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Fighting Fire with Fire # 2 link to T3 pg 146 (Page 127)

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U told us dat dat u wud update a new chapter btw thurs,fri,sat…nad rite now its sun nite..and no update…;-( plz update..u're is d first such romantic thriller dat I have liked in such a long tym..plz update sooner..u have taken long and tested our patience much..plz update na...m w8n eagerly for ur update…plz update…J

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dyingg for your updateee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi! Right, so before I post the chapter (I tried doing it before, but it was too big) I think I should apologize. Like get on my hands and feet and bow down to my amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, (did I mention amazing) readers. I prostrate my self before you and kneel to you, my AMAZING readers. So I'm gonna go hide behind a bulletproof vest right now...

You should know that I plan to end this FF in one, maybe two chapters and an epilogue. But never fear! I have another idea in mind! Plus, I haven't watched the show in like two weeks. Whatever...

CHAPTER 25 IS MATURE (part b) if you do not wish to read the last part, then you can ignore it.

Chapter 25 will be down below.

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Chapter 25 Part A

Arnav took pleasure in watching the pathetic man in front of him falter. The expression on Shyam's face was priceless. He was thoroughly gobsmacked. Even if he did try to play it off as a misunderstanding his face said otherwise.

"What happened Shyam, Candy got your tongue?" Akaash spat at his, in his eyes, former brother-in-law. "Oh wait, she probably did."

Shyam flushed in embarrassment and shame. Before he could say anything to defend himself, he felt a sharp sting on his cheek. Looking up in shock, he was taken up to see the furious visage of Devyaani Raizada in front of his.

"Nani-ji -" Shyam began, only to be slapped once more.

"Don't you dare call me Nani, I am not your Nani, nor will I ever be! You are a disgusting man who has no place in the Raizada home!"

Shyam cradled his red cheek, anger visibly building in his eyes. A snarl left him as he raised himself to his full height. He smirked cruelly as the previously raging woman cowered back slightly. Seconds later though, Akaash stood in front of his grandmother, fully utilizing his superior height over Shyam.

"You have no right to even step foot in this house let alone look at my Dadi in that way." Although the man's voice was soft, it held a menacing undertone that reminded Shyam very much of Arnav.

Seeing that he was rapidly losing control of an admittedly already lost situation, Shyam frantically tried to weasel his way out of this. "Aap log, what are you saying? Who is this Candy person? Saale-sahib?" He looked to both Akaash and Arnav, trying to glean the slightest bits of information from their faces. He saw nothing but pure loathing.

"Payal-ji, Khushi-ji?"

The two in question turned their noses up and shot him glares.

"Please." Shyam lowered his voice, trying to make it sound humble and confused. "Just tell me what's going on."

"Don't." A growl from the back of the room emerged. All eyes swiveled to the seething figure of one Mrs. Anjali Jha, soon to be Ms. Anjali Singh Raizada.

"Rani-Sahiba!" Shyam breathed out in relief. If it was one person who would keep him in this house, it was his devoted wife.

Anjali's head was down, no one could see her eyes. Her fists were clenched in the pallu of her sari and she was shaking.

"Di!" Arnav called out in alarm. He was about to go towards her when Khushi grabbed his hand and shook her head.

"She needs to do this on her own." Khushi muttered gently, inwardly proud that Anjali had come downstairs to confront Shyam.

Anjali didn't acknowledge her brother or anyone else. She raised her head up high and looked at Shyam directly in the eyes. He could see no shred of the loving wife that he remembered in that face, all he could see was utter contempt.

"Rani-Sahiba." Shyam was prepared to grovel at her feet in order for him to continue living here.

His wife watched her husband of four years through unclouded eyes. She had been on the upper corridor, waiting for her husband to come home, waiting for him to prove everyone wrong, just waiting. For three days, her family had tried to convince her that Shyam was evil, that he had just used her for her connection to Arnav and the Raizada fortune. But she had denied it, denied it all.

For three days she had replayed that message, trying to find some shred of innocence for her husband's sake, for the sake of her child, for the sake of herself. But the more she listened to that disgusting woman's voice, the more she realized that what her family had told her was true. The father of her baby had cheated on her...multiple times.

Anjali had come to this conclusion yesterday. It all made sense now.

Him, leaving at random times at night, not coming home till morning, claiming he was at work. The disheveled clothing, the rumpled appearance. Everything pointed towards an affair. Why? She needed to know so badly. They had the perfect marriage, the perfect family, and now they were going to have a perfect little child.

She couldn't help the hot tears that ran down her face. All she wanted to do was throw herself into his arms, but she wouldn't. This was not the man she had married. But had he been like this before marriage? She needed to know.

No one stopped her as she strode as swiftly as she could with her limp to stare at the man she loved with all of her heart. He was looking down at her with pleading eyes, there was no confidence there, no trace of the Shyam she thought she knew.


"Why?" Anjali's question cut off whatever he was going to say.

Shyam didn't see the satisfied expressions on all the Raizadas faces. All he saw was the hard eyes of his wife, the woman who was supposed to adore him. She wasn't denying that everything was fake, that she knew he would stay true to her. No, instead she had asked him why.

Anjali placed her hands on her hips and gazed up at him steadily even though her eyes still leaked tears that she didn't bother to wipe away.

"Why?" She asked again, her voice smaller, a little more broken.

"I...I don't understand Rani-Sahiba! Wh...what are you saying?" Shyam stuttered.

"DON'T!" The normally demure woman bellowed, causing the her voice to bounce and echo.

From behind her, Arnav and Akaash sported identical smirks. Yes, their sister was a Raizada through and through.

"Don't call me that." Her eyes flashed menacingly. "You lost that right when you..." She trailed off, body shaking in rage at the memory of that woman's voice.

Shyam sank to his knees in front of his wife. NO! She couldn't do this! She had to take him back, no matter what! He couldn't gain the Raizada fortune if he wasn't part of the family.

"Please! I swear, it wasn't me. I would never...I would never do that to you." He paused for a moment. "Or the baby." If he expected Anjali to soften at the mention of their child, he was sorely mistaken.

"How dare you!" She hissed. "How dare you call my child our baby!"

"Because it's the truth." Shyam stated firmly, standing once again.

"No it isn't!" Anjali snorted in a very Arnav-esque manor. "I heard what that woman said. Same time same place. It was a direct message to YOU! You have betrayed me, you betrayed my family, and you just betrayed your child of having a father!"

Shyam paled rapidly. "You can't mean-"

"I do." Anjali stated coldly. "I cannot let my child live around the man who would rather sleep with other women rather than care for his pregnant wife." She fingered the mangalsutra around her neck as well as the ring on her finger. Before, she had proudly displayed to the world that she was taken. Now, she felt sick to feel the familiar weight resting on her finger and neck.

