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Arjun FF: Shayad yahi toh pyaar hai. Link to T2 added (Page 6)

sizzysehrish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged
awesome fantastic loved itt a lott intro of all character is mast
cont asap 

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mayur-ani Groupbie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
That was great! Can't wait for them to meet! :D

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Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Hey guys, I'm back with the next Chapter.. Thank you for all the beautiful comments and 'likes'Hug.. 

Hope you enjoy reading this one as well.. Smile

Chapter 2

Home Minister: "ACP Arjun Suryakant Raute!"

Rathore was livid with rage, "RAUTE??"

Home Minister: "Yes Rathore.. Raute.. Tum aur hum dono hi achhi tarah jaante hain, ki iss case ke liye Arjun Raute hi best rahega.."

Rathore was a little offended at that, "Kyun Sir, kya aapko mujhpar aur meri ETF team par trust nahi hai? Sir, yeh ek high-profile case hai.. I hope ki aap iski sensitivity samjhte hain.. Raute ko iss case mein involve karna bevakoofi hogi Sir.."

The Home Minister smiled, "Its not like that Rathore. Agar hum tumpar trust nahi karte, toh tumhe ETF ka chief kabhi nahi banate.. 

Lekin Raute ki baat hi alag hai.. Woh toh ek sher hai.. Jo akela shikar karta hai.. Usse kissi ka darr nahi hai.. Uski apni ek soch hai, apna ek operation ka tareeka hai.. Aur mind you, usne aaj tak humein kabhi disappoint nahi kiya..

Aur usski sabse khaas baat yeh bhi hai, ki woh kabhi kissi ke saamne ghutne nahi tekta.. Peer or political pressure has never affected him.. Aur iss case mein ussi khoobi ki zaroorat hai..

Rathore replied sarcastically, "Sir! Kal aur aajke Arjun Raute mein bohot farq hai Sir.. Pagal ho gaya hai woh.. Apna maansik santulan kho baitha hai!

Apni biwi ki maut ka gehra sadma laga hai usse.. Kayi baar duty se temporary suspend bhi ho chukka hai, issi wajah se.. Kabhi bhi kissi bhi pitai karna, rules-protocol follow na karna, aur seniors ki baat na maan ne ki toh jaise ussne kasam hi kha rakhi hai.. Gusse mein kab kya kar baithta hai, usse khud nahi pata.."

Home Minister: "I am aware of all that Rathore.. Hum uske past se bohot achhi tarah se waakif hain.. But then, I also cannot ignore the fact that Arjun Raute is a super-cop..
And besides, you had asked for a Chief Investigating Officer for ETF, a few months back, right? Toh samjah lo, that you have your right hand man!

Humne usse already orders bhej diyein hai.. He is on his way.. I expect you two to maintain a cordial working relationship. And I hope ki tum dono apne personal differences kaam ke beech nahi laoge.."

Rathore hung up and punched the wall behind him and saw Chottu and Shree standing next to him with a worried expression.

Chottu: "Shree, aaj toh Sir ekdum solid mood mein hain.. Koi galti mat karna bachhu.. Warna aaj toh jaan se gaye.."

Shree gulped at looked at Chottu..
Rathore held out his phone, "We have another officer joining us on the case..", he spoke through gritted teeth..
Shree and Chottu exchanged worried looks.

Rathore looked at them, "Aise kya ghoor rahe ho? Jaan na nahi chahoge kaun?
ACP Arjun Raute!!"
Shree gasped while Chottu looked on bewildered..

Arjun had been riding his bike back home in the rains, when he received a call. He parked his bike and answered it.. It was the DGP of Maharashtra State, who had previously also been Arjun's mentor.

Arjun: "Sir!!"

DGP: "Raute.. Ek Emergency situation hai, a high-profile case.. Haan.. Mumbai mein.. Case ETF ke charge mein hai.. Tum unhe iss investigation mein join karoge.."

Arjun's head snapped up at that, "Sir.. Main abhi crime scene par pohonchta hoon.. I'll do what I can.. But Sir, I can't join the ETF.. Main ETF join nahi kar sakta..

