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Fighting Fire with Fire # 2 link to T3 pg 146 (Page 3)

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Hey Vedu

U go Gurl!!!!   Congratulations on the new thread. This is proof enough how much we love you and the way you spin ur tale. ...Loved that you are slowly but surely inching Arnav and Khushi together !!!

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New thread and New chapter! Enjoy this one guys! Also, keep posting suggestions about story plot lines that you want to read about!

Chapter 19

The next couple of days were not particularly stressful, but Arnav and Khushi felt as though the weight of the world rested on their shoulders.

Keeping Di away from Shyam was not as easy as it would seem. Shyam was playing the part of a father-to-be quite well, and had 'taken off' from his non-existent work to "care" for Anjali. While they couldn't stop him from sleeping in her room, Khushi occasionally would pop in with Arnav to make sure that everything was going alright. That would mean that Shyam would leave the room because he didn't want to engage in their girl talk. Then, Khushi would somehow convince both Anjali and Shyam that it would be better if she slept with Anjali...just to make sure.

Of course, that meant that Arnav was feeling quite lonely in his bed, and Shyam was putting his guard up.

Shyam's behavior put the two on edge. Luckily, Mama was there to report and stop any suspicious behavior.

The three of the them had also decided that letting the Prakash's know what was going on was a good idea as well. The servants of the house knew the comings and goings of the inhabitants like the back of their hands. If Shyam tried to slip anything into Di's food or do something like that, the Prakash brothers could stop it.

Sometimes, Arnav would see JP distract Shyam for his attention when Anjali was in the room. Khushi would notice that OP had tripped Shyam 'accidentally' while apologizing for it profusely later on. Mama would see HP changing the locks on the doors and alerting everyone but Shyam on what he had done.

It amused Arnav to see how protective of Anjali his long time servants were. It also reminded him that he was very ungrateful to what he had and vowed to give them all a very nice raise.


Work actually took the edge off of both of them. Physically and mentally. Being married to Khushi meant that everyone who Vivek Uncle worked with was bending over backwards to be in business with his son-in-law. Arnav had told her this and she had laughed.

While business was booming, Arnav had felt copious amounts of hostility coming from his female staff towards him. It didn't take a genius to figure out why. For the many years he had been running this business, Arnav had never fraternized with any of the ladies in his office.

Not only were most of them gold-digging, air-headed, uninteresting people, they never even appealed to him. He only wanted them to get their work done and hoped that they wouldn't expect more than his rare compliments.

Akaash had told him that some of the women felt as though they had been betrayed by ASR, which was something Akaash found hilarious.

His PA, Lavanya, had come in Monday morning with red puffy eyes, much like the other ladies. That set Akaash off even more.


For Khushi, life was not so different at the office. Her fellow agents congratulated her, and since most were male, they left feeling rather hollow. Their chances of getting with Khushi were gone. To the women who worked with her, lunch became a period of time where they could exchange stories about married life. Khushi had never interacted with the women too much, and this was a welcome change.

Atman had even taken the liberty of replacing the 'Rathod' from her nameplate to 'Raizada.' Now she was officially Commander Khushi Singh Raizada.


Wednesday was the day that something interesting happened.

Arnav was sitting in his office around noon time, wishing that this pile of never ending paperwork would just disappear. He checked the clock. Great, only 12:32. I really should hire someone to do this for me, or get Akaash to do it.

Arnav looked to where Lavanya was sitting taking notes on some report that he had assigned to her. He couldn't give this paperwork to her, she would only mess it up. Which left him in a quandary.

He stifled a yawn and barked at Lavanya to get him a cup of coffee. She dutifully left, but not before giving him her customary longing look which he scowled at.

Khushi had once again gone to sleep with Di the previous night, leaving him feeling rather empty. It had become a habit for them to snuggle next to each other during the night. Even if they fell asleep at opposite sides of the bed, somehow, their bodies would tangle together.

Arnav sighed in exasperation. Why was his wife so stubborn? For once, he just wished that she would let go, rather then telling him to do so. Khushi was just as ziddhi as him, even worse sometimes. He had made it perfectly clear that she was his wife and therefore they would be engaging in acts that married people do.

However, she had said that this was not the right time because of everything that was going on in the family and had staunchly refused his advances. Arnav could tell that she was also apprehensive and anxious and therefore did not probe too much. On the other hand though, he was still a virile male who had found his ideal life partner. It didn't help that he hadn't shared a woman's bed in a long time.

