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Originally posted by ZAHARA.

I write about 2000+ words for each chapter, I'll try to make it longer but that's as far as I can write... 
Ahw, don't wrry, I am sure it will just awesome!
Like always!

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Originally posted by BrunoMars

Originally posted by ZAHARA.

I write about 2000+ words for each chapter, I'll try to make it longer but that's as far as I can write... 
Ahw, don't wrry, I am sure it will just awesome!
Like always!

Oh, stop Menika. LOL

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Author's Note: Sorry, it went a bit downhill...I'm so tired and I have a really bad stomach ache/sickness. SIGH. Anyway, was that spicy enough! LOL

A Fated Compromise

Chapter Seven

Virat stepped back, continually rubbing his hand. The part where Manvi had bitten him had turned bright red as the blood rushed to the surface. He bit on his lower lip, stopping himself from shouting due to the pain. He blew on it, letting it numb itself with the slight breeze. "God! Were you a vampire in your previous life?" He hissed as he shook his hand and blew on it again.

Maanvi rolled her eyes, "Were you a thief in your previous life?" She mimicked, putting her hands on her hips. "Don't you know that you shouldn't sneak into a girl's room at this time of the night?" She huffed before sitting down on her bed and crossed her legs.

"But you're not even a girl are you?" Virat muttered.

"KYA!?" Maanvi jumped right back up, Virat at once placed his hand over her mouth silencing her with a 'ssh!' as a sound was heard from outside. He made her sit down telling her to keep her finger of her lips, in complete silence. She nodded as he crept out and opened the door, peering out to see if anyone was lurking about. He breathed a sigh of relief as he mimed that they were safe.

He walked up to where she was sitting and placed his hands on his hip. "Shout. Shout even more." He whispered loudly. He huffed and sat down on the chair nearby. Maanvi looked at him, her fingers still placed on her lips. "I came here to talk and then this happens'" He muttered.

Maanvi looked at him and murmured. He gave her a look to which she pointed at the finger on her lip. "Oh I'm sorry, I completely forgot. Now you can talk Ms Manvi Chaudary." He replied sarcastically before getting up and talking normally, "Now don't scream like a cat going meow, meow." He clapped his fingers together as a gesture.

"Do you ever shut up?" Maanvi stood up, jabbing his torso as she spoke. "And anyway, why are you in my room? Didn't you find anyone else in the whole world to torture? Donkey'" She crossed her hands over her chest, huffing as she rolled her eyes.

Virat failed to speak directly, his eyes dropped onto the floor. "'Er, I wanted to talk to you'"

Maanvi scoffed, "Vaah! Vaah! Tell me, tell me'.what was that big important thing'" She crossed her arms. "That you couldn't wait till later?" She asked, emphasising the last sentence.

He noticed her annoyance and sighed, waving his right hand as if to dismiss her. "Urm, nothing. It doesn't matter." He muttered.

She quickly shook her head, "Nehi nehi, rajkumar-ji bathayeh na! After all, which man would come into my room at this end of the night? Must be something important, hain nah?" Her mode automatically became sarcastic.

"Listen, you!" He retaliated at her sarcasm. He didn't like this: the way Manvi was talking to him, the way she was disrespecting him. After all, all he had wanted was to speak to her! He held her shoulders and pushed her onto the bed, making her sit down. "Listen you jungli billi!" He hissed as he realised that he was speaking a bit too loud before returning back to whispering loudly, "I came here to speak to you okay? I came here to tell you'" He looked around. "I'm okay with it." He muttered, trying to divert his eyes onto something other than Manvi.

Manvi looked at him confused. "Huh?" Her hands turned as she spoke, "You're okay with what? Kya? Areh, are you a blushing bride that you can't speak properly? Kya yaar!" She huffed, shaking her head at the situation.

Virat listened intently at the irony. "Woh," He licked his drying lips and gulped, completely nervous.

"Woh, woh? Aur kuch bolo na! Miss langor'" She used her hand to gesture a circle, intending for him to carry on.  

He took a deep breath, not letting her taunts to distract him. "I'm okay with this'" He pointed at her and then himself. "This'.wedding." He spat out and quickly diverted his eyes. Virat moved back and turned away from her. As he turned, he suddenly sneezed and shivered due to the rain and wetness of his clothes.

