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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; The Wraith !! *updated (Page 2)

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? This expression is what came to my mind after watching today's episode.

Anjali - Just like her mother, we see her broken at the thought of her husband cheating on her. When her mother found out or misunderstood that her husband was having an affair, her children were not what mattered the most to her at that moment. It was her failed marriage; lack of her husband's love. Anjali is weak just like her mother was and this weakness of both, the mother and the daughter, scarred not only themselves but the others around them as well. Her mother's suicide scarred Arnav and Anjali forever. Anjali's weakness continues to scar Arnav and the rest of the family today. Ratna Malik did not think of her children before committing suicide when she found out about her husband's affair because she was selfish in her pain and betrayal. Same way, Anjali was selfish when she went for an abortion as the baby would have reminded her of the time she spent with Shaym. Anjali was selfish as she endangered the life of her child on her godh bharai by going after Shaym when she knew she was hurt.

Arnav - Finally, we can see where Arnav got his habit of jumping to conclusions without thoroughly investigating both sides and making rash decisions. Her mother did the same with the news of his dad's affair. Arnav has not realized it yet, but more than his father he needs to forgive his mother. If there is one person we can count on forever, if there is one person who we know loves us unconditionally, if there is one person who will always be there for us no matter how much we screw up, it is our mothers. If there is one person who we know will give up everything for us in a hearbeat, it is our mother. Unfortunately, Arnav deserved better from his mother. He will not be able to move on from the horrors of his past until he realizes that his mother is to be blamed for him growing up as an orphan as well. "us aurat nay aur meray dad nay meri maan ko mil kar mujh sau cheena hai". Now that is just not true Arnav. There is only one person who is responsible for you growing up without your mother and that is your mother herself. Hopefully some day you will realize that and be able to forgive her for her weakness and move on. 

Daadi-Naani - The camera pans on both naani and daadi's faces after Khushi declares she will stay at the hospital as well. Naani looks on with pride and admiration towards Khushi for helping Arnav through his pain and for supporting Anjali as well. However, daadi looks on with annoyance as she believes Khushi is doing so just to spend some time with Arnav alone. Truly, as Arnav said "daadi wo hi dekhti hain jo woh dekhna chahti hain".

Khushi-Anjali: I have always loved their interactions but until CVs clarify what Anjali thinks of Khushi after accusing Shaym of lusting after her, these scenes don't really matter much to me. CVs, I hope you provide an explanation as to what story Shaym has fed Anjali and what she really thinks of Khushi.

Daljeet: I am glad you did not leave the show. I could never imagine anyone else playing Anjali. Loved your emotional breakdown after seeing tears in Arnav's eyes.

Barun: Sometimes I can't decide what scenes you rock more. Angry ASR or emotional breakdowns. 

Sanaya: Didn't have much dialogues in the last scene but loved how well you emoted the need to be with Arnav and understanding his pain without them.

CVs: You guys did much better in today's episode than I expected. Direction, flow, and execution is improving. Thankfully, there wasn't too much rona dhona in today's episode. Anjali's and Arnav's breakdowns were very realistic. A big thank you to you guys for not making it melodramatic with OTT dialogues and white flashes and unnecessary zooming of the facial expressions. Please provide a explanation as to what Anjali thinks of Khushi after her accusations. I understand ASR's brain had to go on chutti for 6 months for the MU to be dragged but please let him find out about Anjali's feet and getting shocked. The villain has graduated from a flop-show to a murderer and every good villain needs a matching hero.

Precap: I just watched the precap a few times in a row and almost laughed out. Poor Shaymu looks so scared getting caught by ASR. Hopefully, he gets punched this time. Big smile

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A brilliantly executed episode. One can connect with each and every character.


The episode begins with Arnav. He doesn't have the courage to look at his sister. With great effort he walks towards her room and looks at her. His heart is breaking every moment. He is yet unable to face her because he feels like a failure today. His sister who he had vowed to protect is lying shattered and he is just a helpless spectator. He cannot bring happiness in her life.

Yes he is wealthy, yes he is successful, yes he is powerful. He can give her a life of luxury and physical comfort. Servants at her beck and call, her every physical need tended to but he cannot buy her happiness. He cannot change her destiny. He has mocked the existence of God. He has claimed to write his own destiny but this day he is as helpless as the next man on the street.

Even so, he has not yet reconciled with this fact. He is blaming himself rather than accepting the Will of the Almighty. Will Khushi be able to comfort him? Show him the way to God. To surrender his will to the Almighty? Until he is able to do that, this tortured soul will find no peace.

Loved how they showed the small light from the diya as Khushi approaches Arnav. She is the ray of light and happiness in his life. His only comfort.

He pours out his heart to her. Whatever he has felt and is feeling is there for her to see.

