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Arjun FF: Shayad yahi toh pyaar hai. Link to T2 added (Page 108)

Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princeess07

Dii..u made us wait so long...but it was worth waitng..
Let me talk about Mrs. Rathod first..
She's a strong character..the way she answered her Bua Sa..i just loved her..
She really had to tell those things..
So Rathod's father had caused them to split..
Roshni was Sameer's sister..
Arjun handled Sameer at the end..n he even was relieved..
Riya's intution..was somewhat providing answers..
Riya n Arjun's taunts in the funny..
Coming to the case..its being confusing..
no reason for murder n person wid two names..
Waiting for more..
Can't wait already..
Continue Soon..

Yes.. to all.. More on Arjun-Sameer-radhika in the next one! Big smile
Thanks so much dear! Big smile

Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 March 2011
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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1likeNoOther

really missed this ff. thanks for the looong update!

loved every bit of it :) :)
arjun-sameer-roshni-radhika all have such a tragic past.
really feel for them. hope mr&mrs rathod can get a second chance to their relationship and arjun gets a 2nd chance at love [with riya of course ;) ]
can't wait for more
update soon :) :) :)Thumbs Up

thanks so much dear.. Big smile
Yes.. they will all get their 2nd chances.. Do not fear, when I'm here! Wink
Coming up real soon! Big smile

Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 12pr

it was amazing i love it too much

head's of to you 
keep it up dear

you made me speechless 

i like the diloge of arjun when riya hit her feet ha ha ha i am badly ruffling tum bejan chiso ko bhi nahi baksti ha ha haROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.

and then he give her a first aid wow

i love the seen where arjun support rathod god kya seen tha

pls pls pls update soon and tnx for pm

this is for u dear

Thank you! Big smile  Glad you liked it.. Smile
Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidya.anand

Awesome posts dear
loved the small nhok jhok between Arjun and Riya
he is so caring..he brought cotton and antiseptic for her
and caught her smacking him...ROFL

haha.. Yes.. he is.. After all he's our Arjun Ji! WinkEmbarrassed Oh and he did! LOL

then the turn of events in the case was amazing... Thanks!

Radhika, her character is just so inspiring...lovely!
the scene at the food court was brilliantly portrayed...
loved her reaction and voicing out to the insensitive bua!

Thanks soo much! Embarrassed

then of course the emotional scene at the end...loved it!
Yupp.. more on that one in the next one! Wink

now broken pieces seem to gel back again!

cont soon!

Thank you Vidzi,. Big smileEmbarrassed
Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ariyaFan

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you ...for the Update.Now you might b thinking Y so many thank you's.I remember  since last few updates of SYTPH i was continuously waiting for Sameer Radhika's update& here you  granted my wishDancingBig smile.Coming to the update no doubt i loved it.Ariya's scene too gud.Saat rehne se shayad dono ka sense of humor accha ho gaya hai lagtaLOL.Radhika yaar,gud to see that she actually answered those stupid ladies.LOL.Coming to Sameer,feeling bad for him.But i am happy to see that her insults mattered him alot & I feel that this might b the reason for him leaving her with heavy heart Cry.His family taunting her,insulting her & she because she loves her husband would have never back answered them & sameer might have taken the harsh decision to leave her.Plz ab to amne samne laado unko.

Thanks so much dear.. Your comments always put up a smile on my face.. Big smile

Haha.. sangat ka asar abhi padna shuru bhi nahi hua hai.. LOL 

Yes.. Sameer left her because he had disappointed her by picking his family over her and Arjun when they needed him! He couldn't live with the guilt.. Ouch

Aayenge.. Bohot jald saamna karvayenge.. But before that bohot kuch hona baaki hai! Big smile

Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by devildiva21

sorry for the late comment...!!Big smileEmbarrassed
super wala top update di...!!!
the picture between the four is getting clear...!!!
hatss off to radhika... she is such a strong woman.,... just adore her for that...!!!  after losing so much she is still standing with dignity... loving her spirit...!!!
aur sam... he left everything...!!!Cry and ran away...!!! and arjun... omg wo coma mai taShockedCry but why are sam's family and in past sam also blaming arjun for roshni's death?Shocked
arghh sam's bua is too much...!!! she was saying so harsh things to radhika... but loved sam's mom she is caring towards radhika...!!!
sam ke cabin wala scenes was beautifully written and portrayed...!!! arjun's worry for sam and sam's relief when arjun kep his hand on him lovingly... awsum...!!!
riya is also getting some vibes about  their relationships...!!!
first part was also lovely...!!! lol riya bhi har jagah takrati rhti hai...!!!LOL and arjun's dialogue takrane wala too good...!!!LOL wow loved arjun's concern for her...!! usko antiseptic bhi laa ke diya and uske lie door bhi open kiya...!!!Wink aur riya she is shocked and confused with his behaviourLOL badia hai... abhi to aur shocks aane baki haiWink
case is getting super interesting...!! so much mystery...!!!
ab jaldi se radhika ki entry ho etf maiWink
continue soon...!!! eagerly waiting for the next part...!!!

