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FF: Tales of the Heart|VirMan|CH 1 - 23 (Thread 1) (Page 102)

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ITrustMyHeart


I feel I've missed major drama by missing these updates while I was battling with my school work Pheww!

This is bloody brilliant! You didn't just move the story away with Manvi lost in her thoughts and weeping but actually you've made the first night of her marriage a memorable one. I loved how you gave a insight of how terrible a royal life would be for someone who love freedom to Manvi at the very first night of her marriage. And her standing up and defending Virat is so surprising yet wonderful!

The sardar part was hilarious, I lurvedd how the father and sons bashed up the dirty fellowLOL. Media people these days get over the edge in spoiling one's name. *exerts herself by not going into depths*. 

I love Shivvv! Mein toh uske naam ki japmala pehen loongi LOL.He's a nice guy with nice morals and a loving heart but still fate has deceived him by taking away his best friend and sister. My poor heart couldn't take the trouble to see Shiv suffering *Sneezes into a hanky* Tongue (You may find it disgusting- my sneezing part).The bond between ShAan (I suppose this is what it is LOL) is extraordinary. Friends like 'em are bloody rare in this world, you could actually count on fingers such friends. And the way you portrayed their friendship so far is very very...good!

Aha! I could see the hotty being possessive over his wife- actually he got way too far in the first night without actually realizing.  Embarrassed

P.S. Your faster updates- I love 'em!

Hello you! I've missed you and your comments, dude! How is school work going? Good I hope? I'm so glad you liked it! I couldn't not have the sardars! They always make me laugh and a dark love story needs some comedy right? I'm so glad you like Shiv! Phew! This is my first original character that people ACTUALLY LOVE! I must be doing something right! LOL

Yes, ShAan is real. I mean, in the friendship sense not the other one Tongue

P.S I will update soon, watch this space! :P

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Author's Note: WOW! Can't believe I reached a 100 pages! Thank you so much! Oh and Aswathy, does this reach your expectation? Ahem, grahapravesh? 

Amicitia, A New Beginning
Chapter Eighteen

"Maanvi, this is your room from now on." Jeevika opened the door to Virat's room whilst Maanvi peeked in. She stood in awe at the deep red hue on the walls, the black, leather furniture. She realised that this was just a replica of Virat himself. The colours, the style, it was all fit especially for Prince Virat! She walked in, her pink lengha sliding across the wooden floor. Her bangles clinked as she moved her arm around, turning as she took a good look at the room. She loved it. Jeevika watched Maanvi, smiling. She loved seeing other's happy. She loved making other's happy. 

Outside, Virat twiddled his fingers. He was nervous. The reality has sunk in, he was married. Now what? For everyone, this was the perfect wedding - the bad boy Prince and the good hearted girl. Everyone would see Maanvi as the girl that changed him, the commoner girl that became his wife. All around Chandrilasia people would be wanting to see the newly wedded couple. But the reality? This was all a compromise, a compromise to save Chandrilasia, to protect the people. That was all. 

Was it?

Viren smirked as he watched Virat sitting down, nervously. The rest of the family had gone to bed, with the Earl and Swamini still frustrated at Virat's haste decision. The Queen was platonic, she was happy that her son had found someone but sad that she wasn't able to be part of it. She knew how deviated her son had become, and how worse their relationship had gotten. But somehow, she wished that she could change everything, change back time and make up for the moments lost between her and her younger son. Viren ordered all the servants to go to their quarters and sleep whilst he hovered around his brother. Virat, lost in thoughts was oblivious to Viren's stare. 

"What are you thinking?" Viren asked, leaning over the sofa. 

Virat didn't reply. He was still deep in thoughts, considering each and every thing that had happened.

"About Maanvi?" Viren smirked. 

Virat, who had gotten out of his thoughts the second Viren had said her name, looked back confused. "Hm?" He murmured. 

Viren jumped over the sofa and sat down. He sighed, tired from the events. "I said where you thinking about Maanvi?" 

"What do I say?" Virat sighed, looking down at his fingers. He looked at Viren. "Bhai, do you think what I did was bad?"

Viren looked at Virat. He noticed the innocent look in his brother's eyes, but as well as that, the hurt, confused look. Viren wanted to make his life better, to change everything. He knew how hurt Virat was when Maya ruined his life, but also knew that Virat himself has to make everything right. "Do you think what you did was bad?" He asked.

Virat looked on, concentrating on the wall. He didn't know. It was like he was in limbo. He shrugged. "It seems like a good decision, for now." He looked back to see Viren smiling. "What?" 

Viren shook his head. "You always do make the most haste decisions don't you?" He scoffed a laugh. Virat looked at him, rolling his eyes, a playful smile on his lips. "But, if I tell you the truth this is probably one of the best decisions you've made." 

He smiled. "Thank you bhai. But it wasn't just me, it was Shiv as well."

"Shiv? Whose this Shiv?" Viren questioned.

