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FF:Nothing To Me? (16+)(Chapter 11 Update on pg 9) (Page 4)

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don't know what to say...Clap

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Chapter 6 (Mature Content)

Arnav went through the fields, his eyes searching for only one person: Khushi. When he got to her section, he saw that she wasn't there. Arnav got curious and wondered where she was. Then he thought what if Khushi wasn't okay? What if she got ill? What if it was because of yesterday?

He was so stuck in thought, he didn't realize his worker was talking to him. He remained stuck in thought, when he heard one of the field guards yell.

"You bitch! How dare you be late?!"

Arnav got this feeling through him and turned. Just as he thought, the field guard was yelling at Khushi. He rode over to the guard and the guard stopped yelling at Khushi.

"Malik," the guard began, "this peasant was late."

Arnav saw that there was a weird expression on Khushi's face. There was something about her eyes, and he wanted to know what was wrong. "I'll handle her."

Arnav's men grabbed Khushi's hands and they went back to the Estate. The guards pushed Khushi in Arnav's chamber and left the two alone. Without a word, Khushi walked over to the lions head and pressed down on it. Arnav was curious and followed her to his private room. Once they got there, Arnav spoke.

"Khushi? Are you okay?"

Khushi turned to him and held onto him. Arnav was surprised by her actions and was frozen for a moment, but then he put his fingers through her hair with one hand, holding her around the waist with the other.

"Khushi? Khushi what's wrong? Tell me!"

She let go and looked up at him. "Malik, kiss me hard!"


"Kiss me hard! Kiss me till me lips bleed!"


"Kiss me! Kiss me till I faint! Bite down on my flesh really hard that I have bruises! f**k me hard that I cry out in pain!"


"Please!"She moved her hands to her back and pulled on the sash, her dress falling to the floor. "Please Malik! f**k me! f**k me till I faint!"



He kissed her hard as she said, but for some reason, he couldn't do it for long. He thought maybe it was because they weren't in bed so he pushed her onto his bed. He came on top of her and kissed her, Khushi pulling his face into her's. Arnav managed to kiss her hard and made her lips bleed, but he felt bad. He licked the blood off of her lips and kissed her lightly.

Khushi didn't like how he was trying to ease the pain and pushed him off of her. She knew that if she was gonna get what she wanted, she had to make this easier. She tossed him over and pinned him down and pulled apart his shirt, some buttons popping off, and exposed his chest. She reached down to his neck and bit him really hard. Arnav simply gripped on her hair, but Khushi wasn't done. She moved to his chest and bit him hard, his grip tightening on her hair. Khushi wanted pain, so she unbuckled Arnav's belt and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped it. She got rid of his pants and boxers and then went down and bit his groin. Arnav tugged on her hair hard, Khushi feeling pain, enjoying it. She did it again and Arnav continued to pull on her hair.

Arnav felt pain and he tossed Khushi over and took off his shirt. He took her breast in his mouth and bit down on it hard.

"Malik! Do it more!"

He bit down harder on the other breast and Khushi felt the pain.

"Aaah! Malik! Hurt me more! Enter me roughly and f**k me! f**k me! f**k ME HARD!"

Arnav entered her roughly and Khushi cried out in pain, shrieking.

"Thrust in and out of me Malik! THRUST!"

He did and Khushi felt pain and she gripped onto Arnav so hard, that she managed to make him bleed. But Arnav wasn't paying attention to that. He was only listening to what Khushi was saying.

"More Malik!"

And he did.


And so he did.

"f**k me hard! f**k me till I faint!"

Arnav didn't know why he was doing it but he continued to listen to her. He thrusted in out of her as she commanded, Khushi's grip tight. Khushi couldn't take it anymore and felt Arnav slowing down.

"Don't slow down Malik! Go fast!"

Arnav did as she said, but he was confused. He got a feeling that Khushi was pushing her limit.

"f**k me Malik! f**k ME!!!"

He did as she said and went in and out of her, loosing control of himself. He thrusted hard and felt Khushi's grip loosening. He slowed down a bit but Khushi yelled out.

"Thrust Malik! THRUST!"

He paced up again and moved in and out of her, Khushi's grip tightening at first, but then loosening.

"Oh Malik! Please! f**k me hard!"

Arnav didn't realize that he had slowed down and paced up again. Khushi needed him to stop getting distracted so she moaned.


Arnav loved hearing her moan and paced up a bit more.

"Aah… Malik…"

He paced up more.

"Mmm… Malik…"

And he went harder.

"Aaah! Malik… aah!"

Arnav was close to loosing his control and Khushi needed exactly that.

"Aaahh! Malik! f**k ME!"