His eyes flicked back to his paperwork. Unwittingly, he began to work on it again, signing things here and there.

Mehra Deal,

Kapoor Deal

Real-Estate Ventures

Bank Transactions

Dalip Deal

Budget Proposal

Raizada Property Transfer

Patil De - -

Arnav honed in on the second to last bundle of papers. Property Transfer? When had he or AR Design authorized that? His fingers combed through the papers until he found what he was looking for. A triumphant gleam entered his eyes. Yes! This is what he and Khushi had been waiting for.

He picked up the file and leafed through it, eyes widening at every page. Shyam really had thought everything through, and wasn't being discrete about anything. Why? Why wasn't he being more cautious? If each move that man made had an immense amount of thought behind it, then why make such a careless maneuver? Arnav didn't understand, but maybe his wife would.

A smirk appeared on his face.

It was time for a nice lunch date with his wife.


Khushi was in the process of showing some new recruits around the building when her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and was surprised to see that it was Arnav.

"Excuse me for a moment." She told the small group.


His voice was freckled with heavily veiled excitement. "Khushi. I found something. Come to my office now."

She huffed in annoyance at his commanding tone. "I'm at work." Khushi pointed out.

What she heard was an amused chuckle.

"As am I Khushi, but this is quite important." From behind his desk, he propped his feet up on the desk, not noticing that Lavanya had just entered the room with his coffee and was currently staring at her boss with bewilderment.

Could it be something about Shyam? Khushi questioned herself. Of course it is! Why else would he call you to his office? She answered herself bitterly. Although they had cleared the air on their marriage, Khushi couldn't help but feel that she had gotten the short end of the stick. No matter what he said, it didn't change the fact that he had married her for his own reasons...even if that reason was to protect their Di.

"Fine, I'll be there soon." She acquiesced rather sullenly.

"And bring lunch for the four of us!" He called into the phone before smirking to himself and hanging up before she could say anything else. Arnav could just imagine her expression right now. Eyes ablaze, hands on her hips, fists clenched. She would be seething at him.

Arnav wondered if he was a masochist, because the image of Khushi stalking towards him like that sent a rush of blood down under. He would have grinned wickedly, but the sudden brainwave that his PA was gaping at him like a buffoon did not go unnoticed.

Arnav grabbed his coffee from her hands and promptly spat it out in disgust. "What the hell is this? Why is there sugar in this?" He dumped the coffee in the garbage, enjoying her stricken expression. Okay, so he was a sadist in the office, and a masochist around his wife?

"Get out and make me another one...properly."

Lavanya scurried out of the room, not bothering to hide her tears because now she knew once and for all that her boss couldn't even talk to another woman civilly unless they were his family.


Not again, Khushi thought as she tapped her foot impatiently against the tiles of the reception area in AR Design. The secretary, who was not Pam, had decided that Khushi could not enter see Mr. Raizada because she didn't have an appointment.

This was ridiculous. Surely every women who had access to a T.V in India could recognize that she was Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, but not this woman. Gracie, her nametag read. What was with Arnav's receptionists and western names?

So here she was, standing in her husband's company, bags of Chinese food in her hand, gun tucked into her holster, dressed in a woman's Armani suit, looking completely annoyed.

Just then, her phone rang. Once again, Arnav was calling.

"Where are you?" He asked contritely.

Khushi glanced at the receptionists who was giving her a smug smirk which irked her. With a smirk of her own, she put the phone on speaker so that the woman could hear.

"I'm in your reception area. The damned woman won't let me through." Khushi stifled a laugh when she saw Gracie snap to attention and open her mouth to insult Khushi.

"WHAT!" That's when Gracie heard her boss's voice come through the end of the phone. She fearfully looked from Khushi to the phone several times.

"Yes. She said I needed an appointment." Khushi was thoroughly enjoying seeing the woman squirm.

"Tell the idiot that she's fired!" Arnav thundered. Why were his employees so stupid? "I called you here for crying out loud! Plus, you're my wife, why do you need an appointment to see me?" At the last part, his voice had gotten lower causing both Gracie and Khushi to blush. But then Gracie realized what her boss had just said and stared at the woman in front of her in horror.