Their story as Arnav sees it

His father cheated on his mother. Mother found out and killed herself. Father blamed himself for wife's death. Killed himself. He supported his sister and vowed to never let her be unhappy again but history repeated itself. Shyam cheated on his sister and now the sister's child is dead.

Whenever he thinks everything will be alright all their dreams get wiped away like sand castles. One wave is all it takes. Like an ocean Arnav has been absorbing all this pain inside him. For the first time it has poured forth. Is this pain pouring out from him cause a "pralay"? The great flood that wiped out all evil in its wake and paved the way for fresh beginning?

I have my fingers crossed.

Barun what a fantabulous piece of acting. Always. You make us feel Arnav's pain.


DB's acting where she is in denial was OTT and so were the dialogues. I did not see any need for " who to hume Maa kah ke bulayegi" and "pink to ladkiyon pe suit karta hai. Usey kitne maheene mein fit aayega?". If that was some secret code I'll leave it to my able friends to explain.

When she realises the baby (or pillow. Sorry couldn't resist it. It WAS a PILLOW u know) is gone her hysterics were believable. I could connect with her at that point. The denial part could have been more subtle. Maybe it was the diaolgues. Not DB's acting.

Loved how her realiation comes after she sees her chhote silently crying through the glass door.

Yes she is one unlucky female. To have lost so much in her 30 something years of life.

Her parents died the day she was supposed to get married.

Her child died the day she had her goad bharai.

Her husband has been cheating on her

Her husband tried to kill her not once but several times.

Her husband Killed her child

Her husband tried to kill her brother

When the truth hits her she will be devastated because the last crutch she is standing up on will be taken away. Hopefully God will show her the way. She has to see through the mirage that is Shyam. Because only then can she move on.


These past few days, Khushi has been a mere spectator rather than a participant. The story of Arnav and Anjali has been unfolding. Slowly Khushi is becoming more aware of Arnav's past. How will she become an integral part of the story again? Something related to Garima's past? How are these two stories connected?

Sanaya, what amazing acting. You were such a delight. Not one OTT expression. Genuine grief and concern on your beautiful face. ClapClapClapClapClap


A lot of mystery surrounds this other woman. Now we know what Arnav thinks of her. The lady who destroyed his parents marriage, who was the reason for his mom's death. Who is this lady?

Is this Garima? Doesn't look like it. Someone else then. The writer is trying to throw the audience off her scent by bringing up Garima's past at a moment when Woh Aurat past is being revealed. However at redux we have some brilliant decoders who have already laid out the true story for us. This is possibly Shyams sister? Garima's past involvement with the Mallik's is another story? If its related to Shyams sister's story is yet to be seen.


From ASR's FB we got a glimpse into the story of his dad. His wife accusing him of involvement with another woman. He says "Aisa kuchh bhi nahi hai"

"Maine apni aankhon se dekha aapko uske saath"

"kiske saath?"

What did she see? What did she surmise and what did she believe? Was that the truth or was it the same kind of truth that ASR saw with Shyam and Khushi? Was she mistaken?

If Mr. Mallik didn't love his wife why did her death affect him so much that he committed suicide? He seemed genuinely taken aback by her accusations. He wanted to explain to her but she didn't give him a chance. Riding on the wave of despair and disillusionment she took her own life.

The IPK team rocked today. Be it mamiji, Akash, Payal, Buaji , naniji or Dadiji.

Expressions were bang on. Except for Db's dialogues in the beginning all the dialogues were natural. Editing can still be worked upon.

So the plot thickens. Chicken soup for the lover's soul. Its starting to taste good again. Looking forward to another helping. Till then Ciao.

p.s. the image did not come through so posting the link I found on redux

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Labor Day Weekend; so early post today Wink

Episode Feedback: The Main Points
  • Top notch execution today on the emotional plane. I felt everyone's pain; right from Maami to Anjali to Arnav to Nani and even Buaji. The little nuance where Buaji looks up to God and shakes her head while walking out of Anjali's room was just a brilliant touch; added the much needed natural reaction and portrayal to the whole situation.
  • I have been meaning to write this about Anjali and her whole situation for a while; just have not been able to pen it down. On Friday - I honestly didnt feel a shred of sympathy for her...I felt for the child...the unborn child. As a mother; the moment the child enters your body; you automatically become a shield for it. Just like the womb is a physical shield for it; the mind becomes an even stronger shield for it. For Anjali to simply disregard that mental connection and just think about Shyam was unbelievable. But today; when I saw her reaction; at least there was some connection to that child...good direction there.
  • I was shocked that Dadi would bring up Shyam in this state even...I mean come on leave the agenda alone for a while; it does seem like Nani will buckle and get him back and so will Khushi - which will incur ASR's wrath.
  • The past - they started uncovering little by little...agonizing for the audience, but I love it makes for a very interesting viewing Smile...the actors though who played the mom and dad were a bit say the least. The other woman looked like Parineeti Chopra for some reason...very sharp features...and no it didnt look like no idea who it was. That I am sure is something related to Khushi.
  • Arnav seems to think history is repeating itself, where he *thinks* his Dad strayed...when maybe he didnt...and it might have been the Chacha who was messed up? And Dad was just trying to cover up for him? Let see...I dont think the story is that complicated.
  • Somehow, I also dont think Shyam has a big back story...I just think he is plain old wicked...will wait to see how that unfolds. 
  • Background score - Top Notch Clap
  • The lighting was unbelievably nice...especially in that Khushi-Arnav scene with the Ganpati in the background...I must say IPK is back with a bang in terms of the execution.