Meri zindagi ka sirf ek hi mission hai aur woh kya hai aap achhi tarah se jaante hain.. Jab tak woh poora nahi ho jaata, main koi aur responsibility nahi le sakta.."

The DGP sighed, "Raute! Main jaanta hoon.. Lekin kab tak bhagte rahoge apni duty se? Tum ek officer ho, aur tumhe iss baat ko humesha yaad rakhna chahiye.. 

Anyway, agar main tumse kahoon ki mere paas Roshni ki death ko lekar koi lead hai, kya tab bhi tumhara decision yahi hoga?"

Arjun's eyes shot up with rage, "SIKANDAR??"

DGP: "Haan, mere kuch sources ne pata lagaya hai, ki Sikandar India wapas aa raha hai.. Uske yahan aate hi.."

Arjun was literally shaking with rage.. He held his breath and spoke, "Mujhe uska pata chahiye Sir.."

DGP: "Milega Raute..My sources are working on it and we will get a lead very soon.. And I promise you my complete support..

Lekin Sikandar se ladhne ke liye, tumhe pehle wahi puranawala Arjun ban na hoga.. Woh Arjun jo har chakravyuh ko bhed sakta tha.. Woh Arjun, jo shatir tha, jo hoshiyar tha.. jo apne dil aur dimaag dono se sochta tha..

Tum bhatak gaye ho Raute.. Tumhe ek Saarthi ki zaroorat hai.. Ek Saarthi, jo tumhe guide kar sake.. tumhe sahi raah dikha sake..
Aur yakeen maano, woh Saarthi ETF hi hai.."
Arjun rested his back against the back of a tree, "Lekin Sir, ETF ko meri kya zaroorat? They have Rathore.."

DGP: "ETF ko ek jaanbaaz officer ki zaroorat hai Raute..Someone who can think out of the book.. I believe it is the best independent operation force in the country.. Their new recruits are also very promising.. 
Bass, Rathore ke kuch primitive methods ki wajah se pichle kuch saalon se, unka luck bura chal raha hai.. Aise mein hum chahte hai, ki tum bhi ETF join karo.. Train the new recruits along with Rathore.. I believe you both will make an excellent team..

Aur haan, tum Rathore ki chinta mat karo..He's a terrific leader.. Usse order bhej diya gaya hai.. Mujhe bass tumhara jawab chahiye.. Yes or No?"

Arjun sighed, "Its a yes Sir! Main ETF join karunga.."

DGP: "Great.. Mujhe tumse yahi ummeed thi.. So, ACP Arjun Raute, aaj se tum, ETF ke Chief Investigating Officer ho; second-in-command to ACP Rathore.. Koi sawaal?"

Arjun sat back on his bike, "No Sir!" He kick-started his Royal Enfield and zoomed through the crowd to his destination..

Riya had been stuck in the heavy traffic and torrential rains for over an hour. Shree was in touch with her every 10 minutes and had been constantly providing her details on the case. She had by now, made up her notes and had started analysing the case already.

Riya: So, Shree, tell me one thing, kya victim ke body pe koi struggle marks hain?"

Shree had been crouching on his knees everytime, Riya questioned him. 
He hit his head against the wall gently, "Ri, I can't touch the body.. Only a forensic expert can do that and which is why you are being called, hai na?"

Riya looked around and sighed, "Shree, I have just crossed Bandra junction.. Mujhe aur ek ghanta toh lag hi jayega.."

Shree's eyes popped out, "Ek aur ghanta? Ri, tumhe ETF join karne se pehle hi suspend kar denge.."

Riya had started panicking, she told the driver to drive as fast as he could and resumed reading the case details, which Shree had just mailed her..

Victim: Unindentified..
Cause of death: Unidentified..
Witnesses: being spoken to..
Clinical examination and autopsy conclusions: Blank..

Riya sighed and checked pictures of the crime scene next, why was there no blood around.. Generally when a person falls from such a height and lands on the concrete flooring, there should've been a blood pool around the body, due to injury to the head. Normally, victims bleed to death in some cases.