This woman was Khushi Singh Raizada? This was Arnav-sir's wife? Oh no! She was in deep trouble right now!

"Don't worry," Khushi said airily to the stunned woman. "I'll try to convince Arnav to let you keep your job. But I would start looking for another one if I were you."


She could see Arnav waiting for her at the top of the stairs, his hands folded over his chest expectantly. His mouth was set in a grim line, features hard. There it was, his angry young man persona. She shook her head.

The other people in the room had temporarily stopped working to see Khushi. She wasn't amused to see the looks that the other women sent her way, nor was she particularly pleased about the glint in some of the men's eyes.

Aware that everyone's eyes were on them, Arnav walked down to Khushi, happy to note that her eyes narrowed at him slightly. Without saying a word, he took the food from her hand and raised his eyebrows as if to say "come on".

Khushi frowned and looked for her Akaash and Payal. "Yeh dono kaha hai?"

"Somewhere." Arnav replied, not wanting to answer in long sentences. "Hang on, I'll get them."

Khushi beat him to it, a large grin on her face. "Oye! Akaash! Family Lunch time! If you don't come here in the next minute with Payal, Arnav's going to eat your dumplings. So hurry up!"

Moments later, Akaash came from the bathroom, dragging Payal along with him. Both looked to be quite red in the face and neither Khushi nor Arnav wanted to know what the two were doing.

"He...can'!" Akaash panted, pointing a shaky finger at his brother who was torn between mortification and the urge to actually take Akaash's dumplings.

Arnav opted not to say anything and just flew up the stairs, food in hand, causing Akaash to chase after him. "Bhai! Bhai! You can't eat those! They have sugar in it!"

Arnav's response echoed down the stairs. "All food has sugar in it!"

Payal, who was still quite red in the face came up to Khushi and stared at her husband's back. The workers in the office were struck speechless by what they had just seen.

"Sorry jiji woh--" Khushi patted Payal on the shoulder comfortingly.

"It's alright Payal. Hota hai. Now let's eat before Idiot No. 1 and No. 2 finish the food." She went up the stairs, wondering how Akaash had EVER managed to land Payal as a wife when he himself was just a little child.


The employees who had just witnessed what had just happened looked at each other in shock.

"Did you see her gun?"

"She's better looking in person than she is on T.V!"

"Did you see the way Arnav-Sir was looking at her?"

"Why her and not meee?"

"She's smoking hot!"

"No wonder he married her!"

"ENOUGH!" Aman bellowed from his cabin. He stormed out and sent his best menacing glare at the people who worked with him. "What would Sir do if he heard you talking about Khushi-Madam like that?" He breathed in and out heavily, appalled that these people wanted to gossip rather than work.

At the looks of utter fear on their faces, he smirked.

All Aman needed to do was change the Mathur in his name to Singh Raizada and he too could become an ASR. Now he knew why Sir shouted so much. It felt good.

"Well then, I'll just go now. DON'T say another word."

And no one did.


In the confines of Arnav's cabin, the two couples enjoyed their meal in relative silence. It turned out that Arnav had only managed to take one dumpling before Akaash had gotten to him. The younger Raizada was still glaring at his brother who was astutely ignoring him.

For Payal, it was her first time eating Chinese and she was thoroughly enjoying herself. As a girl raised in a strict Indian and religious household, this was all completely new and delightful. It was nice to break from the boundaries of her home and come into the real world.

"Breathe Akaash." Khushi said, observing him inhaling his food as if he wouldn't get another bite.

He raised his head and glared at her. Had she offended him in some way?


A little later, all of them had finished their meal and were enjoying talking about things. Well, Akaash, Khushi, and Payal were talking. Arnav was shooting inconspicuous glances at his wife and mentally urging her to leave the other two.

However, it seemed as though his brother was on the receiving end of his telepathy and excused himself and Payal, leaving only Arnav and Khushi in the room.

They wasted no time at all. Arnav went to his desk and pulled out the document. "Here," He shoved it under her nose. "Read it."

Khushi scanned the pieces of paper closely and whistled. "He really left no corner untouched." She remarked quietly.

It was true. Shyam had convincingly laid out an argument as to why he should receive Anjali's possessions if she passes away. All of his lawyer jargon was coming out and she could even picture him saying all this to Arnav face to face. The fact that he had done this openly was something to be noted though.