Shyam's mind was working at a furious rate. He had heard the message, he had implicated himself just by that woman calling his office number. He couldn't deny the affair, nor could he claim that the woman had seduced him. So he would have to do the next thing: ask for forgiveness.

He bowed his head and willed himself to cry. When he looked up again, his eyes were covered with a fine sheen of tears. "Please Rani-Sahiba, I...I made a mistake. It was a very big mistake. Just give me one more chance."

Throughout the entire play between his sister and Shyam, Arnav had watched with pride as Anjali had talked Shyam down until he was forced to plead with her. His sister was showing her Raizada genes. But now, he saw his sister falter ever so slightly at the manipulative man's tears, he knew that his sister's resolve was going to break. Her hormones which were amplified because of the baby coupled with the revelations of a few days prior were setting her off on a dangerous path. But before he could talk, another voice beat him to it.

"Fifteenth April, 2011, call from Mr. Jha's number to Ms. Janaki Sinha. Call lasted thirty four seconds. Fifteenth April, 2011. Withdrawal of seven thousand five hundred and fifty rupees in the form of a dress, roses, and lingerie."

All eyes turned to Khushi who was holding a piece of paper and reading off of it,vitriol spewing from her eyes.

"Mr. Jha then has seven more calls to Ms. Sinha and two more transactions in that month. Let's fast forward to July of 2011 shall we? Withdrawal of twelve thousand rupees from Anjali Jha's account in the form of more extravagant gifts, but this time they were directed to Mrs. Rashid Nadir." Khushi looked up from her records, a mocking smile on her face. "An extramarital affair with a married lady?" She clucked her tongue unsympathetically. "Pathetic."

Akaash placed a hand on Anjali's shoulder. The woman had slumped after hearing what Khushi had just said. "Di." He started softly. "Di, listen to me. This scum doesn't deserve anything. Not a second chance, not a chance to be a father. He has deceived all of us for so long. Those phone records were from last year. Just imagine how many more he has. Please, don't believe him."

"Akaash is right Di." Khushi growled. "Listening to his lies is making me sick."

Shyam snarled at the woman who gazed back at him, unfazed by his temper. That caused him to take two steps forward. "Don't interrupt Khushi-ji."

Arnav positively hated the tone that Shyam held and the way he was nearing his wife and sister. "You have no right to talk to my wife like that! Nor do you have any right to even look at my sister."

Shyam though, had a glint in his eye that disturbed Khushi. It was the kind of look that crazed murderers carried.

"Arnav." She warned softly. He got the message and backed down.

Shyam watched the interplay between husband and wife with disbelief. A maniacal laugh tore itself from his mouth. "HAHA HA HA! Look at this! The great Arnav Singh Raizada is being commanded around by a woman! This is the exact opposite of your father, isn't it Raizada? Your father. The man who controlled my MOTHER!"

Arnav jumped at the mention of his parents.

"We know about your past Shyam. We know about your mother." Akaash growled.

That stopped Shyam. He gave the younger Raizada a look filled with hatred. "You do? Well good. Then you know how your uncle destroyed my family."

To those who didn't know what Shyam was talking about, their eyes widened in sudden realization at his insinuation. Manorama looked at her husband who simply nodded grimly.

Devyanni Raizada was having a hard time controlling her anger. Shyam's mother was the reason as to why her daughter had committed suicide? She couldn't blame the boy, but now she could understand his reason for revenge.

Shyam let out another howl of twisted laughter. "Do you see now? Your father," He pointed at a stricken Anjali who had put the pieces together. "Your father and my mother had an affair! He destroyed my family! He is the reason my mother and father are dead!" Shyam was pulling at his hair now. "So I vowed to myself that I would do the same! I vowed that the Raizada name would be tarnished just as my father's name was!"

All the Raizadas, including Anjali, slowly backed away from Shyam. Akaash and Payal grabbed hold of Anjali from both sides and stood protectively in front of her.

"How the mighty have fallen, right?" Shyam's nostrils flared, and his lips curled into a deranged smile.

"Enough Shyam." Khushi snapped. "Your game is up. No one is here to defend you. Revenge is never the answer. Ever."

The man stared at her for a moment before lunging at Khushi, aiming straight for her neck.

Even through the shouts of "KHUSHI" that came from behind her, Khushi had expected this from the beginning. Ever so calmly, she launched her counter attack.

One hand shot out and gripped Shyam's wrist. She grinned sadistically as he winced in pain. She kept him grounded. Then, fast as lightning, Khushi's knee made contact with Shyam's spleen, sending the man downwards to the floor in pain.

The fight, if you want to call it that, was over within seconds. Shyam was on his knees, clutching his stomach in pain. Not wasting another moment, Khushi backhanded him across the face, causing him to slump onto the floor with a loud groan.

Arnav watched in complete disbelief as his wife single-handedly dispatched Shyam. A part of him was stunned that he could do nothing other than warn her, but the other part was cheering Khushi along for her doing. A grin lit his face as he saw the writhing man. Yep, his wife was just that awesome.

Straightening out her clothes, Khushi turned to her gaping family and gave them an innocent look.

"Did I do something wrong?"


Khushi's men were inside the Raizada house and out of it with Shyam in tow within minutes. He was arrested for assaulting a federal agent. The other charges of attempted murder, illegal forging of documents, possession of C-4, and domestic terrorism would come later. They had all the evidence, all that was left was charging him.

The eight of them were all gathered in the living room right now, somber and morose. Anjali was silent, yet her back was straight.

"Tell me something." Anjali spoke suddenly, her eyes locked on Khushi's.

"Anything." Khushi replied.

"Was what he said true?" Arnav caught the tremor in her voice.

"Every last word."

Anjali simply nodded and let the tears run down her face. One hand covered her belly, the other was wrapped around Nani.

Arnav and Khushi glanced at each other. It was over. Finally.

Shyam was gone. He was going to be tried in court, be found guilty, and be out of their lives forever. Now they could live their lives together without the threat of Di's life being taken away.

But, not everything would be out in the air...yet.

"Di." Arnav said hesitantly. "There's something else you should know...about him."

Anjali braced herself for whatever was going to come. She would be strong, no matter what Arnav was about to reveal to her.

"This is going to come as a surprise to you ladies, except Khushi." Arnav ran a hand through his hair.

"What happened, Arnav-ji?" Payal inquired softly.

"Before Khushi and I got married, you all remember when she came over for dinner?"

The women nodded.