Thanks so much dear! Big smileEmbarrassed

Yes.. abhi bohot shocks aane baaki hain! Wink

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Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sashashyam

My dear Avantika,

As you can see, I am trying to narrow the time gap between your updates and my comments, and I hope to  return to my old pattern soon.

Now, as for this 2 parter, I am not really sure what to say. I expected something quite melodramatic as an explanation for Sameer Rathore's abandonment of his wife. Your  solution is fairly soapish, but not unduly so, and I thought the verbal cat fight between Sameer's aunts and a suddenly galvanized Radhiks was particularly well done,  and rang far truer than most such scenes in TV serials.

For one thing, Radhika exited on a high note and left those harpies standing, unlike the TV soap female lead, who seems to make it a point t stand there like Lot's wife, till her tormentors have finished disgorging all their nasty lines. Here, she manages to have the last word, and I applauded her. Plus, I found her standing up  for her husband,  regardless of his treatment of her, very typical and thus convincing.

More to the point, you have really not explained Rathore's exiting at all, except for the oblique hint that it was linked to his  anger at Arjun's inability to save Roshni's life. It is all still unclear, like something glimpsed thru  a foggy window.  If Sameer's father wanted to punish his unwelcome son-in-law, Arjun,  by cutting him off from his Radhika Di, why would Sameer go along with it? Especially when Arjun was in a coma and Radhika desperately wanted, indeed needed, to be with him in that crisis?

Plus, how does Rathore's action  jell with Radhika trying to dissuade him, pleading that it was in no way his fault? What was not his fault,  his kid sister Roshni being murdered without his being able to save her?

And how does this fit in with the other  explanation that Rathore went away for the sake of his wife's safety? He had let the overtly protective husband and father in him take over the practical person he was and had ended up ruining everything he had held dear to himself once upon a time.. In an attempt to protect and keep her safe, he had lost Radhika's trust and love in him.  It is all too confusing at the moment.

I see that you believe in keeping it all in the family, which is why Roshni is Rathore's sister. I suppose you wanted to explain the depth of the alienation between Arjun and Sameer, for which a very personal sense of loss was needed on both sides.

The scene where Arjun overcomes years of bitterness, and reaches out to Rathore when he glimpses the raw agony that racks him, has come off  very well.  I caught my first ever glimpse of a mature and compassionate Arjun, and I was delighted. I hope he stays this way.

Incidentally, I wonder what happened to those bangles. Gold can only be bent, but emeralds can fall out of their settings.  I see that  your Rathore is given to throwing things, like  a prima donna. I suppose the TV version is limited to  loud ejaculations of Damn! , and not allowed to break things, so as to save some money!

I was not too interested in the Arjun-Riya scenes, which seem to be going round in circles. This  is due to the unchanging cat-and'dog nature of all their interactions, with Arjun  either smirking or rolling his eyes (this are things that FF characters in this forum seem to love  doing. How does one actually roll one's eyes? As for 'smirk', it  is a hardy perennial, and seems to be a new short form for confidently cocky, though I have rarely, if ever, seen it used in good novels) and Riya glaring (with  what seems to be the mandatory popping eyes; she would look strange and unsightly if this was taken literally. Why can her eyes not simply widen, in surprise, shock, or disbelief? ) at his indifferent back, when she is not falling over something.

Avantika, my dear, do shake both of them out of this straightjacket and make them behave like rational adults.

As for the case, I do not at all understand why Sanjana aka  Suhana was actually contemplating marrying that Girish. It is bizarre. And how was  her legally wedded husband permitting it, tacitly or otherwise? I cannot believe that any man would let or make his wife marry another man to help him fight the case against him. And will any wife actually accept  any such proposal?

I am also not convinced about Arjun's argument that Mayura had no motive to murder Girish. It could very well have been a murder committed in the heat of sudden anger at an insult or a threat, and for that, no special motive is needed. That part of Arjun's presentation still seems to me to be less than convincing; he has to advance some other and more solid proof for abandoning  Mayura as a suspect. 

As for Akshay or his father, as yet, neither has been shown to have been at the crime scene at the time of the murder.

I am looking forward to seeing how you  overcome all these niggling problems, and I am also confident that you will manage to clear these hurdles with panache.

Shyamala Aunty

Note: The next part might appear straight out of a daily soap.. But that's the best I could manage to tone it down.. Well, we all love drama, don't we! Wink

hello Aunty
Fantasia_junkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Hey ...
The part was amazing ...
Very interesting ...
Loved every bit of it ...
Waiting for more ...
Continue soon ..

thanks dear! Big smile

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