Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:Together in grief...

--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:34pm | IP Logged

The mighty Arnav Singh Raizada who always claimed he was in charge of his destiny, admitted he was a failure...A higher power governs us all...

Emotional episode, the story really moved today by leaps. A pleasant surprise for me as my expectation for this week was rock bottom. They delivered this time...

Things that worked for me, Arnav in the peetal bartan, feeling helpless.But a persistent Khushi wouldn't let him go there by himself. She has vowed to be by his side, she is his wife. She was decisive in her stand as she defined her role as his wife and the bahu of the family tonight. Her attempts worked, the tough ASR bares his soul....A beautiful moment, I never expected this to come so easily....He has accepted her as his soul mate, the wedding is just a formality that is forced upon them. A social obligation....Anjali's delusional world and her realization, her anguish over the loss of her dreams yet again to tragic circumstances....

Arnav walks alone like he did 14 years ago....He peeks in concerned for his sister. In many ways, she is his little sister not his Di. The vulnerable one, a delicate flower he has nurtured in his garden...She could wilt any moment but the caring brother has nurtured her dreams and he has lived his life through her...He has been her rock....He has tried his best to keep her away from all the hardships coz she is fragile...She is living in her fantasy land and her brother nurtured her fantasies...It was his duty...She got everything she wanted but destiny had other plans...

Arnav's little sister...

She like his mother is unable to bear reality and is in a constant state of denial....Her delusional state is her state of mind not a mental illness....She lives in a fantasy world....Tonight that state was very much alive....She paints a perfect world, her rajkumari....her little angel who will call her mom....the things she wants to do for her little girl....the socks, the sweater for the newborn.....

Until she saw her brothers face through the glass panel....The hurt in his eyes said it all.....One look at his face, she knew her Chote wouldn't lie....The man she trusts most of all....Her emotional rock was shedding tears....A moment of realization and she is shattered....Her bother is never wrong....He can never do any wrong, not to her.....

The scream was the anguish of a mother who had just lost her child....She leans on Khushi, her brother's wife....Even in her distress, she reaches out to the woman her husband lusted for....This means Anjali in her heart completely trusts Khushi and will lean on her for support..... I applaud this girl for being so forgiving....She in many ways is like Khushi, a child at heart...if only she could be tougher like Khushi....

Khushi - their strength, their emotional rock...

Khushi is Arnav's strength and tonight he realized it too....He cannot be without her. She has seen the good, bad and the ugly side of Arnav Singh Raizada but she still loves him for who he is... Arnav was alone 14 years ago but tonight she makes him realize he isn't alone....She will be walking with him thru these trying times....

It didn't take much time for Arnav to open up to this girl, her presence was enough....He breaksdown and she quietly listens....True to his nature, he blames himself for everything wrong that could happen to them in the last 14 years....Every raksha bandhan he promises to protect his sis but destiny has something else in store....A man who once said he carved his own destiny,  today admitted in front of God, there was a higher power.....He was helpless..... How ironic.... 

Shadows from the past, knocking on the door waiting to be unveiled...

He couldn't help his mother, his sis lost everything....He married Khushi to save his sis's marriage, she still lost Shyam and today she lost her only hope, her child.... Khushi's hug was the consolation he was looking for....Tonight they both found strength in each other....

I do not want to ruin this moment by looking into the future, speculating...I want the CV's to tell me their story....Too much emphasis on symbolism and hidden meanings has ruined this gripping story...I am going to be the average viewer, sit back and enjoy the story yet to unfold...Show me a simple story and take me on this beautiful journey....I entrust my 30 minutes to the CV's....I trust them to make it or break it....Coz the ultimate power is in my hands, the remote....

For now, I am on this enjoying this wild ride wanting to see more....I love the story the way it is going so far, exactly where I wanted it to be, where I wanted Arhi to be...Together in grief and each others emotional strength...In sickness and in health...

Pics- Ippy


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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:35pm | IP Logged

What a heart wrenching episode, it had that old IPKKND feel to it with the cast at their best, tighter scripts, better execution, on a whole a very well done episode. I loved it!

