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FF:Nothing To Me? (16+)(Chapter 11 Update on pg 9) (Page 6)

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No he can't do that to her... Awhhh nooo! I hope she does go to the ball, or make him jealous! Loe to see hm confess now! Just read all parts all 8 parts must say well written, a little to blunt! But the storyline is different I'd like to see what happens to them now... How their love turns out! Plzz accept buddy request and pm me when you update :)

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the updates was very hot

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Chapter 9


Arnav was going down the main staircase when his Di called.

"Yeah Di?!"

"Quickly get ready!"

"Di, where are we going?!"

Anjali came into the main hall. "We're going to the Gupta's. It's Shashi uncle's death anniversary."


Arnav turned and went back up to his room. As he changed, he couldn't help but think of Khushi.

"I wonder what Khushi is doing," Arnav wondered aloud. "How is she feeling? She must be miserable and she must be crying."

Arnav quickly got ready and went outside and got out his jeep. Him and his father drove over to the Gupta's in that and the ladies were in the car.

They arrived to Gupta Manor. It was huge, but grim. Ever since the death of Shashi Gupta, Khushi's stepmother and stepsister wasted all the money on themselves, being cruel and selfish, selling many valuables inside the house.

Arnav's dadi knocked at the door and a maid opened the door. She led them into the living room and the Raizadas waited.

"Welcome to my home."

They looked up.

"Ah, Garima," Nani said, "it's been long."

Garima came in and sat down in an armchair near the fire place.

"It really has," Garima said. "It was years ago, when you all last came."

"Yes," Dadi sighed. "It was at Shashi's funeral."

Garima sobbed up and cried. Everyone tried to comfort her but Arnav got this weird feeling. He couldn't help but feel that her crying was fake.

"Thank you for your kindness," Garima whispered. "It is a very emotional thing, loosing your husband."

"We understand," both Nani and Dadi said humbly.

"Mother," a girl's voice shouted.

"In the living room, dear," Garima called back.

They heard footsteps and then a girl came into the room.

"Mother I-"

She stopped at the sight of the Raizadas.

"Payal, these are the Raizadas," Garima said sweetly. "And this," Garima said, turning back to the Raizadas, "is my daughter Payal."

Payal put her hands together. "Namaste."

"What a lovely child," Dadi gushed. "Come here betiyan."

Payal walked over to her and sat in between her and Nani. They all asked her questions, such as favorite hobbies, what she likes, hates, so much other stuff and Arnav got aggravated. He knew what the purpose of this visit was: to try to get Arnav to marry her. It wasn't the first time his family was doing this to him and he knew this wouldn't be the last.

"Chote," Nani said, snapping Arnav back to reality, "why don't you go with Payal betiyan and see the house."

Of course, Arnav thought. The same old "look around the house" plan.

"Uh, sure," Arnav replied. "I'd love to see the outside of this house. Perhaps the back?"

"Um, of course Malik," Payal replied sweetly.

The two got up and Payal led him to the back of the Manor. Outside was beautiful, nothing but a sight of green. The area was hilly and there was a lake not to far.

"Beautiful," Arnav said, taking in the wonderful sight.

"Really," Payal asked, blushing.

Arnav looked at her from the corner of his eyes, a scowl expression on his face. He ignored what she said and began to walk around. Payal caught up with him and managed to keep up with his pace.

She placed an arm through his. "So Malik… what are your interests?"

"My interests? Not much really. … I must say, this area is beautiful."

"It is, isn't it," Payal asked, rubbing her boob on his arm.

"Uh, yes."

Payal was about to say something when something came flying their way. Payal released Arnav and covered her head and ducked, even though the thing went flying up. Arnav watched it as it went when he heard a voice.


Arnav turned and saw a guy running their way. He looked familiar and Arnav tried to think back. Who is this guy? After thinking a bit, he realized that this was Arjun.

"I got it," Arjun shouted.

He turned and saw Arnav. "M-Malik?" Arjun swallowed. "I-I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay."

Arjun nodded and left. After getting a few feet away from Arnav, he yelled out.

"I got the frisbee! Heads up," and he threw it.

Arnav watched it as it flew over. A voice shouted out and Arnav felt his heart lighten.


