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IP REDUX ; The Wraith !! *updated (Page 6)

Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shreya_l

Hi ReduxiansHug
Have not seen the epi yet...just read the update. It's a holiday today in US so the update will be late.

hi sherya... ajeeb baat n then too late...

eee ka hai...
hum ka mind wa main nt comewa...
hum ka mindwa ko nt understanwa...
wonderwa wonderwa...

nw me go to sleepwa sleepwa...
bye wa bye wa..

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R -comments !!
Guys started reading the beautiful posts but felt crumbling... so will leave the comments for 2morrow !!

If Friday  for me led me to angriya mode , today it was tearing me apart ...Cry

its for you Arnie boy .. and Anji dear ,I might have cussed you but my heart really goes for you today ...  no wonder you stand strong with the illusions as your clutch after  many hard strikes on you.

I've seen it all before, time and time again
As close as I would ever dare to be
And yet without a doubt I will disagree
The sudden truth is no surprise to me

I know there is no easy way, I've said it from the start
Sometimes you've got to live the life and feel the pain
I hear a beat inside my head, I feel it in my heart
But just the thought of it is driving me insane
It's tearing me apart, it's tearing me apart

I hear a distant voice very far away
I'm silent now, I don't know what to say
I've felt a strong desire to set myself on fire
I don't think that would work for me today

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Originally posted by Nia.D


Anjali in Denial: Anjali has a strong 'Denial' mode set in her nature. She kept denying the truth of having lost her baby. It was only when she saw Arnav standing helpless, defeated and guilty for not being able to protect her outside her door, it was only when she saw the truth of the fact reflected in the tears of her brother that she realized the truth. It was only then that she finally broke down realizing that she could no longer feel her baby inside her, with her.

Arnav's Flashbacks: After seeing all that happened that led to their parents' death, I couldn't help noticing where Arnav got his 'jump to the conclusion' habit from - his mother. Personally, I think Arnav's father was misunderstood by Arnav's mother - just like Arnav misunderstood Khushi the terrace night. Arnav's mother seems to have jumped to the wrong conclusion about Arnav's father in regards to the other woman.

Arnav's Selective Hearing: This has been there since childhood, now that we've seen what he witnessed between his mother and father. He heard his mother's part, and remembered her words specifically. However, even though he heard his father refuting his mother's accusations of being in an extra-marital relationship, Arnav chose to be deaf to his father's words. Arnav, at that moment in childhood, chose to believe and remember his mother's words.

Arnav's 'Half Story' Habit: Another trait carried by Arnav since childhood is hearing only half part of the story. He listened only to what his mother said she saw. However, he never listened to his father's side of the story! Rings a bell, doesn't it? He believed only Shyam's version of what had happened on the terrace, he did not confront Khushi about it until quite later when she drove him to breaking point.

Arnav's Mother: "Humne aapko uss aurat ke ssath dekh liya": Isn't this uncannily similar to how Arnav "saw" Shyam and Khushi on the terrace? Arnav misunderstood the whole 'scene' and 'image' of that night. His mother too "saw" her husband with another woman, and might have misunderstood the whole scenario. Just like the way "mere dimaagh main woh chapp gaya hai" for Arnav, I think the same thing happened with his mother too - the image of her husband with another woman was permanently imprinted in her mind.

Arnav's father committing suicide: Why would a married man, who is allegedly having an extra-marital affair, commit suicide right after his wife commits suicide? For me, it is the voice of a misunderstood, innocent, and loving husband who gave up his life. I believe that Arnav's father was a man who dearly loved his wife. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and seeing his wife believe her accusation about him loving another woman was close to death for him. His action of choosing to die right after his wife gave up her life speaks to me about a man who wanted to be with his wife at all times. A man who loved only his wife and no other woman.

Arnav's Mother brainwashed?: Just like Shyam cast doubts and spun a story about him and Khushi to Arnav, it is quite probable that Arnav's Chaachaji spun a story about Arnav's father being with another woman to Arnav's mother. History repeating itself as it were. Just like Arnav fell for Shyam's story, it is possible that Arnav's mother fell for Chaachaji's untrue story about her husband's extra-marital affair.

