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brilliant update

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Thanks guys!

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*Planning next chapter**

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A Fated Compromise

Chapter Five

"Swaminiji, yeh Maanvi hai." Beeji said as she presented Maanvi to the Vadhera's. Swamini smiled as she saw Maanvi join her hands together and politely greeted her. She then did the same to Viren and Jeevika before taking a quick glance at Virat who was rolling his eyes at her.

Iska problem kya hai? Do I look like a witch or something? Or does he have an eye infection? Idiot, she thought. Maanvi deliberately ignored Virat, trying to get as far as she can from him. Swamini took Maanvi's arm and slowly pulled her away to the sofa to sit whilst Jeevika followed, sitting next to Maanvi. Beeji hesitated, she started to click her fingers, hesitating about the next few minutes.  She silently prayed,  "please God make sure Maanvi doesn't say anything out of the ordinary."  She sighed and then sat down opposite the girls. Virat, Viren followed whilst Madan went out after a call from his store.

"So, Maanvi tell me about yourself." Swamini asked.

Tell you about myself? Hm, aap aaeyga mazaa! Now you all watch how I stop this rishta from continuing any further, She thought smirking. "Well, Aunty." Maanvi started as she slouched her straight shoulders down and relaxed. She put one of her arm on the sofa's arm, leaning her whole body towards it. Beeji looked at Maanvi confused, What is this larki doing? She thought, getting annoyed.

"I love Pani Puri!" Maanvi chirped. Everyone looked at her, confused. Maanvi took no notice before starting to slowly lick her lips. "Yum!" She grinned.

"Pani'Puri..?" Swamini asked, slightly hesitating.

"Have you never had Pani Puri's before?" Maanvi said, faking a shocked expression.

 "You must all live under a rock," Beeji gave Maanvi a stern look to which she ignored. "No worries, next time I'll feed you all okay?" She clicked her fingers at Swamini.

"No, no. It's okay. Hum log'erm, we don't eat these sort of stuff." Swamini replied keeping a smile. 

Maanvi looked at her and raised one of her eyebrows, Of course, aap log Royal hai nah? That's why you don't do all these commoner stuff, Maanvi thought.

"Areh, mein toh bulgaya! Who of your class eats such food right? They're so, downright'common, right?" Maanvi clicked.  

Jeevika looked at Maanvi shocked, she didn't know why Maanvi was acting like this. Even though she'd never met her before this, she knew that Maanvi was not acting like how she should act. She thought back from their conversation earlier, Maanvi had said something about not wanting to marry into the Royals, she seemed reluctant, what if she had something against our family? Oh God ab mein kya karoon?  Jeevika thought. She looked at Viren, trying to catch his attention. He gave her a slight nod, noticing her apprehension on her face. Jeevika wanted to talk to him but decided to tell him later, she quickly shook her head, gesturing him 'later'.

"No, no. I didn't mean it like that. Actually, eating highly oily food can be sickening on our health that's why we try to avoid these. After all, what's a life worth living if there are problems, right?" Swamini replied confidently just like a Royal would.

Viraat looked at Maanvi perplexed. Is she seriously this rude? Then again the way she acted before should've told me about her attitude. Disgraceful.

Maanvi gave her a look, Yeh plan toh fail hua, whatever I have to break this rishta at any cost'but how? She thought.

"Yes, Aunty. You're absolutely right! But, sometimes it's okay right?"

Swamini nodded, "Yes ofcourse.. So tell me Maanvi'do you cook?"

Beeji gasped, Maanvi doesn't know how to cook well, and the Vadhera's are a high moral family, strong in their traditions, what if something goes wrong?

Maanvi smiled. Hm, I can't really cook but what difference would that make to these Vadheras? They'll just order something from their servants, make them cook, clean and work, and they themselves will leave an aaram life. "I'.I cook very well." Maanvi replied.

What is Maanvi doing?! Beeji thought.

"I can make anything, aloo paratha, chai, palak paneer, you know? I can also clean, tidy, I'm like your full fledged naukrani," She said, saying the last word sharply. Ab toh yeh rishta thordo Ms Vadhera? Maanvi thought.

To Maanvi's surprise, Swamini started laughing. She looked at Beeji, "Seriously, Beeji aapki Maanvi kitna funny hai." Beeji gave her an uneasy smile. Swamini looked back at Maanvi, "Achha hai, most people these days leave it to others to do their own work. I know I'll be very happy with you as my bahu." She softly touched Maanvi's head, blessing her.

