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AH, my college has started and have to say, today has been hectic! But according to my timetable, I have all day wednesday off, so I'll be able to update then! (Considering I'm not burdened with work) Is that okay?

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Originally posted by ZAHARA.

AH, my college has started and have to say, today has been hectic! But according to my timetable, I have all day wednesday off, so I'll be able to update then! (Considering I'm not burdened with work) Is that okay?
It is awesome!

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superb start cannot wait to start reading more please pm me when you update next thanks

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continue soon n pm me!!!!!!! xx

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Okay, I'm trying to update...but it won't let me? Invalid words? Please help?

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Author's Note: Okay, I had a few problems updating this seeing as there was an "invalid" word or something? Anyways, it's fine now (after some adjustments) so yes...hope you enjoy! Do comment and I'll see you next Wednesday!

A Fated Compromise

Chapter Two

"Shut up, Shiv!" Maanvi Chaudary nudged her best friend's arm, rolling her eyes at his words. He laughed wholeheartedly, his face leaning backwards and his shoulders leant forward. His eyes, brown with a tint of blue, glistened in the sunlight. They were sitting up near a huge willow tree, where streaks of light flashed slightly through the leaves. She pulled an angry face, holding it for about a second before he started to snicker, causing her to lose her concentration and fall into an unstoppable act of giggling. They had been friends since childhood ever since she saved him from pestering boys who were bullying him; she was ten and he, eleven. 

"Come on, you have to admit it was funny!" He chuckled, waving his arms back. Maanvi rolled her eyes at him again, before punching him lightly on his arm. "Ow!" He pretended to wince and started rubbing his arm quickly. 

"Seriously? Shiv?" Maanvi looked at him, boring her chocolate brown eyes onto him. He smirked, pulling his tongue at her as she poked him in the ribs. Taking control of the situation, Shiv attacked her by tickling her stomach forcing her to have a fit of laughter. Her eyes started to water as she laughingly told him to stop it before pushing him off. 

She said, calming herself from laughing any further, "Okay. I admit, it was pretty funny." Shiv retorted by placing his arms high in the air, celebrating his win. Maanvi shook her head, smirking at his silly antics. 

"Told you, Daboo re-enacting your behaviour is hilarious!" Maanvi punched him again, this time harder unexpectedly as he lost balance and knelt down near the ground. She took this opportunity to rush up and run, barefooted along the glistering grass of her district, Oceanah.  

Her light pink salwar suit brushed onto her skin as the slight wind ran past her. Shiv, who had just noticed that Maanvi was gone, started to follow her tracks. Having a stronger stamina meant that he was able to catch up to her quite quickly. He held her arms, stopping her from going. She tried to kick him but failed to his quick movement, she sighed and pushed him off, waving goodbye as they neared her house. He lived a couple of streets away from hers, nearing the river side. Maanvi, having a love for the samandhar, was always seen in Shiv's house. Their parents had slowly gotten used to their children's strange friendship; at one point they were happy, the other they were clawing each other's eyes off. Shiv's single mother, Aarti Agnihotri loved Maanvi and cared for her like a second mother. Her daughter, Shiv's younger sister had died at a young age from pneumonia and found solace in Maanvi. 

Maanvi skipped as she entered her house, hyper from all the laughing she had done. Entering the kitchen, she noticed her mother, Pinky cooking pakoras and other delicacies. Maanvi, overwhelmed by the lingering smell looked over her mother's shoulder, wanting to consume the food at once. She tried to take one but received a slight whack on her hand. Maanvi scoffed in pretence, rubbing lightly on her hand. 

She quickly swiped a pakora when her mother wasn't looking and jumped onto the table, eating it and once. She hissed as the hot food nearly burnt her mouth. Pinky chuckled lightly. "So much food? Is there someone coming over or what?" Maanvi blew on the pakora, making it colder before taking a small bite.

Her mother smiled but didn't reply. Maanvi narrowed her eyes, suspicious of what her mother was thinking about. "So, that means someone is coming." She chucked the last piece into her mouth and chomped it quickly before jumping off the table. "So..." She rubbed her hands together, "who is it?" She asked intrigued.

Pinky shrugged trying to end the conversation but Maanvi noticed that slight hue of red on her cheeks. She was blushingSomething is wrong here, otherwise my mother, the greatest actor of back pains of this generation is actually cooking?Maanvi thought. She walked out, sure that she'll be able to get the truth out of her younger brother, Daboo in some way. She noticed him coming towards the kitchen before turning around and nearly running out, having seen her.

"Daboo, freeze!" Maanvi shouted. He stopped in his tracks, apparently frozen in position. She walked over to him, her hands on her hips as she analysed his face. She gave him a mean glare, and told him to tell her. He didn't reply due to his blatant frozen body. He tried hard not to breathe hard or even blink. Maanvi rolled her eyes, "Okay, unfreeze." She said as he relented to take a deep breath sucking in the air. 

"Now tell me." She glared, a fake smile plastered across her face.

"D-d-d-di..." Daboo stuttered, trying not to look into her eyes. He tried to move away, run away, anything but was easily stopped. Maanvi asked him again, this time intimidating him by moving closer. He mumbled something, trying to run off. Maanvi stopped him.

