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Fighting Fire with Fire # 2 link to T3 pg 146 (Page 40)

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Right, so I actually have no valid reason for not posting this earlier. I could have done this yesterday like I had promised, but for some odd reason, my eyelids drooped and I fell into a very deep sleep, completely forgetting about this.
But I do have a new chapter for you! The plot thickens folks...and it sizzles as well. Some parts are mature, so be warned!
Anyway, please enjoy part 21!

Chapter 21

Khushi stared up at him, her hazel eyes now darkened with desire, but still as innocent as a child's.

Then, all of a sudden, her eyes narrowed. "What did you say?" Her tone was dangerously low.

Arnav was unfazed by her anger. Tonight was about them, not about her, or even about him. It was about them. Nothing she said was going to negate the fact that they were going to approach a point of no return.

"I said Khushi, that this night has just begun." He kept his gaze on her, challenging her to look away. Arnav looked from the hickey on her neck to her swollen lips to her heaving chest. That was just the appetizer. They still had to get through till dessert. His body thrummed with anticipation, tensing with need.

Khushi tried to sit up, but the pain in her side made it impossible. She couldn't conceal the labored grunt that exited her mouth. Arnav was immediately right there, his hands behind her back, easing her into a sitting position.

Damn it! He thought, running a hand through his hair. Arnav had forgotten that Khushi was injured, that she had been shot. She shouldn't be doing anything that would aggravate her wound. And this, what he had planned for them tonight, would most definitely hurt her.

"Khushi, are you alright?" He asked softly, stroking the silky expanse of her neck, tracing the spot where he had left his mark. Arnav couldn't help the smirk on his face when she shivered at his touch. Her breathing sped up, and he could see the way her breasts tightened.


That was the most alluring sight he had ever seen.

Khushi's eyes met his, scared to see the emotion that ran through them. The only men who had looked at her like that were drug dealers or rapists or terrorists or any other type of disgusting man that she had met during undercover ops. Those looks had repulsed her, but this was Arnav. Her husband. He looked at her as if she were the world's most tantalizing item, the Eve to her Adam.

She was about to say something before he cut her off. "I'm sorry."

Her mouth opened and closed a few times and she blinked in confusion. Out of everything she had expected him to say, this clearly wasn't it.

Arnav got off the bed, resolutely ignoring the tent in his pants that refused to leave. He paced the length of the room a couple times before turning back to her.

She was still sitting there in her scrub bottoms and bra, her head resting on the headboard. Clearly she was uncomfortable, and it was partially his fault. Guilt welled through him at her predicament. True, there was nothing he could have done to prevent her from getting shot, but at least he could have made his intention of making her his after she had recovered.

Why am I so impulsive? He asked himself, guilt and shame running through him.


Arnav froze at her hesitant voice. She looked at him, her eyes hidden behind those long lashes. It gave her an almost coy look, something that he had only dreamed about. And boy were those vivid dreams...


When she spoke again, the shyness was gone, replaced by confusion and something he couldn't describe. "Why are you sorry?" Slowly but surely, Khushi made her way off the bed, wincing the process. She stopped directly in front of her still statue like husband. She needed to know why he had stopped, why he hadn't gone on.

"" Arnav was at a complete loss for words. Nothing coherent was coming out of his mouth. He felt his face heating up and was mortified.

He, Arnav Singh Raizada, was blushing.

"Not two minutes ago, you were rambling on about how this night has just begun, and now you're stopping it?" There was a teasing lilt to her tone that resonated within him. Arnav desperately wanted to say something, to prove to her that this night has indeed just begun, but his mind stopped him even if his body was begging to join with Khushi.

He said nothing, simply staring at a random spot on the wall. A little jump escaped him when he felt Khushi's soft, small hands, grabbing his face and turning it towards her.

"Where's your confidence now, Arnav? I thought that Arnav Singh Raizada didn't back down from anything, no matter what. So where is the mighty ASR at this moment?" Khushi prodded while gently stroking his day old stubble. Her words and actions opposed each other. There was a subtle jibe in what she had spoken, yet she was touching him so tenderly.

