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"Mitra"#2 Part 11 Page 86/ 1st November 2016 (Page 2)

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                                                                       Part 7:

There was something in her eyes on which he couldn't put his finger on but he was sure that whatever it is, it is for him just for him. He felt her chest heaving up nd down against his due to her ragged breathings nd it was just arousing some unknown desires in him. He tried to look away from her but couldn't. It was as if some unknown thread was pulling him towards her. His condition was like a moth who was getting attracted by a flame.


Geet's condition was not less. She had dreamt of all these moments with him only in her dreams nd today it was all happening in real nd she was not able to understand whether to be happy being close to him or to be sad for this moment won't last for long. She could hear her loud heartbeats which was as erratic as it was then wen she saw him first tym. She looked deep into Maan's eyes only to find him lost in her hazels nd she feared that he would see that Love which she has hidden for him all these years but at that moment her heart was not at control nd she just couldn't tear away her gaze from his. Geet closed her eyes wen she felt Maan's fingers caressing her soft skin as he removed her hair strands from her face which was blocking his view. Maan saw her closed eyes nd den at her angelic face which was so beautiful nd so close to him. He don't know what's happening to him but whatever it is it was very beautiful nd very divine. He saw her opening her eyes wen she felt his fingers withdrawing away nd once again he gets lost into her deep hazels trying to read those unsaid emotions which he knew was just for him. Geet too keeps looking at his eyes where she found only her reflection nd she desperately trying to search just a glimpse of those emotions which was there in her eyes for him. But next moment her eyes widens in shock nd horror wen she saw someone advancing towards him with a metal vase to hit him on his head


"MAAN!!!!!" She shrieked in horror breaking Maan's trance nd pushed him away to save him from the stroke but it already hits him nd it confirmed wen she heard Maan screamed in pain.




It took Geet sometym to register what happened nd as soon as she registered it she immediately got up from the bean bag to go towards Maan who was holding his head. Luckily the shot was missed due to Geet's scream nd her pushing him away nd the vase just hits his forehead but it was hard enough to make his forehead bleed. Geet rushed towards Maan to hold him when she saw the person again advancing towards the Maan with the same vase. Nd her eyes widens in horror when she saw that person again going to hit him while Maan was unaware as he was facing his back towards them while holding his head.


"Meera Leave him. What are you doing?" Geet said holding Meera's hand from one hand nd from other she holds her waist to stop her before she could hit Maan again.


"You Molester! How dare you to lay your eyes on my friend. Already you guys have been Threat to every girl outside nd now you all have started you horrendous deeds inside their homes too. But don't think that she's alone. I am here with her nd tumhe to main abhi batati hoon..." Meera ranted ignoring to what Geet is saying continuously nd struggles in Geet's hold as she again extended her hand to hit while Geet just rolled her eyes seeing her over protective friend


"Meera listen to me. He's not what you are thinking." She tried to make her understand yet again but all in vain


"Geet you don't worry. I am here now. He won't be able to do anything to you." Meera said all in concern ignoring Maan's presence nd the last thread of Geet's patience broke.


"Stop it Meera. Atleast hear me out first. He's not any kind of molester. He's Maan. dis you hear that, HE'S MAAN" Geet finally blasted nd left her nd immediately rush towards Maan who was wincing in pain while holding his head leaving Meera behind rooted at her place


Meera had come to Geet's house out of worry. Since the tym Geet had informed her about Maan's arrival nd him taking her out in front of Dev, she was hell worried. Though Geet had assured her that Dev didn't misbehaved with her for that yet Meera was not convinced as knowing Dev she knows that he can't take this lightly nd especially if that person is Maan then Dev's rage reach to new heights. She was sure that Geet is hiding something from her therefore she decided to confront her face to face as Geet wont be able to lie to her then. Thinking this she just headed towards Geet's home asking Yash to leave for office while she'll join after sometym. She was about to knock the door but then stopped in mid nd took out the duplicate key of the flat. She was never in the habbit to knock nd enter into Geet's flat as she knows that she had full right to barge in her flat anytime.


