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IP REDUX ; The Wraith !! *updated (Page 3)

amimus Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged

I could feel Anjali's pain today , a mother who was looking forward to her child , a newborn around whom she had weaved her dreams her life. She is unable to accept the reality at first but one look at her Chottey and she knows she has lost one of the most precious person in her life because she knows in her heart that her brother will never lie to her .  She is heartbroken and cries out loud, her entire family is there for her , they give their support. Arnav is unable to bear her pain walks away from there , as he cannot see the pain in the eyes of his sister who is the world to him .


My heart cried for Arnav Singh Raizada today. He was calling himself a failure, touched a core inside me. Once again it is Khushi whom he opens up to and delves into his past . A past that has scarred him and his DI for lifetime. A brother who wanted his sister to be happy always , moved heaven and earth for her happiness, sacrificed his own love , happiness to save his DI 's marriage so that she could lead a happy life. Is the past of hiss parents and the other woman a whole misunderstanding , an incident misinterpreted by him and the family . Well it did seem so but lets wait and see what CV"s have in store for us.


Today once again life has got him in the same place and circumstances where he was not able to do anything for his DI , felt completely helpless. A man who claims to write his own destiny , today destiny has bended him , broken him . But in all this misery he still has one ray of hope in his Khushi who is going to be by his side always . She will be his support , strength , hope and will help him overcome this pain and all other hurdles in his life.


I don't feel like writing much today , I am in an emotional state where words aren't pouring out.


But yes we have the return of Shyam Manohar Jha in Arnav and Khushi life straight on. I am waiting for tomorrow confrontation between Arnav and Shyam , it is going to be a blast . What will be the outcome of this duel.


For mystery , romance, drama and now for a few days lots of Rona Dhona and emotions tune into IPK from Mon – Fri at 8 PM only on SP.

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chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

Jabhi aaapko zaroorat ho, hum humesha aap ke saath rahenge

(Whenever you need me, I'll always be with you)


You may be a mighty warrior, you may be a successful businessman, you may be a total failure, you may be anything to the outside world, but to your loved ones, you are always yourself.  Isn't this true for all parents and their kids?  Same case with Arnav and Khushi too.  In this desperate hour of need, who does Arnav need other than Khushi; who'll provide the support or lend a shoulder to cry on other than Khushi; who'll cry with him, understand him, console him and stand by him, other than Khushi; who'll give him the strength and courage to stand up and face things other than Khushi; who'll see his weaknesses, warts and all and love him more for what he is, other than Khushi.   


When the doctor asked the entire family to leave Anjali alone as she needs rest, was there any doubt that Khushi would stay?  How can she leave her Arnav ji's side when she knows he really needs her?  Once again, no words are spoken; he doesn't ask her to stay and neither does she ask for permission to stay; it's just understood, bas pata chal jata hain.  Didn't she promise him that she'll always be by his side? Yes she did and she's a true ardhangini (better half) indeed and will share his pain and laughter. 


Mai Sab Kuch theek kar doonga

(I'll set everything to rights)


During Anjali's marriage, Arnav overheard a conversation between his parents where his mother blamed his father for having an affair, though his father protested saying she misunderstood.  Arnav's mother being a woman of strong emotions committed suicide.  Later, his father did the same.  It is at his father's funeral that he heard about this other woman, but didn't see her.  Everything changed in Anjali and Arnav's lives from that moment; nothing was the same as before.  It is then that 14 year old Anrav promised his sister Anjali to take care of her forever and he'll set things to rights; a very young age to make such a promise and a huge responsibility to take on his shoulders. 


Since his parents' death, there has been one and only one mission in Arnav's life, to make his Di happy.  When he sees a smile on her face, he's elated; when she cries, he feels he's let her down.  He'll do anything for her, 'Di meri duniya toh sirf aap ho' (Di, you are my world)...did he ever shirk his responsibility? NO.  Did he try his utmost to make his Di happy? YES.  Did things go as planned?  NO.  He found out Shyam lusts after Khushi and does not want his Di anymore.  Arnav was totally devastated.  History is repeating itself and just as his father did, Shyam too wants another woman in his life.  He was totally helpless and had been unable to protect his sister, but remained silent for the unborn baby.  After the kidnap, he threw Shyam out and thought things would be better. But, his Di was unhappy and he felt like a failure.  He then made a promise to Di to protect her child; today, his Di is mad with grief on losing her baby; he'd failed his duty once again and a promise was broken.  What more should he do? Where did he fail?  Where did he go wrong?  All these questions haunt him.  He's totally a broken man today and feels completely dejected.  Little does he realize that the sunshine right by his side will give him all the hope that he needs and his world will be bright once again.