"What did you say?" She persisted.

Daboo bit his lips, unsure of what was going to happen. "Di, Beeji said a guy is coming to meet you." Maanvi widened her eyes in surprise, as Daboo took this moment to get away. She let him, still completely shocked. Beeji is getting me married? What? Why? Who to? She thought. She was confused but that confusion was quickly overcome with anger. 

"Beeji!" She yelled.

Her yell had shaken the entire house, Beeji who was on the phone suddenly heard Maanvi's outburst and quickly hung up with a timid apology. She sighed and prayed for her granddaughter to understand. She deliberately walked down the stairs slower, using the time to think of a suitable explanation.

"Maanvi." She said calmly as she walked up.

"Beeji." Maanvi copied her tone, walking down. She had her arms crossed over her chest, her delicate face were trying to not show any emotions. "Are you getting rid of me?" She casually said, her arms still crossed.

Beeji shook her head at once, trying to get an explanation out but was cut by Maanvi's interruptions. "Okay." Her head moved along with her voice. "So when do they come?" She asked, lowering her eyes own and gazing at the floor.

"What?" Beeji narrowed her eyes before taking in the words. She realised that her granddaughter was actually agreeing to meet the supposed proposal. Her face broke out into a smile as she hugged Maanvi happily yet was oblivious to the look of annoyance from her.

Maanvi pulled away swiftly, "Are you seriously going to meet them?" Beeji questioned. Maanvi thought for a bit before hesitantly nodding her head. She unravelled her arms and replied, "When are they coming?"

"In an hour's time." Beeji replied anxiously, her eyes quickly falling onto the floor.

"What?" Maanvi yelled in shock. That early? God, who were these people that come even before a two day notice? She thought, silently groaning.

"Yes, actually I got the call this morning." Beeji said. "Go and quickly get ready!" She hushed Maanvi up the stairs and into her room.

Maanvi sighed, "Okay fine." She reached into her room but quickly moved back to stop Beeji. "By the way, who are they?" She asked.

Beeji didn't reply and was in thought. "I don't know." She finally replied. Maanvi gave her a look. "Actually, you know Debu chacha?" Maanvi nodded; he was the district's matchmaker who knew everyone both male and female, who were single, whom he could look for a suitable rishta for. "Well, he called me saying that a groom's family is looking for a suitable bride and he mentioned you."

Maanvi gave her a strange look, "And'how did Debu Chacha know to mention me?" She asked.

Beeji hesitated, "I told him to look for someone for you." She muttered quietly.

"What?" Maanvi asked.

"I told him to look for someone for you, Maanvi." Beeji said louder resulting in Maanvi scoffing. "A rishta?! Beeji, now?"

"Come on Maanvi, if there is a good boy with a good family then you'll get a higher chance of finding him."

Maanvi glared at her. "What if I don't like this boy?"

Beeji sighed, "Then you can reject him."

"Okay." Maanvi nodded her head, "And if you don't like him? You know, considering you know nothing about this boy that's coming to see me'"

"Then I'll reject him beta." Beeji caressed her cheek, "I want only the best for my Maanvi." She smiled.

Maanvi smirked, shaking her head before returning to her room. She opened her wardrobe, wondering what to wear. The held up a bright pink lengha, before shaking her head: Too bright and too flashy, She thought. She picked out a dark purple anarkali suit with silver embroidery, Hm'better, She thought. Quickly tearing off the clothes that she was wearing, she put on the anarkali and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was brushed straight, with her fringe pushed back clipped with black clips. She applied red lipstick, dabbing it very lightly so that only a tint of the redness was seen. She didn't want to look like she had tried too much as she was still annoyed about Beeji wanting to get her married.

Finished, she admired herself in the reflection before eyeing her phone. She decided to call Shiv to tell him about the proposal.

"Wait, a guy and his family is coming to see you?" Shiv asked with a hint of shock in his voice.

Maanvi nodded and then hissed realising that he can't see her. "Yeah, I'm so annoyed. What kind of family meets the girl without even a full day's notice? I swear'"

"So, what's your idea?"

"About what?"

"You know, tumhara shaadi? Are you going to say yes or no?"

Maanvi rolled her eyes, "Are you stupid or what? Why should I say yes? I only said I'll meet them so that Beeji will get off my back. And anyway she did say that I could reject them if I don't like them'soo'"

Shiv laughed lightly, "Okay, but what if you end up liking the guy? I mean, say he is someone like David Beckham'"

"Are you having a laugh? Why would David Beckham come to meet me here? And anyway, footballers aren't my type." She looked at her nails whilst talking.

"Okay'what if'" He thought for a bit. "What if it was someone like Prince Virat Singh Vadhera." He said emphasising the words sharply.

Maanvi glared, pretending that he was in front of her. "Please, don't make me laugh. Yaar, who would want to marry a royal? Their big houses, their big lifestyle. God, I won't be able to." Shiv laughed loudly.

"You know, they should call you Maanvi: the anti royalist." He smirked.