His eyes narrowed at her touch, his mouth clenching so he didn't let out the growl he wanted to. Hadn't she been resisting him all this time? What was she doing now? Arnav caught her hand as it traced over the scar above his eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" He murmured quietly. Her soft, almost innocent touch was driving him insane. It took all he had to not pin her against the wall, her injury be damned, and bury himself within her silky warmth.

"Answer my question first, Nav." Khushi whispered, laying her head on his bare chest, just listening to the steady pounding of his heart.

She felt a sigh escape him. His hands wound themselves around her, pulling her closer. Gone was the passion he had felt minutes ago, replaced by the need to make sure she was real, that she was in his arms, that she wasn't a figment of his imagination.

"Around you, I can't be ASR for very long." Arnav buried his face in her hair, inhaling the scent of roses that was uniquely Khushi. Khushi ki khushboo. "You know me too well. You, and only you can see through me. Even in the bathroom...when I...commanded you..." He held her at arms length just so he could see her become as red as the flimsy garment that enclosed her bosom. "That was only temporary."

His honesty should have shocked her, but it didn't. Arnav had been more honest with her in these three weeks than he had been with her in twenty-five years. He had stopped because he didn't want to hurt her.

"Thank you Arnav." Khushi chuckled softly against him. His warmth, the way his arms encircled her, it was intoxicating. In his embrace, it was like nothing else mattered, no one else except the two of them mattered. She welcomed the rough pads of his fingers as they danced up and down her sides, skimming her bandages, dipping into her navel.

Tonight, he had pushed aside his own wants for her sake. Tonight, he had proved to her how he didn't just want her physically. Perhaps he wouldn't admit his feelings today, tomorrow, or next month, but now she had concrete evidence that he cared for on a deeper level than carnal desire.

She had heard the sheer pain in voice when he had asked her what he would do without her. It was as though her pain was his as well. Her mother had once mentioned that this was the bond of a married couple.

"And to answer your question, I was showing you how much I care." Khushi spoke, repeating her action of stroking his prickly cheek.

Arnav led both of them back to the bed where he didn't pin Khushi down, nor did he make any attempt to coerce her into sleeping with him. He just let her lay against his side, his fingers rubbing circles on her lower back. It seemed as though she was comfortable with both of their semi-naked forms now. Khushi didn't ask to change into her clothes, and Arnav didn't want her to anyway.

For some time, they lay there like that, enjoying the silence that encompassed the room.

"Something felt off today." Khushi stated, her eyes locking with Arnav's. He turned over and propped himself up with his elbow.

"What do you mean?" A mildly concerned look was on his face.

Khushi let out a breath. "I don't know. One of my guys was on an undercover assignment which went bad. I shouldn't tell you this, but he was trying to stop weapons trading between India and Iran."

Arnav choked ever so slightly. Episodes of CID (one of the only shows he had ever watched) ran through his mind. "Arms dealing?" He asked incredulously. "I thought that India and Iran were enemies?"

"We are Arnav." She said in the same tone that his teacher from third grade has used on him. He scowled at her petulantly causing her to smile. "But it's more of an unsaid thing. Pretty much all of the Arab nations hate India nearly as much as they do America." A wry grin was on her face. "We have nukes, they have nukes. No one wants a nuclear war to start. Did you know that we had a nuclear reactor in New Delhi?"

He shook his head.

"Well, we do. India has signed nuclear agreements with France, Mongolia, Namibia, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, and Kazakhstan. Now, it should be noted, that all of these countries pretty much despise the Middle East. If Iran attacks us, every powerful nation will rise to our defense. If we attack Iran, our lovely Pakistani insurgents will wreak devastation upon us. That's why is was so important to stop this weapons trade. First it's weapons...then nukes...then something else." She paused for a moment, letting him digest the information.

"So, your guy got caught?" Arnav mused out loud.

She nodded, her fingers trailing over the defined muscles of his abdomen. "Yes, he did. What concerned me though was that this case was originally Bhaiyaa's. He was the one handling it. And it seemed as though the guys who were shooting at us knew this as well. Nearly all the bullets were aimed at him."