"That night, when Khushi was in your room Di, she discovered something." Arnav's voice was hoarse and his eyes carried a heavy burden.

Anjali's startled eyes darted to Khushi who nodded sadly.

"Di, she discovered a chemical in your drinking water."

Akaash looked grim, and Mama's fists clenched. Even though they had known before, it still angered them to hear about it again. Khushi grimaced at the stricken expression on the all the ladies' faces.

"Wh...what?" Anjali cried incredulously. "That's impo-"

"Wrong Di." Khushi interjected with a tried sigh. "It's not impossible. Trust me, when I first discovered it that night, I was beside myself. A forensic scientist confirmed it for me. The chemical was called DEHP, a material used in manufacturing. Shyam was smart. He used the unstable health of your immune system against you and added the legal amount of the chemical in your system. Hence, even if was caught, no one could implicate him because the amount in the water was perfectly legal."

Even as Anjali tried to keep a cool facade, her voice cracked, betraying her true emotions. "What did this chemical do to me?"

"Actually Di, when you got a blood test done, I asked the doctor to send a report to me. Apparently, you developed an immunity to it, which although rare, is not unheard of." Khushi took in a shuddering breath. "But if you hadn't, then the chemical could have caused problems with your reproductive tract and liver as well as left you vulnerable to cancer."

A choke was heard from the older woman who buried herself in her grandmother's arms.

With a heavy heart, Khushi continued. "Immediately, I contacted Arnav and together we got rid of the water."

"So...I'm not in danger?" Anjali asked slowly. A sigh of relief left her when Khushi shook her head. Her voice hardened as she spoke. "And he did this?"

Khushi and Arnav nodded in unison.

"I'm sorry Di, I'm sorry that we kept the truth from you, but you wouldn't have believed us anyway. That woman's call was a blessing in disguise." Arnav sighed.

For a long time, Anjali was silent. She mulled over everything that she had heard today, everything she had seen. The look in Shyam's eyes as he had attacked Khushi was terrifying. How had Khushi disabled him without feeling the least bit scared?

And before that, those revelations. Her father had really...he had caused their mother to kill herself because he had an affair with Shyam's mother, destroying two households...almost three. Anjali closed her eyes in pain. Her husband knew who she was before they had married. This entire marriage was a sham, all of his love was faked. The only good thing that had come out of it was the little being that was growing within her.

Anjali beckoned to Payal who immediately was by her side. Silently, she took off the diamond ring that Shyam had put on her on their wedding day as well as the mangalsutra that she had worn for four years. Aware of her family's silent stares, she just quietly asked Payal to discard them forever.

At that moment, the doorbell rang, causing all of them to jump. Khushi stared at the door for a moment before getting up and answering it. In the doorway stood Vivek, Aparna, and Atman who was on crutches.

Arnav stood to greet them. "Aunty, Uncle, Atman...bhai."

If the older man was startled by the new name he had, he didn't show it. Instead, he hobbled over to Arnav and clasped him on the shoulder. "Good work bro."

Arnav let a wry grin show on his face. "It was all Khushi really."

Atman grinned back. "I know, I'm just trying to make you feel better."

Aparna and Vivek sat on either side of Anjali, their arms wrapped around her.

"Shh, beta. Everything's going to be okay. We're all here now. We're a family. Nothing will change that. Time heals everything." Vivek rocked the woman back and forth in his arms as if she were a baby.

Anjali eventually detached herself from Vivek's grasp and dried her tears. The first thing she saw as she looked up were gray eyes, the color of a stormy day, so warm and inviting. The eyes of a smiling Atman Kulkarni, Khushi's adoptive brother.

Tentatively, Anjali smiled back, lifting a hand in greeting. If possible, the man's smile widened and he nodded at her.

Then, something amazing happened.

She felt her baby move.


For the next few days, the Raizada house was constantly occupied by the presence of the Rathod/Kulkarni family. Anjali always had a shoulder to lean on. The night that Shyam had been taken away, Anjali couldn't bare to sleep in the room that held so many memories. All the women in the house had thus decided to hold a huge slumber party and invited everyone to it, including Atman, much to the temporarily handicapped man's discomfort.

That night was...interesting, to say the least. But it had the intended effect of distracting Anjali from Shyam. Khushi had made jalebis of course which had taken Anjali's mind off of less desirable things. They had watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham as well as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai until dawn had broken. The men had made themselves mysteriously unavailable, although Khushi did make Arnav watch part of the first movie much to his ire.

The next night, Anjali had burned everything that had reminded her even remotely of Shyam. Anyone who saw the look on her face as she did so would think that she was becoming a pyromaniac.

The morning after that, they found Anjali sitting with Atman in her room. Not a trace of Shyam remained. Anjali was dressed not in a sari, but a silver salwar-kameez, her forehead completely bare of sindoor, her neck empty without the necklace, and left hand not weighed down by any ring.

Anjali and Atman were completely unaware of their audience. Well, Atman, being the trained agent he was, knew that they were there, but said nothing. When Anjali unconsciously scooted closer to him to see the paint colors for the baby's room they were discussing, everyone saw how Atman stiffened ever so slightly before relaxing, a small blush on his face.

It wasn't surprising that after this event, Aparna, Nani, and Mami had all put their heads together in order to come up with a plan for those two to become an actual couple.


Now, it had been five days since Shyam's incarceration. It had been five days since normalcy had returned to the Raizada house, and it had been five days since Arnav was growing more and more frustrated by the day.

Khushi had returned to work, he had returned to his. They saw each other only in the morning or during nighttime. It had been a week since he had confessed his undying love towards his wife, and she had yet to tell him the same to his face. Saying those three words while he was almost asleep wasn't the same as what he had done...

Not that he was expecting her to push him against a lavatory stall and say those words while kissing him into oblivion.

But that was doing nasty things to his body.

Lavanya Kashyap jumped suddenly when her irritated boss slammed his fist onto the desk.

"Ms. Kashyap, inform Aman that I've gone to see my wife."

Arnav swept out of his office before the woman had a chance to even stammer "Yes Sir."


Khushi wasn't exactly having the easiest time either. She hadn't seen Shyam since he was taken away, nor did have any wish to see him, but she had to do so sometime in order to have him locked up for life. Atman had kindly reminded her that capitol punishment was also a viable option in this case, as he had assisted in the harm against his own country whilst aiding a foreign hostile one.

If she coupled those thoughts along with Arnav, she felt as though her brain was about to implode. The entire Shyam fiasco had subsequently halted any progress to further their relationship, including the little I Love You she needed to tell him. And yes, she would tell him, because he was telling her the truth, and there was no point hiding from the truth anymore.