Wouldn't it look suspicious if Anjali died some time after Shyam was named benefactor? Something else was stewing, and she was determined to find out.

"Arnav, let me take this back to my office. When we go home, tell Shyam that you've signed the document and I'll create create a fake government statement that says this as well and send it to him." She said briskly.

"Wait a minute..." Arnav had just had an epiphany. "Since we both know that Shyam didn't come here to put this file in, who did?"

Khushi grew tense at his statement. "Who brings you your files?"

He gave her a sharp look. "Aman does, but he was at a meeting this morning and only came back just before you came in."

"Did you leave your cabin for more than five minutes?"

He sat down and thought about it for some time. "Twice. Once was when I was downstairs waiting for Rajeev to finish giving me his report. The other time was when someone called me to check on some report and I --" He trailed off as if suddenly remembering something.

Without saying another word to her, he stomped downstairs leaving a bewildered Khushi behind.


The second his employees saw their boss coming down in a murderous rage with his wife following behind him looking confused, they all knew that something was going to happen.

Arnav stomped right over to a frightened looking young man and picked him by the collar.


"WHO THE HELL TOLD YOU TO PUT THOSE FILES IN MY OFFICE?" He spat violently in the man's face.

Akaash and Payal had come down as well after hearing Arnav scream.

"S...S...Sir, I..." The man stammered pathetically.

"WHO TOLD YOU?" Arnav roared again.

"Arnav! Enough!" Khushi yelled over him, causing him to turn around and face the anger of his wife. "Let him"

To everyone's surprise, he did. Arnav walked over to Khushi, his eyes still burning.

"Let me ask him, shall I?" The man suddenly realized that his boss's wife was the STF Commander in the CBI. She was also known to be one of the best interrogators in the agency. He felt like peeing in his pants. What had he done to deserve this?

"What's your name?" Khushi asked him kindly.

"J...Jai Gopal Madam." He replied quietly.

"Did you put some files on Arnav's desk?"

"Yes Madam. But only because Gracie called me to pick them up from the reception area!" He defended himself.

Both Arnav and Khushi looked to the trembling woman.

"Is this true?" Khushi inquired.

"Yes Madam." Her voice quivered.

"Who gave you those files?"

"Someone from a Law Firm. He said his name was Hussein Ahmed."


A glance was exchanged between Arnav and Khushi. One of Shyam's men no doubt.

Khushi grabbed her notepad and jotted down everything she had heard. "And what did Ahmed tell you?"

Gracie refused to meet her eyes. "That the files had to do with some legal things and that Mr. Raizada had asked for them."

Arnav ground his teeth. "Incompetent fool!" He muttered.

"Bhai, what's going on?" Akaash asked hesitantly.

" An embezzlement scheme." Khushi lied smoothly before Arnav could talk. "He found something that disturbed him and called me. Luckily, no damage has been done."

The room descended into silence after that. Arnav was still breathing heavily and shooting daggers at his receptionist.

Khushi, who still held the file, went back to where Arnav was standing. "You see? This is how you get information out of someone." She rebuked him in front of all his employees.

"Please forgive me." He said sarcastically.

"You're forgiven." She yipped cheerfully. "So I'll take this," Khushi waved the file around, "And try to get something out of it. Are you going to press charges?"

When there were no charges to be pressed, what could he do? He saw his wife subtly shaking her head 'no', and went along. "Not in public at least. I'll talk to you about it at home."

"Okay okay! Bhai, do you always have an ulterior motive when Khushi comes to the office? I mean, once you invited her to dinner, the other was to make sure that Bhai was eating properly, and now he has you investigating something?" Akaash exclaimed incredulously.

"Relax Akaash." Khushi said, though she couldn't help but feel the same way. "Shouldn't you be glad that no one is going to be stealing money from you?"

The bespectacled acquiesced and let the matter go. "Yeah, I suppose. Thanks Khushi! You're the best!"

"Chalo, I should go." She announced unnecessarily. Why did all of Arnav's subordinates stare at her so much? She wasn't some circus act!

"Bye Khushi-Madam!" Aman's voice came from somewhere in the background.

Khushi chortled. Even though she hadn't known the man very long, there was something about him that she liked very much. Maybe it was his cheerful attitude. He was like an adorable younger brother. "Bye Aman!"