"Do you think Agent Kulkarni is in danger?" Arnav inquired seriously. There was something about the man that made Arnav look up to him, and it wasn't the fact that he was taller or older. In all honesty, he was like a brother-in-law to Arnav, the brother of his wife. Blood didn't necessarily define a bond.

Khushi froze momentarily in his arms before burrowing herself closer. "I think so. He's probably already figured this out. But I'll let him know anyway." She felt tired, utterly drained. Arnav's deep, steady, breaths were lulling her to sleep.

Arnav pressed a kiss to her forehead, letting his lips linger on her smooth skin. He saw how drowsy she was. "It's late Khushi. You're tired and hurting. You can let him know tomorrow. Go to sleep."

She fought to keep her eyes open, a sleepy smile playing on her face. Her gaze was focused solely on Arnav who was looking down at her with unbelievable tenderness. Without thinking what she was doing, Khushi leaned up and pressed her lips against his, drinking in their warmth.

Seconds later, she drifted off into the realm of Morpheus, not seeing her husband's stunned expression or the goofy smile that was on his face as he too joined Khushi in deep sleep.

One thing was for sure. That point of no return had been reached.


From high above the two, a Goddess smirked at the picture they painted. She glanced over to her consort, Lord Shiva who groaned at his wife's mischievous expression. She was planning something, he just knew it.

In many ways, Devi Maiyaa was very much like Khushi Singh Raizada. Both were fierce, stubborn, strong, feisty, passionate, and their husbands were very scared of them. All Khushi needed was a tiger and she could be the living incarnation of the Goddess that she prayed to all the time.

"I pity you, Arnav Singh Raizada." Shiva muttered. "If your woman is even one tenth of the tigress that mine is, you're in for one hell of a ride my boy."


Atman Kulkarni stared at the paperwork that cluttered his desk with utter disdain. He wished that he could actually use the shredder that Khushi had bought for him last year for Raksha Bandhan. But alas, fate was against him.

With a sigh, he picked up the first stack and began working on it. But his thoughts constantly shuffled back to the incident at the warehouse yesterday. He didn't need Khushi's phone call this morning to let him know that he was in danger. Atman had known this for a while. Although he hadn't told Khushi or anyone else, he knew that someone was tailing him. And that someone was most definitely Hussein Ahmed.

Slowly, the pieces were falling together. Khushi had married Raizada on a split second's notice. The same Raizada who's brother-in-law was trying to kill his sister through the use of chemicals and God knows what else. Plus, one couldn't forget the fact that this man had lost his job and still had a lot of money deposited into his bank account from a still unknown source. Then, Shyam or whatever his name was tried to get Raizada to transfer everything to him.

Now this same brother-in-law was seen coming out of a building that housed C-4. Then came this business with Ahmed. From delivering Shyam's papers to finding his fingerprints in that building to what had happened at that warehouse.

Everything was connected.

Atman could conclude two things about Shyam. The first was that he needed his wife dead. The second was that he was part of some terrorist organization.

He should have known that something was off about this guy the second Khushi wanted a background check on him. A changed name, false records, etc. This man was just waiting to go to jail.

How lovely.

He groaned, burying his face within his arms. Suddenly, he felt so much older than thirty-five. Yesterday Khushi had almost been grievously injured, he had been shot at multiple times, and his life was at stake...again. Khushi could give him some of the answers he needed.

Hm, maybe it was time to pay a visit to Raizada's house...

Damn it Khushi! Having you as a sister is so troublesome...


"Nani! Khushi's fine! I swear." Arnav attempted to close the door to his room that had so rudely been opened by his well meaning but nosy grandmother who just had to burst into a married couple's room in the morning...with his entire family behind her.

"Chote, are you sure?" Anjali asked, glancing over at Khushi who was doing a marvelous job at feigning sleep. Anjali's eyes flitted from Arnav's state of attire to the rumpled sheets. A blush stained her cheeks. Ah, newly weds.