She sat at her desk, signing away on paperwork, the bane of her existence. A frustrated sigh escaped from her mouth. Khushi missed having Atman in the office. Joshi was still on medical leave as well, which left just her and a couple of newbies who were too scared to look the Commander Raizada in the eye. She was sorely tempted to fire those fools. The CBI didn't need cowards who couldn't face their commanding officer.

Khushi looked at the clock. It was only 1:23. She hadn't even had lunch yet. It would be nice to escape the stack of papers on her desk and grab a sandwich. A soft groan came from her mouth. Just as she was about to get up, someone knocked on her door. It was one of the newbies. For some reason, the woman's face was flushed.


"What?" Khushi was in no mood to talk.

The woman looked down and played with her fingers. "Ma'am, um, there...Mr. Raizada is here to see you. Should I send him in?"

Khushi's heart leaped for a second. A small smile flitted across her face before disappearing. Arnav was here? To see her? She knew this was a casual visit. There was nothing to discuss, no Shyam, no fake papers, just them.

"Please send him in." Her voice betrayed none of the emotions she was feeling at all.

She listened to footsteps from down the hall nearing her office. There was a slight pause. And then she heard Arnav shuffle outside her door before finally pushing the door open.

Husband and wife simply stared at each other for a moment before giving each other an awkward smile. Khushi noticed the bag of food in his hand and couldn't help but chuckle. Their positions were reversed.

Her eyes roved over his slightly disheveled hair to the neatness of his three-piece suit. She gulped slightly when he shrugged off his jacket, revealing a crisp white shirt and black vest. Khushi felt the urge to rip that shirt off so she could feel the way his muscles contorted under her touch. Bad Khushi! Stop thinking those thoughts! Later...she promised herself.

"So, any special reason for coming?" She asked lightly, gesturing to the take out, trying to control the redness in her cheeks. She desperately hoped that he didn't have an ulterior motive.

Arnav hid a smirk at her reaction to him. She had seen him in a lot less and yet his adorably strong Khushi blushed at the simple action of taking off a jacket. Maybe he should undress in front of her everyday, just to see how she reacts.

She looked...she looked perfect. There was something about seeing Khushi in that skin tight pencil skirt that was doing something rather odd to the lower half of his body. Now was not the time to swell on those thoughts though. Later...he promised himself. Much later.

"Nope! I'm just here to see my lovely wife." Arnav cocked his head to one side. "Aren't you glad to see me too?"

"Of course!" Khushi said hurriedly. At Arnav's smug look, the blush on her face changed to a scowl. "Don't read too much into it hubby. I was going to go insane if I didn't have a distraction. So thanks for being my distraction."

Arnav clutched at his chest as if someone had stabbed him. "Oh how you wound me my dear!" He could read Khushi very well. She was genuinely glad to see him.

Khushi muttered something under her breath which caused Arnav to grin widely. She could curse him all she wanted, but she was never getting away, ever.

He watched as Khushi turned her desk into a little lunch table. His gaze traveled to the things in her office. Arnav had never been here before, he had never set foot into her workplace. The big government

building was intimidating to say the least. It was made of tinted glass, probably bulletproof. He couldn't believe that his Khushi worked in this kind of environment. These people were trained operatives, not the workers in his office.

Khushi's office was on the topmost floor, just like his. But it seemed so much...warmer than his was. People were intimidated to have a meeting there, and many a successful deal had gone down there. With Khushi's, this place had a familiar feeling to it. He could see Khushi here. He was sure if he opened that fridge in the corner, there would be jalebis in there. A mug with the words From your Bro sat on her desk, no doubt from Atman. A picture of her family which included Atman hung from the wall, each of them looking so happy. Her undergraduate and graduate diplomas were mounted directly over her seat, proudly displaying to the world how educated she was.

And then on her desk rested two photos that took his breath away. The first was a picture of him, Khushi, Akaash, and NK, all of them sitting around the dining table at Shantivan, NK and Khushi eating something, Akaash watching them with a smile on his face, and he himself had a small smirk on his face. The picture must have been thirteen years old. They all looked so young, so carefree, so innocent.

The other picture was the one that his eyes were focused on. It was one of just the two of them on their wedding day. His hand was around her waist, and he could just imagine himself doing the action one month ago, pulling her closer, the urge to want to shield her from anything and everything. Khushi had one arm on his hip and one on his chest while her head, adorned with bridal wear, rested on his shoulder. The smiles on both of their faces were genuine. He could see the affection for this woman that was reflected in his eyes through the photograph.

Arnav snorted. To think that he had thought he didn't love her back then. How stupid was he? No wonder everyone had wanted them to get married from the beginning. Everyone could see that they were made for each other, everybody but them. It's funny the way things work out. Though loathe to admit it, some higher force had probably played a part in their relationship. Most likely the Devi Maiyaa whom his entire family was obsessed with.

"Arnav... Arnav?" Khushi's voice broke him from his pleasant thoughts.

He turned to see her standing a few feet from him, hands folded across her chest, her foot tapping on the ground impatiently. She had already placed the pasta he had brought for lunch onto plates and was waiting for him to join her.

"Everything alright?" She asked, amusement present in her voice. He seemed a bit lost. Not that she could blame him. The first time she had entered this building, it had intimidated her as well.

"Everything's more than fine." Arnav replied honestly, taking a seat. It was the truth after all. Things finally felt normal again, or as normal as life could be for Arnav and Khushi Singh Raizada. They could move on with their lives, forget the past, create a future.

He took a bite of his food, not really concentrating on what he was eating, all of his attention focused his wife who was attacking her pasta like she had never eaten before. God the woman could eat.

"Tell me something Khushi." Arnav said suddenly, causing her to pause and wipe her mouth.


"If our little deal from the beginning of this all. You know, the one where we decided to get a divorce after Shyam was caught. If it was still intact, do you think that either of us would uphold it, or would we work out that neither of us could stay away from the other?" The way his eyes flashed mischievously sent a shiver down Khushi's spine.

"What do you think?"

It was a rhetorical question, but he felt that he had to answer, just for kicks. "I think that you wouldn't want to leave, but in a twisted sense of honor, you would try anyway only to have me stop you." His voice lowered as he leaned forward towards her, pleased that she didn't shy away. A jolt of adrenaline burst through him as he saw her lick her lips in anticipation.

Khushi cleared her throat and took a sip of water, fully aware that Arnav was laughing at her obvious arousal to him. "You know me too well." She muttered faintly.

"I know." Arnav grinned at her. "But not well enough." His gaze deliberately raked over her body, causing it to tingle with awareness. She withheld a shudder. Arnav always did this. Just when a semblance of comfort was building between the two, he cut it down by inserting some type of innuendo.

