

"Of course not!" Jeevika pretended to get angry. "I am THE Jethani, I have to give my orders on someone don't I?" She laughed.

"But as the Saas, I will always support my Choti Bahu." Vanshika stated trying not to laugh.

"Heh! That's not fair! As soon as the Choti Bahu came, you all have forgotten about me. But why not? After all, I have become the purani bahu." 

Maanvi looked at the two women in awe. Though they were Royal, they had the most unique relationship. Somehow, Maanvi felt really comfortable talking to them, as if she had been with them not for a few days but for years. 

"So what? Purani or not. My bahu's will always be my number ones." 

Jeevika hugged her mother-in-law, "And my Saas will always be the number one saas in the whole world." 

"So that's sorted." They both laughed. "Jeevika, do one thing for me. It's like for Maanvi's pag phera so please take her to get ready okay?"

Jeevika nodded whilst Vanshika left the two bahu's talking amidst themselves. "I'm sorry, Maanvi. I left you here alone before. Next time, I'll pakka take you with me."

Maanvi smiled at her words, "Don't worry Jeevika," Jeevika gave her a frown. "I mean, Di." She smiled. "It's fine. I have no worries." 

"Then that's sorted. Come, let's get you fresh. You have to go to your home right?" Maanvi nodded. "Okay, let's go to your room."

Maanvi bit her lip wondering that Virat would still be in room. Would she be able to face him right now?

Madan sat in the front room looking at a picture of Maanvi with everyone else. She was sitting in the middle, with everyone else closing in on her. A tear fell from the eyes of the saddened father. He couldn't believe that his little angel was gone. He had high hopes to adorn her and then do her khanyadaan much like any father. But he didn't. His dreams and hopes had been snatched away from him because of that Prince. Madan grew angry, vowing that he'll never forgive Prince Virat Singh Vadhera. Because of him, Maanvi's life was thrown left and right, she was shattered knowing his family was in trouble and then became numb becoming his suhaag. No, Madan will never forgive him. 

"Are you thinking about Maanvi?" Pinky spoke as she placed a cup of tea towards him. He shook his head, letting her know that he didn't want to drink the beverage. 

He stood up, dropping the picture angrily onto the table stand. "Why shouldn't I? That...that man took my daughter away and I just stood here doing nothing!"

"But Madanji, this was Maanvi's decision as well." 

"Maanvi is just a child who always thinks with her heart. Ever since he came into her life, she thought that everything - this country - would only be saved by this marriage." He shook his head. "Pinky, this is their problem. Not ours, and especially not my daughter's! I know that we agreed to this wedding but like this? I had so many dreams of sending my daughter off and what did that larka do? Ruin everything."

"Madanji, if Maanvi is happy about this then what can we do? Her life is now linked with Virat's. Anything we saw to him will affect her! So for God's sake, leave this. And besides, Vanshikaji called, it's time for Maanvi's pag phera." 

He sighed. "Maanvi deserves better." He looked away, staring hard into the wall and trying to keep his tears under control. Pinky shook her head, completely displeased before walking off. 

Beeji watched her son and his wife argue and looked down sighing. This has been happening since Maanvi had left a day ago. Madan was no longer the happy, optimistic Madan. He had been resorted to an angry father. Beeji became disheartened to see her daughter in law trying to pacify her husband but to no avail. Madan just wouldn't accept Virat as his son in law. In his eyes, Virat was merely a thief who stole his daughter.

"Beeji?" Daboo asked, coming into the room. "I've heard that Maanvi di is coming back." He smiled happily knowing that his sister would be would him, even if for a few days. He had missed her entirely. 

She nodded. "Yes, she is. Today is her pag phera isn't it? That's why. Daboo, why don't you do one thing? Go and pick her up, after all it is the brother's job."

He nodded grinning. "I'll be sure to do that! I can't wait to meet Maanvi di!"  He got up to walk away before moving back, "Beeji?"


"Can I take Shiv bhai with me? The thing is he'll be happy to see Maanvi too and we'll take his car rather than a taxi." He replied nervously.

Beeji smiled, nodding. "Yes, go. Give Shiv my hello, okay?" Daboo nodded whilst he left. Beeji sat in her seat, wondering how Madan was going to change his view on Virat.