Arnav sharing himself with Khushi: A man who once upon a time, for decades, kept his emotions bottled up, who never shared his deepest, darkest fears, who never let anyone see his hurt, his pain, and his burdens, who shunned the company, shoulders, and comfort of others - this man today opens his thoroughly wrecked young boy's heart to the woman who silently lends her understanding, support and care for him. He has never told anyone so much before. Never confided the bitter pain, the devastating sorrow, the loaded anger, and the burdensome hate that resided in his pure heart all these years - he never let it out to anyone before. He has Khushi now with him - a woman who listens to all he has to say, who gives him the courage to speak out his inner terrors, who holds him, comforts him, and accepts his pain and anguish as her own - a woman who he can share himself with freely, knowing that she will see him in the same way as before. Arnav can talk about his failures with Khushi as he knows that in her eyes, he will never be seen as weak, inferior, defeated, or lost. Knowing that to Khushi he means something more than all of that even in his weakest moments, gives him the ability to unveil his incapabilities, insecurities, inabilities, and failings to her.

Ganeshji-Khushi-Arnav:It is the start of things to be completed. Arnav did not look even once at Ganeshji while he walked to and fro over there. But Ganeshji had his sights on Arnav all the time - as Arnav broke down, as he confided his past to Khushi, as he spoke about his failures, and as he wept in Khushi's arms - Ganeshji witnessed all of it. Ganeshji's kindness in his eyes, his smile on his lips will be the hope, determination, and strength for Arnav and Khushi to overcome the obstacles and turbulences coming their way - after all, one of the qualities attributed to Ganeshji is that of 'Remover of Obstacles'. His blessings are over them as they, the two souls alone till now, stand by each other and fill each other with love. (Tried inserting the pic of this scene but IF is giving some problem! Will try later if possible).


Hospital Hug: In the past, Khushi had run into Arnav's arms and hugged him for comfort, solace, and support. He might not have hugged her back then, but he did not break away from her either. Today, once again, Khushi hugs him ' but this time, it is to comfort him, to offer solace, and to support him. Last time, she was the one who needed a shoulder to cry on, this time, he needed a shoulder to cry on.

Hands of Care, Comfort and Support: In the past, it was Arnav who laid a caring hand on Khushi's head when she was weeping over her father's condition at the hospital. Today, Khushi laid a supportive hand on Arnav's shoulder as he wept over his failure to protect his Di.


Daljeet Bhanot: Welcome Back girl, welcome back!! You moved almost everyone to tears with that realistic 'mother-who-lost-her-child' break down. The final realization after seeing the truth of the fact reflected in the tears of your brother finally breaking the warmth of motherhood. The crying, the sobbing, the distressed wails, and the expressions were too realistic! Take a bow Daljeet!! Clap Clap Clap

Barun Sobti: I have always loved your performances, and today the modulations - pain at not being able to protect your sister, rage at Shyam, anger at your father, tenderness for your mother - all were fabulously done! The only place where it missed out a bit was your enunciations - of course, you were crying, but it was a bit difficult to catch on to some words. Lovely performance otherwise! Star

Sanaya Irani: My girl! I've said this a million times - you bring Khushi to life for me, and that's why I love you! Today too, I loved the way you showed Khushi's understanding on letting her man speak, listening silently, giving your love, support, and shoulder to the broken man who needs you. Your eyes, gestures, and tears spoke tremendously! You made Arnav's pain even more impactful! Clap Star

Utkarsha Naik: Oh how I love you when you become the pseudo-mother for Anjali and Arnav. Your performance was bang-on today! Loved the way you tried breaking the news to Anjali, and then your outrage at the Nurse making you leave the room, and following it up with a complaint to the Doctor! Too good Utkarshaji!! Thumbs Up


Thank you very much for your warm Likes, Comments and PM's. Smile I have been super busy this weekend and will reply to your PM's once I get a bit free.

I used the 'From The Observatory Tower' format today since I am short of time. This format helps me focus on the important/significant scenes in the episode, without rambling on, and digging deep - thereby helping me stick to a deadline. Hope you enjoyed this format - I know it's a bit curt and terse! Tongue

Happy Reading! Exciting times ahead of us!! Shyam-Arnav face-to-face!!! I can hardly wait!!! Big smile



Brilliant analysis... ClapClapClap

Each character sketch brilliantly done Big smile

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Originally posted by .Ghausia.