Anjali like expected is in denial and depended on Khushi and Arnav to keep her SKD intact it was only when she saw Arnav's tears that reality set in. I felt for her character in this episode, it is always painful to have your dreams shattered and for Anjali it was a devastating blow.

With the exception of Arnav and Khushi, I found Manorama to be the most realistic out of the family. Manorama rightfully did not want to leave her child's side knowing the ordeal she's endured but the rest of the family did not put up much of fight which I found surprising.

After comforting Anjali, Khushi made sure Arnav was not forgotten. The rest of his family were oblivious to his pain but not Khushi, she was right there by his side staying back while the rest of the family headed home.

I really like how Khushi balanced being there for Anjali and Arnav, she took care of Anjali until she fell asleep then went to Arnav who did not shut her out as he would have in the past. The growth continues with Arnav letting Khushi into his pain, his helplessness. Khushi is now his confidante, he accepts he is no longer alone. Arnav painfully reveals the past that made him who he is and why today he feels like a failure for letting history repeat itself.

Finally we get more to the flashbacks and what led to their parents suicide but I am sure there is more to this than what Arnav and Anjali know. Arnav heard his mother's side but did not hear his father's, isn't it possible what his mother saw was similar to what he thought he witnessed on the terrace?? It seems it doesn't take much for MU to happen in the family so I wouldn't be surprised if there is more to this and Garima is not the other woman.

Precap was really good, I was not expecting a Shyam and Arnav face to face happening this soon but it is. I'm hoping Arnav will suspect Dadi has been in contact with Shyam all this time. How else does it explain how Shyam ended up at the hospital? I highly doubt he showed up on his own, he must have waited for the call.

Shyam's re-entry to RM is a given, especially now that he is no longer hiding his meetings from the family. It is going to be a difficult decision for all involved, with the exception of Dadi no one wanted Shyam back in Anjali's life but he is back and right now ripping him away from a fragile Anjali would do more harm than good. There are more gripping episodes ahead and I have faith the CVs will deliver like they did today and on Friday.

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Wonderful take Sari, loved it and loved the pics!

Today was fantastic; tight script, excellent pace and brilliant performances. The siblings rocked today. Today was about Arnav-Anjali and all about their rock Khushi. I am traveling this week and will be MIA but just wanted to drop in today to say i loved the episode and I'm super excited about the upcoming track. I am hoping for a united ARHI who stand with each other through thick and thinHeart.
Barun was undoubtedly at his brilliant best excellently supported excellently by Sanaya and Daljeet was very good in her scenes. I really felt for all 3 characters todayThumbs Up

Take care all and have a great week ahead. I'll try to drop by as n when i can otherwise catch up with all of you next weekSmile

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Hello All
Strange are the ways of IPK and its story writers.  They take several weeks and months addressing a track and when they do it is swift and instant.  There are many examples, the latest being the miscarriage and Arnie's past.  Was happy about the former and its speed of execution and unhappy about the latter. But more on this later in the post...

On the whole a BRILLAINT episode wanting me to reach out and hug Arnie and yes Anji as well . Orphans wanting to move on in life to find happiness that eludes them, as if the curse remains and price for every smile and laugh is to be paid in tears.  Brilliant acting by Mr. Sobti with his quiet , restrained and soul baring breakdown and Ms. Sanaya for that quiet , restrained and rock solid support during the breakdown.

The epi starts with the family rushing to room to find Anji  conscious who seemed as if she had risen from  a small nap rather than a grueling operation.    ( Request to the director -  actor , please do a bit of research on how actual patients look and feel after losing a 7 month baby )   Typical Anji  continues to assure everyone that  all is well in her baby voice  with  Khushi & mami trying to tell her the facts. As I said on Friday the only way that Anji will ever see the FACTS is thru self-realization and her first contact with her brother who she knows never lies to her.   He raajkumaari   gone and her pain boundless  ' I thought DB did a good job of denial and acceptance.