Khushi, from beneath the blanket that covered her, willed the people standing at the doorway to leave. From the voices, she could tell that Nani, Di, Payal, Mami, and Akaash were all there. Only Mama had the sense to not intrude on them. Why hadn't Arnav locked the door? She was definitely not going to let her family see her in this state of undress.

"Look, she's just sleeping, alright? She's sore, but functional. Relax guys." Arnav tried to reassure them.

Akaash grinned at his brother, not failing to notice that Arnav hadn't changed out of his clothes from yesterday. It wasn't everyday that one saw a bare chested Arnav Singh Raizada with tousled hair who was trying to get everyone to leave his room.

He grunted slightly when Payal elbowed him in the gut. The look she was giving him said, I know what you're thinking and if you dare say anything, you'll be sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life.

So him, being the smart man that he was, wisely kept his mouth shut.

"Her bandages need changing, bitwa." Nani added softly, undisguised affection in her voice. "Poor Khushi-bitiyaan. Who knows how much pain she's in."

Khushi held back a snort. Not that much pain actually. She was just aching, that's all. However, Nani had a point. Her bandages did need changing.

"Give them to me." Arnav commanded. "I'll do it." He didn't miss the glances that passed between the member's of his family. By now, he was used to this subtle teasing and enjoyed it...just a bit.

From her spot on the bed, Khushi jerked.

Anjali dumped gauze into his hands and gave him a wide smirk. "Alright Chote, here. Khushi will need help taking a shower. Just remember, she can't get those bandages wet. I'm sure you understand what I mean..."

At his sister's words, Arnav's entire body stiffened. He turned ever so slightly to Khushi who still looked to be fast asleep, but he knew better. Yes, he knew what his sister meant, and by God, yes! He was going to help his wife out with her predicament.

He cleared his throat to make sure that when he spoke, his voice didn't come out in a strangled whisper. Arnav looked Anjali directly in the eye and grinned at her. "Of course Di. Khushi's in excellent hands. Don't you worry."

Anjali rolled her eyes at her naughty brother. "Alright then. Come down when you're ready. Breakfast is already on the table." With that, the five people who had come to check on Khushi left, leaving husband and wife alone in their room.


Arnav watched in amusement as Khushi jolted to a sitting position, thoroughly enjoying the discomfort on her face. A cornered doe, that's what she reminded him of. She was still wearing that bra, he noted. Well, this shower would allow that barrier to be removed...he hoped.

They couldn't make love just yet. She was still injured. But they could do other things in the meantime...right?

"Don't you dare, Arnav Singh Raizada!" Khushi barked at him, pulling the blanket around her.

"And why not, Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada?" He asked playfully, tossing the gauze up and catching it a few times.

"Because...!" She spluttered indignantly. "You can't!"

Arnav made his way back to the bed, the smirk never leaving his face. "Really? I can't? Because Khushi, I do remember that we are married. And didn't we make some promises to each, to nourish each other?" By this time, Khushi had stood up and was backing herself into the bathroom while he was moving towards her.

"Arnav..." The spark was back in her eyes, just like he knew it would be. His little vixen. "I'm perfectly capable of taking a shower on my own and changing my own bandages." That was a complete lie.

He of course, saw right through her. "Of course." He crossed his arms over his chest. That one action drew her attention to his prominent biceps. She gulped. Why did he have to look so good? And when did he even have time to go to the gym?

Arnav decided to humor her a bit. "Alright. If you're so capable of even taking off your clothes to get into the shower, then please, by all means, take off your pants."

Khushi glared at him. She knew what he was trying to prove, and she was cursing him in his head many times over. Bending down to take those pants off was going to hurt like hell. But if she didn't want him in the shower with her, then enduring some pain would be worth it.

He grinned as Khushi hooked two thumbs into her pants. How he wished that it was his hands that were there, and maybe they would be there soon. The grin was soon replaced by worry as he saw her grimace in pain. Using the bed as support, Khushi sat down and clutched her injured torso.

"Khushi!" Arnav darted to her side instantly. "Wait! Don't do anything that will aggravate your wound further."