Judging by the smirk on his face, he knew this as well.

"Just eat Arnav."


Mr. Hussein Ahmed wasn't having the most brilliant of weeks. In fact, it had been pretty bad ever since Shyam had been caught cheating on his wife and sent to prison for assaulting his sister-in-law who just so happened to work for the CBI.

When he had received the phone call, he couldn't believe it. Shyam was a master tactician, how could he not have covered his tracks properly? Ahmed knew that Shyam was quite promiscuous, he never kept that side of himself a secret. Yet he also knew how much his wife's family was important to him, not because he cared about them, but because they held an enormous amount of wealth and importance. What was the point of forging those documents that transferred the Raizada fortune to Shyam if he was in prison?

That was why Ahmed was currently pacing up and down the corridor , trying to figure out what he would do next. He couldn't break Shyam out of a CBI enforced prison, that would be suicide. But...he was a lawyer. A good one too. If he could go to the CBI and convince them that he should take Shyam's case, there was a decent chance that Shyam could be out of the courtroom and back in society in no time.

Yes, that was what he would do. He would appeal to be Shyam's lawyer.

And if that didn't work...well then...he would just have to resort to a cop's

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It really was and Akash finally has a bone in the story! 

Oh my my Khushi just done him over! LOL! that was so funny!

And Atman appears in the picture, I am glad to see Anjali moving on from the past! 

Awww bless Khushi and Arnav for not being able to spend time together and Khushi was so happy seeing her husband come see her. 

They really are made for each other

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Chapter 25 Part B

"Well," Arnav stood swiftly. Lunch was over now, and they both had work to do. "I'll be off. I don't know if Akaash can handle me being away from the office for so long."

Khushi lightly hit him over the chest. "Stop being so dramatic Arnav. He's just as competent as you are." She shot him a small glare. "Don't insult him."

"Excuse me?" Arnav scoffed. "I'm your husband! You should take my side!" His mouth turned downward in a rather childish pout that would have made Khushi laugh. But she held in her laughter to annoy him some more.

"Yes, but I'm the law, and I take the side which I think is fair, not the side I'm partial to." She replied smartly.

"Whatever." He huffed. Talking a look at the amused twinkle in Khushi's eyes, Arnav smiled a bit. She knew how to rile him up so easily, it was kind of sad.

Arnav's hand was on the knob of the door, yet he couldn't convince himself to step foot outside. Doing so would put a distance between them, a distance that he desperately wanted to close.

Before he could turn around, he felt Khushi sliding behind him, her hands resting on his chest. Her soft body was emanating him that was filling him to his core. In one movement, he turned around and crushed her to him, his fingers combing through her hair, his lips placing themselves on her head. He savored her sweet scent of roses.

Khushi's head was buried in the crook of his neck. She didn't want to move, it was far too comfortable. His arms were like bands of comfort. She felt him push her hair to one side and press a kiss to her neck. Khushi shivered ever so slightly. As much as she wanted to continue, this wasn't the time or the place.

It seemed Arnav knew this as well because he pulled away from her, not missing the disappointment in her features. He had to control himself and his desires.

"I should go." He said sulkily. Her neck was right there, creamy and inviting, just begging him to kiss it, to run his tongue over the smooth skin, to leave his mark there.

"You should." Khushi mumbled. If he didn't leave now, no one could stop her from ripping his shirt off and pinning him down to her desk. A shudder ran through her at the image they would make. Stop it Khushi! She chided herself. There's still time before you go home. Save those thoughts!

He was so tempted to kiss her. It would be too easy just to swoop down and capture her lips with his own, to plunder her mouth with his tongue, to taste her again and again. Arnav's eye flitted to her lips. Yes, it would be too easy. His gaze met hers for a split second. Her eyes were wide, it was as if she knew what he was thinking.

No. He wouldn't kiss her. Not yet at least. That would be her punishment for not telling him that she loved him. It was torture on him, but more so on her. He could see that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. It was her loss if she couldn't tell him those three words. But when she did say them, then she better watch out.

Arnav smirked to himself at that thought. When she did say I love you to his face, Khushi would never escape.

"I'm really going to go now Khushi." He had one foot out the door already.

Khushi nodded, a little disappointed that nothing more had happened. "Thanks for the food."

Arnav's lips quirked upwards. "After all the times that you brought me food, it's the least I could do." He put on his suit jacket. "I'll see you at home then. Bye." With a wave, he set a brisk pace down the corridor to the elevator, knowing that with each step he took, Khushi would be missing him more and more.

I'll be waiting for the day when you come to me on your own Jaan. I'll be waiting.

Back in her office, Khushi leaned against the wall, clutching her racing heart. Inhale Exhale. Inhale Exhale. Repeat. That's what she kept telling herself. She glanced at the picture on her desk of just the two of them. Her and Arnav.

Tonight. She vowed. Tonight, I'll give my entire being to you, my love.


"Do you feel that?" Anjali asked a nervous looking Atman. The two of them were currently at clinic for Anjali's monthly checkup. Atman was off crutches and just wearing a brace. Having nothing else to do, he had graciously volunteered to take Anjali to her appointment much to the amusement of his adoptive mother and the ladies in the Raizada house. It was a wonder how Khushi and Arnav survived in that house. Those women were nosier than rats in garbage.

At the current moment, Atman was trying very hard not to gulp. It was only him and Anjali in the room, the doctor was yet to come. She was showing her slightly swollen belly to him, encouraging him to touch it. One palm was splayed against the soft skin of her stomach while the other was clenched in a fist.

She was trying to get him to feel her baby move. Anjali had told him that whenever he was near, her baby seemed to do a little dance in her belly. She wasn't wrong. He could definitely feel the little tyke moving around there. It was the most surreal feeling in the world.

"Well, the baby's in a good mood." He remarked dryly. Atman couldn't take his eyes off of Anjali's rapturous visage. In a couple days, it would be one week since Shyam had been kicked out of the house. Anjali had obviously been quite upset, but she had recovered quite quickly. She was on the road to rebuilding her life. She had her family, a new baby on the way...and Atman.

"Yes, she certainly is." Anjali placed her hand over Atman's, causing him to stiffen at her seemingly innocent touch. It was way too soon, he told himself, it was way too soon for her to even think about another man. But he could delude himself that her touch was deliberate.

"She?" He asked, trying to get her to remove her hand.

She didn't.

"Yes...she." Anjali smiled warmly at him. She watched with fascination as a red tinge filled his cheeks. In such a short amount of time, this man had taken a place in her heart, but she wasn't sure what position yet. He was a good friend to her, a strong shoulder that she could lean on. Nothing more...right?