Having been asked to leave the patient alone , dadi did whatever an elder would do  - Lets call her husband as the wife needs him the most. For once I did not question her as from where dadi stands  she is thinking about Anji and at times like this even if she knew what nani does  , elders do think of  being lenient during times like this .  Her plan to stay back was just that , to make way for Shyam.

For me the episode started from the time everyone left.   Arnie walks about in the hospital recollecting his sister's happiness over her baby . Was it a coincidence that Arnie  stood in the presence of God  while confronting all the times that he tried to change the course of destiny ?  The man who "Makes his own destiny"   still unable to comprehend   his attempts to make his sister happy is controlled and directed by a bigger power.

I was very apprehensive as Khushi approached Arnie to sit beside him , waiting for him to close up on her or to say ' Leave me alone.  Here he begins his soul baring conversation, opens up the wound that he has never shared with anyone , his struggles as a boy and the image of his parents death and his dads betrayal.  As a 14 year old boy wanting to understand why he lost everything and finding someone to blame ' his DAD  . Makes so much sense as to what he saw on the terrace that night with Shyam & Khushi and how he blamed her for his sister's misery.

Arnie's past has been the most intriguing piece of information that we the audience have been waiting to unravel.  What happened in the past that made Arnav the way he is today,  why is Anji the fragile flower  , why does nani accuse Arnie of being frivolous as his dad and dadi  blames him for the wrong decision many years ago.   If the "past" was as flimsy as the  two minutes conversation as Arnie witnessed between his parents than I must say  I am very disappointed.  There has to more to a reason of double suicide and  more than  "I saw that women in your arms.." routine.  I am sincerely hoping this was just the basic and from Atnie's POV and there is more to it.   This is where I say that the Cvs at times skim over a  track which can be huge and needs more attention that the 2 minutes Maggie noodles ' all twirled up.

Next is the Garima angle.  I am going to play safe here and say that indeed Garima is the other women ( well I was absolutely sure that the kidnapper was not Shyam )  and if she indeed is then again the cvs have done a bad job of it.  Garima did see Anji at the funeral  and  never did she once show any reaction to her  when her daughters were being married to that household.  I will be mighty pissed at the writers taking such liberties.

I am happy that the story  writer is taking a brave step and addressing the basic  crux of the story which is the two lovers and their difficult  journey.  I love the romantic chemistry and their lighter moments but  it is the emotions that these two share that makes IPK beautiful for me.  I can well see Khushi stand by him though she will back dadi on getting Shyam back and  will back Garima when her truth is out .  ArHi will continue on their path of " Kyu dard hai itna tere ishaq mein''.."  and I am loving it.

Here is to the man who brings Arnav to life -

And thank a lot Sari for opening this thread for us everyday.  We kind of expect it ..whcih is a bit embarrasing ...but is graetly appreciated nevertheless.  Thx once again.

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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged

A tuned down histrionics approach to the scenes that unfolded today, allowed the viewers to empathize the upheavals in the life of Arnav, Anjali and Khushi perfectly essayed by  Barun, Daljeet and Sanaya.Clap
Anjali - Once she regains consciousness, she knows that something is wrong yet refuses to accept it in spite of tearful insistence from her family members. One unspoken look shared with her brother is enough to force her accept reality and the heartbreaking loss of her baby. Her dream of a perfect family stands shattered and she is completely broken.

Arnav - ASR to the world, a man who prided in controlling his own destiny now stands helpless, hapless, angry and crushed.  Helpless - as he watches his sister going through her worst nightmare, yet unable to face and console her. Hapless - as he considers himself a person who is never destined to have happiness, fate has played a cruel hand in the closest members of his life mom, dad and now sister. Anger - considering himself a failure to stop Shyam, anger on his ability to stop the past from  repeating. Crushed - as the past continues to haunt him irrespective of how much ever he distances away from it.

