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FF: ENTANGLED LOVE Thread 6 Part 41 - Pg 138 (Page 115)

KeyCat Goldie

Joined: 26 February 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Is the next part, by any chance gonna be like the forbidden love nainital chapter!
If it is please don't make arnav reject khushi's love!
This was a cute update, the coming one would be the blockbuster! Pls provide a precap!!!!!!!!!!!!

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IPKKNDbigfan Goldie

Joined: 10 March 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:40am | IP Logged
it was an awesome update   please update soon thanks! cant wait for what khushi has planned 

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GodsEye IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 October 2011
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:41am | IP Logged

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MKyara Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
likeyyy...awwesome...cnt wait...and ur pictures are helping a LOTT!!! :D

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melihoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 March 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
amazing update and cant wait for the next update. U will be updating tomorrow right?

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nehakapoor7 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 February 2011
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged

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ranjanatripathi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 July 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhu123

super nnniiiccceee...
PArt 40:

This Banner has been made by the IF user harhem

Arnav: Yeah Di.. Aashi is my life.. 
Anjali: And Khushi is the one who gave you this Life Chotte.. I know she too means a lot to you.. 

Arnav and Anjali looked in each others eyes.. They knew their mistakes, they had got their punishments in some way and somwhere they were still getting punished.. Arnav wasnt able to love his wife like he wanted and Anjali too never got the chance of getting loved by her husband again though he had returned back to her.. Shyam needed some more time to settle things between him and Anjali like before.. 

Anjali left from Arnav's room and in  minutes Khushi and Aashi came inside.. Khushi saw Arnav all engrossed in seeing some picture in his hand.. She didnt knew whose picture it was.. She immediately walked to him and snatched the picture and saw it..
Arnav: What The...!!  Khushi.. Give me the pic back..
Khushi was surprised to see  the picture.. It was her old pic with Aashi in her arms.. 

She looked at Arnav ..
Khushi: Where did you get this picture from?
Arnav: Facebook .. !! I mean you had uploaded it there years back.. I found it.. And developed it into a hard copy. Now give it back to me.. (He tried to get the picture back from her but she hide it behind her.)
Khushi: Why did you do all this Arnav? You could have asked me and I would have given it to you.. 
Arnav: I had got this hard copy done months back Khushi.. That time we werent married.. So it was obvious, if I would have asked you then, you would have never agreed to give me this pic.. 

Arnav snatched the pic and then kept it back in his wallet.. 
Khushi: Arnav.. Why did you needed it months back? (She knew somewhere he was attracted to her since the first time he had seen her.. But things were different then.. According to him , she was his Di's saut.. He never knew what relationship Shyam and Khushi shared that time.. )
Arnav: You think its necessary for you to know that? I mean its a simple guess Khushi.. 
Khushi smiled.. But she wanted to know his answer from him only..
Khushi: I still need to know it from you..
Arnav: Because I wanted to keep this picture close to my heart every day to admire Aashi.. You know how much I liked her since my first meet with her..

He had a wide smirk on his face seeing Khushi all surprised that she was not the reason he wanted that pic.. He wanted it for AASHI and not HER.. 
Khushi: For AASHI? Not ME?
Arnav: Ohh I forgot.. Yeah you too are in the picture right???

Khsuhi started running behind him to hit him and he started to run away from her and Aashi.. Aashi was truely enjoying this chase of her mumma for her daddy.. She was only gigling gigling anf gigling.. In no time, Khushi lost control and she and Arnav fell on the bed but both making sure Aashi was safe and not hurt due to their weight..Arnav was holding Khushi above him and Aashi was lying beside them on the bed.. He tucked Khushi's hair strand behind her ear.. They both were breathing yet hard trying to talk to each other after stabilizing their breathes.. Arnav spoke first..

Arnav: So you know how much your husband loves you then?
Khushi: No.. I just know my husband has started getting attracted to me in some way.. Love is a looong way to go Arnav.. 

She was just kidding but Arnav took it all very seriously.. 
Arnav: What? You mean you still think I am only attracted to you?
Khushi could see the anger in his eyes and she thought of clearing his doubts..

Khushi: Arnav.. I was pulling your leg.. Dont take it so seriously..

Arnav rolled her back on the bed and then got up.. Aashi was noticing all this and was not bothered.. She had seen her mum and dad always so close to each other these days.. She was busy playing.. But Khushi felt bad seeing Arnav all tensed.. She too got up and moved towards him..

Khushi: Arnav.. What happened? I didnt mean to hurt you.. I am sorry if I..

Before she could say anything he turned towards her and pulled her for a hug.. She hugged him back.. He was acting like a small kid now who was upset only because of little teasing.. She started caressing his back. She knew she shouldnt have teased him on his love towards her.. That night Arnav and Khushi didnt sleep next to each other.. Arnav purposely took Aashi in between. Khushi waited for him to ask her to come beside him but he didnt.. So she too slept . She knew she had hurt him.. And now she truely wanted to ease it.. 