The Odd Thing:

  • For a hospital scene, where there was so much going on...everyone looked too "put together". I understand that they came directly from the function..but they should have looked a little bit disheveled at least...look at Khushi for example..not one pin out of place from her hair...and I would have liked it better..if she had for example just covered herself with the dupatta...this is a public place and it would have looked more natural and like Khushi...director's fault in this case.

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Anjali in Denial: Anjali has a strong 'Denial' mode set in her nature. She kept denying the truth of having lost her baby. It was only when she saw Arnav standing helpless, defeated and guilty for not being able to protect her outside her door, it was only when she saw the truth of the fact reflected in the tears of her brother that she realized the truth. It was only then that she finally broke down realizing that she could no longer feel her baby inside her, with her.

Arnav's Flashbacks: After seeing all that happened that led to their parents' death, I couldn't help noticing where Arnav got his 'jump to the conclusion' habit from - his mother. Personally, I think Arnav's father was misunderstood by Arnav's mother - just like Arnav misunderstood Khushi the terrace night. Arnav's mother seems to have jumped to the wrong conclusion about Arnav's father in regards to the other woman.

Arnav's Selective Hearing: This has been there since childhood, now that we've seen what he witnessed between his mother and father. He heard his mother's part, and remembered her words specifically. However, even though he heard his father refuting his mother's accusations of being in an extra-marital relationship, Arnav chose to be deaf to his father's words. Arnav, at that moment in childhood, chose to believe and remember his mother's words.

Arnav's 'Half Story' Habit: Another trait carried by Arnav since childhood is hearing only half part of the story. He listened only to what his mother said she saw. However, he never listened to his father's side of the story! Rings a bell, doesn't it? He believed only Shyam's version of what had happened on the terrace, he did not confront Khushi about it until quite later when she drove him to breaking point.

Arnav's Mother: "Humne aapko uss aurat ke ssath dekh liya": Isn't this uncannily similar to how Arnav "saw" Shyam and Khushi on the terrace? Arnav misunderstood the whole 'scene' and 'image' of that night. His mother too "saw" her husband with another woman, and might have misunderstood the whole scenario. Just like the way "mere dimaagh main woh chapp gaya hai" for Arnav, I think the same thing happened with his mother too - the image of her husband with another woman was permanently imprinted in her mind.

Arnav's father committing suicide: Why would a married man, who is allegedly having an extra-marital affair, commit suicide right after his wife commits suicide? For me, it is the voice of a misunderstood, innocent, and loving husband who gave up his life. I believe that Arnav's father was a man who dearly loved his wife. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and seeing his wife believe her accusation about him loving another woman was close to death for him. His action of choosing to die right after his wife gave up her life speaks to me about a man who wanted to be with his wife at all times. A man who loved only his wife and no other woman.

Arnav's Mother brainwashed?: Just like Shyam cast doubts and spun a story about him and Khushi to Arnav, it is quite probable that Arnav's Chaachaji spun a story about Arnav's father being with another woman to Arnav's mother. History repeating itself as it were. Just like Arnav fell for Shyam's story, it is possible that Arnav's mother fell for Chaachaji's untrue story about her husband's extra-marital affair.

Arnav sharing himself with Khushi: A man who once upon a time, for decades, kept his emotions bottled up, who never shared his deepest, darkest fears, who never let anyone see his hurt, his pain, and his burdens, who shunned the company, shoulders, and comfort of others - this man today opens his thoroughly wrecked young boy's heart to the woman who silently lends her understanding, support and care for him. He has never told anyone so much before. Never confided the bitter pain, the devastating sorrow, the loaded anger, and the burdensome hate that resided in his pure heart all these years - he never let it out to anyone before. He has Khushi now with him - a woman who listens to all he has to say, who gives him the courage to speak out his inner terrors, who holds him, comforts him, and accepts his pain and anguish as her own - a woman who he can share himself with freely, knowing that she will see him in the same way as before. Arnav can talk about his failures with Khushi as he knows that in her eyes, he will never be seen as weak, inferior, defeated, or lost. Knowing that to Khushi he means something more than all of that even in his weakest moments, gives him the ability to unveil his incapabilities, insecurities, inabilities, and failings to her.