Meera chuckled at her own thought nd entered Geet's flat only to get surprised seeing the condition of the living room. Whole room was in mess as if a tornado hits it nd her eyes instantly searched for Geet as she knew how tidy person Geet is. Fear gripped in her heart as she felt Geet in danger. She was contemplating her thoughts only when she heard Geet's voice from her room. She couldn't hear clearly what she's saying nd only the words "Leave me" were clear to him nd her suspicion got confirmed that Geet is in some ort of danger. She immediately rushes towards Geet's room only to find someone hovering over Geet. Since he was facing his back towards her Meera couldn't see his face neither did she was able to see Geet's expression nd misunderstood her silence as her fear. She scanned around the whole room to get something to save her friend nd finally found a metal vase on the nearby table. Meera immediately picked it up nd tip toed towards them making sure that he doesn't see her nd was all set to hit him hard on his head nd that's when Geet's gaze falls on her nd she immediately pushed Maan to save him from hit but it was too late nd the vase hits his forehead hard making it bleed.


"Maan, Maan are you fine." Geet asked keeping her hand above Maan's hand which was on his forehead.


"I am fine Laddoo. Don't worry." Maan said trying his best to keep his voice calm knowing that his Laddoo will get worry unnecessarily but couldn't do much as the pain was too much


"Shut up! I am seeing how much you are fine. So much blood is oozing out nd you are saying that you are fine. Don't lie to me atleast." Geet said on the verge of crying nd Maan just looked at her adoringly. No matter for how many years they stay apart but his Laddoo will always be the same atleast for him.


"Meera get me the First Aid box fast." Geet ordered while gently wiping away Maan's blood with her duppatta but Meera was too shocked to react for anything.


"Meera, MEERA!" Geet called out loud breaking her trance nd she realized that Geet is calling her


"Huh Geet, you said something."


"Yes go nd get me the first Aid Kit fast" Geet almost roared out nd Meera immediately rushed outside to get first aid kid while Maan just shakes his head seeing the sherni side of his Laddoo. But he knows that when it comes to him then she can go to any extent nd can do anything for him.


"Laddoo relax. I said na I am fine." Maan said while squeezing her hand calming down his terrified Laddoo nd as soon as Geet felt his touch all her nerves calm down nd she just looks at him all lost.


Maan too looked in her deep hazels which were again showing the same emotions that he saw few minutes back but still he couldn't put his finger on what it is. For one thing he was sure that whatever he's seeing in her eyes is just for him but what it is was the thing which was making him restless. He desperately wanted to know what it is, to name out that emotion which he knew he never saw before in her eyes for him or may be it was there but it was him who was not able to see them. But can it be possible? He knows her Laddoo inside out therefore there's no chance that he could miss such a strong emotions in her eyes. The way she was looking at him with her teary hazels had made his insides stirred. He knows she was feeling pained due to his little injury but what he couldn't understand is the emotion in her eyes other than pain which was making her lost in him.


Geet once again extended her hand nd wiped away the fresh drops of bloods that was oozing out from his forehead. It feels like it was her blood that was coming out from her body rather than his. Only she knows how many she had cursed Meera in this few minutes for behaving so insensitively though she was overwhelmed with her protective nature towards her but right now she can see nothing in front of Maan's pain. No matter how much he had given her in past yet a slight pain of his was enough to make her die hundred deaths. Only she knows how is she controlling her tears till now which was ready to fall down from her lashes seeing him hurt like this.


His pain always hurt her more then him just like it did now. and then as if in trance Geet cupped his face between her small palms raises her head slightly towards his forehead making Maan confused of what she's upto. Nd before he could understand anything he felt Geet's soft nd supple lips gently pressing on his forehead at the place where he got hurt. It was as if she wanted to take away that pain that he was feeling, soothing him with the soft nd tender touch of her love. This simple gesture of hers has sent a jolt of pleasure in Maan's body nd veins nd he looked at her both surprised nd confused as she draws back her face after a while.


She had never done anything like this before. Not even then when they were together. Though they were very much close to each other at that tym yet she never did anything of this sort. Not even then when he had beaten up Ketan till death, hurting himself very much in the process. She had dressed his each nd every wound after that with teary eyes but not once did she did what she did now. Then what's up with her today? And the most important thing is the way his body is reacting to her soft nd tender ouch. It felt so good, so serene, so soothing that he wanted her to do that again nd again.