Manvi quickly got up and looked at him holding the sides of his arm and trying to wipe the water off, although failing. Without saying anything, she walked into the bathroom and picked out a pink towel and walked behind the oblivious Virat. She brought her thumb to her lips and bit it, nervously wondering how to approach him. She decided to tap him on the shoulder before shaking her head and gripping her fist shut and pulling away. Manvi closed her eyes for a second before considering it again. She was an inch away from her shoulder when she pulled away and turned around at once. Virat stood still and then sneezed again. Hearing this, Manvi instantly turned back.

"Erm, towel'" She said awkwardly.

Virat turned around to see a pink towel pushed into his eye sight. He took it out of her hands and wiped his wet face with it, dabbing it slowly. Manvi watched him intently before noticing his clothes and how it was sticking to his skin. Whilst he was occupied, Manvi sneaked out of her room and crept into the living room where a stack of clean clothes were piled. She picked out a kurta and trousers ' both belonging to her father ' and brought them up. She knew that Virat was slightly taller and more built than her father but hoped that his clothes would work for now. Without any thought, she quickly but almost silently ran up to her room. She locked the door shut from behind her, hoping that no one will suspect that Prince Virat Singh Vadhera is in her room.

"Urm, clothes." She said handing it to him. "Actually, your clothes are wet na? So'.these are papa's but they'll fit you'.somehow." She suddenly become conscious of how awkward it is and started to look around.

He nodded, taking it from her. "Thanks." He acknowledged before wondering where to get changed. Virat felt uncomfortable to even ask her this. However, she quickly understood and pointed towards the en-suite bathroom. He again nodded before walking across the room, the wet sounds of his trousers making a sound.

Manvi breathed a sigh of relief, sitting down and then smiled as she thought about what he said. "Thank God that Ullu understand this by now otherwise who knows what would have happened?" She thought. Suddenly, she got up with a concerned look on her face. "Oh God! What if he agreed to this for different expectations? Nehi nehi! Why do you think like this Manvi? Virat may be a fool but he isn't like that'.or maybe he is? So what? I'm not scared of him, bewakoof!" She hit her head lightly with the palm of her hand before breathing in and then breathing out. "Calm down, calm down. And by the way, he did say that he's being forced into this...maybe he has learnt his lesson'.that Manvi Chaudary is right and Virat Vadhera is wrong. Ha, this must be it!"

Virat picked up the clothes and eyed it. He placed it down onto the counter and took off his black blazer. "Thank God that I told her otherwise there'll be a big hungama'.after all, I can't let this country's reputation to go down any further now can I? But'." He gulped. "What if she expects something more from this relationship?" He shook his head. "No, no. That's not right. Manvi did say that she can't marry me'" He stopped and thought for a bit before taking his blazer and putting it onto the other counter. "But, she didn't say why she can't'what must her reason be? She never did tell me'What was that guy's name that she said before? Yes! Shiv'.could it be something related to that?" He shook his head again. "No, no. Manvi did say that he is only her friend'.but then again you can never trust girls these days." He shuddered.

He opened the buckle to his trousers and quickly put on Madan's trouser, dismissing his own. The new trousers were an imperfect fit as he was too tall for them. Then, he pulled the white t-shirt over his head and wiped his built upper body with the towel that Manvi had given him. He then wore the kurta which was a little small for him, the arms only going up to a certain point. He looked at himself in the mirror and adjusted himself, trying to get comfortable. Just then his phone started ringing and he scrambled to find it. Realising that it was in his trouser pockets, he reached out to see his brother, Viren calling.

"Virat'Where are you? It's so late and you still haven't come home? And you okay?" His brother let out a number of questions as soon as he answered it.

He thought about what to say: he couldn't really say that he was in Manvi's room, now could he? "Urm, bhai. I'm fine." He sniffed and stifled a cough. He looked at his wet clothes. "Er, bhai I can't come home tonight'actually, the rain was so heavy that I had to stay over at a hotel. Don't worry I'll be home in the morning.." He lied through his teeth.

"Okay, listen come home soon okay? We have a lot to talk about'especially after what happened this evening'." Viren talked on.