She made a note to check for any such symptoms and concussion, was on the top of her list.

Her head had started throbbing by now and she needed coffee in her system, "Bhaiyajee, aage uss coffee shop ke bahar do minute rokna.."

She quickly grabbed a Mocha and a Panini and resumed work.

She looked at the images again and threw her head back in frustration, Sitting here, won't help Ri.. You can't work like this.. You need to be at the crime scene..
She shut her eyes and tried to catch up on some much needed nap for a while..

Arjun was stuck in the same traffic.. He hated the rains.. Because, they disrupted normalcy.. Also, because they reminded him of Roshni.. How Roshni had loved the rains!


He was sitting in the verandah sipping his cup of tea, when Roshni came running from the kitchen, "Arjun! Tez baarish shuru ho gayi hai.. saare kapde bheeg jayenge.." 
And she sprinted towards the garden and started removing clothes from the drying line.

Arjun however, had eyes only for his beautiful wife. She looked like an angel, he thought.. He placed his cup aside and walked out. She held out a few clothes to him and asked him to help her out. However, Arjun had other plans..

He flung the clothes in the direction of the main door, and grabbed Roshni by the waist. She jerked back and looked at her husband surprised. 
She saw the familiar naughty glint in his eyes and nodded in negative, "Saare kaapde bheeg rahein hai.. Andar chaliye."

Arjun gently held both her arms and put it around his neck, "Kapde hi toh hain.. Bheeg jaane do na Roshni..But I promise ki main tumhe bilkul bheegne nahi doonga.."

She smiled and he pulled her even closer, "Bohot pyaar aa raha hai aaj aapko? Kyun, duty pe nahi jaana kya?"

Arjun shrugged his shoulders, "Tum kaho toh aaj na jaaon! Ab apni biwi ke saath romance karne ka yeh mauka main kaise miss kar sakta hoon.."

Roshni hit him playfully, "Soch lijiye.. Aapko ek ghante mein night shift ke liye nikalna hai.. Phir mujhe dosh mat dijiyega.. Koi yeh na kahe, ki ACP Arjun Raute apne farz se chuk gaye.."

And she winked at him, "Samjhe ya samjhaun?"

Arjun raised his eyebrow and smirked; he had hoisted her on his right shoulder and  was carrying her into the house, the very next minute, admist her giggles..

                                             *Flashback ends*

He was brought out of his reverie by the honking of vehicles behind him. He shook his head, as if trying to put the memories in the back of his head and rode off..

How was it?? Like it or no?? Wink  Smile
I knoww.. No Ariya in this one as well.. Confused  But then their first meeting has to be awesome na.. just building up the track for it.. Don't you worry!
 Next Chapter onwards, you're going to get a lot of Ariya.. Big smile

So, for compensation, I added a Arjun-Roshni scene.. Hope you liked it.. Smile

Note: Oh and btw, for those who don't knw what a saarthi is.. (I know, I'm kinda underestimating your mythological knowledge here..) Bt just feel the need to clarify, 
Saarthi is one who rides the chariot for a warrior.. the most-well known one in Indian mythology was Bhagwan Shri Krishna for Arjuna.. 

So, basically a saarthi is one who guides who, in case you lose track in the battlefield.. Similarly, the DGP thinks ETF might prove to be Saarthi for apna Akdu Raute.. Wink

Hope that didn't bore you guys.. Smile

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please note that PM's will be sent only to those in my Buddy list.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

 NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and are not to be copied to other sites..

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Aqua_marine Goldie

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Liked a lot...
U r quite a matire writer
Now waitin for ariya momnts..continue soon

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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So, WiIl Ri and Arjun meet before they reach the crime scene?! :D

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Aqua_marine Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -vrshn-

So, WiIl Ri and Arjun meet before they reach the crime scene?! :D

I just so wish that

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Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -vrshn-

So, WiIl Ri and Arjun meet before they reach the crime scene?! :D

You read my mind dear! Wink  I was going to put it that way.. but nah! Have something more interesting planned.. Keep reading.. Smile

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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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loved it...

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