As he sat next to her, she got off the bed again, a determined expression on her face. "No! You wanted me to prove to you that I'm fine, so I'll do it!"

Arnav hissed in frustration. Within seconds, he was right in front of her, looking down at his wife with a furious expression. "Shut up Khushi! I was joking for god's sake! First of all, I know that you can't do this on your own! I can see that you're hurting!"

He didn't give her a chance to respond as he dragged her into the bathroom much like he had the night before.

She stood in the spacious bathroom, awaiting his next move. Truth be told, she liked this Arnav. The one who didn't take no for an answer. Of course, she didn't know that he liked her when she was the same way...

The way he was looking at her made her insides feel all gooey. Underneath the harshness of his face, she saw something else, something that looked a lot like love.

Arnav regained his wits and stared down his wife. He saw that she was breathing somewhat heavily and wasn't sure if it was because of her injury or something else. "Khushi." His voice was quiet.

"What?" Her voice matched his.

Arnav walked over to the shower and turned it on, noticing how Khushi's face reddened and how she nervously played with the bandages on her side. Soon, he vowed, soon, you won't be act like a dainty maiden with me.

"Do you trust me Khushi?" Arnav asked, utterly serious. For just a moment, he thought he saw disbelief flit across her face.

"How can you even ask that question?" Khushi demanded. After everything that they had been through, he still thought that she didn't trust him?

"I just need to know." He replied in an uncharacteristic calm voice.

She regarded him with a cool expression for a moment before nodding ever so slightly. But she regretted that once she saw the satisfied smirk on his face.

"Good. Because I wanted to make sure. I am your husband after all, so I do want my wife to have some faith in me."

The steam from the shower now permeated the room. Khushi could feel the bandage on her side grow itchy, and she longed to take it off and take that shower...without Arnav. The problem was, how was she going to wash herself when she couldn't even stand up without feeling immense pain.

Khushi let out a defeated breath. Arnav wasn't going to let her go until he himself made sure she was alright. It was the annoyingly sweet thing about him. He saw things through till the nth degree, like with Di's marriage or Akaash's education, he didn't let anything go until he was sure it was fine.

She asked only one question. "Are you going to help me, or just stare at me like that?"

Arnav all but stumbled as he tried to walk towards her.


Downstairs, the family sat around the breakfast table, their mood still somber over Khushi's injury.

But of course, it was Akaash Singh Raizada who broke this gloom with one of his patented comments.

"Fifty bucks that those two don't come down within the hour."


Hussein Ahmed didn't know how he was roped into working with Shyam Jha, but to him, it certainly was a life changing experience. This man was a master manipulator, the ultimate con. There was no wonder as to why he had become a lawyer.

At this current moment, the two were sitting side by side in a car, back on their way to Delhi from Mumbai.

Said master manipulator had a rather tight look on his face. Every so often, Hussein would see the man he admired run a hand through his hair, or pick at a random scab. He was agitated, but Hussein didn't know why. The arms deal had gone well, Khushi Singh Raizada was out of the way for a while, and hopefully Atman Kulkarni would leave this investigation alone for a while before he finally died.

Hussein was nave though. He didn't understand that things were about to fall apart anytime. He didn't know that Atman Kulkarni was already on to who the leader of these deals was, or that the CBI had Ahmed's fingerprint. No, he didn't know any of that, but he would soon.

Shyam gritted his teeth as he watched the scenery go by. His gut was telling him that something had gone terribly wrong in Delhi, that the proverbial sh** was about to hit the fan. Ever since he thought he had seen Khushi and Arnav by that building, his sense of paranoia was widening.

What if they were really there? What if those two had gone into the building? What if they had seen him? What if they had found the explosives?

There were too many what ifs, but no answers.


Khushi held herself incredibly still as Arnav circled her like a vulture. She could feel the heat emanating off of his bare chest, mingling with the steam from the shower. Every movement that he made felt like there was an earthquake under her, making her knees tremble. She wanted to convince herself that Arnav was not having any effect on her, but that was a lie...a very big lie.