"Mother's intuition?" He guessed.

She laughed. "Something like that."

At that moment, the doctor walked in. This doctor had never seen Anjali before.

"You must be Mr. Kulkarni?" She asked Atman who simply nodded.

The doctor turned to Anjali with a wide smile on her face. "Well then Mrs. Raizada-Kulkarni, let's see how your baby is doing, shall we?"

And before either of them could correct her, the doctor got started on Anjali right away.


He wasn't coming home for dinner.

Arnav had called ahead of time to let everyone know that he had to work late. Khushi was told of this only when she reached home. The crushing disappointment completely outweighed her irrational anger at Arnav. She had made plans for tonight that included both of them. Tonight, she had vowed to herself, tonight would be when her and Arnav became one.

But of course that workaholic ponce had the audacity to stay at work until god knows when on the worst day possible. It was Friday today. He could finish whatever he needed to over the weekend!

The frown on Khushi's face throughout dinner had made it clear to everyone just how upset she was with her husband. They couldn't blame her though. Everyone could see how hard Arnav and Khushi had worked this week, and it was only natural that Khushi would want to spend some time with her husband.

During dinner, Akaash had tried to point this out, but it had come out as Don't you all think that Khushi is looking a bit angry? I think Bhai needs to work his magic on her to turn her frown upside down.

The way he had said it – with lots of innuendo, coupled with the fact that Arnav had never truly worked his magic on her was almost enough to make her want to throttle Akaash with her bare hands.

I'll never forgive Arnav for this. Khushi thought to herself as she lay down on their bed, letting the fatigue of the day seep into her veins. Next week would bring another hurdle. It would be time to see Shyam in his prison cell and then in the courtroom. All she wanted was Arnav. He always knew how to cheer her up, to make her sorrows disappear. But no! He was married to his work, not Khushi.

Khushi got up off the bed and walked to the poolside. That would be the perfect place to cool down and forget her stupid anger towards the world at the moment. She was just more than one way. Yes, she would just rest here, gazing at the moonlight until Arnav got home.

Just for a while.


Arnav was not in the best of moods. He was dead tired from all the work he had done today. One of his almost associates had forgotten the documents and the meeting that he had scheduled for five was pushed until seven and went out for three hours including a dinner break. What he needed at this moment was his bed. His nice, soft, comfortable bed.

His mood soured further when he didn't see Khushi in their room.

When he had arrived home, it was completely dark. HP had let him in, and then hurried off to go to sleep. Akaash and Payal had gone out for a late night movie, Nani and Anjali were asleep, and Khushi was MIA.


But he was too tired to care. Khushi would come back soon, and then he could pull her closer to him and drown himself in her essence.

Slowly, he changed into his night clothes, happy to be out of his suit. Arnav laid himself down on the bed, his body relaxing as soon as it hit the sheets. He would rest. Only until Khushi came back. Then they would fall asleep together.


Khushi smiled to herself as she came back from the poolside and saw Arnav's sleeping figure. He looked tired, even sleep couldn't hide the slight circles under his eyes. She sighed slightly. It looks as though their special night wouldn't happen today after all. Oh well. There was still tomorrow.

She had enjoyed the cool breeze on her skin. It had cleared her head a lot. Now, she was looking forward to burrowing herself within the warmth of Arnav's arms. She would prize them open if she had too.

Khushi eased herself onto the bed next to Arnav, mentally grinning as he turned closer to her. His features were so defined, she thought. He looked remarkably like his father. That was something he tried to forget. Arnav never liked being associated with that man, especially after his death. To him, anyone saying that he looked like Uncle was a sin.

The days where he cringed at the mention of his father's name were over though, and happier memories had replaced older ones. Even this blemish with Shyam would eventually fade. Di's child was coming, it seemed as though Anjali and Atman were growing closer, and all was well in the Raizada house.

Khushi scooted closer to Arnav. His forehead was scrunched. She could see the tension from the day still lingering there. Her fingers smoothed themselves over the skin, gently rubbing, getting rid of the strain. She sucked in a breath when he mumbled something. Khushi didn't fancy being caught by Arnav after all. Yet she kept on going. His expression had evened out under her touch.

She let her fingers travel from his forehead to his defined cheekbones and down to his chiseled jaw that was prickly under her hand. They ghosted over his lips and went back to his forehead.

Khushi smiled a rueful smile. "You really are something else Arnav, did you know that? I had this night planned out for a long time." He twitched slightly. "I was finally going to tell you that I loved you, that you would be the first man who was going to have dominion over my body, but then you fell asleep." Khushi didn't feel Arnav shifting. She bent her head down until her lips nearly touched his. "It's okay though. I understand. You must be tired."

Khushi pulled away from him and settled down next to his still sleeping body. "Good night Arnav. I love you."

A hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. Before she could say anything, a heavy weight settled right on top of her torso while another hand covered her mouth. Khushi stared into the eyes of her husband which bore down into her own. Through the moonlight which illuminated both of them, she could see the strange glint in his caramel orbs.

"You really have to stop telling me that you love me when you think I'm asleep Khushi." Arnav growled at her through clenched teeth. "I'm beginning to think that you're a coward."


Arnav had been awake since the moment he had heard the poolside door gently opening and closing. All of his instincts screamed for him to wake, for him to drag Khushi to the bed and tuck her head under his chin. However, he had waited, waited to see if she came to him, and she did. Keeping still while her hands moved over his face was one of the hardest things he had done. And then, when she talked, god, that was bloody painful. And finally, when she had told him that she loved him...again, that was when he couldn't keep up the act. He had snapped and turned her over, pinned her to the bed and called her a coward of all things.

He didn't regret saying that she was one, because right now, her eyes said the same thing even though they burned with divine retribution in plan.

"A coward?" She hissed, repeating his words. How dare he call her that, no matter how true those words were. They pierced her heart right where it hurt the most.

"Yes." Arnav held his ground. "A coward. What other type of person can't admit their love face to face."

Khushi's face contorted into one of rage. She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but the grip he held on her upper arms was superior to her own. "I was going to tell you that I loved you Arnav! But you were asleep...or so I thought! Do you realize how stupid this conversation sounds?"

Arnav only smirked. Well, this certainly was going in an interesting direction. Before he could say anything else, she spoke again.

"You want me to not be a coward Arnav Singh Raizada? Is that what you want? Well FINE! Here it is then. I. LOVE. You. I always have, and I always will. Do you understand now?" She panted, now done with her rant. God that felt good. It was good to get everything off her chest.

Arnav's heart stuttered as she finally uttered those three words to him when he was fully conscious. It was one thing to know that she loved him, it was another to actually hear it from her.