Virat looked in shock as Swamini blessed Maanvi, who was also in shock: Without thinking, they got up and both shouted out, "KYA!?"

Swamini jerked back, startled by the shouting. "Kya hua?" She asked.

"Urm, urm'" Maanvi cursed herself as her plan failed yet again, "Mein'Mein'" She hesitated thinking about what to say, she had to get out of this marriage at any cost.

"Hum aur Maanvi'.We want to talk to each other'alone.." Virat finally spat out. This was the moment, now he could talk to her about getting out of this marriage.

"Ofcourse'" Swamini said getting up. She looked at Maanvi and then at Virat. "It's your future, this is about. So please'" She looked at Beeji.

"Ha, urm'Pinky take them up to the balcony.." Beeji ordered. Pinky nodded.  "Ayeh nah," She said to Virat. Maanvi and Viraat followed Pinky upstairs. Jeevika took Viren outside to leave the elders to talk.

"Beeji," Swamini put her hands over Beeji's. "I really liked Maanvi, ha she's a bit childish, but I seriously have no ill thoughts. Liken humme aap ko kuch bathana he'"

"Kaiyeh na," She stammered.

"Beeji, hum jantha hai that Virat ko liye saab ne galath thinking hai' liken hum also jantha hai that Virat aapko damaad ek hazaro mein hai'ha, uska thoughts, uska tarika galath hai but seriously Virat will keep Maanvi very happy, I'll be sure of it. But if he says anything or you feel something is wrong about our family, please forgive us'"

"Nei nei, what are you saying? Aap log ek hazaro mein Maanvi ka sasural hain, why would I have any objections? I'm happy that she found a family like you, I too have no objections to Maanvi and Virat's rishta'"

Swamini smiled, "Vaise, that's not all I wanted to say'.actually, we had no plans for Virat's shaadi right now'but everyone, the media, the society'they are scared that there'll be a war upon Chandrilasia," Beeji listened carefully, "you must have heard about the alliance from the princess of Areenia, Tanya?" She nodded. "Virat declined her but did it by insulting her, and Tanya is not a girl to be messed with'And you know that Areenia has an alliance with Costa Phoenix, the very same country that lost the war to us years back'.that's why to protect the country, we had to marry Virat so that the reason of war is not there'"

"So that's why you chose Maanvi?" 

Swamini nodded, "Ha, Virat is very stubborn. He didn't want to get marry this soon, he's only twenty four and no matter which girls we look out, he'll always find a fault of something or another'that's why we chose Maanvi, because she's not of Royal blood'Virat had always disliked being born into the Vadhera's'" She sighed, "Anyways, forget that'I hope even after learning the truth, you would still accept this alliance'"

"Please, Swaminji. Don't say this, my agreement will always be there, no matter what.."

"Thank you, now I know that with this marriage, everything will be alright'Now we just need Virat's and Maanvi's own agreement."

Beeji thought for a bit, "But what if they refuse? What if they don't want to get married?" 

Swamini agreed with her, "Ha, that's what I've been thinking about. What if Virat rejects her?"

Beeji replied, "What if Maanvi rejects Virat?"

Swamini shook her head and bit her lip nervously, "This marriage has to happen, if not then million lives may be in danger, we managed to delay and ease any tension happening so far, but what if in the future? What will we say to people?"

Beeji shook her head furiously, "Nahi nahi, if by marrying Maanvi into your family can save Chandrilasia, then I promise you that is what will happen'"

"But, I wouldn't want to force her'.after all, this problem started with Virat, hume Maanvi ko zindagi barbad nahi kar sakti'" 

Beeji disagreed' "Swaminiji, aap hum log toh aapki parivaar jaise hai na? So trust me, Maanvi will agree to this'she never wants to hurt anyone and if by marrying Virat will help people then she will surely do this." 

Swamini smiled at her words, "Teek hai, jaise aap samjhe'the way you are speaking of Maanvi, I'm even more content with this relationship."

Outside, Jeevika pulled Viren by his arm, not waiting a second before there was no one around them. "Kya hua Jeevika? Aap tik hai?" Viren asked his wife. 

She dropped her hand from his arm and sighed, "I'm confused Virenji'" She said mumbling. 

He looked down at her and held her face with his two hands. He looked intently at her face and stared deeply into her eyes, "What about?" He whispered. 