Kuch nahi hua humaare bache ko" - the evidence is in front of her in the form of the look in the eyes of her closest family, yet Anjali chooses to ignore it. She paints a beautiful picture of herself with her rajkumari and how perfect their lives together would be. She is so submerged in this illusion that she doesn't even notice the look of disbelief on each person's face at the impossibility of her words. Looking around the room, one by one she tries to assure each person gathered around her bed that everything is fine and the picture she has painted of her wonderful life is very much still intact.

Khushi tries to break into Anjali's illusion, just like she previously did, and tell her that her daughter is indeed dead. Anjali yells at her, telling her to stop uttering such nonsense. Just like when she was confronted with Shyam's truth, she ignored the truth and vehemently denied any possibility of Shyam being unfaithful, insisting that it was a misunderstanding. When she sees Arnav with his back turned, however, something goes off in Anjali's brain. Does this mean that only when the barrier between Arnav and Anjali gets so big that Arnav completely turns away from her will Anjali finally acknowledge the truth that was in front of her eyes the whole time? She asks Khushi to reassure Arnav that nothing's wrong, to be there with him. Again, parallels can be drawn to the Shyam issue here. Still adamant in her denial, Anjali smiles as she sees Khushi stand up. Yet her smile falters when a distraught Arnav turns around with tears in his eyes. It is only when she sees the raw pain on Arnav's face that realisation finally dawns on her and hits her hard. Just like Arnav can't tolerate his Di in pain, she cannot tolerate seeing her Chote in that way. She knows that Arnav would never be that upset without reason, and it is this factor that makes her see the truth that was in front of her.


Her shaking hands reach up to her stomach, willing her suspicions to be wrong, but all hope is in vain; she touches her stomach and finds no sign of life there and screams out in pain, releasing all the pent-up pain that had remained hidden from the past. Life had again dealt her a cruel card & she couldn't take the fact that she was being punished by life once again through no fault of her own. Anjali seeks refuge in Khushi's arms, indicating that Khushi will be there for her and support her in the future. Where Arnav will grow more detached, Khushi will take his place and be there for her sister-in-law. Khushi has a very forgiving mentality (she forgave Arnav for all the torture she endured because of him) yet Arnav doesn't. Khushi will forgive Anjali for her deceit but Arnav will not do so so easily. Also, Khushi is also more tolerant than Arnav is; she may agree with Dadi's suggestion of Shyam returning for Anjali's benefit, yet Arnav won't as he will not be able to tolerate the man lusting after his wife living under his roof. However, Arnav forgets that Khushi had tolerated him, knowing the truth, for a lot longer than he did.

Arnav, watching this spectacle, reaches for the door handle, but cannot bring himself to open it. He feels helpless watching from the outside, but he knows that he cannot do anything to numb the pain his sister's feeling as she has felt it before, when their parents died, and he could do nothing to prevent it. He had previously locked away all feeling as he had no control over it - wealth cannot buy feelings so he felt that he was better off without anything that he couldn't control. Yet Khushi began to chip away at this hard exterior; she had begun unlocking the multi-faceted man that is Arnav Singh Raizada and made him feel again. Although this brought positives, negatives quickly came along with it as ASR began to feel pain - the pain he had locked away for the last 14 years for the sake of his sister began seeping through those strong walls that were gradually crumbling down.


Dadi is insisting on bringing Shyam to the hospital - why? Why does it make me think that Dadi had her part to play in all of this, a part bigger than just allowing Shyam to visit Anjali at RM? Surely she wouldn't willingly put her granddaughter in danger Confused


Khushi emerges from the room and immediately approaches Arnav, yet he turns away from her. He doesn't want to expose his vulnerability in front of Khushi, yet she coaxes him into talking to her and revealing what it is that is worrying him. "Mujhme itni himmat nahi hai Khushi" - he is telling her that he isn't strong enough to cope with his sister's pain, yet Khushi is insisting that he is the only one who can help her through this; Arnav & Anjali have been through so much pain together and Arnav cannot isolate her now.


Rather than going home with everyone else, Khushi states that she is staying at the hospital. Khushi will be the one who will help Arnav face his demons and come to terms with the past. It's only then that the two of them can truly move on. Once the family goes, Dadi remains along with Arnav and Khushi. Dadi and Khushi settle Anjali down in her bed. Does this mean that the two of them will eventually put their differences aside and learn to get along for Anjali's sake?


