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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by madpaki

Omg just love this concept its so different
The way explain everything and the
Way you portray their feelings I just love it
Update soon and do pm me

Thank you!

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Man !!I jus loved it !! can u believe I ended up reading it 5 times Smile 

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Eagerly waiting for the meeting of prince virat and his would be maanviWink
Nice update..
Continue soon and thanks for the pm..

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by swetharao

Man !!I jus loved it !! can u believe I ended up reading it 5 times Smile 

Really? WOW! 5 times! Thank you!!

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by love_never_dies

Eagerly waiting for the meeting of prince virat and his would be maanviWink
Nice update..
Continue soon and thanks for the pm..

Thank you so much (:
ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Author's Note: Hope you guys liked this! Sorry, I'm not fluent in Hindi so there will be some mistakes. See you next Wednesday! ;)

A Fated Compromise

Chapter Three

"The larka wala are here!" Pinky shouted as she ran from one end of the house to another. During their limited time, the Chaudary's had just about managed to cook and decorate the house. Pinky stopped to look at the handiwork made by a flower arranger, he had embroidered the plastic decorates onto the railing of the stairs. Satisfied with his work, she gave him a nod and told him to take out the box of spare flowers and tidy up the area. She smiled as she hurriedly walked into the kitchen making sure that everything was still fresh and fit for the expecting family.

"Madan, chal let's go greet them." Beeji told her son and Maanvi's father. He was a tall, slim man with dark brown hair similar to that of Maanvi's. He nodded at his mother and headed towards the outside door where a black Mercedes drove up the lane and into their driveway. Everyone, apart from the immediate family, had left the house couple of minutes earlier and so whilst Pinky made sure everything inside was perfect and Maanvi was ready, Beeji and Madan hesitated at the arrivals. The Mercedes stopped just before them and a man dressed in a shirt and cap walked out of the driver's seat. Beeji noted that the man was their driver. She tried to look through the car windows but due to the dark glass, it was difficult to see. She wondered just who the family were; she didn't realise anyone close who owned a Mercedes and thought that it was probably someone from the other districts. Debu, the match maker had only given her limited information on the family, that they were looking for someone with good morals and upbringing, it was only by chance that Debu had told them Maanvi's name.

The person seated in the front passenger's seat had at this point opened the door and moved swiftly to open the closest back door whilst the driver opened the opposite. Beeji and Madan tried to look closely at the second man's face but as he was facing backwards to them, all they saw was his white blazer and smart jeans. Either side of the car stood two women, one who was younger, wore a pink saree whilst the other wore a dark brown salwar kameez. The older woman knelt down into the car and said something with an annoyed tone on her face, and in less than a second a young man jumped out of the car. Beeji and Madan looked at each other and they had let out a loud gasp as they saw who was in front of them ' Chandrilasia's Royal family!

Beeji stood in shock as she tried to take everything in. She watched as the younger woman ' Princess Jeevika ' walked towards them with the man in the passenger's seat ' Prince Viren. Behind them followed their aunt, Lady Swamini and a grudgingly Prince Virat. He wore a black blazer, almost dressed in juxtaposing his brother.

Jeevika and Viren walked up towards the shocked Chaudary's and smiled. Swamini stood beside Viren and held her hands together, whilst Virat stood silently in the back.

"Namaste, Beeji." Swamini greeted politely. "I think you were expecting us."

Madan cleared his throat unsure of what to say, he didn't think that the first proposal that his daughter got was from the Royal family! He smiled, quite happy at Maanvi's lucky fate.

"Yes." Beeji said quickly putting her hands together and greeting them. "Namaste, please come in." They entered the decorated house; the rooms were tidied squeaky clean, not an inch of dust in place. The maroon sofa's complimented the light pastel walls, the light that Pinky had asked for made the room sparkle, illuminating the whole house. Swamini smiled, she was pretty impressed with the decorations and the wellbeing of the family members so far. Even though on her strict request for the expected family to not know about Prince Viraat's proposal, she was happy that the Chaudary's had gone to this length to impress them.

Beeji led the Vadhera's into the hallway and asked them to sit down on the three sofas. Viren and Jeevika sat on one whilst Swamini sat on the other. Virat looked around, taking in the new surroundings. It was not often that he mingled with people he didn't know, most of the time he would be bombarded by people who wanted to catch a glimpse of the royal prince and therefore would be protected by bodyguards alike. Today, the family managed to get out of the palace undetected as the Earl of Chandia had deliberately told the media to not follow them or create any news stories or controversies. To take extra precaution, the family opted to travel in a car that wasn't too obvious yet a car that many upper class wealthy families would have. Viren coughed deliberately to which Virat was taken out of his train of thoughts. He gestured Virat to sit besides Swamini, with a quick thought Virat obliged his brother's request and sat down.

Beeji sat on the opposite sofa with Madan. They took a quick glance at each other, not sure of what to say or who the start the conversation.