And Arnav fell of his point and lost control of himself, entirely. He went in and out of her with no control. But then he felt Khushi's grip loosen, and her hands fell to her sides. He stopped and looked down at her and saw that she had fainted.

He felt bad and then got off of her. What could be the reason that she was acting like this? Yesterday she cried at his harshness and today? Today she was begging for it?! What the?

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Amazing Part :) Is Khushi Pregnant ?! Embarrassed

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what is happening to Khushi?
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a violent asr and khushi.
very passionate one, loved it very much.  
but what was the reason's for khushi's behaviour?  cont soon. 

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Chapter 7 (Very Mature Content)

Arnav waited for Khushi to wake up. He was worried for her and he had laid down beside her the entire time. Khushi squirmed, eventually, and then woke up, seeing Arnav's face first thing.



Her voice sounded tired and she looked tired. Khushi moved a bit and then yelped.

"Khushi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing really. Just my lower region… it feels so sore."

"Of course it does! You kept saying to f**k you hard!"

Khushi smiled faintly. "Thank you for listening to me Malik."

"Khushi why are doing this? Why did you want pain?"

"Because it makes you stronger."

"What? I don't get-"

"Pain makes us stronger Malik. It makes us who we are."

"It does?"


"You've suffered pain?"

"A lot of pain Malik," she said, her eyes swelling with tears.

Arnav held her tight. "Please Khushi, don't cry."

Khushi took in a deep breath. "I'm sorry Malik."

"Tell me Khushi. Tell me all your pain."

"Why Malik? Why would you-"

"Because I don't want you to suffer alone."

Khushi looked into his eyes and saw passion. She saw that he cared for her and she nodded. "Do you want to know my full name?"

"Your full name?"


"Um… okay? Whats your your full name?"

"Khushi Kumari Gupta."

Arnav's eyes widened. "What? Gupta? Meaning late Shashi Gupta?"

Khushi nodded.

"But that means- Wait a minute. You're-"

"Shashi Gupta's only child? His one and only daughter? Yes."


"My father passed away a few years after my mother did. I was 6 at the time. He had married though, and my stepmother was cruel. She had a daughter of her own from her previous marriage and she treated me like dirt and made me a slave in my own home."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's okay. I've managed to live my life as a peasant and I've become a very strong woman." Khushi looked down at her hands. "People don't mess with me because I know how to fight and defend myself."

"Oh really," Arnav asked, sitting up.

Khushi sat up as well and leaned into Arnav, a seducing look on her face. She quickly, in the blink of an eye, grabbed Arnav's arm and twisted it behind him. "Really."

Arnav felt pain, but he liked the feeling of Khushi's boobs pressed on his back. She released his arm and Arnav brought it back to the front. Khushi leaned in and whispered in his ears.

"Be careful with me Malik. …I've hurt people before."

"Is that so?"

"Yes… and I've even killed."

Arnav turned and looked at her. "You have?"

"Yes," she said as a matter of fact. "Those men that have tried to rape me-"

"What? Men have tried to touch you?! No one else has any right to touch you!"

"Why Malik? Why?"

"Because I-"

Arnav stopped himself from uttering the last two words. He couldn't believe what he was about to say and turned away. Khushi moved in front of him and caressed his face.

"Tell me Malik. Tell me!"

"I have nothing to say," Arnav said, looking away from her face.

"Fine then Malik, I won't force you."

Arnav looked back up at her.

"I know someday that you will tell me, Malik. And I will wait for that day." Khushi cupped Arnav's face in her hands. "For now I only desire one thing and that is you."

"Is that so?"


She leaned in and kissed Arnav, moving her elbows on Arnav's shoulder, holding his head and kissing him like crazy. She sucked on his lip and then bit on it and then let go of it.

"Oh Malik, did you know that you're lips are something?"

"Are they?"

"Yes," and she leaned back in and kissed him.

When she let go, Arnav spoke. "It's the first time anyone has told me anything about my lips."

"Really," Khushi asked, playing with his hair. "And why is that?"

"Cause you're the first woman I've ever been with."

Khushi looked into his eyes and saw that he was serious. "I'm the first?"

Arnav simply nodded.

"Well Malik, to tell you the truth… you're the first man I've ever been with."



She leaned back in and kissed him passionately. Arnav held onto her waist as she kissed him, her exploring his mouth, sucking on his tongue. She let go and Arnav left hot kisses on her neck, licking it as well.

"Oh Malik," Khushi moaned, "your tongue, so warm and moist…"

Arnav moved up to her lips and kissed her and then trailed down to her breasts with hot kisses.

"Your lips are so soft," Khushi whispered.

Arnav trailed his tongue on her cleavage and then moved to her breast and licked her nipple.

"Aah! Malik… your tongue is magical…"

He licked her other breast and nipple.