It's strange he never felt like this way before not even with Sameera whom he considered as his true love. But with Geet who is just his best friend he felt a chill running down his spine. Her small gesture had evoked some unknown desires in him. He felt the same sense of contentment which he felt last nite when he pecked her forehead. What is this Feeling, that he's feeling now, that he never felt for anyone before not even for Sameera, then what it is with Geet that he feels so different about her all of a sudden or was it the same since start nd it was he only who couldn't understand, he thought as he looked at Geet who was looking deep into his eyes as if reading his turmoil.


Geet herself don't know why she did what she did just now neither did she know that whether what she did is right or wrong. She had just followed her heart nd everything seems so right nd perfect. She don't care what Maan must be thinking of her right now or in which way he'll take this gesture of hers. She had not even thought about it when she had pecked him. All she knows that with Maan she had always listened to her heart. Be it 6 years back or now. Her love for him had never changed neither it can be change in any circumstances. She keeps on looking at his honeyed eyes trying to find just a glimpse of those feelings that she feels for him though in the back of her mind she knows that it's not possible in this birth atleast. But to her surprise she saw it; she saw some flicker of emotions in his eyes for her. Is it true or is it that she's thinking too much, she thought as she continues looking deep into his eyes.


"Laddoo" Maan almost whispered in trance which sounds more like a moan making Geet shiver with the intensity of his voice nd she saw Maan extending his hand to cradle her face


"Geet, Here's the first aid Box you asked for." Meera's voice broke their trance bringing both of them in reality nd Maan instantly draws his hand back looking other side. Geet too looked at the direction of Meera extending her hand to take the First Aid Box from her which she gave her making a baby face as she very well know that right now Geet is hell angry on her.


Geet wiped away the remainants of blood from Maan's forehead from cotton nd then took out the tincture nd applies it to the cotton. As soon as Tincture comes in the contact of wound Maan winces in pain due to its burning sensation nd Geet's eyes welled up in tears. She raises her head slowly started blowing air on his wound so dat he couldn't feel the burning sensation. Maan opens his eyes nd looks at her only to find care nd concern written all over her face. He didn't miss the restlessness in her eyes which he knew was for him, just for him. His wound was not much big yet it was paining her more den it pains him. At that moment Maan forget all the pain he was having nd just keeps on looking at her adoringly. He saw tears forming at the corner of her eyes wen she was applying ointment on it nd he just shakes his head in disbelief seeing his emotional Laddoo but he couldn't deny the sense of satisfaction he was feeling right now knowing that she cares in this manner for just him only; only he's that person whose minor injury brings tears in her eyes.


She had always cared for him, always been concerned for him like this only but the feeling that he felt now with her tender care nd concern he had never felt before. It was as if an invisible Thread was pulling him towards her. He noticed the drop of tear that fell from her eye when she bandaged his wound nd he slowly cradled her face wiping away that lone tear softly with his thumb. Geet looked at him with her teary hazels nd he just nodded in no gesturing "don't cry" with a smile of contentment playing on his lips. He don't know what this feeling is but whatever it is, it is so beautiful nd serene that he dint want to think of giving any name to this feeling right now as it'll just spoiled this beautiful moment between them if he ponders over what he was feeling all of a sudden for his Laddoo. Both were lost in each other's eyes as if trying to read each other's heart oblivious of the presence of someone else also in the room who was watching both of them with her mouth wide open.


Meera couldn't believe her eyes after witnessing the scene in front of her. Neither did she was able to believe to believe it then when she saw Geet pecking Maan on his wound. She had just came with the first aid box wen she saw Geet raising her head towards Maan nd then gently pecking him. She was in shock for some moment seeing the exchange of gesture in front of her. Nd what shocked her more was the reaction of Maan. he doesn't love Geet right, atleast this what she came to know from Geet then why didn't he protested or asked anything from Geet or is it he had again taken her this gesture of hers in a friendly manner. Oh! She'll hate him more if he even thinks of it in a friendly way when it clearly showing that it is all out of Love. And den as if in trance she called out for Geet telling her that she's here with first Aid box cursing herself umpteenth tym for breaking their trance.