Arnav meanwhile is pacing up and down the corridor, in front of an idol (is it Ganesh? Sorry, I'm really unsure!), thinking about everything that went on with Anjali. This, to me, signifies how regardless of whether he is close to his faith or distant, his fate remains the same. He is a tortured soul, and there is always pain lurking around the corner from him. But this pacing signified his inner turmoil with regards to his faith as well as his past.


Khushi apprehensively approaches Arnav; just like the previous scene in the hospital waiting room where Arnav approached Khushi, but the tables have now turned. Arnav is explaining the reasons behind his distress and Khushi is patiently listening rather than showering him with comforting platitudes. She allows him to vent out all of his frustration, all of his anger at his own helplessness. We get a look-in into the past here, the last time where Arnav had felt so helpless. We see that Arnav's mother is accusing his father of having an affair in a heated argument, not allowing him to explain his side of the story. We have, however, witnessed a tainted view of occurrences (Arnav's view of history repeating is quite similar to the one I had thought of in my theory of past occurrences); tainted due to Arnav's allegiance towards his mother. Arnav doesn't think rationally in anger, so did he actually make any attempt at discovering the truth? Is his Dadi right in suggesting his father was blameless? Did his father indeed commit suicide (contrary to what I had previously thought) because he was unable to take the heartbreak of his wife killing herself due to a misunderstanding? What intrigues me is where Khushi fits into the image. Could the woman we caught a snippet of have been Khushi's mother? Many questions have remained unanswered; if anything, we have more questions now having seen this confrontation.


"Maa, baap, pati aur ab bacha" - remember the 4 factors/promises/phere I had referred to in a previous post? (link: I have a feeling that these could potentially be the real 4 factors, or at least a part of them.


Khushi turns Arnav to look at her, and it seems as if he has seen her for the first time during their entire conversation. There is a hint of recognition in Arnav's eyes before she pulls him into a hug; he knows, he acknowledges that Khushi is there for him through everything and he no longer has to do anything alone, and he appreciates her help and support. He has laid everything out in front of her, the core of his being and the reason he is who he is, and she has still accepted him wholeheartedly. The hug was just perfect.


Brilliant, brilliant episode overall! 

I thought to leave it ...but god , you just replayed it penning it down so well !! lovely !

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I'm back but with a very bad internet connection Unhappy

Shas sounds amazing! I wanna see pics...

Joywa - wow what a poem 

Hugs to all online Hug

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Originally posted by RitJ26

I'm back but with a very bad internet connection Unhappy

Shas sounds amazing! I wanna see pics...

Joywa - wow what a poem 

Hugs to all online Hug
i will send u 2 pic..OK..
whale i try to take but woh pani main chali gayiROFL mere se sharma keLOL
I just have her patli kamar photuROFL

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Originally posted by Supna9


I had written this post today afternoon . So if you not seen any connectivity sorry for that.


a broken dreamer
a branch on which a bud germinate without bloom, withered ...a barren branch


log mer haalat pe ro rhain hain
laikin main kya karun
 main tou ek bin roya aansoo hoon
jo na khud apni halat  ro sakta hoon
na khud pe apney dukh pe beh sakta hoon

main wo be bas aansoo hoon
jo dil pe tou girta hai
aankhon se nahi behta
main wo aansoo hoon
jo doosro k dukho pe to ro sakta hai
pr apni halat pe khamosh rehta hai

main wo aansoo hoon
jo apney khuwabon k toot janey pr bhi...
be bas hai , lachar hai
sab ko dekta hai rotey huwe
pr khud seeney  main qaid rehta hai
khuch keh nahi sakta

main ek bhikra huwa khuwab hoon
khuwab jo tabeer pane se pheley hi
toota , aur toot k bikhar gaya
main wo shakh hoon
jis pe ek nanhi kalli tou ugi thi
pr khilney se pheley hi murjha gayi

main ek be jaan jism hoon
jo rooh se khali hoon

main ek bin roya aansoo hoon
jo sirf dil pe girta hoon
aankhon se nahi behta.

Supna , that  WONDERFUl , superb ... likewa ,likewa like wa... i was dumbstruck !!Clap

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