"The magic that your tongue does Malik…"

He bit her breast, away from the nipple and Khushi's grip on his hair tightened. He licked it to ease the pain and Khushi enjoyed it.

"Oh Malik, stop teasing me!"

He moved back to the other breast and bit it and licked it, this time closer to the nipple.

She raised Arnav's head and made him look at her. "You're such a tease Malik."

Arnav smirked and then held her breasts and took in the sight. He looked back up at Khushi and she smirked back. Arnav took a whole breast in his mouth and bit down on it hard.

Khushi shut her eyes. "Ah! Malik!"

He let go of it and moved to the other one and took it in his mouth and bit it harder.

"Aaah! Oh Malik!"

He let go of it and looked up at Khushi. She had her eyes shut, enjoying everything. He held her milky waist and licked her belly button and then nipped it.

"Mmph… Malik…"

Arnav licked and nipped her stomach and waist and Khushi's back arched forward from the excitement. Khushi was already on her knees and Arnav made her stand on her knees. He licked her belly button again and traced her love line with his tongue.


He moved slowly and Khushi was getting aggravated at his slow pace.

"Malik! Stop teasing me!"

He liked that she was getting impatient and trailed back up.


He moved up and down her love line, and Khushi felt more and more excited, but impatient.

"Malik! Please!"

Arnav had had enough himself and wanted her so he trailed down and Khushi felt his tongue at her lower region. She was feeling more and more excited as the seconds passed really slowly. She had her fingers through his hair and tugged on it.


He continued to do what he did and Khushi tugged on his hair.

"Malik… your tongue is magical…"

Arnav felt her tug on his hair again and loved it. He wanted her to do more so he moved to the main point of excitement and licked it.

"Aah! Malik…"

Arnav felt her jump up in excitement and did it again.

"Oh Malik! Do it more!"

And he did. Khushi loved the feeling but she wanted him. She wanted him in her, and not just all these teases. She pulled out of his hands, Arnav about to lick it again, but didn't get to. He looked up at her in confusion and Khushi pushed him back. Khushi saw that his pride was up straight and that was what she wanted. She sat on top him, making him enter her and she let out a sigh in relief.

"I love feeling you in me, Malik…"

Khushi reached down and kissed Arnav. She came back and bit her lip, being seductive. She began to touch herself everywhere as she moved up and down, making him go in and out of her on her will. Arnav loved the tease and reached out for her, but she pulled away. She continued to tease him, touching every part of her body.

"Khushi come here! I want you!"

"But I'm not letting you have me easily Malik. You teased me, so now I'm teasing you."

She took his hands and moved his hands all over her body. Arnav was getting really hungry for her and wanted to taste her flesh, but Khushi was being impossible. But then Khushi leaned in and kissed Arnav, still moving up and down. Arnav was loving this but then Khushi let go and sat up and caught her breath, jumping up and down on Arnav. Arnav sat up, unable to resist her and Khushi placed an arm around his neck, the other holding his face, and kissed him, jumping up and down. She let go first and jumped up and down, still holding him around his neck, Arnav loving this feeling.


Khushi loved how he was saying her name and moved faster.


And she went faster.

"Khushi… don't stop…"

And she wasn't going to. She was loving this and she moved faster and faster, her lower region getting sore, but she didn't care.

"Don't… stop… Khushi…"

"I won't Malik… I won't… I wanna f**k you…"

"You dirty talk a lot…"

"Thank you Malik," and she pushed him back and continued to move.

She moved faster and Arnav held her waist.

"Aah! …Malik! …This feels… so good!"

"Then do it more!"

She moved faster and faster.

"Aaah! Malik… I love this!"

"Then don't stop!"

She went as fast as she could and felt herself go crazy, so she came back up and pulled Arnav up with her and continued to move.


"Khushi don't stop!"


"Don't stop at all Khushi!"

"Aah! MALIK!"

She reached her peak and then stopped for a split second. She slowed down and Arnav's grip on her waist loosened. She moved slower and slower, gasping for air. Khushi leaned into Arnav and rested her head on Arnav's shoulder, as she moved slower and slower, taking in deep breaths. Arnav caught on his breath and held onto Khushi.





"Malik… that felt amazing…"

"It really was…"

She sat on Arnav's lap and rested her head on his chest. "Will you f**k me like this every time?"

"Will YOU f**k me like this every time?"

Khushi looked up. "I can't promise you."

"Neither can I."

Khushi reached in and kissed Arnav and then let go. But Arnav wanted her more so he reached in and kissed her passionately. Khushi kissed him back and then broke away to catch her breath.

Later she fell asleep in his arms, feeling comfortable and safe.

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It wozz soo hot !! Awesome update!! Continue soon

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