"And people should call you Shiv: the greatest goat of all time." She smiled. Suddenly, she heard her mother calling her. "I'm sorry Shiv. Ma is coming! I have to go."

"Okay bye." He said becoming quiet. "Wait, tell me what happens okay?"

"Sure, bye." She ended the call and switched off quickly plastering a smile as her mother entered the room.

"Maanvi beta, you look so pretty!" Her mother, Pinky sat on the bed and admired her daughter. "Hai, how old you have gotten. I can't believe that my little girl is all grown up now."

"Ma." Maanvi smiled, "Is it my wedding day today that you're giving me this talk? I am only meeting the guy, not get married to him at once. And who knows, I might not even like the guy."

Pinky was shocked, "Areh, shubh shubh bol! Maybe the boy is from a good society. And maybe you'll like him."

"Hm, maybe." Maanvi rolled her eyes.

"Okay fine. I have to go, I'll call you when the boy's family are here." Her mother sang, and hurried downstairs. Maanvi sighed and laid down on her bed. I wonder who it is. What if it's some strange person? She thought shuddering.

Over in the Palace, Prince Viren Vadhera had just arrived into the Palace with his wife Jeevika on his side. A few days ago, they had caught a plane to Switzerland for a mini honeymoon, having to shorten their real honeymoon due to Royal duties. Jeevika walked gracefully, wearing an elegant light pink sari as Viren wore a white blazer.

"Do you think Virat will agree to this wedding?" Jeevika asked hesitantly. Being a Princess meant that she did not have much confidence, preferring to shy away during talks and social meetings. It was until she met Viren a year and a half ago who taught her how to become more confident, thus gradually falling in love.

Viren sighed, "I don't know. I only want what's best for my brother, and it wasn't his fault that he attracted this much attention. I mean, even if he rejected a girl, it wasn't his fault that a country was possibly planning something against us."

Jeevika nodded, understanding her husband's words. "But, Virenji you know how much he dislikes'.Royals." She said, whispering the last word.

Her husband bit his lips thinking hard. "I know." He finally said. "I know that Virat wishes that there was a way out of this but what can he do? After all, he was born into this family and nothing can change the truth. As for getting married, well the girl chosen is not of a Royal blood."

Jeevika felt confused about this. Being brought up as the youngest child and only girl of the Rishanian Royal family, most people treated her with false motives. Some wanted to impress her older brothers and so could be married into the family, whilst others wanted to befriend her because of her wealth. She didn't despise the commoners as they were called, but rather didn't trust them nor anyone easily. She knew about the Princess of Areenia, Tanya and how she tried to seduce Virat. She knew Virat disliked being Royal and therefore was confused about whether to prefer a royal sister in law or non royal?

"Who is she?" She asked.

"Maanvi Chaudary. Not much is known about her other than that she lives in the Oceania district. The match maker in that district had personally recommended her saying that she is of good values and that she is predicted to bring luck into the family. He says whoever she marries will be bring happiness to the family."

Jeevika smiled, even if she didn't trust people, hearing about astrology and luck (something she firmly believed in) gave her a good feeling. She felt as if this girl, Maanvi was right for Virat and hoped that Maanvi would bring happiness into Virat's darkened life.

She nodded at him not saying or asking anything else. Her mother in law had asked them to specifically talk to Virat as they were the only people he was close to. Viren knocked on Virat's bedroom door, waiting for an answer. A second later, it was opened and they entered to room to see Virat pacing up and down the room. He noticed his brother and bhabhi and gradually smiled. He walked up and hastily hugged them both , happy that they were back.

"I missed you both! How was your honeymoon?" Virat asked politely.

"It was good," Viren replied smiling taking a peek at his wife. He looked back to his brother. "So, Ma told me that you are to meet a girl?"

Virat shook his head, "No bhai. I won't meet any girl. And why should I? I don't want to get married right now."

Viren sighed, "Look brother. You know the situation between Chandrilasia and the surrounding countries. The people are worried of there being a riot."

"I know bhai! I know that. But what can I do? Why should I get married to some Royal Princess? You know I don't like all this."

"Okay fine. You don't have to get married but atleast meet the girl. You might even like her."

Viraat scoffed. "I doubt it." He crossed his arms across his chest and glared.

"What if I told you that the girl isn't Royal? What if she was just a normal, random girl?"

"Meaning?" Virat looked at him confused.

"Meaning the girl is a commoner. And a match maker said that she'll bring luck to any family that she marries into so'"

"And you think she'll bring me luck? Yeah right."

"Look man, just meet her. And then you can reject, that way Ma won't get upset. Please." He begged. Jeevika looked at Virat, folding her hands and saying a "please."

Virat disliked it when his brother or Jeevika begged him. He always felt wrong, even if it was in joke. He sighed before replying, "Okay fine. I'll meet the girl." 

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Love Button? No Love Button? Okay I will do it
with the like then...
This is just briljant! It is like perfect, you got the
situation written perfectly, the feelings, their
personal life, their thoughts, their acts that lead
reactions... Both agreeing, so eventually marry...
It is, I need to find a word, Uff! I love your story,
I get that feeling you know? When I read this...
Like live their lifes...

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