She shivered as Arnav's hands stroked her back, traveling to her bra strap. His eyes bore into her own as he snapped the strap open, forcing Khushi to cover her chest to stop the garment from completely falling down.

Arnav knew that he was playing with fire the second he touched Khushi. But if this is what playing with fire was like, then he would gladly be burned a million times over. Perhaps he would die a petite morte sometime in the future by this fire as well.

"Don't kill me for this Khushi." Arnav murmured close to her ear, sending a hot tingle down her spine.

In one swift motion, he pulled off her pants, leaving her in nothing but panties that matched the bra that was hanging precariously off of her chest. God have mercy on his poor soul.

He wondered if the 'look but do not touch' policy still applied to them. Arnav helped her step out of the pants that were pooled by her feet. He dared not to look at anything but her face which was looking a lot like a tomato at the moment.

Stepping away from her, he removed his slacks as well, watching as her gaze traveled down to the evidence of his desire for him that was visible through his boxers. Her startled eyes met Arnav's for one split second before moving back to a spot on his chest.

Willing himself to be strong, Arnav eased Khushi into the shower that was large enough to house the two of them. He tilted her pelvis away so that the hot water only hit one side of body. He shuddered as she leaned back into his touch, a soft moan leaving her lips. It was pure torture to have her against him like this, barely clothed, and completely vulnerable.

"You can take off your boxers if you want." Her voice sounded rather distant to him, although this could have been because of the blood that was pounding in his head and the ringing in his ears.

"What?" He choked, not sure if he had heard her correctly. Had Khushi actually suggested that he...that he...completely undress himself?

Khushi didn't turn in his arms, too scared to see what emotions might be displayed on his face. He was uncomfortable, she could sense this from the way he was fidgeting behind her. It wasn't because of their closeness, she knew that he wasn't the least bit disturbed by it. He welcomed it. It was because of that one piece of clothing that was confining him.

If he did take off that last piece of clothing, then there would be nothing she could do to not feel him pressed against her. And if he didn't, then he wouldn't be the only one who would be frustrated.

In one brave gesture, Khushi let her arms drop to her side, her bra hitting the shower floor with a soft thud. She tilted her head back to feel the spray of the water on her face, letting it wash away all traces of fatigue that she had held on to during the night. She was so engrossed in the pleasurable feeling, that she didn't notice when Arnav got rid of his underwear.

Arnav relished the surprised squeak that Khushi let out when his fingers danced over her now bare back. He grabbed some soap and lathered her body with it, making sure not to touch the bandages.

Leaning towards her, he heard her gasp when she clearly felt him against her backside. His nose buried itself in the crook of her neck. "Tell me if I'm doing something wrong." He whispered against her heated and wet skin.

"!" She whimpered, not used to the feel of his bare skin against hers. If she thought that just his chest was bad, his entire body was infinitely worst. His powerful thighs were on either side of her legs, cradling her. From the apex of his thighs jutted out the proud evidence of his manhood, just as haughty and demanding as Arnav himself was. His hands reached out from behind her to rub soap onto her stomach, reaching higher until he reached the underside of her breasts.

"I...I think I can manage that part Arnav!" Khushi gasped, catching his hands before they could touch her. To her surprise, he didn't argue with her and let her wash that area herself.

Seconds after she was done, he shut off the water and turned her around so she collided with the hard planes of his chest. Her arms immediately went to his shoulders to stop herself from slipping while his rested themselves around her waist.

"Khushi." Arnav growled in her ear. This was surreal. Him and Khushi. Standing in the shower. Their bare chests touching. He, dressed in his birthday suit. Her, wearing flimsy panties. Surreal probably wasn't the right word. This was a little piece of heaven.

He took her face in his palms, cupping it, watching as he eyes widened and darkened. There it was again. Those eyes, that look, they would be his undoing. Slowly, he bent his head down and angled his mouth right over hers, giving her ample time to pull away if she felt threatened.

But Khushi didn't pull away. No, she wouldn't this time. The way he looked just now, with his hair plastered down, his body pressed right against hers, the desire in his eyes. It made her want to melt into him. She raised her arms up, even if it hurt her, and sunk them into his damp hair. She wiggled closer to him, enjoying the friction that their bodies created. A throaty moan burst out from her mouth.