"Yes, don't worry. I'll talk about everything." Virat said. "'As soon as I talked to Manvi about it." He thought.

"I'm proud of you okay?"

"I know bhai." Virat smiled.

"Okay, good night."

"You too, oh and tell bhabhi too I know she must be worried about me."

Viren chuckled, "That she is. Don't worry, I'll tell her'.bye." He hung up leaving Virat on his own to tackle Manvi.

He was about to walk out when he realised that he left the clothes on the side. He didn't feel good to think about leaving it, especially in someone else's house so he picked it up and cleaned them under the warm tap water. Then he squeezed it, letting all the excess water out and making sure that none are dropped onto his clean clothes. He decided to hang it up over the bath tub using the rope that was acting as a miniature washing line. He opened the bathroom window to let the wind it so that it would dry sooner. "As soon as this is dried and my job is done, I'll go'no need to wait here any longer." He decided.

Virat walked back into the room, where Manvi suddenly got up from the bed as soon as she saw him enter. "Urm, I left my clothes hanging to dry'" he pointed towards the bathroom. Manvi nodded, understanding what he meant. He cleared his throat which led to a cough. A few seconds later, he coughed again, this time it was excessive. Manvi opened the lid to the jug of water and poured it into a glass. She offered it to him to which he gulped it down. He handed the empty glass back to her. "Thanks'" He replied.

Manvi nodded as she placed the glass back onto the table. He sniffed and cleared his throat. "Urm, I was saying that'I'm okay with this you know'". Maanvi nodded. "I have to tell her about the truth of our relationship."  He thought.

She stared at him as he spoke, "I have to tell him about the truth of this relationship.." She thought and bit her lip, waiting to speak.

"Actually, what I was saying was'" He sniffed.

"Yes, actually'" Manvi started to speak but was stopped by Virat's sneeze. She looked at him concerned.

"You can't expect anything more from this!" They both said at once, completely ignoring the other.

"Wait, what?" Virat said but was overcome by yet another sneeze.

Maanvi looked at him concerned, "Are you okay?"

He nodded but was failed by another sneeze. "I don't know, I feel like'" He struggled to keep his eyes open as he sneezed. Manvi walked up to him apprehensively and felt his forehead. Her eyes widened as she felt the rise in temperature.

"You have a fever!" She exclaimed.

"I'll be fine..." Virat said, feeling awkward about the attention that he was receiving.

"What fine! You have a fever, Virat. Do I need to spell that out for you?" She shook her head disapprovingly.  "If you don't take care of yourself now, then it can get much worse!"

He looked at her with a blank expression. "Oh hoi, Ms Lecturer! I've got a fever and you're lecturing me? Help me out a little, yaar!"

Manvi scoffed a laugh, "Oh ho. I'm so sorry'but what can I do? If a fool acts like this, you have to treat him as a fool right?"

"What?" He stood straight up before getting hit by a stinging headache. He hissed and rubbed his temples.

Manvi bit her lip, "I'll be right back." She went out of the room and crept downstairs to get a clean cloth and a bowl of warm water. Carefully, she brought it back up into her room. She noticed that he was still standing and sighed. "Virat, lie down."

He looked around, "Where?" he asked.

Manvi rolled her eyes, "On the floor." She smiled. "Obviously, the bed!" She said as a matter of fact. Virat tried to disagree but as soon as he saw the stern look on her face, he didn't try to interfere with her decision. He placed his head onto her pillow and lied with the blanket over him, and got comfortable. Manvi sat besides him and dipped the cloth into the bowl of water and squeezed it to get the water out. Once semi-dried, she placed the cloth over his forehead and changed it every so often.

"Urm, so I was saying'" She said as she turned the cloth over. "I'm only getting married to you for the sake of Chandrilasia'apart from that we can't'.we can't'." She didn't know how to end her sentence but he understood very well what she was talking about.

"Yeah I agree." He said as Manvi placed the cloth over his forehead. He was starting to feel comfortable and better. "If we get married, it should only be because of this country'" She nodded in agreement. A moment of silence passed throughout and the feeling of awkwardness came wandering through again.