But nevertheless it seems that they don't need any opportunity to lost in each other as even at the tym of dressing up of wound also they both were lost in each other's eyes. But there was something which didn't go unnoticed by Meera nd that something was emotions she saw in Maan's eyes. She knows that Geet loves Maan like anything, its just beyond the limit of sanity nd she can even destroy herself if it costs to Maan's happiness. But today she saw the glimpse of same emotions in Maan's eyes too nd she was sure that it is just for Geet. She didn't miss the tenderness nd admiration in his eyes neither did she missed his facial expressions when he was looking at Geet. Then can it be possible that Maan too feels the same for Geet like Geet feels for him nd he was yet unknown to this fact, she thought as she looked at both of them.


It's true she hates Maan like anything nd nothing in this world could change her perception towards him, it is also true that she thinks that Maan doesn't deserve Geet or her pure love but somewhere at the corner of her heart she had really wished for their togetherness for she knows that Geet can only be happy with Maan nd today what she saw in Maan's eyes had given her a cue that Maan too feels something for her but it was just he was not able to realize it yet. Gosh! She hates this man so much for his dumbness in which he lands up hurting Geet. He may be an ace businessman for outer world but really a jerk nd dumb person in her perception who just can't able to realize his own feelings.


"Laddoo I am perfectly fine now. Don't cry." Maan's voice broke Meera's trance nd she looked at the direction of Maan nd Geet who seems to be finally out of their La la land.


"Maan you sure Na? Tumhe zyada dard to nahi ho raha hai na otherwise I just call up the doctor." Geet said extending her hand towards the cordless while Maan just rolled over his eyes nd stopped her in mid by holding her hand.


"Laddoo I am fine nd after your dressing I am perfectly fine. Trust me." Maan said tenderly with a sweet smile calming down Geet's nerves nd she just nodded innocently.


"By the way who was that crazy girl who didn't recognized Maan Singh Khurana nd hit him so hard thinking him as a molester" Maan asked in order to lighten the atmosphere nd Meera's jaws dropped open.


"Excuse me its me for whom you are talking about." Meera said before Geet could answer anything nd marched towards Maan


"Oh you are still here. I thought that you must have gone by now after what you did to me." Maan said rather mockingly angering Meera further. All right if till now she was having second thoughts about changing her perception towards Maan then it all just vanish in the air for sure.


"Excuse me I haven't done anything wrong ok." Meera retorted back with her eyes shooting daggers to Maan.


"Ya you haven't done anything wrong. You had just hit me so hard that my forehead started bleeding nd that too for no fault of mine. Thank God Laddoo pushed me away at the right tym or else god knows what would have happened to me." Maan said shaking his head in disbelief nd Meera's hatredness for him grown 10 folds.


"I'll still say that I haven't done anything wrong. wen I came inside I saw that the whole living room was in mess nd then I heard Geet asking someone to leave her nd wen I came to room I saw you hovering over her so kindly tell me in that case what you wanted me to think." Meera said crossing her arms across her chest nd Geet just closed her eyes resting her forehead on her palm knowing very well that neither of them could stop retorting each other. Why the hell did she had to stuck up between two over protective friends


"Wait Wait Wait what did you said you entered inside. But the door was locked den how did you come inside. Or is it your habit to barge in everyone's home like a thief." Maan mocked while chuckling nd Meera flared her nose in anger


"How dare you to call me Thief?"


"Just like you dare to call me molester."


"ENOUGH!!!!" Geet finally burst out before Meera could retort back as she was literally tired of listening to their Tom nd Jerry fights. God they don't even know each other nd are fighting like this


"Now I don't want to hear a word from anyone of you." Geet said getting up from the bed nd Maan nd Meera looked at her making baby faces.


"But Laddoo..."


"Maan I said not a single word." Geet said threatingly nd Maan instantly shuts his mouth.


"Geet wo..." This tym Meera tried to say something but one glare of Geet nd she instantly eats up the remaining words. It's true that Geet seldom comes into her Sherni mode but when she comes then no one absolutely no one had courage to say even a word in front of her just like it happened now.