Virat told his brother about the counter with Maanvi's best friend. The way Shiv helped Virat make the most important decision of his life. The way Shiv gave them his car, and did Maanvi's khanyadaan. Viren listened carefully, he was intrigued to meet Shiv. Anyone who helped his brother, was a saint in Viren's eyes. He smiled. "Sounds like he's an amazing person." Viren said.

Virat nodded. "Hm, he is. He's Maanvi's best friend, of course he's a good person."

Viren nodded slowly. He needed to meet Shiv. If Shiv can get Virat and Maanvi married, then with Viren's help what else could they do?

"So, did you like the room?" Jeevika asked as she watched Maanvi.

She nodded. "It's beautiful. Whoever designed this must be really talented, but of course why wouldn't they be? After all, they are designing for the Vadhera family." She gushed, somewhat excitedly.

Jeevika walked towards Maanvi and smiled. "The person who designed this was my devar himself." She moved her arms out, "Everything that you see has all been done by him."

Maanvi's eyes widened. "Virat had done all this?" She looked at the matching curtains, the decorations complimenting the walls. The mesmerising lights above their heads. "He did everything?"

"Yes," She nodded. Jeevika took Maanvi's hand. She was really excited to have someone else to talk to, someone like a sister. "Virat did everything. You know, even though he has a bad boy image, he is still the most creative person. He has a passion for interior design." Maanvi thought things through. She was still amazed. In fact, she was pretty impressed. "So the brooding Prince likes to design?" She thought, smiling. 

"Anyway." Jeevika held Maanvi's hand and pulled her towards the bed. She gestured for her to sit down. Whilst Jeevika sat besides her. "And now, this is your room too. You have your right to it." Maanvi slowly nodded, giving her an uneasy smile. "You know, I'm so happy right now. I can't believe that I finally have a sister!" She said really fast, completely in excitement. Jeevika nudged Maanvi. "So, devraniji.  What did I say before? That we will be related one day?" 

Maanvi remembered the last time they had spoken. Jeevika had said that one day Maanvi will become the second bahu of the house, but the Maanvi then refused to believe it. She thought about how much everything had changed in just a few days. A week even. She went from disliking the Royals, to learning the truth, to marrying Virat. It was just so fast. She didn't know what to do next, nor the right way to behave around people. She was not a Royal by blood, so she found each and every customs confusing. Maanvi gave her an uneasy smile. "Hm, yeah I remember."

"Exactly!" Jeevika hugged Maanvi, who stayed still uncomfortably. "From now on, you'll call me Jeevika di okay?"

"Di?" Maanvi said, smiling. She found this slightly strange. In terms of relationships, she would have to call Viren as bhai and therefore Jeevika as bhabhi. But here it was different.

"Of course, Maanvi." She looked at her. "Look, I've never had a younger sister and I told Virenji that once Virat gets married, his wife will become my sister. So for my sake, you have to call me Di okay?" Maanvi couldn't help but laugh, though she was starting to warm up to the Rishanian Princess, she still found her slightly crazy. 

"Okay, Di. Whatever you say." She replied, controlling her laughter. 

"So, you're here with the bride?" A voice was heard coming from outside. Prince Viren entered, smirking whilst looking at his wife. "And here I thought you were ignoring me on purpose." He stood besides her whilst Jeevika tried not to smile.

"Maybe I was." She looked up at him, standing up. "Why? Jealous? I finally found my long lost sister!"

Viren laughed before turning to Maanvi. "Sach mein, Badi Ma was right. The girl that Virat marries will bring luck to this family. And now look, because of you my wife is over the moon to the point where she is forgetting me." He pulled a fake frown. 

Jeevika gasped before smacking him on the arm, playfully. "Areh! Don't say anything bad to my sister. Otherwise I'll never speak to you again." 

"What is my life? As soon as the sister comes, my wife forgets about me." He faked a sigh. "Do you see what I have to put up with?" He said to Maanvi. Maanvi smiled at their antics. 

"Yes, yes. Rajkumarji. Your life is so sad." She began to push him out of the room. "Now, let's go. The newly wedded bride will need her beauty sleep."

Viren pulled Jeevika towards him. "What sleep?" He smirked as he whispered in her ear. She gasped before hitting him again, harder. Maanvi watched confused.

"Ow! Why do you hit me so hard?"

"Are you a girl or something?" She pushed him away. "Now let's go."

Maanvi watched as the older couple left. The room fell into a silence and she again became very uncomfortable. She wondered what to do, whether to sleep or not. As if on cue, she began to yawn but didn't want to sleep. She didn't know whether she should sleep on the bed or move to the sofa. If anything, she wasn't at all comfortable being with Virat alone in the same room, let alone the same bed. She remembered the time when Virat had a fever and he had sneaked into her room, she had found herself sleeping into her arms. But that was different, back then they had no real relationship, no label. Plus, that was completely innocent, she was only helping someone. But now? She was his husband, even if not in the true sense and sleeping into the same room still made her feel awkward. She twiddled her fingers as sleep began to take over her eyes. 