"If you don't mind," He started to say. "Before you said that you had no interest in marrying me, why? You never did tell'"

Manvi bit her lip, wondering what to say. She shrugged as she dipped the cloth in the bowl again. "I just don't like the Royal family."

Virat smirked, "Tell me about it." He replied. He liked this. The way that she was talking to him, she was so similar to him'yet she wasn't.

"You know, when I was younger I met these people'In this village, Safah." She spoke thinking back to that awful memory. "Some were dying from I don't know what'but no one helped them. Not even the so called Royal family, even though they are the ones who were supposed to help them." She said a slight anger in her voice. She noticed him looking at her. "Sorry," She said, remembering that he was in fact, a Royal.

He chuckled lightly. "Don't worry about it. And you're wrong about that."

"Wrong about what?" She asked.

"The village. Dadaji and Ma did try to help them but they didn't want any help." He explained.

"What?" This was new to her. Sure, she had not heard from the aftermath or what really happened and had just assumed things, but didn't know that they refused the help. "No, you must be mistaken."

"Nope." He replied, popping the 'P' quite hard. "I'm a Royal remember?" He smirked as she rolled her eyes at his words. "I heard them talking about how they didn't wanted to be helped. Papa'." He stopped instantly aware that this was one of the rare times that he had talked about his father, most of the time it was with Viren. "He had helped them before'rising their economy and feeding them with his own bare hands. And then when the disease struck, they didn't want to be helped'scared that their hope would only be falsely lighted. And at the end of the day, they were going to die anyway. I don't know how much you know but we did help, we vaccinated them and the disease ended up dying out." He suddenly went quiet. Manvi listened quietly at his words.

"What did I do? How could I think like this? I didn't even know what was the truth and it was something other'I'm so stupid!" She thought, instantly groaning.

"'I'I don't know what to say." She said honestly.

Virat closed his eyes as the warmth of her hands over the cloth suppressed him. He felt instantly at ease with the rest of the world and forgot about all the troubles. Her movement made him feel really sleepy.

"Don't say anything'" He murmured back softly.

Manvi changed the cloth before realising that he had fallen asleep! She went to wake him up but decided against it in case he becomes even more ill. She continued to relieve him by cleaning his head before she too gradually became tired. She decided to snooze for a couple of minutes just to reenergize herself so sat and closed her eyes placing the bowl onto the table. However, she didn't realise as her sleep overcome her conscious and she found herself falling into a deep slumber. Without realising it, she had found herself kneeling near Virat, her body completely into his chest. In her sleep, she positioned herself to get comfortable as she slept in his arms through out the whole night.

A ray of sunlight cracked through the curtains, onto Virat's eyes blinding him for a second. The bright new morning had waked up as he sat up and wiped the dust from his eyes. He noticed that Manvi was sleeping besides him; shivering from the lack of duvet. Without thinking, he covered her with the duvet that he had been hogging all night and protected her from the cold. He looked at the time reading six am, too early for anyone to be awake. He crept out of the room and into the bathroom where he got changed back to his previous clothes. Walking ever so quietly, as to not disturb her Virat opened the window from which he had gotten out of (too worried of what people would think if anyone saw him walking out of the front entrance) and looked down. It was not that high of a jump and he had the bannisters of the pipes to help him get down. Before leaving, he picked up a piece of paper and wrote a note for her. He looked back and smiled as she slept soundly like an innocent child and jumped out.

An hour later, Manvi woke up and noticed that she was covered in the duvet. She looked to her right and saw that it was empty. "Where did he go?" She looked around and noticed a piece of paper on the table. She picked it up:

Manvi, I've gone while you were asleep. Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it.

She smiled as she read the note, "Well, at least he did say thank you." She laughed to herself and sighed. The previous night had been traumatic and she could never in a million years think that Prince Virat Singh Vadhera would be in her room, all night. 

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Guys, make sure you have sent a buddy notice to me if you want a PM!

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lovely update
continue soon and thanks for the pm!!

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awesome too good

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WOW amazing update

Loved the way maanvi cared for virat during the nightWink, he also explain the misunderstanding of the royal family she had of them not helping the people.

Them both agreeing to the marriage

Thanks for the pm, please continue 

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Lovely update!!
Continue soon & thanks 4 the pm!!

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