"I don't think that I had to remind both of you that you both are civilized adults nd not 2nd graders that you are bickering for no reason nd that too when you both don't even know each other." Geet said eyeing both of them angrily nd both Maan nd Meera just stood over there listening with their heads hung low as if they are the students nd Geet is a teacher who is giving them lecture on their mischief.


"Fine whatever happen has been happened now. It's useless to bicker over it now. Meera I know that you were not wrong but try to understand the situation before coming into any conclusions. If I haven't pushed Maan on tym then your stroke may cause him serious injury also. Nd Maan you also please don't bicker with someone about whom you don't even know. Meera is my best friend nd she did it because she cares for me a lot nd the way she saw everything it was obvious of her to think like this though I still feel that she had to hear me out what I am saying but that doesn't mean that she don't care for me." Geet said rather in a understanding manner nd both Maan nd Meera looked at each other angrily


"But I am your best friend so do you are mine." Maan complained like a kid after a while rather in an authorative tone while Geet just shaked her head seeing his possessiveness knowing very well what is coming next


"No I am her best friend nd she's mine thatsy I am having the duplicate key of her flat." Meera said proudly surprising Maan to the core.


"So? That doesn't prove anything. Me nd Geet are best friend from past 12 years nd our bond is much stronger. Did you get that?" Maan said seething in anger nd it just broke the last strand of patience Meera was having


"O really best friend right? Then where was this best friend from past 6 years?" Meera lash out in anger nd it instantly alarmed Geet knowing very well where it is heading to.


"C'mon answer me where were you from past 6 years? Do you even care to know what's happening in your friend's life? Do you know what all had been happened in her lyf in this 6 years? Do you know that she lo ..."


"Meera!!!" Geet gasped out loud in horror interrupting Meera before she could went on further in her frustration nd Meera instantly realized what all she was going to speak in her anger but she didn't regret it either because Maan must know what damage he had done to Geet's life.


"Meera go outside nd please arrange the table for breakfast. You'll get everything prepared in kitchen. I'll join you after 10 mins." Geet said after taking a deep breath to calm down herself nd Meera just left the room giving an understanding nod leaving both Maan nd Geet alone.


Maan ponders over Meera's words after she left nd nothing was making sense to him. What was that which Meera wanted to say nd Geet had interrupted in between? Did something happened in Geet's life about which he had no knowledge? Why Meera was so rude to him when he had met her for the first tym only? There was definitely something more in her words when she was questioning him but what was that? Is Geet is not happy in her lyf with Dev or did he had done something which had hurt her in anyway? All these questions were running in his mind as he tries to register Meera's word nd the reason for Geet's sudden interruption.


He remembered Geet trying to avoid his questions last night nd then her fumbling with words when he asked her about Rano Maa nd then those riddle talks of hers had made him suspicious about something fishy. He looked at Geet in order to find his answers only to find her looking other side while fidgeting with her duppatta nervously. Now he was 100% sure that there's definitely something wrong as Geet gets nervous like this only then when she was hiding something from him but what he don't understand is why is she hiding anything from him when she use to tell him each small nd big things of her lyf.


"Ummm Maan lets go for breakfast. You must be feeling hungry." Geet said after a while with a faint smile breaking Maan's trance nd turned to leave but before she could go outside she felt a tug on her wrist nd her breath got hitched in her throat nd before she could understand anything she found Maan twirling her towards him nd next moment she came crashing to his hard chest with Maan's hand wrapping around her waist protectively.


Geet can feel his questioning gaze on her knowing very well what's running in his mind nd she didn't dare to look up at him as she knows that she won't be able to hide anything if she'll look up into his eyes. She silently prayed to god that Maan let her go without any kind of confrontation because lie she wont be able to say nd truth he wont be able to bear but it seems that Maan was not in mood to let her go today. Maan gently lifted her chin up so that she could meet his gaze nd Geet just averted her gaze to other side. Till now if Maan had a slightest doubt then it was all confirmed now that Geet is definitely hiding something from him. He cradled her face making her to look at him fixing his gaze with hers. He looked at her one eye to another trying to find the answers of his questions but found none.