Virat listened as Jeevika and Viren laughed as they came out of the room. He began to yawn, desperately wanting to sleep. He began to walk into his room when Jeevika stopped him.

"What are you doing?" Virat looked at her confused at her question. 

"Going to sleep." He said as a matter of fact. He watched her shake her head before smiling at Viren. What was going on?

"No, no. You can't." She pulled him aside.

"What? Am I not allowed in my room or what?" He said, totally confused.

"You are, but you have to give payment." She offered her hand. 

"What?" He asked, before looking at Viren for help. Viren shrugged, smiling.

"Look, mera devar. Didn't I say that whoever you marry will be my sister?" He nodded slowly, wanting to know where she was going with this. "So, you married Maanvi right?" He nodded again. "Therefore she becomes my sister."

"Yes, hypothetically speaking." He replied.

"So, in terms of customs you have to give the bride's sister a token before going into the room." Virat laughed at her silly request. He found this amusing. He looked at Jeevika and saw that she was frowning. He quickly quietened down, gulping. 

"Are you being serious?" He asked slowly as Jeevika nodding.

He sighed before reaching into his pockets and taking out all the notes that he had. He didn't care. He was tired and needed his sleep. He thought about sleeping in his bed and having the best needed sleep ever. "Here, take this." He gave her the notes before walking back into his room and shutting it.

"Looks like he's in a hurry." He whispered to Jeevika. She laughed as she hit his arm before he placed it over her shoulder and walked to their bedroom to sleep. 

Maanvi sat on the edge of the bed, her feet touching the floor. She was falling into a deep slumber, her head rocking forward and back as she lost her conscious to the sleep. Virat watched as she began to fall forward. In a flash, he ran towards her and stopped before she fell and hurt herself. He looked at her sleeping face before carefully picking her up. One arm was placed under her back whilst the other was holding up her leg. Carefully, he placed her comfortably on the bed and tucked her in with the blanket. Instantly, she adjusted herself in her sleep. He watched her as she slept in his bed, holding onto the side of his blanket. He remembered the time that he had woken up in her bed, Maanvi in his arms. She had helped him so much that night. The way she took care of him. The night when he told her he agreed to the wedding. He was starting to feel that Maanvi was actually a genuine person, that she was different to the girls that he had been with or had met. Different that her. He looked away as he realised that he had been gawking at her.

Virat walked into his bathroom with a change of clothing. He washed his face before changing into a white t-shirt and black trousers. His ripped muscles were highlighted in the top. He yawned, stretching his arms. He walked into the room and contemplated where to sleep. He didn't feel comfortable with sleeping next to Maanvi, even though he had once. Though that was a different scenario. He bit his lip again watching her before shaking off the thought and walking towards the sofa. It looked comfortable...he tried to assure himself. Getting a spare blanket and a few pillows, he placed them on the sofa and tried to make it look good. It was not going to fit his tall body yet he tried to sleep. Though he was tired, he didn't feel comfortable. He tossed and turned, before finally making himself sleep. 

The night began to fly by and it was nearing the dawn of the sunrise. Maanvi turned in the bed, yawning as she opened her eyes. Her jewellery were making her hurt so she quickly took off the necklace and bangles. She yawned before falling back to sleep. As she did, she quickly remembered that she was in the Vadhera Palace. She opened her eyes and sat up, gasping. "This is Virat's room, so where is he?" She thought as she looked around the bed. Only she had been sleeping. Her eyes caught a hand from out from the blanket on the sofa. She walked towards the sofa to see Virat, his head and body covered inside the blanket. He turned and she backed away but as he did the blanket fell on the floor. She looked at him, his defined muscles, his chiselled chest through the shirt. She looked away as she picked up the blanket and placed it over him. She walked back into the bed and turned in, catching a few winks before waking up to the life of the wife of a Prince.

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fantastic update Clap
its is done nicely
well written Thumbs Up

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Another update!! Yaayy!! was FAB!!
The way you described JeeMan..
It was soo cutee..

And then the cute VirIka...
And of Course VirMan...they carethey have..
they way they are always lost in eachothers thoughts...
Fantastic update!!

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Thanks guys! :)
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Oh My!!!...100 pages

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This was simply SUPERB...Clap... The way Jeevika made Manvi her  "long lost sister" was really very sweet...Smile.. It was nice that Virat told Viren about Shiv... Now if the two of them meet there will be no stone left unturned to unite VirMan...Star.. The scene when Virat rushed forward to prevent Manvi from falling down was so sweet .Embarrassed... I could just imagine it all happening before me...Sincerely hoping to see them in love soon... Though this was not a gift like the previous one I LOVED it equally... and Zahara your PMs are like a gift to me daily and are not spams in any way...Do continue soon (coz you have made it my habit to read your updates regularly...Big smile)...and Thanks a lot for the pm...Smile

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Originally posted by ITrustMyHeart

Oh My!!!...100 pages


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