A tear started falling down her eyes as she thought about Maanvi and Virat: Jeevika was extremely sensitive about emotions, especially when she was stuck about something and could not find a way to solve it. Viren quickly wiped the lone tear with his thumb, making sure that another doesn't fall out of her eyes again, he loved his wife so much that he couldn't bare to see her upset.

"Jeevika, please tell me?" He whispered. 

Jeevika sniffed, "Virenji, aap ko mein kya bathaou'" 

He listened to her carefully, his hands on her shoulders relaxing her. "Ssh, take a deep breath and say it'" He whispered as he rubbed her back slowly. 

She sighed and took a deep breath before continuing, "Virenji, Maanvi has no interest in this relationship." 

Viren gave her a smile and brushed his fingers through her hair, "No worries Jeevika, she just met Virat, I'm sure everything will be fine. And when did we get so interested to marry at the first meeting, huh?" He smiled at the memory of their first meeting; he had visited Rishania with his mother and grandfather for a meeting with the King of Rishania. It was there where he met the beautiful Princess and liked her at first glance. They had become friends and gradually over the course of three days, fell in love'he with her graceful behaviour and she with his traditions and morals. They were perfect for each other and both families were extremely happy about their alliance.

Although Jeevika smiled to Viren's word, she quickly shook her head. "No, I didn't mean it like that. Maanvi not only has no interest in Virat, she also has no interest in marrying into our family, into the royal family.." 

Viren looked at her confused, being a bit biased, he had always thought that many girls would wish for a sasural like the Vadhera's but Maanvi was completely something else. "Are you sure?" 

Jeevika nodded, "I'm pretty sure, it was as if she was trying to do anything just to get out of this marriage, I don't know why but for some reason Maanvi doesn't like us'Virenji'" She looked at him hesitating, "Virenji, what if they both disagree? What if the war beckons? So many people would be hurt and this would all be our fault, and there's no way Virat would ever agree to look at another girl, Maanvi is our only hope!" She started to hyperventilate. 

Viren at once rubbed her back harder and told her to calm down. "Jeevika! Please, calm yourself down'don't worry everything will be fine." 

She took a deep breath and looked at him, "How can you be so sure?" She said. 

"I know it, and anyway this just proves that Maanvi is perfect for Virat." Jeevika gave him a look, "How?" 

Viren started walking back to the house, holding Jeevika's hand in his, "Because, Virat always has something against being royal and now Maanvi doesn't want to get married into a royal family, so that means that they are just like each other, a complete perfect ten!" He laughed. 

Jeevika smiled, "Maybe...Just hope they agree to this.." She mumbled the last bit, saying a quick prayer before walking back into the house.

Meanwhile, Maanvi and Virat stood on the balcony facing back from each other as Pinky left them to go back downstairs. Maanvi looked down at the scenery, wondering just how to start the conversation; she wanted him to understand that she can't marry him. She turned around only to see Virat facing backwards looking down on the other side of the balcony. She turned back, shutting her eyes shut and rethinking her plan again. Virat looked down, smiling at the simplicity of Maanvi's life, he loved that she was able to wake up and just stare at the stars. He decided to tell her that he can't marry her because for one, he didn't trust her and secondly, he didn't want to ruin her life as he'll never be able to love her. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to muster his courage. Then he turned around to speak to her only to see her facing backwards looking up at the sky, he sighed and quickly turned back around, unsure of how to say it. He wanted her to say something first, but was slightly apprehensive about it. Maanvi fiddled with her fingers, hoping that Virat would say something first so that she didn't have to, for the first time in her life she was feeling restless. She wished that Shiv was with her, he was the complete ice breaker. Both of them bit their lips and decided to go for it, they closed their eyes and quickly turned, each oblivious that they had just faced each other. At once, they opened their eyes. They looked at each other, startled at the coincidence that they did everything the same. Maanvi sighed whilst Virat hissed.

"Look." They both said at the same time. They both groaned at the second coincidence.

"I'll go first." They both said again. Maanvi became annoyed, What is this? I have to tell him I can't marry him before he forces me too, these Royals only want to acquire things but I won't let him! Virat rolled his eyes again, I have to tell her that I can't marry her before she makes me hers.

They struggled over who would start first, both wanting to tell the other of the truth. When Virat would start, Maanvi would stop him.

"Okay, look." Viraat started to say before Maanvi interrupted him, "Yes, I was saying that'" 

Virat shook his head, "I was saying!" He interrupted trying to get his voice across but once again Maanvi ignored him and started to speak. 