She waved to Arnav, Akaash, and Payal and quickly exited the building.

The entire staff at AR stared at the boss and his family, thinking about his wife and what had just transpired. They all saw how she had calmed their hot-headed Arnav-Sir down with just a few words. If anything, Khushi-Madam was just as scary, maybe scarier than Boss, and the gun didn't help.

"I don't think I have to say this." Arnav's voice echoed through the silent room. "Gracie, you're fired."

The woman didn't even resist leaving.


"So I looked over the file you sent over Jijaji, and signed it." Arnav told a smiling Shyam at Shantivan.

Dinner had just finished and Arnav had called Shyam to the study for a private conversation. Frankly, Arnav couldn't stand being this close with this sick man, but he reminded himself that it was for the best.

"Did you now?" Shyam asked politely. "I'm sorry I didn't give it to you this morning, but you were in a rush and Rani Sahiba..." He trailed off.

Arnav hid his disgust quite well and gave Shyam a sardonic smile. "Yes yes, I understand. It's okay. I assume that my solicitor will send you something by tomorrow." The reality was, there was no solicitor. Khushi had called him just as he was leaving the office that she had the papers tested for chemical usage.

It turned out that underneath the document, was another one that not only transferred Anjali's wealth to Shyam, but Arnav's as well. Which meant that if Arnav had signed the papers, and Anjali had died, the entire Raizada fortune would be in Shyam's hand.

Luckily though, Khushi was on his side. And if Khushi was on his side, then the law was on his side. He felt like this entire scenario was some odd Law and Order episode.

Shyam controlled the urge to smirk at Arnav. Well well well. Let's see how powerful Raizada is without all his wealth now. With this precious sister gone, no money to his name, and social ruin, we'll see who holds the reins.

Arnav watched as Shyam excused himself from the study to go back to Anjali's room. Neither he nor Khushi could stop Shyam from staying there tonight. Both of them had tried, but Anjali was adamant in demanding that her husband sleep next to her. She claimed it was good for the baby.

As he entered his room, he noticed Khushi by the poolside, staring at the rippling water, moonlight bathing her white silk pajama clad form. An angel from heaven. That's what she looked like. He wouldn't call her perfect. No, she had her faults, and he had his. But she was damned near close perfection.

And his for the taking. Well, not yet, but she would be soon.

Silently, he approached her until he was situated right behind her, his gaze mirroring hers.

"Nani cornered me today." Khushi spoke softly. He could hear the smile in her voice, and that brought one to his lips.

"Oh?" He asked, taking the seat next to her. "What did she want?"

"Great-grandchildren." Khushi swiveled around to face him. He was smirking at her. She just wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing." He snorted when he saw the blush that the night did not disguise.

"She said that Di's child needs to have a cousin around his or her own age. She also mentioned that we should have children before Akaash and Payal because I am the elder bahu of this house, and you are the eldest boy." Her eyes were averted from his lest he see her darkened eyes at the very thought of having children.

Arnav leaned back in his chair and placed his legs on Khushi's. She yelped at the unexpected weight.

"If Di has a girl, then we should have a boy." He remarked causally.

"As I recall, it's up to you to decide whether we have a boy or a girl. Give an X and it's a girl, give a Y and it's a boy." Khushi deadpanned.

Arnav chuckled at her tone. "We'll have a boy first. Trust me."

The confident way he mentioned their hypothetical child sent a shiver down Khushi's spine. She wasn't going to admit that she had imagined the same thing. Them, together, a small baby, smiles everywhere.

One day, she would be a mother, and Arnav would be the father of her children. That thought was enough to set her body aflame.

Arnav stiffened under Khushi's hot gaze. Up until now, he was the one who was giving her those looks. To be on the receiving end was slightly frightening...and very arousing.

She wanted him. He could see that. But she didn't know how to voice it. He also knew this. One of their greatest banes was their pride. Neither put it aside, and that was killing their love life. She had to succumb to her urges at some point.

And if she didn't give in...then he would make her.


"Night, Arnav." Khushi threw his legs off of her and ruffled his hair lightly. He had showered not too long ago judging by the slight dampness to his hair. He looked incredibly attractive with his hair loose and falling into his eyes. It made him look so much younger. Khushi resisted the urge to massage his scalp and let go of him.