Viren noticed their apprehension, "What a nice house you have." He said smiling, trying to make them feel confident.

"Ji, thank you Virenji." Beeji hesitated.

Viren shook his head quickly, "Please don't talk to me like that. You are elder to me therefore you should have the most respect."

The Chaudary's smiled, they had heard of the future King's kind and caring attitude but never thought that they would see him. Beeji nodded at Viren, gesturing that next time she'll avoid this.

"You must be quite shocked right, that we are in front of you." Swamini said.

Beeji thought for a bit. "Yes, it was a bit shocking. We didn't know who was coming or who to expect."

"That's my fault. Actually, I deliberately asked the match maker to not tell anyone. When people hear about us, they put on this false persona." She said bitterly. "Mujhe garv hai that aap log aise nehi hai. I'm proud that there are people of high morals like yourself and I won't hesitate in meeting your daughter." Swamini smiled genuinely. Ever since she heard the name Maanvi, she was intrigued about this girl. She knew that the girl had no true royal blood but it was what she heard from the match maker that intrigued her. Maanvi, someone of respect and goddess of education. She had heard that this girl was supposed to bring luck to whichever family she marries into and hoped that this will be the same girl that helped Virat with his life. Swamini's eyes twinkled as she researched into the numerological meanings of Maanvi. They are bold, daring and persuasive. Even though she didn't really care about the meanings of names to a person, she was taken aback with this exact quote. In that instant moment, she knew that Maanvi would be the very person that would control Virat.

"I'm happy that you lot have found time in your busy lives to visit us. I mean, I'm happy that you are considering our daughter's hand." Beeji replied.

"Beeji." Swamini said as a matter of fact, "Please don't embarrass us."

Beeji gave out a slight laugh and looked at the empty tables, cursing herself for not getting any refreshments for them any sooner. "I'll get you some refreshments." Beeji got up.

"No, no. Why do you take the trouble?" Swamini interjected standing up. "Please sit down. We are fine."

"What are you saying? You've come to our house for the first time, you have to have something. I'll just ask Maanvi's mother." Swamini shook her head.

"That can happen later, please sit down." Beeji nodded and sat down to which Swamini copied.

"Erm, Buaji. I'll go help in the kitchen." Jeevika said to which Swamini nodded. Beeji shook her head at once, "But you '"

"Beeji, what difference does it make if you get it or I do? It's the same thing isn't it? And I like to do things like this." Jeevika replied smiling. Despite being the Princess of Rishania or the future Queen of Chandrilasia, Jeevika preferred these chores rather than being on Royal duty. She was ecstatic when she realised that her sasural was close to their principles just how her family were. She guessed that was why her father and the Earl of Chandia were so close.

"Teek hai beta, if you wish so." Beeji smiled at Jeevika's innocence. "Kitchen is to the right." Jeevika nodded and walked off.

"So Beeji, you haven't told us about Maanvi. What are her likes, dislikes?" Viren asked.

"Maanvi, what do I tell about this girl." Beeji smiled thinking about her. "She likes being outside, she likes to stay out under the sky. Sometimes, in childhood she would stay alone outside just looking up. Time used to fly and she wouldn't know how each moment became hours."

"Looks like Maanvi is a very free type girl.." Swamini noted listening intently at Beeji's words. Virat bit his lips thinking about the girl who he is yet to meet. He felt extremely uncomfortable in this setting, it was supposedly his 'proposal' day but he didn't know how to feel or to behave. He cursed himself slightly, internally groaning at his frustration. He didn't want to get married; he wanted to marry for love ' not for power or wealth.

What do I do? I can't take this anymore. I know that everything is my fault and that the agitation of the people of Chandrilasia is due to me. But I can't do this, I cannot deceive a family by making them think that I am serious about this, I can't let this Maanvi down. I had promised bhai that I'll look at this girl but won't say yes, that way Ma won't become upset. I wish she would have been here, but no. She has her duties to do. He thought and sighed softly.

"Ha, Maanvi is a very sweet girl. But one thing she doesn't like is quiet!" Beeji laughed. "Even when someone is upset, Maanvi would hate it. She'd do anything just to make someone smile or laugh."

Swamini gave out a soft laugh, "Acha hai, I think everyone should be open and free once in a while."

"Absolutely Badi ma! Right Virat?" Viren said looking at his brother.

Virat, who was in his own thoughts suddenly coughed and came into conscious. "Huh?" He asked confused before mumbling a "Yes" and automatically looking down at the floor.

Meanwhile, Jeevika stood into the kitchen. It was fairly small, not like the one they have in the Palace but it was homely and warm and Jeevika instantly loved it. There was no one inside, so she crept in and heard someone humming coming from the back. She stepped on the hard laminated floor, careful as to not trip and walked behind the woman. Jeevika sensed that this was Maanvi's mother.

"Ji, Namaste?" Jeevika said politely.