"Kiss me Arnav." Khushi breathed, unable to hold back any longer.

That was all the invitation he needed. He swooped down on her mouth, gently barraging it with his own. His lips moved over hers, drinking in her essence. She responded just as eagerly. It took him a couple moments to realize that she had pushed past his lips to gain entrance to his mouth, and that she had the upper hand on him...again. The grip that she had on his hair was near painful.

Regretfully, he tore his lips from hers and almost smiled at her disappointed pout. That pout went away when she finally saw him in his naked glory. Broad shoulders, a rippling chest, sinewy arms and legs. Arnav Singh Raizada was Adonis incarnate. And if he was Adonis, then Khushi must be his Aphrodite.

She buried her head into the crevice where his shoulder met his neck. Her tongue reached out and drank the water droplets on his skin. Gaining more confidence, from the sound he let out, she sank her teeth somewhat gently into that same spot leaving a bite mark there. Just like he had done last night, she sucked at that spot until it was red and raw, marking him as hers for the rest of eternity.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hickey for a hickey.

Arnav trailed kisses down her face, to her neck where the mark he had left yesterday was still visible, to her collarbone, and down...further...further...until...

Khushi couldn't control herself as Arnav's lips enclosed the hard peaks of her breast. He massaged the other breast with his free hands, and all she could do was squirm against the wall, muffling the lewd sounds that came from her mouth with her hands. Arnav thrust his hips against her, only the material of Khushi's panties blocking them. She tensed and relaxed, and he took that as a signal to continue.

He suckled her like a hungry child. His tongue flattened against the taut nipple, roughly stroking it, licking off the water there, drawing out a loud moan from her. Arnav nipped the cherry red peak with his teeth before circling it with his tongue. He attended to the other round globe in the same way, loving it as he had done for the other.

"A...A...Arnav!" Khushi groaned at his careful ministrations. This felt...there were no words to describe it. Ecstasy was probably a good one though. He was demanding with her, but gentle at the same time, like he didn't want to hurt her. She only wished that there was some way to return the favor.

Arnav glanced up at his wife who was pressed up against the wall, holding on to his shoulders for dear life. Her nails dug into his shoulders, but he welcomed the pain. It was a small price to pay so that he could finally touch his wife the way he wanted. Well...not in all the ways he wanted, but it was a start. They would have to stop now. Otherwise, her bandages which he had managed not to get wet would never be changed.

And he wasn't going to be blamed for her wound if it festered into something disgusting.

Grudgingly, he straightened, steadying her and himself at the same time. She looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"If I don't let you go now, I never will be able to." He grunted gruffly. Arnav needed to relieve his tension now. A cold shower was due after he changed Khushi's bandages.

"Come on." He held his hand out for her to take so he could safely get her out of the shower stall. Tentatively, she took it, shivering at the unexpected jolt that ran through her at his touch.

No words were said as Arnav wrapped a towel around her then him, and led her out into their room so he could replace the bandages.

She bit the inside of her cheek as Arnav unraveled the bandage. He let out a low whistle at the bruising that was there. Black, blue, purple, yellow. Her side was like a rainbow.

"That must have hurt." Arnav remarked hoarsely, trying to play cool while inwardly, he was trying very hard not to shout some very colorful expletives.

Khushi just nodded, not trusting her voice in the very least. It wasn't the pain that was making her keep her mouth shut. It was him. His closeness, his scent, his everything. It was driving her senses haywire.

"Just relax Khushi." Arnav placed a tender kiss on her lips. She did as she was told instantaneously. His touch had that effect on her.

Hm, Arnav grinned to himself, so the next time she rambles on incoherently, this is the way to shut her up...

Needless to say, Khushi didn't really feel Arnav bandaging her after that.


Fifteen minutes later, when Arnav and Khushi came downstairs, they were quite confused as to why Akaash sported a victorious grin on his face, or why everyone was handing him fifty rupee notes whilst shooting small glares at the couple.