"Night, Khushi." His voice was slightly gruff and she could see that he was flustered. Good for him. He needs that sometimes. She thought proudly, making her way to the bed with Arnav following her closely.

That night, they both fell asleep with visions of a little boy with Arnav's chin, Khushi's nose, Arnav's smirk, and Khushi's eyes.

Their future child...


The rest of the week passed on quite drearily. Shyam had been quite excited to receive his statement from Arnav's non-existent solicitor. Di was ecstatic about her baby and never stopped talking about it. Mama was quelling the glares that he wanted to send at Shyam. Mami was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Payal and Akaash were off in their own world. Nani was busy trying to feed Laxmi.

That left our favorite married couple.

'At the current moment, this Sunday Morning, Arnav was reading the paper while Khushi was writing a report.

It seemed like a good morning. Shyam had gone out for groceries, so Anjali was safe.

Right then, Khushi's phone beeped. It was a message from Atman.

Khushi's eyes widened as she read it.


He quickly looked up at Khushi's unsteady voice.

"Kya hua?"

"Let's go!" She got up and started fiddling around in her dresser to find something to wear.

"Huh?" He stared at her in confusion. Go where?

"Remember when we were kids, and we used to watch the old James Bond movies where Bond would take his leading lady on stakeouts? Well...let's make me Bond, and you my leading lady. Shyam's on the move."

"What the?" Arnav gaped at her when she threw him a shirt and trousers. Did he not have a choice?

"Well?" She raised one eyebrow at him. "Hurry up! This is our chance!"

At that statement, he hurried into the bathroom, wondering how he had not seen when his wife had changed clothes and grumbled at the fact that he had missed it.


Thirty-seven minutes later, both of them were in one of Khushi's surveillance car. It was a car that she was sure Shyam had never seen before and therefore wouldn't be suspicious of.

Shyam was ahead of them, a baseball cap on his head, wearing a windbreaker, and what looked like fake stubble. Khushi had a pair of binoculars out while Arnav sat beside her wondering why he was even here.

True, this is what every kid wanted to do. Play spy. But now he found out how little patience he had and how much patience Khushi had. It was another reason as to why he did what he did, and why she did what she did.

All of a sudden, Khushi grabbed his hand. "Let's go, he's on the move. We'll see what he's doing by following him on foot. Arnav, eager to get out of the car, was more than happy to oblige her request. He watched apprehensively as she loaded her gun, noting the ease in which she did so, and hoped that he never pissed her off so that she would use it against him.

"Hold my hand." Khushi hissed at him.

"Why?" He muttered back.

"We're a couple, moron. Husband and wife. Grab my hand!"

His hand slipped into hers, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of her palm.

The two of them walked down the crowded streets of Delhi like that, watching where Shyam went, what he bought, who he talked too.

"It looks like he's buying groceries." Arnav huffed, cursing Khushi for bringing him here. He could be doing better things at home, like reading...or...reading.

Shyam had moved from one store to the next, buying some vegetables, juice, curry powder, and so on. If Arnav didn't know Shyam's character any better, he would say that Shyam was just a normal guy who was getting supplies for his family.

Then, Shyam made straight for a ratty looking shop which was called Ahmed's Animal Hospital.

It wasn't a nice place to live, let alone be a hospital.

"Ahmed," Arnav whispered. "That's the one who Gracie let in."

Khushi nodded, trying to see Shyam through a window. She tugged on Arnav's shirt and brought him closer to the animal hospital.

As they approached it, a small boy, non older than twelve, came running up to them.

"Didi! Bhaiyaa! You can't go in there!" The boy said in a pre-pubescent tone. Arnav couldn't believe he had once sounded like that.

"And why not?" Khushi discretely held her voice recorder away from her body.

"Because Hussein Sahib only excepts those people in who he knows into the club. And I also know that he doesn't know you!" The boy smirked at his logic, but that smirk went away as Arnav glared at him.

So this Hussein guy and Shyam were connected.

"Please! Aap jaiyee!" The boy cried out a little desperately. "If Sahib sees me with you, then he'll beat me again."

Khushi winced at the child's words. "Okay, we won't go in. But our dog...Snowy, is hurt very badly, so we wanted him to show him to somebody."

"Then Didi, why are you bringing him here?" This place doesn't do that, the place down the street does. This is a closed business as well as a private property!" The boy shouted at them before slinking back into the shadows.