Arjun ran and Arnav followed behind. Payal finally looked up and saw that Arnav was gone.

"I GOT IT! I g-"

Arnav reached the top of the hill and looked down, but no one was there. He looked around desperately but saw no one, just the grassy field and lake. A hand shot up from the lake, frisbee in hand. The person threw it and Arjun caught it.

"Khushi," Arjun yelled out.

Khushi popped out her head and slowly came out of the lake. Arnav watched as water trailed down her face, her walking out of the lake slowly, water trailing down her body. Her dress was clinging onto her and Arnav couldn't help but stare. Not only because it was outlining her body, but because unlike all her other dresses, this wasn't torn nor raggy. It was a decent dress that an average girl would wear, well, if they had money, that is.

"Arjun you gotta learn to throw that thing properly cause you my friend, are really bad at it," Khushi said.

She turned and saw Arnav. "Namaste Malik," she said, putting her hands together.

Just then Payal came running over.

"You stupid girl," Payal screamed out. "How the hell did you get it wet?!"

"What," Khushi simply replied. "Your ugly dress? I went for a swim. The dress is to big anyways, all poofed up so it'll make your breasts look bigger."

Payal's jaws dropped and she twitched her mouth and walked away. "Don't think I won't tell mother about this," Payal shouted back.

"Like I care!"

Arjun and Khushi nudged each other and then began to walk. Arnav stood still, thinking of how Khushi was so different than every other girl he'd ever met in his life.


Arnav turned to look at Khushi, snapping back to reality.

"Chale? Or do you want to stay here?"

Arnav shook his head. "No, let's go."

He followed behind Khushi and Arjun back to the house. Arnav went into the dining room, where his family was, as well as Garima and Payal. Arnav waited for Khushi to appear, but she never did. While eating, several maids came into the room, but not once did he see a single sight of Khushi.

After they were done eating, everyone went out to the patio. They talked and Arnav was getting bored. He wanted to see Khushi, but he didn't see her anywhere.

Garima noticed him looking out to the back. "I see you like the backyard a lot, Malik."


"No problem, Malik. Payal, take Malik out to the back."

Payal took him out and he searched for Khushi. All of a sudden, Arnav got this feeling. A feeling that told him Khushi was here. He turned and heard the sound of laughter. He ran over to where the sound came from, leaving Payal who was to busy fixing her makeup, looking at her reflection in her compact, and he saw Arjun, leaning against a haystack, eating a green apple, and Khushi with a bow and arrow in hand. There was a target not far ahead of her and she aimed at it. The arrow went straight to the middle and Khushi had a confident look on her face.

"Seriously Khushi," Arjun said, "you are a skilled archer."

"Professional," Khushi said cockily, walking over to Arjun, "if I do say so myself."

"Of course," Arjun smiled.

Arnav was getting jealous of the chemistry that Khushi and Arjun were having.

"Oh yeah," Arjun said, "um… I never got to tell you what I wanted to say to you that day."

"Oh yeah, before you got sent to fix the ferris wheel," and Khushi laughed.

"Hey! So I may not be the best at fixing things! What about you?"

"I'm a lot better than you, thank you very much."

The two laughed and Arnav was getting more and more jealous by the minute.

"Seriously Arjun," Khushi said, placing her arms around his neck, "I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have you. You're such a good friend."

Arjun smiled. "I can be more than that," he said and he placed his hand on her waist, "if you want."

"Oh Arjun, you're so sweet!" Khushi gave him a hug and Arjun held her tight, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Khushi I…."

"You what," Khushi said, looking back up at him.


But he didn't say anything more because he saw Arnav.

"M-M-Malik," Arjun stammered.

Khushi turned and saw Arnav as well. Khushi could see fury in his eyes and she was puzzled at first, but then she realized she had her arms around Arjun's neck.

"Hey Arjun, can I have a bite of your apple," Khushi asked.

"Huh? Oh… of course."

"Care to feed me?"

"Why not?"

He brought the apple up to her lips and Khushi bit into it. Arnav was confused, trying to figure out what she was upto. Khushi took a huge bite of the apple and stuck half out of her mouth.