Question:  Arnav who seems to be quick to anger like his mother, did he misunderstand the whole situation with this father just as his mother did?


Arjuna in battlefield - Today, Arnav reminded me of Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra when the Mahabharat war commenced.  We all know when Arjuna saw his kith and kin on the enemy's side, he was unable to move, was in tears, was afraid and did not want to fight the war with this own people.  He tells Lord Krishna:

na hi prapasyami mamapanudyad
yac chokam ucchosanam indriyanam
avapya bhumav asapatnam rddham
rajyam suranam api cadhipatyam

The Bhagavad Gita, The Divine Song of God

Chapter 2, Verse 8

"I can find no means to drive away this grief which is drying up my senses. I will not be able to dispel it even if I win a prosperous, unrivaled kingdom on earth with sovereignty like the demigods in heaven."

It won't be long before this Arjuna is pulled into the battle field.  Shall we wait and see what happens? 

Lord Krishna - Of course it has to be Khushi who'll take the role of Lord Krishna to wake up Arnav, remind him of his duty and send him once again on to the battle field.  Shall we wait and see what happens?


I was thinking about all the pain that Arnav has been going and is still going through and was reminded of Rod Steward's song, 'Some guys have all the luck'.  So, here's something to lighten our moods.  Hope you enjoy.

Some guys have all the luck - NK, he's a happy go-lucky guyLOL

Some guys have all the pain - Arnav, has more and more painCry

Some guys get all the breaks - Akash, he doesn't even have to do much, Payal gives him all the breaksWink

Some guys do nothing but complain - Shyam, even though he has free access to Rani saheba's credit cards and took all the money from saale saheb, he still complainsDead





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lalsunvid Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
"Maa...Baap...Pati aur Bacha"..." I am  a failure" ... he said... the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada said and that too to a girl to whom he always boast that " I am always correct"  and " I win always" ; Yes things are changed today that girl has become his solace and his future. 

Looks like the Malik's siblings and the family is jinxed where unavoidably their "Rajkumari" Anjali Malik has to face all the pain . Something that was shown in past was so cruel for the children . "Mom and Dad"  roots of the family has been curbed in just a minute and the children coming to the streets. 

Anjali 's eagerness towards her child was so good and the way she shouted at Khushi said it all. But just the broken image of ASR in front of her eyes showed to her that all her hopes , love and future are shattered. Now she has to sustain this blow also. Loss of child in a womb is not so easy and eventually the mother breaks. No one can tolerate this loss ...its a dream and a future ; All have crumbled now for Anjali.

 Every sorrow of these two kids have been created by others...Mom and dad didn't have  natural death ;  Committing suicide before thinking a moment about their kids ; The husband form of a relation to Anjali who has been always behind her money and cheated her all through the marriage life. He had put up a wonderful act in the form of love to her just and has charmed her like a snake dancing for his pungi  ; That very man is responsible for her today's condition . When ASR comes to know this its end of life of  Shyam Manohar Jha. Its every single person's selfish decision which is bashing ASR and Anjali. Now whatever is happening these two will always be in dark until the master of this menace comes back to their lives and shows his real color."CVs" : Like you showed ASR in pain looking at his sister show his rage for Shyam when he discovers the truth of his Di's condition. This sorrow will end properly only that day.

ASR ' s opening in front of Khushi was a surprise package. There he was a real husband I would say, opening up his deep hidden sorrow , his whole pain he has hidden and the past that he runs from.The husband breaks and wife consoles...but at dawn they are just 2 engaged couple but by heart they are married.

He had opened the door and looked through one version of the truth. But when every single member in that place starts telling the real incident its going to be another door , another truth and another reality . But the ghosts are coming back from their grave . This mighty Subadhra Devi has brought back those ghosts to get to see the present condition and to show the truth and the future.