Khushi was having her bath the next day and Arnav was getting the bags ready.. They had to leave for Darjelling in few hours.. They had a direct flight from Delhi and it was a 1 hour journey.. Aashi's passport was made speedily as she was now daughter of Arnav Singh Raizada.. Aashi was fully dressed and was drinking her milk from the bottle.. Arnav was talking to Aashi sometimes while packing his final stuffs.. HP came inside and took the bags out.. Khushi was still in the Bathroom and they were truely getting late.. Arnav picked Aashi in his arms and then knocked the bathroom door..

Arnav: Khushi. How long will you take ??? We are late.. COme out soon..
Khushi: 2 mins Arnav.. I am coming..
Arnav: Okay.. I will take Aashi down.. Get ready fast..
Khushi: No.. Wait.. I need your help.. 
Arnav was confused.. she needed his help? For what?? He waited for a minute and there the bathroom door was opened by his wife and she came out in a black saree.. 

Arnav was so mesmerised seeing her in this Saree.. The black colour of the Saree complimented her milky white skin.. He was so lost in her that he didnt even know when Khushi took Aashi in her arms and turned her back to face him..

Khushi: Arnav.. Please tie my back knot.. I am unable to do it.. 
Thats when he was back to sense and he saw her back.. He moved her wet hair to a side and then moved his fingers to tie the knot of her blouse..

Arnav: You didnt had anything else to wear??
Khushi was playing with Aashi kissing her cheeks and she inturn was gigling .. When she heard her husband asking her this, she knew what made him ask her so.. He was affected.. Seeing her in black and that too in a Sexy Saree he was truely affected.. She passed a wicked smile to Aashi indicating how much she wanted Aashi's dad to be so affected by her beauty.. 

Arnav was still tying her knot and was expecting his wife to answer him..

Khushi: Why? Whats wrong with this Saree?? 
She gave Aashi back to Arnav when he was done tying her knot and then moved towards the mirror to put the Sindoor. Arnav could see her back skin still exposed to him and he turned his face to the other side.. 

Arnav: Nothing wrong.. But dont you think its quite revealling?
Khushi: Arnav.. Its a Saree.. And  well dont worry.. I will take it properly.. Lets go down.. We are already late... 

She took Aashi again and then left down leaving him inside.. He followed her in sometime and they took the blessings of the family and then started for the Airport.. They collected their boarding pass and then walked for then were waiting for then boarded the flight.. Aashi was all the time on Khushi's lap and was sleeping.. The Cabin Crew Girls were very much attracted to Aashi.. 

Cabin Crew girl: Very Cute baby Maam..
Khushi: Thanks.
Cabin Crew Girl: She is so naughty.. I am sure she is like her father.. 
Khushi had a smile on her face when she heard that and Arnav was almost frowing at that girl..
Khushi: Yeah.. She is (She said to the cabin crew girl and took Aashi back in her arms.. )

The flight landed and they checked in the Hotel. Arnav had some important calls to make.. The weather there was cold and Khushi made Aashi wear her sweater and then placed her on the bed..

Arnav: Khushi.. You too would feel cold .. Wear something thick.. 
Khushi: No.. I am fine in this Saree..
Arnav: What?? Are you OK Khushi?? Since when did you start liking being in a Saree the whole day?
Khushi: You wont understand.. Leave it..

She went on the bed and started playing with Aashi..  Arnav knew what was wrong with his wife.. She needed his attention.. After last night, she knew she had hurt him and thus she was trying all her level best to convince him and win him back.. But No Mrs Raizada, he thought.. You would surely need to play hard this time.. He took his mobile and walked to the Gallery to finish his calls.. 


Some hours passed and Arnav was having his Coffee at the balcony enjoying the Snow hills view and Khushi was busy making Aashi sleep.. Yes it was late evening and she was making Aashi sleep early today. WHY was a Question which only Arnav had an answer to.. She had something brewing up in her mind.. But what?? He didnt know why but he liked thinking what his Wife's next moves would be towards him .. It made him feel blessed.. Aashi wasnt ready to sleep.. Khsuhi took her in her arms and came to the balcony..

Khsuhi: Arnav.. She isnt sleeping..!!
Arnav: You know she never sleeps at this hour Khushi.. Its ok.. Dont force her..
Khushi: But then..!! 
Arnav: Then what?? 
Khushi: Nothing.. You finished your calls??
Arnav: Hmm.. Why?
Khushi: Lets get inside then.. 
Arnav: You move in.. I will come in sometime.. 
She noded and left inside and Arnav was anticipating what she intended to do after Aashi sleeps.. 


After another few minutes, Arnav finally came inside the bedroom and saw Aashi sleeping peacefully on the bed alone.. He came on the bed and then lay beside her.. 

But then where was Khushi??? May be she was in the other room or the bathroom.. He didnt care much.. He just closed his eyes and tried resting.. But rest was something not planned by his Wife today.. She was in a different mood.. She wanted to cheer up her husband and she already had planned something for that..


shivi.10rocks IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 July 2012
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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged
so khushi trying to woo her hubby...
wll eagerly wait to see what u hv stored for us in d next update

m expecting khushi's performance in d next part
thanx for updating this today
continue soon

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