Khushi- She knows and understands the agony Arnav is going through and refuses to leave his side at the hospital. Her mere presence next to him makes him share his deepest fears and insecurities, he breaks down in front of her - a huge turnaround for Arnav who has always locked up his emotions. She cries with him, for him, for this deeply tortured soul and embraces him in a hug that conveys it all without any words. He hugs her back, somewhere a bit comforted that he does not have to fight these battles alone anymore, once again divine presence watching over them. How far have these  two come together from the first day of the supposed contract marriage?

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:43pm | IP Logged

What a wonderful tearjerker of an episode...Clap

Kya socha tha Friday sab ne and kya Cvs ne diya.. The episode was too serious and emotional for me to pen down random rubbish like I usually do. So i'm just highlighting some stuff.

Today BS/SI and even DB were absolutely wonderful today.Star

BS for the brilliant portrayal of anguish and Arnavs helplessness. This guy knows how to cry and make others cry with him.

DB showed he can move beyond the 2 facial expressions and was great at showing Anjali's denial and grief.

SI had few dialogues but her expressions did it all. Khushi became the support for both siblings.

Today we found out what makes Arnav Singh Raizada a douche.

He has a chaap on his dimaag. Which is bigger than the flimsy terrace Chaap.

Today the man who makes his own kismat called himself a failure because he couldn't make his sister happy.

Khushi is a gem. She keeps herself in check and sambhals everyone. I love how she passes around her jaadu wali jhappis and they make everything better. I loved the way she said "hum yahi rukhenge." You go Chotti! Show them who's boss.

Bechara Chotte really needed one today..For blaming himself and calling himself a failure twice. No Chote aisa mat kaho.. you no fail fail. Fail tumhare dushman...

Looks like Amma Malik had a MU. There is more to this back story that what we've been told...Too many Chawal in this Kichdi or as Rags corrected. "Pulses are Black"Ermm

Anjali - I felt for the lady today. Maybe if she goes back to normal, I will too. But at the moment I sympathise with her.

Tomorrow looks Good... Hope we get some fisticuffs and Khushi better not step in...Oh and some heated words with Dadi too.Evil Smile

To the Cvs. Jo dikhana hai dikhao. Hum dekhenge..I'm liking this story.Big smile

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Ipkknd-ki-fan1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Great post !!

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:52pm | IP Logged

Great storytelling today. The team is back and are doing what they do best. I felt the old execution back and it felt good. I don't care "where too" so long as where I'm headed is a good ride and can stay with me for me to say "I'm glad I watched it all the way".

A miscarriage is an emotional issue, more so because its not a choice like an abortion. Nevertheless, I've never enjoyed its depiction on screen. Indian or Foreign. Different people react differently, grieving is different and it never settles with me as to how this stuff becomes so sell-able. But, that's me. I've seen females in my family go through miscarriages. Some grieve alone with just their husbands in their room and pick themselves up. In an AD where I belong, a miscarriage isn't a huge family gathering where everyone cries and the mother to be reacts hysterically. It sadly is a part of life much like stillborns and eptopic pregnancies are, even though the latter is harder to get over.
So my point is, give this week to Anjali, but after than move the frick on because Gul, you're a female and there are women all over the world who get up and dust themselves after such traumatic incidents and come out stronger and live life very decently, I know off some, I'm related to one so this very well is personal experience not something I "expect" in general. Daljeet, you have so much more potential girl, why did I feel I was watching a drama in the early 2000's today?

Barun Sobti, take a bow dude Clap
You're asset is expressing with your eyes and you blew me over today. Its hard for an actor to make an audience feel exactly what and how he's feeling but you did it flawlessly. The helplessness, the frustration, the anger all off it was expressed beautifully. Your voice modulation isn't the greatest, but the expressive eyes help and that did it for me today.

Arnav and Khushi together fighting through tough times and Khushi being Arnav's emotional strength with Ganpati ji in the backdrop gives me hope that he's looking over them and they will get through all the obstacles laid out together. The past will shake them up and there will be a difference in opinion, but nonetheless, they will still be together and work together, they don't necessarily have to be physically together or apart. They've come a long way now, they're one soul and this will help them get through in tougher times.

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