"Look into my eyes Laddoo" Maan whispered softly yet authoratively when he found Geet lowering her eye lashes yet again nd Geet just followed his order only to found numerous questions in his eyes.


"What Meera was talking about Laddoo that you had interrupted her in between?" Maan's questions startled Geet nd she looked at him surprised.


"Nothing Maan don't pay much heed to it." Geet said smiling nervously hiding her restlessness behind that smile.


"No Laddoo there was something. Meera was trying to say something but you interrupted her in between. Tell me Laddoo did something happened in your lyf in these 6 years? Are you not happy with Dev? Is there something which is bothering you? Please don't hide anything from me Laddoo. You know that I'll always be there with you. You don't have to fear for anything. Just tell me what's bothering you nd I promise that I'll fix everything. You know Na that your Maan won't let you face anything alone. Just tell me once the problem of your lyf nd I'll remove it the very next second. Just tell me everything." Maan said rather pleadingly looking deep into her eyes nd Geet felt a lump in her throat seeing his care nd concern for her.


She just wished that she could tell him everything, that he would have come earlier then she don't need to hide anything from him but the fact is that it's too late now nd damage is done now nd now nothing or no one could fix it. Therefore she immediately calmed down her aching heart nd looked at Maan with a smile on her face concealing her pain behind it yet again.


"Maan I would tell you anything then only na if there is something to tell. Seriously there's nothing to tell about. You are getting worried unnecessarily." Geet lied while trying her to maintain smile on her face but Maan still was not convinced


"But Laddoo Meera said that..." He tried to said something only to be interrupted by Geet yet again


"Maan Tum kahan Meera ki baton me aa rahe ho. You don't know her, she has a habbit of making a small thing a big issue nd just like you she's also very much possessive for me thatsy she had said all that in the fit of anger. You had seen Na how she was ready to kill you at that tym thinking that I am in danger. So in the same way only she had said all that Nd I am sure that by now she herself had forgotten what all she had said to you. That's it." Geet said while trying her best to convince Maan which she knows is a toughest task.


"Are you sure Laddoo? Are you sure that there's nothing that you are hiding from me?" Maan asked yet again as he was not completely convinced what Geet had said nd Geet just rolled over her eyes


"Ya Maan. Now should I write in stamp paper then you'll believe it. Trust me there's nothing wrong happening in my life. And if there will be anything wrong then I'll definitely tell you. You don't worry for anything ok." Geet said with the sweet smile on her face nd Maan just sighed in defeat.


"Ok I believe what you say. But promise me Laddoo that you won't ever hide anything from me." Maan said sternly nd Geet sighed in relief seeing him convinced.


"Haan baba I promise. Abhi Chalo lets go nd have breakfast. I don't know about you but I am really starving. Come lets have breakfast first nd then we can talk endlessly." Geet said making a baby face nd Maan just chuckled seeing her antics.


"You go I'll come in 5 minutes." Maan said nd Geet nodded nd goes towards dining area but not before warning him to be there in exact 5 minutes.


"There's definitely something Laddoo that you are hiding from me. Your eyes were not reflecting the words said by you but I don't know what is it. But I promise you Laddoo whatever it is I'll find it soon nd fix each nd every thing." Maan muttered feeling damn sure that Geet's lyf is not what it appears to be nd left for dining area to join Geet for Breakfast making a mental note that he'll go in depth of each nd everything nd remove each nd every problem from Geet's lyf which cause her pain.

Phew! so dis is it guys! hope you all are going to like it... now tell me how many of you had thought that person to be DevLOLLOL... i just love to prove you all wromng... anyways hit the like button if you all like it nd do leave your comment/criticism... its necessary

i know many of you wanted to know Maan's side of story but as i said before that his side of story is the high point of this FF so it'll be revealed after next few updates... till then enjoy there moments in present...

So see you all soon so keep commenting ok nd i guess you all know my quota... dont youWinkWink... so keep commenting nd ya long comments otherwise i wont updateAngryAngry

Will update "Destined To be" on this friday or saturday... depends how much tym i get for typing

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yee aku mai first at this beautiful ff 

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