"Come on, Maanvi!" Jeevika said as she pulled Maanvi into the room. Maanvi hesitated as she walked in. Instantly Virat looked at her whilst she felt her face become red. She couldn't keep her eyes on him whilst he stared at her. She faced her head down before tilting up to see Virat. He gave a slight smile, trying to let her know that he was sorry and to calm her down. She gave him a slight nod as Jeevika grinned seeing her husband. She was pulled into a hug by Viren whilst she blushed looking at Maanvi and Virat. She playfully nudged her husband, letting him know that their romance can happen later but for now Maanvi had to get ready. Jeevika gave Maanvi a set of clothes to wear before making her go into the bathroom to bathe and get changed.

"What's all this?" Viren asked Jeevika.

"Maanvi is leaving." She spoke. As soon as the words left her mouth, Virat's heart sank. He felt confused learning the truth. "Maanvi is leaving? But why?" He thought to himself. "Was this that upset with me that she's leaving me? No, no. It can't be."

Viren looked at his brother who had a distressed look on his face. "Virat?" Virat looked at him. "Is everything alright? You seem tensed."

Virat jumped up from the bed and walked to Jeevika. "Bhabhi? You said Maanvi is leaving. Why? I mean, did she say anything? I swear bhabhi I didn't mean to hurt her, it just happened that -"

"What?" Jeevika interrupted Virat as he rambled on. He was completely nervous. His heart again began to sink as he thought of Maanvi leaving him.

"Maanvi!" He told Jeevika. "Is she actually leaving because of me?"

She smiled. "Of course, Virat. Why else would she leave?" 

"Oh god." He looked left and right whilst Viren and Jeevika looked at him concerned. "This is all my fault. Bhabhi let her that she doesn't need to leave. I seriously didn't mean to kiss her, it was just something that happened."

"What? Kiss?" Jeevika said out loud. Viren looked at his brother shocked. He hadn't expected him to do that! 

"Virat? You kissed Maanvi?" Viren asked, trying to hide his smirk.

"I thought you knew? That's why Maanvi is leaving me!"

Just then Maanvi entered the room hearing Virat, Viren and Jeevika talking. She frowned, wondering what they were talking about until she heard Virat talk about The kiss, her heart skipped a beat whilst she closed her eyes sighing. 

"Virat? Maanvi isn't leaving you, she's just leaving for her pag phera!" Jeevika laughed whilst Virat noticed Maanvi in the room. He looked at her, going completely red in the face. He hadn't expected to blurt out the truth like that but in the moment he did. He shook his head in embarrassment whilst Maanvi looked at him biting her lip. Viren and Jeevika laughed whilst they walked out to give the newly weds their space. 

Virat sighed whilst groaning. "I'm so sorry, I thought you were leaving." He began to go red. "I mean, the way Bhabhi was saying. I thought you had gotten angry with me."

"It's fine." Maanvi said trying to put up a smile. "I'm not angry with you. Actually, I understand that you've been through some rough times and I was just in the wrong place. I get it." She sighed. "I should go."

She began to walk out when Virat quickly blurted out, "It's because of her. It's because of Maya."

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You actually dedicated this part to me!!!!!! I'm so so sooo happy..Dancing... Coming to the update...It was a BEAUTIFUL chapter...Clap.. The way you explained the innumerable thoughts going on in both Virat's and Manvi's mind was simply Superb...The last part was just so sweet...Embarrassed... Virat thought that Manvi was leaving him because of the kiss... Clearly shows that he doesn't want Manvi to go away from him at any cost...Manvi is going for her pag-phera... I guess by the time she returns after the ritual Viren and Shiv would have already made a masterplan to bring VirMan close to each other... All in all a brilliant update...Clap...Now about you ...You'll surely get a call within this week... I'm having a strong feeling about that...Smile...After that I hope we'll get loadzz of updates together... Hoping for the best... Please do continue if you ever feel low in the meantime ... It'll help you to keep yourself away from worrying too much... ALL THE BEST...!!!!!Star

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Awesome update
Continue soon and thanks for the pm!!

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