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#1 Guzarish [My version D3] Parts 1-3 (Page 101)

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Part 3


Minutes later, a doorbell rang and before Smriti would come out, Kriya rushed to open it knowing it would be Vishakha. Before Vishakha could ask anything, Smriti was out. She said nothing seeing it was just Vishakha. She went back in her room. Kriya pulled Vishakha in her room and closed the door behind her.


"Kriya, what is this all about? And your mom looks really mad."


'Yea'" Kriya told her all about how Smriti didn't like Kriya dancing and how she had promised not to dance. About how the way things were at college and the divide that forced Kriya to lie to her mother and make a team and how she had now found out about it. Vishakha listened to it all.


"So what now? There's no way aunty will let you out of her sight tomorrow."


"I know' You guys will have to do something to convince my mother. I've tried but no luck. She won't hear a word from me! I can't just sit here and let you all down."


Vishakha held Kriya's hand and pressed it lightly to console her. Her next question surprised Kriya. "Does Rey know?" Seeing Kriya's expression, she laughed and explained. "What? You guys really think everyone's dumb?" She paused for a second and then continued, "Ok, others might not have but I have definitely noticed you too and the way you act around each other. Wasn't hard to put the pieces together."


Kriya blushed and then she too realized. She hadn't thought about Rey at all. She was so immersed in thoughts about the competition and her friends. She somewhere felt a sting of guiltiness but quickly overcame it. "I ' I can't tell him." She said voicing out her fears.


"You have to Kriya. Even if we convince your mother to let you perform tomorrow, there's no saying about the future. If she takes you with her, he deserves to know why the person he loves the most just left like that."


"I know' He does' but I just can't tell him. I love him too much to bear losing him. If I have to leave, I won't be able to see him again. Ever. It is better he hates me for leaving and forgets about me and moves on in life. If he knows, he will never move on and keep hoping for me to return. Vish, just listen' I don't know how to explain to you but it'll be better for him if he hates me and forgets about me and us. Promise me, you will never ever tell anyone about this. Please!"


Vishakha felt like Kriya was making a silly decision but she did understand part of what she meant by Rey holding himself back in hopes and all that. He could hate you after you do this but he will never forget you. She wanted to tell her. Half of her wanted to drill sense into Kriya. But she nodded deciding that it was Kriya's decision to make. It was her life and if she wanted her to stay silent, she would.




The next day, Vishakha watched the rest of her friends pace around waiting for Kriya. At that moment, how she wished she could go up to them and tell them to stop worrying and work on convincing her mother. But she just had to let things go the way they would till they would realize they'd have to go get her from her house.


Rey called Kriya non-stop and even though she saw each of his calls, she didn't have the courage to pick it up. If she did, she would end up spilling everything and then wouldn't be able to fill hatred in his heart for her so it would hurt less to him when she left. She felt like the devil alive for making him suffer like that then but she didn't have much of a choice.


Rey looked at Swayam with the same misfortunate look. Sharon was there as well and seeing Swayam so worried made her worry as well. But she kept it in control. The other Sharon wouldn't let this warm Sharon come out. She said, "We've wasted enough time already. We should be on the bus now if we have to get there on time."


Vishakha would have hated this if it was any other time. But right now, she jumped on the opportunity. "She's right. Some of us should get there at least. How about this? Me and Neha will go to Kriya' house and get her. You guys get going? Swayam can register for us."


Sharon, at first, was surprised to see Vishakha not retort back but instead support her! Nevertheless, she quickly agreed to that as well. "Yea, that should be good." Rey and Swayam were both hard to convince.


Vishakha continued, "Swayam' Rey' I know you both are worried. But this is the best for now. If not the whole team, then some of us need to be there at the event to take care of it. Swayam, as you're also the captain of the team, you go and register us. And Rey, your team needs you right now as well. We'll see you there, okay?"


The boys couldn't refuse to that and had to go with the rest. Neha and Vishakha quickly stopped a cab to reach Kriya's house. Vishakha sneaked a text to Kriya. 'We're on our way.'Kriya got her bag ready with things she would need for getting ready.




Neha rang the doorbell and Smriti answered. "Aunty, where's Kriya? Today is our performance!"


She replied, "She's in bed. She won't be coming. She's sick."


Vishakha continued, "Sick? No, she can't be! At least let us talk to her please?"


"I'm sorry." Smriti said strictly and was about to close the door when Neha stopped her.


"Aunty please. Just once, tell her we're here to see her? She can't leave us like this. She gave us the courage to stand up for ourselves. Because of her, everyone at college respects her. Things changed since the time she came. And today is the day to prove it that we are capable of doing things just as well as others. Please don't do this today."


Seeing the honesty in her words, it was hard to say no to them. One thing she knew for sure' No matter how much Kriya lied to her' she had chosen the right friends. She said to them,"Wait here. I'll get her." Neha and Vishakha smiled. Vishakha was happier than Neha knowing the whole truth.


Smriti opened Kriya's room door and closed it behind her as she came in. "Your friends are waiting outside. They've come to take you. Go."