The two left the vicinity and found a nice cafe where they could still see the hospital. There was no sign of Shyam anywhere.

But then...

He came into full view, cruel smirk and all. To Arnav, it seemed as though something really good had happened, and he hoped it wasn't Anjali's death that he had planned again. Arnav scrambled up to a standing position in panic, afraid about what would happen if Shyam saw them.

Khushi tried to pull him down, but he was too strong.

"Let's go." Arnav muttered hastily. He threw down a rather large tip and took Khushi's hand.

Their car was in the same direction Shyam was headed in. If they hurried, maybe they could make it on time.

But they had no such luck. Shyam was coming from the opposite end of the street while Arnav and Khushi were walking to the car. Both of them saw Shyam stop short at the sight of two familiar people. The man quickened his pace.

Seeing no other option, Arnav pulled Khushi into an alley a couple buildings down and pushed her up against the wall, his hands on her mouth.

"Arnav!" Her voice was muffled under his rough thumb. Who was the agent and who was the business man here?

Khushi stopped fighting Arnav when they both saw Shyam's shadow stop by the alley.

The shadow crept forward.


Centimeter by centimeter.

The shadow was turning into the alley.

Khushi stared into Arnav's eyes which were hidden in the relative darkness and offered a prayer to her Devi Maiyaan.

Without another thought, she grabbed Arnav's face and brought his mouth down over hers.

For a kiss.


Arnav was shocked at the first touch of Khushi's mouth against him, but didn't contemplate on it too much. She was kissing him! His mouth slanted over hers eagerly, deepening the kiss, making her open her mouth to her so he could sweep his tongue through the sweet crevices of her mouth.

Khushi moaned as she felt Arnav's tongue tangle with her own. That had to be the sweetest sound in the world She ran her hands through his thick hair, tugging his head down.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Shyam's shadow move, but couldn't bring herself to move from Arnav's embrace.

Their mouths were still fused together, his hands slowly traveling up her sides to rest in her hair. He pulled her closer like that while nipping at her lower lip.

Khushi stifled a groan at that pain/pleasure feeling.

Arnav ran his tongue over her throbbing lip and took it into his own mouth. He could taste her on him. The unique, sweet taste of her.

He was aware of the desire that built at his core, just waiting to be released. But now was no the time nor the place.

Reluctantly, she let him go. Both of their breaths were heavy, cheeks flushed, arousal apparent.

"What was that?"Arnav asked, still panting.

"A cover kiss." Khushi explained while clutching her heaving chest. At his expression, she continued. "It was so he didn't see our faces."

Comprehension filled Arnav, but it didn't make him feel better that Khushi had not done that kiss on her own volition. She had done it for the sake of a case.
Briefly, his eyes flitted from her swollen lips to his ruffled shirt.

"Come on." Khushi muttered, not meeting his eyes. "We have a hospital to check out."


The second they set foot in the place, something about it repulsed them. Maybe it was the smell, or maybe it was the fact that rats lay dead everywhere. This place was a dump. It was a spacious place, but a dump nonetheless.

Khushi photographed every room, looking for possible evidence.

She found none.

Only on a recent google search history did she find what might be a clue. It was an article on homemade pipe bombs.

"KHUSHI!" Arnav's panicked voice came from the second floor.

Khushi forgot about everything she was doing and followed Arnav's voice. What she saw in the room froze her bones.

"What is that white powder that's in solid form?" He asked her.

Khushi gasped at the familiar powder-like substance. No...this couldn't be! Could Shyam be trying to kill Anjali this way?

She didn't answer him, and instead went over to the solid mass. Her eyes expanded when she realized what the so called powder was.

"It's C-4 Arnav." Her voice was devoid of emotion.

"An explosive device."


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ISensedYou IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 12:01am | IP Logged
congrts 4 d new thread...Dancing
loved d cover kissEmbarrassed...romance in between investigation...
i hope kushi n arnav catch up wid wat shaym s plannin to do...
kushi n arnav r soul mates lukin at d way she controlled arnav in his office...
awsum update...
tanx 4 d pm...
continue soon...
am firstParty

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segad IF-Dazzler

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What an update!

Psycho Shyam and C-4 never a good combination.  But now hopefully he has committed a real crime and she can get him arrested. Possession of C-4 is a crime.

Chills down my spine!

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