"Say it again!" He commanded forcefully, pressing himself onto her.

She gulped and bit back a moan. "I love you."

"Again!" He lowered himself onto her, his palms letting go of her only to tangle themselves with her hands. One hand pinned hers to the headboard while the other traced a path down her cleavage. He could see her breasts tighten underneath the night-shirt that she wore. She was aroused. For him, and him alone.

"I love you." Khushi groaned as his lips found the spot on her neck that he loved.

"Again." Arnav trailed kisses from her neck up to her lips. His mouth covered hers, swallowing any words that she might have wanted to say. She gasped at the sudden pressure of his lips which allowed him to thrust his tongue into her mouth. She tasted so sweet. Like ambrosia. All his. Only his. What was it that she had said? He would be the first man who would have dominion over her body? A thrill of excitement jolted through his already stimulated body. Arnav deepened the kiss until they could breathe no longer.

Through heavy eyelids and an erratic heart, Khushi was surprised she could even speak. "I, love, you." She whispered brokenly.

Arnav threaded his hands through her lush coffee colored hair. A throaty laugh left him. "I love you too Khushi." He growled in her ear. "More than you can ever imagine."

She leaned up and pressed her lips onto his, a wide smile on her face. "I know Arnav." Her palms gripped his t-shirt harder.

And then, before he could comprehend what had happened, a loud RIP resonated through the room, leaving Khushi with a satisfied smirk and Arnav speechless.

He stared down at his now naked torso with utter disbelief. "Did you just...tear my shirt?" He shrugged the tattered cloth off of himself.

From beneath him, Khushi looked rather proud of himself. "I think I did." The next second though, she regretted saying those words as she caught the look in Arnav's eyes.

RIP went her shirt as well. He flung aside her now ruined clothing to feast his eyes on her upper half.

Khushi mock pouted. There was no embarrassment on her face even as Arnav studied her so intently. She could feel his breath on her skin, and she welcomed it. "That was one of my favorite shirts, you know."

"I don't really care." He muttered. The bulge against his cotton night pants was killing him. He crawled down her body so that his head rested on her now healed stomach. She squirmed under the light kisses that he placed on her navel, his tongue dipping into her belly button and out again, creating an erotic friction that left her panting for more.

Arnav felt himself go painfully rigid as one of Khushi's feet slid up his leg and rested on the hem of his pants. She was incredibly flexible – something he wished to exploit. He bit his tongue as her toes dipped into his pants, lowering them until they were down to his knees. The only thing confining him now were his boxers.

Khushi watched as Arnav kicked off his pants and settled on top of her again. Her arms instinctively went around his neck.

"Are you sure?" She heard him ask tentatively. All she could do was nod back. There were no regrets, no maybes or what ifs. There was just Arnav and Khushi right now. A husband and wife who were about to engage in husband and wife activities.

Khushi's nod sent Arnav into wonderland. She was allowing him to do this, to take the last vestiges of her innocence, to fully make her Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada.

Looking straight into her eyes, he pulled her pants off, fingers trailing over her panties as he did so. Dear God. Just that one small touch from him had her writhing below. Arnav had a feeling that this night was one that neither of the would ever forget.

That left her in her inner-wear and him in boxers that did nothing to cover his need, his clawing hunger for her. He saw how her gaze darted below his navel and back up again, her eyes wide and completely black.

Arnav's hands slid to the middle of her back where the strap to her bra lay. In one flick, the strap was undone, and the garment was left loosely hanging off of her chest. He couldn't make out the color of her lingerie through the darkness, but he did see the milky white skin that was left for him. Khushi didn't say a word as Arnav flung her bra to an unknown part of the room. All she could hear was the pounding of her own heart.

She was divine. Ethereal. Holy. Something to be worshiped. If there was a god, then the one thing he had done right was create a being like Khushi. Her breasts were just begging to be touched, her nipples as hard as rock. Her breaths came out in short huffs. He hadn't even touched her yet!

Ever so slowly, he lowered his head to her chest, kissing each breast tenderly. Her hands grabbed his head and forced his mouth to capture her skin in his mouth.

"Ah!" Khushi cried out in pleasure. " Arnav!"

Harshly, he tore his mouth away. "You're beautiful." His breathing was as ragged as hers, both of their chests moving up and down in unison. Khushi brought her face up to his and kissed him again and again and again. He let her take control for the moment.

Tightening her grip around his neck, she rolled them over so that she was on top. Khushi sat upon his torso. "I love you." Her eyes filled with that same emotion. It was so strong, that they actually started to water.

Arnav sat up swiftly and wiped her tears away. He couldn't stand to see those tears, even if they were out of happiness. "Khushi." His fingers trailed down her face to her swollen lips. She closed her eyes at the pleasurable sensation.

He was fascinated by that face. Her eyes closed, her head tilted up, the expression of pure arousal. It was his undoing.

Khushi pushed Arnav back down to the bed. He obliged her and didn't resist her touch. Her fingers dipped into the crevices of his torso, fingering the muscles there, roving over his chest, eliciting hisses of pleasure from him. Underneath her, she could feel his arousal twitching, struggling to get free. She could feel his heat pulsing and a shiver ran through at the thought of that inside of her.

Slowly, too slowly in his opinion, he felt her hands reach his boxers. They paused slightly before a loud moan escaped him as she removed the obstacle that was confining him. A satisfied smirk could be seen on Arnav's face when he heard her gasp. He stood tall and proud, exactly like himself.

"Like what you see?" He murmured suggestively. He heard a sort of strangled gurgle from her mouth and saw her stunned expression. She really was innocent, wasn't she? To the world, she was a deadly woman, but here, in his arms, she was a puddle of goo.

He flipped them back over, hands grazing down her sides until he reached her flimsy underwear. Arnav ignored the sharp intake of breath when he ripped the cloth in one smooth motion.

She was beautiful. There it was, that thought. This must have been the thousandth time he had though that, but it didn't matter. She was beautiful, he was just telling the truth. He could make out the faint tinge of red on her face and was promptly disappointed that the darkness of their room blocked out the rest of her wondrous expressions. He leaned over and switched on the lamp, making the entire room flood with dim lighting.

His hot gaze trailed all over her body, igniting it with such a look. Every inch of her begged to be touched, to be taken. She looked up at him, frightened by the intensity in his face. It was like she was the only thing that mattered to him.

"Because you are." Arnav stated quite plainly, making Khushi realize that she must have spoken aloud. His mouth nipped her jaw. "You are the only think that matters to me." He ground his lower half against hers, creating a delightful jolt that spread through both of their bodies.