It only took a couple more seconds for Mami to note the the identical red marks on both of their necks.

It took three more seconds for Arnav and Khushi to realize this.

It took seventeen seconds for Akaash to launch his just what were you doing in that bathroom questions.

And it took twenty-three minutes to get away from those damned smirks that covered everyone's faces.


"I'm going to see Khushi." Atman informed one of the members of his team. If it was one of the things he had learned from his work, it was that you always needed to tell someone where you were, even if you were undercover. It always helped when people knew where to look in case you got into trouble.

The other agent nodded. "Should we expect you back sir?"

Atman shook his head. "I don't think so. I'm taking a half-day. I'll go see Joshi in the hospital later as well."

He walked out of the building and stopped by his car. A scowl marred his face. Something didn't feel right. Maybe it was the fact that Khushi and Joshi were hurt, or that someone wanted him dead. But something just really felt off.

Shrugging his shoulders, Atman opened his trunk. His eyes widened in momentary shock as he saw the pin to the car bomb drop.

It was like he was in a movie. The pin made its way to the ground in slow motion, all other sounds blocked from his ears, his heart pounding in his chest.  Was this the way he was going to go? A bomb? Would he see that fabled white light? Would he see his aai, his baba, his dada again?

He closed his eyes in resignition.

Bappa, maala shakti de.

Atman's eyes snapped open.

No! He couldn't die like this! Not when he had at least sixty more years to go. He was too young to die!

So Atman Kulkarni did the only thing he could do.

He ran like hell.

Just like his instincts told him too.

Within an instant, he felt the recoil of the bomb hit him, carrying him five more feet before dumping him rather painfully onto the concrete. He lay there in shock, noticing the warm liquid that gushed down the side of his face, but too stiff to do anything about it.

With blurred vision, he saw several shapes hurtling towards him, voices shouting his name.

Well, he mused to himself, we're not doing our jobs correctly if a few people don't want us dead. Atman Kulkarni knew who had planted that bomb in his car.

Once he was fully functional again, he swore that those terrorist bas***ds were going to pay for this.

A wry chuckle left his bloodied lips before the hazy fog took over his mind.

Damn it! Khushi was going to be so mad at him...


So...I guess that's the end of Chapter 21 then. Tell me what you think!

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KaShArHi_Krishi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged

I AM FIRST!! WOHOOO!!!! Party Time!!! Its the time to disco!!! PartyDancing

Once again, awesome part!! I love how you have LONG parts!!! I just love them!!! Wink Awww, they didn't do the deed!!Ouch But they have their entire lives, haina??!!! Wink I loved how Arnav and Khushi shared the pain and talked!!! I would love to see the protective Arnav!!! Wink He is just so hot!!! Day Dreaming I hope Atman is okay!! Don't kill him!!! Cry 

Please continue soon!! Thanks for the PM!!

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s2612 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
i am second Party
with the last updates end i was wondering whether arnav has forgottenthat khushi has been shot when he was saying the night has just begun...but in this he has proven that he really cares and lover her taking her pain into account...and followed by hot shower sessionBlushing their relationship has taken to next level...
glad khushi has connected the dots regarding the fight and shared it with arnav...
waiting for the next update to make sure atman is safe and also for khushi--atman face to face talk regarding shyam!!!!
thanks for pm and update soon!!!

Edited by s2612 - 18 September 2012 at 6:02am

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segad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Holy cow! That is some update.  Bombs galore! Of all kinds.

Gotta hand it to Arnav for patience and control.  
Good instincts from Atman 

Glad that Shyam is getting nervous.  Chance of mistakes increase with nervousness

Edited by segad - 16 September 2012 at 10:39pm

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panck Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Very nicely done
Hope atman doesn't die...

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smile1412 Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:35pm | IP Logged

Wow girl... How do you write like this!!!!! This was sooo gripping!!!!! Perfect mix of romance n thrill!!!!!

Amazing update!!!!!! 

Edited by smile1412 - 16 September 2012 at 11:47pm

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ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
hot !!!

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