Pinky, who was humming along to a song whilst washing some cups stood still as she heard a voice coming from behind her. She quickly washed the soap off her hands and turned around.

"Rajkumari Jeevika?!" She said, her mouth opened. Thinking that this must have been some sort of a joke, she rubbed her eyes and looked again. Jeevika stood smiling, clearly amused.

"Pinky aunty, aap kaiseh ho?" Jeevika asked. "Hume saab ke liye chai bahnana hai." She walked over to the side where there was a stack of cups. Jeevika placed them on their separate saucers and then took a saucepan full of water to boil. Pinky stood confused and again rubbed her eyes.

"Mere ghar mein, Rajkumari aur chai? Ney ney, I must be dreaming." She muttered and walked towards the 'hallucination' of Jeevika where she was mixing the tea leaves into the boiling water. Pinky watched as Princess Jeevika poured the tea into their individual cups and mixed milk and sugar.

"Sorry, I forgot to ask you, how much sugar do Beeji and Madan Uncle take?" Jeevika asked.

Pinky stood in shock. "What a fool I am, why am I talking to a hallucination." She whacked her head slightly but quickly rubbed it as she realised she had hit herself a bit too hard.

"Aunty.. bathayeh na! Kitni chini chai mein'?"

"Ek'" Pinky replied at once. She thought for a bit. If Rajkumari Jeevika is really making tea and she is really here then that must mean that outside is'She immersed into her thoughts.

"Virat!" Pinky said and looked up at Jeevika, "Matlab, aap log Virat ke liye hamare Maanvi ka rishta'? She trailed on.

Jeevika nodded, "Yes Aunty. Actually, we wanted someone who was just a normal girl and from what I've heard about Maanvi, I like her already."

Pinky smiled, "Hamara Mannu aise hai, who wouldn't like her?" They both smiled and finished off placing the tea and snacks onto the tray. Holding a tray each, they walked out and carefully carried it into the living room.

"Garam Garam chai!" Jeevika exclaimed and placed it onto the table, Pinky followed. Beeji helped serve the tea to the guests and sat in their respective places.

"I can't believe it that the great Vadhera family are here in our house!" Pinky said excitedly as she greeted them.

"Like, I was saying to Beeji and Madanji earlier, please by saying these don't embarrass us." Swamini said, "We are happy to be here."

Pinky smiled back and noticed that Virat was sitting with out a drink in his hand. She picked up the spare tea cup and handed it over to him. "Virat beta, I think you have forgotten to take this."

Virat denied, "No aunty. I'm okay, please."

"What is this? Atleast take something, look your bhabhi had made this very lovingly. Atleast have some." She insisted, pushing the cup towards him.

Virat shook his head, "No no please!" He slightly begged, he seriously didn't want to impose on the Chaudary's any longer.

As soon as Pinky tried to move back, she slipped causing the cup to fall out of her hands and onto the side of the floor, splashing some hot tea onto Virat's clothes. He let out a slight hiss before quickly rubbing the tea off his clothes. Pinky furiously apologised, her face reddening.

"Virat!" Beeji said concerned. "Pinky can't you be more careful?" Beeji scolded her. Pinky let out a quiet apology.

"It's okay," Virat said, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "I'll just use the washroom."

Beeji nodded, "Yeah, It's upstairs on the right.." Viraat thanked her and walked away leaving Pinky to quickly clear up the mess before anyone else trips. Beeji sighed at her daughter in law's foolishness but was slightly less concerned as Swamini had told her that it was simply a mistake.

Virat walked up the stairs almost running, desperate to go into the washroom and cleanse himself. He felt hot and sticky and wanted to go home so that he got shower. He found the washroom door and opened it, shutting it as soon as he walked in. Running the tap, he took some handful of water and swiped his top with it, hoping that it'd clear the stain for now. It worked. Satisfied with the result, minutes later Virat walked out. He was walking towards the stairs when he heard someone laugh. It was a girl's laugh, sweet and almost musical. He felt somewhat attracted to the voice and managed to find himself following it in to a room.

"-Shiv, I can't just leave this place! Yes, yes I know. I too don't want to stay here but what can I do? Beeji has gotten me a rishta to some guy that I could care less about. But kya karu?"

 "-No way! I won't do that."

"-Are you mad?"

Virat heard the one way conversation between the girl who he assumed was Maanvi and someone on the phone, Shiv. He found himself trying to listen in, intrigued to find out about the girl he was supposed to be betrothed to. He was probably listening in a bit too intently when he didn't realise that the girl had noticed him standing besides the door and had crept up towards him. She took a strong look at the intruder, shocked to see who was standing in front of her.

"V-V-Virat?" She stuttered, her mouth opened and eyes widened.

Virat smirked, "Hello Maanvi." 

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Awesome update!!
Loved it, can't w8 4 the next part!!
Thanks 4 the pm!!

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awesome update

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