He started to get angry, and then suddenly he shouted, "SHUT UP!" Maanvi looked at him startled. She had never thought he would get this angry but then became annoyed thinking about how the Royals always wanted everything, but this time she won't let him win. Viraat looking at how Maanvi didn't react much other than slightly jumping decided to take this opportunity to tell her.

"I CAN'T MARRY YOU!" They both said at once. They both turned away, unsure of the other's reply when they stopped. 

Quickly turning back, they both replied, "What?"

"You can't marry me?" Viraat said at once. He then shook his head, "No, this wasn't what was supposed to happen, I was the one that couldn't marry you!" He was completely confused, He had thought that Maanvi wanted this rishta to happen as much as his bua wanted. 

Maanvi rolled her eyes, "You know, just because you're Royal doesn't mean that you should get everything that you want, leave some for others! And anyways, I can't marry you, my morals don't allow me to." 

Virat was confused about what to say and just raised left eye brow, "Oh really? And what morals are these?" He asked somewhat sarcastically. 

"Morals that I have and you don't. And don't you feel ashamed or something?" She asked.

"Of what?"

"That you're speaking to me? After all, mein toh sirf ek commoner hai nah?"

"Toh? What difference does that make?" Virat replied whole heartedly. 

Maanvi looked at him confused, she had thought that every Royal would hate to be with a commoner like her and especially thinking about marrying on. "Tum mujhse istera milna, kuch ajeeb nahi lagta? I mean, I've always thought that you people didn't mix with us."

"Oh really? What, did you think we were old fashioned or something? This is the twenty first century, there are no rules against meeting people." He sat annoyed. "The only thing old fashioned is this stupid arrange marriage." He muttered. 

"Oh, so tum arrange marriage ko darr lagta?" She said mocking him. 

He gave her a sarcastic smile, "Oh so funny. No. What I don't like are these girls that Bua and Ma make me meet. " 

Maanvi started to laugh and then quickly stopped, "'Are you gay?" She whispered. 

"Kya?!" Virat replied shocked, he didn't mean for her to take it this way! 

"I mean, if you are'don't worry your secret is safe with me, I can totally understand why you don't want to marry me, I mean if you love a guy then why marry a girl right? By the way, tumhara ek boyfriend hai?"

Virat started coughing, "What? No. I'm not gay!"

"You know you don't have to lie to me, trust me I'm not going to tell anyone, saachi mucchi!"

"Maanvi shut up!" He said in anger. "You speak too much." He said when he had calmed down. 

Maanvi shrugged, "That's what Shiv says." She muttered.

"Who's Shiv?" He asked curiously. "Your boyfriend?"

"No!" Maanvi said at once.

"Oh'" He replied. "'Maanvi are you married?" He asked after thinking. 

"Kya?" Maanvi replied looking at him, wondering how he came to that conclusion.

 "I mean, you clearly don't want to marry me and then you talk about Shiv'" 

Maanvi quickly interrupted him, "No way. He's only my friend. Nothing else."

Virat smirked, "Friends can never just be friends, friend's today, husbands tomorrow."

Maanvi rolled her eyes, "Shut up, or I'll tell everything that you're gay." She smirked in retaliation. 

Viraat shuddered, agreeing to her words. "So, tell me'what's your excuse out of this marriage?" He said trying to make conversation. 

Maanvi thought for a bit, "You tell me first." 

Virat sighed and nodded, "Okay. Everyone wants me to marry so that there's not a chance of war on Chandrilasia, you know the whole Areenia and Princess Tanya." Maanvi nodded, she did hear about that. "Now, they're making me marry you so that no one gets hurt and there's not another war, not like the last time." He said. 

"War..?" Maanvi whispered. "Iska matlab, if hamara shaadhi nahi hua then there'll be a big problem." Virat nodded. "Ab kya hoga?" Maanvi looked at Virat shocked. Dare she hurt the lives of millions of people just to save hers?

Before Virat could reply, Pinky had arrived upstairs to call them down. "Chalo Maanvi aur Virat, neeche chalo." They nodded before walking down.

"So, aap log ka decision kya hai?" Swamini asked them. "Shaadi ya nahi?" She hoped it to be the former ' they all did ' but this decision had to come solely from Virat and Maanvi.

"Buaji woh'" Viraat started to say before being interrupted to Maanvi.

"Actually Aunty '" 

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loved this part too
plz plz pm

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Originally posted by virman-fan

loved this part too
plz plz pm

Thanks yaar! :D
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awesme update. y i think that manvi ll say yes?

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