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sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

I made up my mind on Friday that when I watch the episode on Monday there will be a lot of Roona Doona (crying)...With that in mind I tuned on to today's episode only to be proven wrong that even such distressing scenes can be captured very poignantly. Today we witnessed a mother who failed to acknowledge the fact that she lost her baby. Today we witnessed a grandmother who seizes every opportunity to get her Damadji back without realising that she is in fact dancing to his tunes. Today we witnessed a brother who painfully acknowledges the fact that he has failed to protect his sister. Today we witnessed a lover opening his heart to his girlfriend about the past that was buried deep in his heart. Today we witnessed a girlfriend who understood the actual reason of her lover's parent's suicide and the fact how heartbroken that incident had left him. Finally today we witnessed the enigmatic presence of the wraith.


Anjali comprehends the harsh truth just by looking at her brother today. She convinces everyone around her that all is well with her and her baby. She is not ready to accept her Mami's words nor Khushi's confirmation of the same. But when she witnesses her brothers tears she slowly acknowledges the truth. She then touches her stomach which confirms for her...her brother's unspoken message. We can clearly perceive that these two share a bond or rather a promise where they will always look after for each other.


And today Arnav was made to realise the harsh truth that he has failed to keep that promise. The promise that he had made to his sister years back... that everything will be perfect and that he will make sure that happiness will thrive in their life... especially in his Sister's life. The same promise she made him recollect again on the day she wanted to abort her baby. The same promise for which he forcibly married Khushi. The promise he made to his sister that he will protect the baby... today stands still. Today with his head bowed he declared himself a bloody failure before Khushi with Lord Ganesha playing a witness in the background.



He prides himself in writing destiny. Today to see him accept his failure did touch a raw nerve in me. The hurt and pain he carries in his heart guides him to open his heart to Khushi. He acknowledges the fact that he married Khushi only to see his sister happy. He had not protected his sister enough and let be around her. He opens up his past to Khushi. He finally states that Shyam reminds him of his Dad as both have wronged his Sister and Mother respectively. Painfully he acknowledges the fact that he has lost his mom, his dad and now his sister's baby.


Every time his sister's smile brings a message to him... that everything is getting perfect...But the smile leaves her the same way it appears...which makes him realise the crude truth that he is a failure and things haven't changed in their life. Today we saw another glimpse of his over protective nature towards his sister.


Today Khushi didn't interrupt him. She was listening to him. She offered him support when needed. She refused to leave him. She stayed with him. She understood him in the process. She will always be there to guide him. Khushi knows his version of the story. She is yet to know Garima's story. Khushi holds the key to Arnav's past. She will unlock his past and will free him of his burden.

There were a lot of pointers today. Lord Ganesha in the background witnessing their conversation might have some significance.

We all know that ASR got his arrogance and stubbornness from Dadi...Did he get his "coming to a conclusion without investigation" character from his Mom???? When I witnessed what Arnav saw 14 years back. It looks like there is more to their story than what is projected. As his dad was trying to convince his mom, there is no other woman in his life. Did Arnav again conclude based on the small conversation between his parents. Does Chachaji have a major role in all this?

Thank you IPKKND team for giving us another fabulous episodeClapClapClapClapthe emotions expressed by the characters were just perfect. Excellent performance by all the actors.ClapClapClap
Thank you all for taking time to read my post.

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

I just could write on Friday but thought when I come back will sure say something on that episode which was a beautiful start for a powerful war and this time the real one. Before the episode aired I was saying that If the MC happens then it will be the suicide of the show and I would not watch that episode. But when the show aired I just could n stop myself from watching it. It was powerful and the way in which Shyam's plan was executed it was just awesome. Wanted to say that CV's you did a wonderful job.

Today one mother lost her unborn child. One brother lost his Sister's smile and happiness and he failed miserably that he was not able to protect his sister for what he promised her. And as of now the reason for all this is Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha.

Who is this Man and what is his motive?? We have seen various facets of him over the period. We saw him as a cunning person using Anjali and Arnav and the name of RM damad to live a comfortable life. We saw him as a double minded person when he lusted behind Khushi. We saw him as a dangerous person when he came to a decision of Killing Anjali to get Khushi in his life. We saw him as a calculative person when he decided to go behind Arnav's wealth by kidnapping him and planned to kill him so that he can have the hands on both property and Khushi. We saw his other side the eerie side a murderous side  when he came to know that Arnav and Khushi cleared all their misunderstanding and throwed him out of RM.