"Let's share it," Khushi said through her teeth.

"What? Share it?"

Khushi nodded.

"Um… okay."

Arjun opened his mouth and Khushi leaned in to place the outer half in his mouth. From back there, to Arnav, it seemed like as if the two were kissing. He clenched his fists and got really, really, REALLY mad.

Someone called out Arjun's name and Arjun left. Khushi finished up the apple and went around to the back of the haystack and tossed the core into the woods. She turned to go back, but Arnav came in front of her. Khushi tried to side step around him but Arnav grabbed her wrist and pinned her against the haystack. He kissed her hard, tasting the apple.

Arnav let go first. "You're as sour as the apple."

"Maybe, but I'm still sweet and not bitter."

She tried to release herself and walk away, but Arnav got hold of her.

"Where do you think you're going Khushi? I'm not letting go of you so easily."

"Why? Jealous?"

"Excuse me?"

"Jealous that I had my lips on Arjun's?" Khushi sighed. "I tell you, he is a much better kisser than you. He's so sweet and passionate and his lips are so soft and-"

"Enough! You will never go near that man again!"

"Who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do?"

"I own this land and I tell everyone here what to do, and that includes you!"

"Well too bad!"

She tried to release herself but Arnav's grip tightened.

"Let go of me," Khushi exclaimed.


"Let go!"


Khushi leaned into him. "Let. Go."

Arnav leaned in, their chests now meshed. "No."

Khushi looked him in the eyes and Arnav looked into her's and saw something form in her eyes and before he could do anything, Khushi pushed him back and he fell into a haystack. She came on top of him and kissed him.When she let go, she spoke.

"I hate you Malik! I hate that you have to be so good looking and so irresistible! I try to be mad at you but I can't! All I can ever do is think of is you! Your lips on my lips, you touching my body, the magic of your tongue, you biting into my flesh. I LOVE feeling you in me and you f**king me!"

She kissed him hard and sucked desperately on his lower lip. She moved to his neck and nibbled on him and then came back up.

"What did I ever ask for? Not much right? Just for love, that's all! Then why? Why?! Why can't you love me?! Because I'm a peasant? But I'm not! Not entirely! I have the Gupta Parivaar's blood in me! And we're family friends! Then why can't you love me?! Why?!"

Arnav just looked at her as she cried into his chest. He felt really bad, especially since today was her father's death anniversary. And now all of this on top of all of that. Khushi got up and wiped away her tears.

Arnav stood up. "Khushi I-"

"I'm sorry for my outburst Malik," Khushi said, wiping away her tears and catching her breath. "Please don't punish me."

"Punish? What the-"

"If you can, please forgive me Malik."

Khushi walked away and Arnav just looked at her as she walked away, completely confused. He didn't expect all that from her, but…. Arnav followed behind Khushi and Khushi went into the house, straight to the kitchen. Arnav was about to follow her in when Anjali called him out. He went into the living room and found his entire family there.

"Chote," Anjali said, "ready to leave?"

"Uh… sure?"

Dadi looked at Garima. "Please do come to the ball tomorrow."

"Of course," Garima said sweetly.

Arnav then remembered his conversation with Khushi from the other day.

>"I don't know Malik. I don't think my stepmother will let me."<

"And not just you," Arnav said, "but EVERY other female in this house, rich or poor."

Arnav saw the dissatisfaction in Garima's eyes but she smiled, fake written all over her face. "Of course. Whatever you say, Malik."

Arnav had pride spread all over his face and he looked out from the corner of his eyes, slyly. Like his instinct told him, Khushi was right there. She looked at him, her eyes wide. Arnav simply smiled back, lightly, no one noticing.

The Raizada's headed out and the ladies got into the car, Arnav and his dad in his jeep. Khushi came out and saw them leave, a weird feeling running through her. She kept getting a feeling something big was going to happen… and she was right.

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me first... awesome.

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read 7,8, 9 in one go. too good, hot passionate and peasantry life is portrayed beautifully and how they are being used by the landlords.  nice updates.  cont soon.

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wow what an update!!! Thanks for the PM!!!

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I love the jealousy.. interesting...

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awesome !!! please3 send me a pm for further updates !!!

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