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Spice Girls Hangout:Together in grief... (Page 4)

.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Sari--

Originally posted by .Mandy.

With the exception of Arnav and Khushi, I found Manorama to be the most realistic out of the family. Manorama rightfully did not want to leave her child's side knowing the ordeal she's endured but the rest of the family did not put up much of fight which I found surprising.

Mandy - agree, even with few lines, mami stood out. Her pain was so evident...She doesn't seem to differentiate between Arnav-Anjali and Aakash...They are her children...She is the saas to both Payal and Khushi... Fair even in cruelty...LOL
On thing I liked, even in her delusional state, she accepted the baby is gone...Otherwise it would be even more painful to watch...Ouch

Sari, I realized this on Friday Manorama has raised NK, Arnav and Anjali as her own. Not once have I ever seen her differentiate between Akash, Arnav, Anjali, NK they all grew up together and have the bond of siblings not cousins. I really like that and I admire Manorama for giving these kids a mother's love, she has her flaws but she really is good at heart.
It was Arnav who made the world of difference to Anjali's thinking, one look at his shattered state of mind and the fact he couldn't face her was all the reality she needed. I really felt bad for her which is why I was shocked the family did not put up much of a fight to stay there with her, most just agreed to go home Confused

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madmaxine

Hi SGs! 

Just popping in to say 3 things. 

1). Sari---thanks for saying that about the symbolisms and deeper meanings ruining it. I for one, am so thick skulled that I never get any deeper meaning out of anything. The amount Joey explained to me this weekend was astounding. I felt like I was eating Tiramisu, but counting the layers as I ate. Not even the taste of Tiramisu can rescue the pain of having to count the myriad layers. 

2). Docgirl: Sobti's mumbling! Good lord..I couldn't understand several things he said today. It's terrible. I like him as much as the next person, but the mumbling has got to go! Gawd...isn't diction the first thing they teach you at acting school or wherever these chaps go to become actors? 

3). Finally, I know everyone thinks today's episode is really good. I thought it was OK. Not stupendous. It's only stupendous if you compare it to Friday's Ramsay Brothers B-grade Horror movie. The lowering of the yardstick is perhaps inevitable in the face of all the yuckity yuck they threw at us on Friday. I, for one will never be able to reconcile myself to the grey cells I lost to electrocution that day. I feel like they're trying to rescue the crapshoot with classy. It might work. But I have a bit of a memory. I don't forget crap. Oh, well.

Maxine: Hug  Am sure you had a super time with Joey. Will have to get all the deets!  

1. I agree with Sari, twilight zone kills the show. I've been ranting about it for a while, but they ram it down our throats regardless. 

2. Surely chica you know these folks are born to act. Wink Unlike the rest of us who need years and years of training in our respective craft/trade... their only acting school is on the job, on the sets! LOL

3. Well, after Friday I was set to detox... so by comparison this WAS a stupendous  improvement! Most of us are 1. more forgiving than you perhaps Tongue and 2. entirely reliant on reference points. As Sari said Friday set the bar really low! 

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by premparbat

I was very apprehensive as Khushi approached Arnie to sit beside him , waiting for him to close up on her or to say ' Leave me alone. 

Yes, Ratna...They had me on this one...I was going to overlook everything after I saw this...I was dreading this one & I thought it would take a lot more persistence to get Arnav to confide in her...This was dragging...He also brought up the shaadi, for him she is his wife...marriage is now just a formality...

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by docgirl

Rabba Ve Ladeej Hug

This was an emotional and impactful episode. After Friday's OTT drama I was worried this would just degenerate into intolerably contrived drama, but they pulled this one back and salvaged the focal story to this point. The focus... it was on Arnav, the impact on him and by implication on Khushi, so to that extent the show kept it's eye on the main prize. Clap

Sari, laued your post today - especially the notion of going with the flow, not looking ahead or getting too clever with our myriad interpretations! Star

This was a pretty gut wrenching episode too, why then was it streets ahead of Friday's episode? At least for me it was not because Friday's episode was about the baby's loss (although even the loss of fictional babies is wrenching!) but because of the awful contrivances needed to support that OTT drama. As a viewer I had to suspend disbelief on way too many levels - the use of glass shards as a trap, Anjali walking through it twice, Anjali not calling for help, not using her phone to text her husband, not stopping to pull the shards of glass out, holding onto the banister at the exact time the wire is shorted... on and on and on. 

Any one of those fails and you don't have that bin diwali ka dhamaka. This is not about forgetting about the logic boatwa - we do that routinely with fiction. It's that you need so many illogical constructs to fall into place one after another to shock the audience and garner sympathy. That feels to me like a cop out - a failure of writing. Doesn't the team trust that it can create sympathy with a more spare and elegant set of sequences? Can't the show trust that the audience will feel what the story intends? 

Ah well... today was about impact, about human emotion - so no contrivances needed. You can rely on audience empathy, particularly when Sobti trusts that the audience will "get" Arnav without having to go all OTT! If he didn't mumble, I would be applauding unabashedly but as it is this one just asked less of the audience than Friday's epi and felt more authentic. 

Both Sobti and the director need to do something about his mumbling... or cut his dialog. As a performer he really brings nuance to his portrayal of emotion. He uses his eyes and face really well, but his diction really lets him down. Many times I had to strain to listen, try to lip read or simply stop and rewind to catch his dialog. That really kills the flow of the scene, especially when he does such a stand up job of emoting.