So why is he planning all this and what is his motive. Is it property?? Is it Khushi?? Is it Arnav's downfall?? How come he trapped Anjali and how she became his scapegoat in the name of blind love?? Why is he hell bent on ruining Arnav and Khushi's happiness and stop their marriage and finally why does he want to enter the Raizada Mansion through dadi that too using Anjali by killing his own baby his own blood??

Why are we witnessing similar scenarios?? We saw Arnav's mom accusing her husband to have a illicit relationship with some other women and hence gave her life even when it was refused by him. Years later we witnessed the same thing in the form of Arnav and Khushi eventhough he did not state the reason to her on that day he forced her to marry him in the contract marriage accusing her of having illicit relationship between Shyam and thus to save his sisters happiness and the child he crushed her happiness and made her self respect and dignity to die. It was a suicide to their love and the purity it had.

So like Son did his Mother also had a Misunderstanding?? Can history repeat itself..We Know Shyam was the one to taint Khushi's dignity so who was the person responsible for Arnav's dad deeds and ruined one entire family. Where will Arnav and Khushi will stand in all this?? With all the questions I would like to conclude my post with one quote

"The worst is not
So long as we can say, "This is the worst."-William Shakespeare "King Lear", Act 4 scene 1

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Dazee Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
A wrenching episode...loved that it was so understated. 

Daljeet was brilliant today.  A mother in denial...that just got under my skin...made my heart break.  She was pitch perfect. 

Then the beauty of the sister's heart connection with the beautifully shown.  just one moment of it and the dam breaks.

all the talking did not  touch her, but that one glance at the despair etched on her her brother's ashen face and his tear drenched eyes, and she knows...the truth reaches her heart as instantaneously as the passage of a devastating current through some invisible wire.  Not a single word was needed...

that whole scene was so forceful, so powerful and  utterly brilliant -- in its premise and the parsimony of its portrayal.

how could our hearts not ache and bleed with and for these two and their star-crossed lives...

Still, there was more to come, the burdens of the past.  Of faliable mistakes, of missed impressions, of incomplete truths and fateful decisions.  But this is how life is, isn't it. Imperfect, with its warts and all.

Loved that they completed the circle of khushi and arnav's bond of trust and faith and love today.  ingredients that were new today, so that the DNA of the present has the chance of being different from the past.

Wasn't it brilliant that He was witness to Arnav's realization that he doesn't write the story of his life nor control the lines of fate and destiny.   woh apni kismet khud nahi lkhta

how wonderful that Ganesha and the dancing flames lit in His name encircle Arnav's unraveling and the beginning of his remaking, of his accepting help, finally.

It was a beautiful episode.

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 December 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
I found Mamaji. Credit to the uploader.

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 December 2009
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Hi ReduxiansHug
Have not seen the epi yet...just read the update. It's a holiday today in US so the update will be late.

Something to think about...

The Past

Dhyaayato Vishyaan-punsah Sangas-tesh-oopajaayate|
Sangaat-sanjaayate Kaamah Kaamaat-krodho-abhijayate||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 2, Sloka 62

Translation: The man dwelling on sense-objects develops attachment for them; from attachment springs up desire, and from desire ( unfulfilled ) ensues anger.

Krodhaad-bhavati Sammohah Sammohaat-smriti-vibhramah|
Smriti-bhranshaad Buddhi-naasho Buddhinaashaat-pranashyati||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 2, Sloka 63

Translation: From anger arises delusion from delusion comes loss of memory; from loss of memory to loss of reason/intellect; and from loss of intellect one goes to complete ruin.

Kya pramaan tha vah itna prabal?
Jo chod gaye kar unhe anaath aur netra sajal?

Was the evidence so strong that they left them as orphans?


Sukh-duhkhe Same Kritvaa Labhaa-laabhau Jayaa-jayau|
Tato Yudhaye Yujyasva Naivam Paapam-avaapsyasi||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 2, Sloka 38

Translation: Treating alike victory and defeat, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, get ready for the fight, then; fighting thus you will not incur sin.

Raagadvesha-viyuktaistu Vishyaan-indriyaish-charna|
Aatmavashyair-vidheyaatmaa Prasaadam-adhigachchati||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 2, Sloka 64

Translation: The self -controlled one who moves amidst the various sense-objects through his senses, yet is disciplined and free from likes and dislikes, attains placidity of mind.