Arnav could feel that she was ready for him. Even the slightest touch from him had her arching into his arms – a clear sign. With a thrill of anticipation running through him, he positioned himself directly at her entrance, poised to make an intrusion.

Their eyes met, both of their bodies electrified by the simple gesture.

"Do it Arnav." Khushi whispered hoarsely, thrusting his hips against his. She wrapped her long, willowy legs around his slender torso.

That was all the encouragement that he needed. In one motion, he buried himself to the hilt within her body, breaking through her last barrier, stifling Khushi's gasp of pain with his mouth. Heaven have mercy! Khushi was burning him, branding him, with her heat. Her muscles gripped his so tightly, it hurt. In a very good way. Her nails dug into his back, surely leaving marks. He ignored the pain though. Seeing her like this, finally making her his, made the pain seem like an irritating fly.

"Look at me Khushi." Arnav wanted her to see what he did, the passion mirrored in both of their eyes. When those large eyes finally opened, he pulled out of her and thrust back in. Her moans filled the room along with his primitive grunts. She arched into his body, drawing him even deeper into her abyss.

All they could think about was each other. Nothing else mattered. Here, in this room, on this bed, it was just them. Only them.

"I." A grunt from him. "Love." A low moan from her. "You." Each word was accentuated by a sharp thrust. He needed to make her see how much he loved her. How much he needed her. Now that he had tasted the forbidden fruit, he couldn't let it leave, even if it meant that he would fall from Eden.

All she could do was pant underneath him. No words were necessary. He understood, and she knew that he knew that she did as well.

The Luna had submitted to her Alpha.

Arnav repositioned himself so that he could deeper, bring both of them to the brink of oblivion and back again. Judging by the increasing crescendo of her moans, it was working quite well. He upped his tempo as well, somewhat surprised that he hadn't released himself yet. It had been over half a decade since his last experience with a woman. For some reason, he had expected to act like a hormonal teenager and release himself immediately. Thank god he didn't.

Khushi could feel herself drowning in the waves of pleasure that Arnav was giving her. No coherent thoughts were coming to her mind as he kept up this dizzying pace. Why had they waited so long to do this? Oh...right. Because of her thick head and stupid sense of pride. If only she had let go of that earlier. Her eyes flew wide open when Arnav did something amazing to her body. He had hit the right spot. She let out a throaty moan and clamped down harder on him, earning a spasm from his body as well as hers. She knew what was coming next. This was the part she had heard women talking about when they discussed romance novels. The lightheaded sensation, the throbbing down below, everything was pointing towards that one moment.

And on Arnav's next movement, it came for both of them. He thrust one more time into her, releasing his seed into her with a harsh groan, sending her body into overdrive. Her body jolted off the bed, making her muscles clench and unclench furiously, creating butterflies in all the right places.

At that moment, she just let herself go.

It felt...wonderful. There were no words to describe the sensation of pure and utter bliss. And that's what it was, for both of them. His face was lighter now, and completely content. He hadn't detached himself from her as they lay together in the aftermath of their suhaag raat...finally. His thighs were on either side of hers, cradling her, rocking her back and forth.

His head rested in the crook of her neck, nipping the sensitive skin there occasionally. "We did it." He sounded triumphant.

Khushi nestled her body closer to his, fully aware that he was growing harder by her one action. "You make it sound as though we've achieved some major milestone." It was a miracle that her voice didn't crack.

Arnav chuckled, his chest vibrating with hers. "And you think that we didn't?" He dropped kisses on her chest. "You told me that you loved me, my face this time, and now this." He gestured to their entwined bodies, surprised to see a blush creeping up her high cheekbones. "Seriously?" Arnav asked incredulously. "After all the nasty things I've done to your body, what you've done to mine, you're still blushing?"

She slapped him across the chest lightly, an amused smile on her face along with the blush. "Shut up."

A rather impish look crossed his face. Arnav rolled his hips experimentally against hers, shudders racking through both of their bodies. "Trust me jaan. I plan to shut you up completely."

And all through the night, Arnav Singh Raizada upheld his promise.

And all through the night, Akaash Singh Raizada was thoroughly traumatized at the sounds coming from his brother's room.

And all through the night, the poor man had to contend with the glares that his wife was giving him. It really sucked to be the younger brother of ASR sometimes. Another glare. It really sucked.


Somewhere, high up in the clouds, a cluster of divine beings gathered around Devi Maiyaa, watching in utter disbelief as the normally dignified and scary goddess danced around in a circle, her face filled with joy.

Lord Vishnu clapped Shiva on the shoulder. "She's okay, right?"

Shiva simply sighed and shook his head. "Honestly, I'm not sure. I think she said something about Arnav and Khushi -"

"Who?" The last of the Holy Trinity joined in. Bhrama was genuinely curious as to why Shiva's consort was so jubilant.

"One of her most ardent devotees." Shiva explained. "And an atheist." He added as an afterthought before shaking his head. "They finally did it. And now wife dearest is so very happy. I think she may have accidentally zapped the poor man with some extra potency. I have a feeling that those two will be in for a surprise in a few weeks."

The other gods winced sympathetically. If Shiva was right, and those two mortals were going to have a child soon, then the mortal man was in for one hell of a time. Everyone knew that Devi Maiyaa, or Parvati Devi only favored those were like her in spirit and body. That poor poor man. Arnav, his name was?

The entire Kingdom of Heaven shook as the goddess danced about, bringing Saraswati and Lakshmi into her game as well.

The three women were romantic saps after all. And this love story was one for the history books. Their husbands could only shake their heads in agony, not wanting to think what their wives were going to do to them when they got home.

Poor, poor Gods. They were so whipped.


I hoped you liked it!!! And please don't kill me!

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Whoops Resd early!

Second edit! 




Awww bless Khushi for thinking their night wasn't going to happen and trust her to whisper she loves him when she thinks he's sleeping! They so cute its unbearable, it just increases the expectations I want in my man! LOL! 

Haha Arnav called her a coward lol! And then obviously we have Khushi who has to fight back and yell the 3 words out to his face and Arnav demands her to say them again. 

The next part was so hot I am actually blushing!

I loved it so much and bless Akash who could hear everything in his room!

A Kid? 

eeep! I can't wait for more, don't leave us hanging.

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that creepy shyam is out from their life now...Tongue
anjali atman relationship is in progress, really nice...Wink
our ARSHI finally together after a long time...
loved the way khushi confess her love to arnav and arnav hear out that...LOL
just amazing...Thumbs Up

awsmm update dear...Clap
glad to read a looong update...Big smile
please update soon...
waiting already for next update...Embarrassed
nd thanx for the PM...Hug

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