Kriya couldn't believe her ears. She grinned happily and hugged her. "Thank you so much!!"


And then came the catch just when she was about to exit her room. "I'm not done. You can go today and perform. But you have to choose: Rey or your friends and this performance which means a lot to them."


"Mom! I can't'."


Smriti again wasn't ready to hear. "You have to choose. If you go today, then you will never see Rey again. It's either him or them - your friends who are waiting outside."


Kriya shut her eyes hearing what she feared. But she made the decision. She would choose her friends and their happiness over her own. She preferred to live the rest of her life in misery rather than not go today and make her friends' life a misery and full of embarrassment.


"I'm going." She announced. Somewhere inside, Smriti was proud of her decision. She was being a bit selfish. She was ready to accept that Kriya danced one last time rather than continue seeing the person she loved.


"Then I'm coming along." Kriya wasn't sure she heard right. Smriti cleared the air. "What? You think I'll miss my daughter's last dance? I might be against your dancing but I know how magnificently you dance! I won't miss seeing that for anything in the world."


Kriya just ran up to her and hugged her. She still hadn't figured out her mother! One minute, she was the 'Jhansi ki rani' and the next; she was the loveliest mother in the world' a mother whose world revolved around her daughter.


Erm long enough? Now now, don't get mad! I know you all expected a happy twist over here. But that will take some time. This is temporary decision of Kriya Wink Smart would understand what I mean Tongue 

Likes and comments now! Waiting to read your view on it... Next update will be around Monday-Tuesday. Next thread? LOL 

New readersAdd Guzarish. as your buddy to get pmz when I update.


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first time not feeling happy for commenting first...dint wanted to hurt any1


awesomee update khushi

sweet and senti one...:)

ya its long enough...;)

so good to see atleast vishakha knows the truth...

She is really a true friend understanding her bestie's condition...

Hehe vish knows abt kriyansh...

I hope atleast rey gets to know abt the truth b4 she leaves...

Thats times strict and then suddenly the sweetest...loved that daughter mother convo...

But The best part was...ur last line "this is temporary decision"

pr - sorry asma

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-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

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  hope res can me made here
Kinjal  u!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry


meri dusmane bhari padi hai thread mai..mujhe forst comment karne nahi dete hai koi..

Acha koi nhai ab nmai sar pitke kya karu...

Dont know y i loved the update..
It was emotional one..
Could reemeber few scenes of D3 but the cahnge to it must say apt..
Vish knows abt Kriyaansh and then the way she managed understanding her frnd and supporting hert admist distress.
Was int this fair enough for her  TRUE FRND!!
And the way Kria was getting hurt nt picking a call Phew it hurts a lot I must say...
And the Smrittis' woe to her..
She choosing her friends than herself and last but not lest the lovely concern,care of a mother..
No mom will be as horrid as Smritti was shown in D3...
moms stop their daudgters but nt to make their life hell as Smriti of D3 did..
Gosh mere D3 ke sare frustrations yaha nikal rahe hai...

Monday or tuesday..
R u serious..

 Hua hai mera...

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Clapping my hands together...

Dekh khushi mein Aa gai unres karne...

Bt only dis one fr nw...

Sry fr Dat...Embarrassed


Cumin 2 d update...

Cn u please cum in my view rite nw...


Dar mat...

Tennu ek V A D D I waali jhappi deni hein...Hug

U jus penned my thoughts today...

I sooo freaking wanted something of this kind to happen...

Atleast someones hould have known and tried to stop our poor kriya frm doin Dat stupid thing...

U no wat...

E1 though u kept smriti's condition...

I just loved her in ur update...

Wondering y...

Coz d way u portrayed d last lines of her wanting to see her daughters dance...

It just touched my heart...

I seriously can't wait for Monday now...

I really badly want to read the next part,..

Please jaldi update karna khushi...


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chalo at least there is one person arnd who knows the truth...

that is a relief...

fir at least one person who isn't dumb...

again hush...

basically this isn't a CVs show... hush again

and most importantly...

do one more thing...

don't destroy mom's image as they did...

show some solid agenda types...

or a heart melting smriti...

overall loving it... i mean am just reading the new additions u r making... Embarrassed

baaki ka haven't watched then...

not reading it now...

so very sorry...

but thank u for making the senses in the stry... *eee*

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Sorry if i reserved it in mid

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asma... again didn't get it Ouch At least it's on the same page this time Big smile 

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sreya19roy Goldie

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Nice update khushi...I really liked it Smile

Thank god ki at least vishaka knows the truth Smile I loved how she being a true frnd supported kriya n respected her decision even when she thought that kriya shud tell everything to I wud have liked it even more if she had given her some gyaan n made her do the others way wait wait wait, since this isn't a cvs show, so we most definitely know that kuch v ho jaye, future mein everything is gonna be fine so I can be fine with the fact that rey doesn't know anything yet Smile

Next update monday-tuesday?? Shocked arrey aisa kyun, deal toh daily update ki hui thi na toh fir aisa atyachaar kyun?? Cry

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