Yagyaarthat-karmano-anyatra Loko-ayam Karma-bandhanah|
Tadartham Karma Kauntey Muktasangah Samaachara||
~Bhagvat Gita. Chapter3, Sloka 9

Translation: Man is bound by (the results of) his own actions except when they are performed in the spirit of sacrifice. Therefore, Arjuna, do perform your duty efficiently, free from attachment, in the spirit of sacrifice.

Agyashcha-ashradhaa-nashcha Sanshya-atmaa Vinashyati|
Naayam Loko-asti Na Paro Ne Sukham Sanshaya-atmanah||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 4, Sloka 40

Translation: He who lacks discrimination, is devoid of faith, and is at the same time possessed by doubt is lost from spiritual path. For the doubting soul there is neither this world nor the world beyond, nor even happiness.

Mayi Sarvaani Karmaani Sanyasya-aadhyaatma-chetasaa|
Niraasheer-nirmamo Bhootvaa Yudhasva Vigatajvarah||
~ Bhagvat Gita. Chapter 3, Sloka 30

Translation: Therefore, dedicating all actions to Me with your mind fixed on Me, the Self of all, freed from desire and ego and cured of mental fever, fight!

Ateet ki woh raat vikal, khoya ghar parivaar sakal|
Liya ek aisa nirnay, jad hua ek saumya hriday|
Sabka hoga kehana...yeh hai ishwar ka nirnay|
Kya sach mein itna kroor hai jise hum kehtein hain karunamay?
sabke liye ki hogi usne brahmand ki sanrachna|
Par us saumya hriday ke liye to yeh thi manavkrit durghatana|
Us baalak ne liya yeh pran...swayam hi karega apne vishva ka nirman...
Nahin karega samarpan!
Apne hi niyamon par khela usne ab tak yeh khel...
Safalta haath nahin lagi..ho gaya sab berang-bemel!

That sorrowful night of the past when one lost the whole family.
A decision was taken and as a result it forced a heart to turn to stone.
Many must have said that it is the God's will...
But how can he be so cruel whom we call benevolent!
For everyone else he must be the creator of this universe.
But for that yound lad it was an accident due to human nature.
That child made a promise...he will create his own world, fight and never give up.
He created his own rules and played his game.
But alas! he neither won nor he was able to make any difference!

Kehtein hain hum jis vichaar se hain darte,
Kitne yatno se hum usse door bhagte...
Par voh swathah ho jata hai prakat!
Jeevan ki raah par chalte chalte|
Kya hum anjaane hi aisa vikalpa hain chunte?
Jo punah karata hai jeevant vah ateet jo hai asehaniya aur malin|
Apne garv mein hum yeh hain bhool jaate...
Jeevan hain ek ghatana-chakr... 
Us ishwar ke bina hum phir usi mod par hain aa jate...
Bahushah leni hain seekh...sanshodhit karni hain trutiyan!
Sharanagat ban karna hai swayam ko arpan...
Kyunki hain hum un shri charnon ke raj-kan!
Vighnharta tab lenge har vighn...
Subh karya prarambh hetu bhi milegi sri anumati!

They say that if we try to run away from a thought or situation...
It reappears again once in our life again!
Does it happen because we have made some choices?
It brings to life everything from the past that is intorelable and ugly...
we in our ego forget that...the one who governs this lifecycle is the almighty and he works in mysterious ways.
Probably he wants us to learn something and correct the mistakes made in the past.
we have to surrender ourselves to him as we are like a speck of dust on Lord's holy feet.
The remover of obstacles (Ganesha) will then take care of our problems..and also bless us to start afresh!
Sorry writers cannot comment on the post individually but I've read and appreciate each post as they shed light on bonds of IPK family. I loved reading Tanthya, Bush, Nia, Naz, Jhalak, Ghausia, Chitmanas, Supna, Koel, Vasi, Joy, Erika and few others who have posted in the first few pages. Also, Thanks to the 'Like' team!Hug
Koel HugI have to agree with you on the emotional disconnect... I'm really indifferent to Anjali right now... so can't say anything for her. 
Jhalak I hope you feel better and get well soon. Drink lots of fluids and take ample amount of rest. Hug
Naz All the best for the new school year. Hug
Shaz Good Luck with School Year!Hug

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