I also wish that someone with better acting chops than Daljeet had played Di. She did fine in the denial scenes, but then there's the scene when she realizes that no matter what Chottey can be trusted to tell her the truth and she reaches to her belly to check for the physical evidence of the baby. It's a moment of transition  from hopeful, desperate denial to desolate desperate realization. Daljeet played it with the broadest of brushstrokes. Someone more competent could've really elevated the scene with a more nuanced portrayal.

The scene that stayed with me was of course Arnav's anguish... the start of the burrowing in the peetal bartan one might think, but he opened up to Khushi. It was telling that he flayed himself - HE had really, really tried, HE  had failed, HE had reneged on his promise to keep his Di safe. It was self-pity and it was guilt, it was how HE felt. Not much about it was about Di and how SHE felt. I'm not criticizing  or pointing fingers - it made sense to me. The man who  believes he writes his destiny, the ultimate control freak would react like that. It's all HIS fault, Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

It's interesting that Khushi comes at it from a completely different school - the ultimate child of destiny, who believes every move is guided by the hand of Devi Maiyya. Yet she plays the guilt card too and more importantly the sacrifice game. The martyr complex stems from her set of insecurities of perhaps not feeling worthy of coming first with anyone. I just hope this is not a precursor to her sacrificing her happiness yet again out of some misguided sense of  responsibility for the happiness of Di and Arnav. That would be too much to bear! *fingers crossed*

Meanwhile Di --- likely thinks of no one else's misery except her own - her child, her husband, the cruel hand of fate. I don't think she sees herself as complicit in this process. After all she is god fearing, does everything to appease their fearsome powers, how could any of this be HER fault. Perhaps in some strange twisted way SHE is the most well adjusted of the three, simply in terms of being a survivor.

I know many of you felt that the OTT drama was introduced on Friday to redeem Anjali - her character was hugely unsympathetic to the audience and needed to be resurrected in a dramatic fashion.  Does this mean she will finally feel a sense of responsibility? I'm not hopeful, not until I see some character growth. I hope you're all right - I very much wanted to see the steel magnolia. But I don't think it was that at all. It was done simply to justify the return of Shyam to RM. Under no other circumstances can his re-entry be justified... I think it'll be Arnav vs. everyone else perhaps even Khushi on that issue and he'll have to cave. 

At any rate, I'd suspected show detox was imminent ---- not just yet I think! 


Same to same thoughts there.

Daljeet disappointed me today. Too old school and I think she has potential to do better. She reacted better and more "appropriately" when her husband was thrown out of the house. She did really well when she almost killed her own child. So she could've worked better with this scene.
Regardless, the OTT was not liked by me one bit. Especially because this was the same woman howling and going hysterical who upto what in screen time perhaps max 3 weeks ago was ready to kill the baby herself. 

And Barun's voice modulation fell flat today. Yes, he was meant to be broken, but he's done so much better like the night of the wedding and his breakdowns then... but the expressive eyes worked for me so the scene came out powerful eventually..

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by docgirl

Originally posted by --Sari--

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="2">A lovely post & spot on...If I had a rant, your above lines would be it...[B].I may sound like a broke record and face the wrath of phangurls but BS can deliver big time if he can improve on his

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#990000">Total 100% soul sisterhood today Sari! Supari from the phangurls on you and me both Wink---- but I can't take Sobti's mumbling anymore. Zinny, we've been yelling from the rooftops, but the show's powers that be don't seem to care. If Sobti has bollywood ambitions, he has to do better than this in being understood.</font>

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#990000">Unfortunately Daljeet will have more to deliver in terms of complexity. The sooner they restore her to the sweet clueless Di the better. That she can do...!</font>

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#990000">@Israt: You've become a Sobti phangurl I think... usskay mann say aapkay mann tak! You understood him completelyShockedShockedShockedHis speech seemed more unclear today than usual. Like Zinny I went back a few times and still didn't get it fully!Confused</font>

NO... I am not a phangurl by any measure. There have been days when I had trouble understanding what he was saying. But, fortunately for me today was not one of those days. Big smile

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Ippy - The things you do for me girl...Thank you...Hug

I didn't have room for this one but it was fabulous...Clap Wanted to share it with others...

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maaloo

The episode was really good, and very dramatic. Didn't like dadi as usual though. Her insistence in trying to get back Shyam.. it was kind of grating to me. Even in these trying times, it was as if she was proving her point with her I-told-you-so looks. 
Tomorrow, is when Shyam and Arnav come face to face. It being the hospital, and since he was obviously called in by Dadi, their face-off will be very limited I think. But anyways, the game has begun.. and though Shyam may feel powerful right now, he cannot be the God-player for long. 

I couldn't believe Dadi pushing Nani to bring back Shyam, she really wasted no time but in a way it is good since it leads to Arnav finally coming face to face with Shyam and realizing he was never out of the picture. I agree the face off will be limited with Shyam believing he's won but as usual that overconfidence will be his defeat, he will be back at RM alright but he won't be able to operate like he has in the past not with many of them watching him like a hawk. I truly look forward to his return at RM, it should be good.

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
Hey Sari, not a problem.
Just giving you an option to choose what you want..I had free time so I just put things together generally... Big smile

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