Ganeshji-Khushi-Arnav:It is the start of things to be completed. Arnav did not look even once at Ganeshji while he walked to and fro over there. But Ganeshji had his sights on Arnav all the time - as Arnav broke down, as he confided his past to Khushi, as he spoke about his failures, and as he wept in Khushi's arms - Ganeshji witnessed all of it. Ganeshji's kindness in his eyes, his smile on his lips will be the hope, determination, and strength for Arnav and Khushi to overcome the obstacles and turbulences coming their way - after all, one of the qualities attributed to Ganeshji is that of 'Remover of Obstacles'. His blessings are over them as they, the two souls alone till now, stand by each other and fill each other with love. (Tried inserting the pic of this scene but IF is giving some problem! Will try later if possible).


Hospital Hug: In the past, Khushi had run into Arnav's arms and hugged him for comfort, solace, and support. He might not have hugged her back then, but he did not break away from her either. Today, once again, Khushi hugs him ' but this time, it is to comfort him, to offer solace, and to support him. Last time, she was the one who needed a shoulder to cry on, this time, he needed a shoulder to cry on.

Hands of Care, Comfort and Support: In the past, it was Arnav who laid a caring hand on Khushi's head when she was weeping over her father's condition at the hospital. Today, Khushi laid a supportive hand on Arnav's shoulder as he wept over his failure to protect his Di.


Daljeet Bhanot: Welcome Back girl, welcome back!! You moved almost everyone to tears with that realistic 'mother-who-lost-her-child' break down. The final realization after seeing the truth of the fact reflected in the tears of your brother finally breaking the warmth of motherhood. The crying, the sobbing, the distressed wails, and the expressions were too realistic! Take a bow Daljeet!! Clap Clap Clap

Barun Sobti: I have always loved your performances, and today the modulations - pain at not being able to protect your sister, rage at Shyam, anger at your father, tenderness for your mother - all were fabulously done! The only place where it missed out a bit was your enunciations - of course, you were crying, but it was a bit difficult to catch on to some words. Lovely performance otherwise! Star

Sanaya Irani: My girl! I've said this a million times - you bring Khushi to life for me, and that's why I love you! Today too, I loved the way you showed Khushi's understanding on letting her man speak, listening silently, giving your love, support, and shoulder to the broken man who needs you. Your eyes, gestures, and tears spoke tremendously! You made Arnav's pain even more impactful! Clap Star

Utkarsha Naik: Oh how I love you when you become the pseudo-mother for Anjali and Arnav. Your performance was bang-on today! Loved the way you tried breaking the news to Anjali, and then your outrage at the Nurse making you leave the room, and following it up with a complaint to the Doctor! Too good Utkarshaji!! Thumbs Up


Thank you very much for your warm Likes, Comments and PM's. Smile I have been super busy this weekend and will reply to your PM's once I get a bit free.

I used the 'From The Observatory Tower' format today since I am short of time. This format helps me focus on the important/significant scenes in the episode, without rambling on, and digging deep - thereby helping me stick to a deadline. Hope you enjoyed this format - I know it's a bit curt and terse! Tongue

Happy Reading! Exciting times ahead of us!! Shyam-Arnav face-to-face!!! I can hardly wait!!! Big smile



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When the faceless found a face...

As the wails pierced my ears I closed my eyes for a moment... A woman emerged in the recess of my mind.. a soon to be mom.. who could not believe her luck that she was blessed with motherhood... a desire that she had secretly hoped would become a truth... as the little blob in her womb screamed LIFE... it made its sweet presence known.. slowly as time elapsed... so did the feeling of happy expectation of  holding the precious gift  in her hands soon... Many secrets shared with the little one ... of hopes, dreams and a future to behold... The darkness didnot seem so dark and frightening anymore because you finally had someone to hold on to... someone who will truly be your's forever... the bond had been forged for life... 

A fall and everything changed ... the world around her crumbled to dust... the earth slipped beneath her feet... there was just an ocean of emptiness all around.. she saw faces but the voices did not reach her ears... tears streamed down her face yet she could not feel the wet drops glistening in the reflection of  the rays of the light bulb shining above her bed...
Pic Credit: Chowna

As I slowly opened my eyes.. the woman's face started to come out from the shadows of my mind... a pretty face...Anjali... who during her much awaited motherhood was drowning in despair at the absence of her pati parmeshwar.. she wanted to end the life she had promised to nurture in  fear that the child will not enjoy her father's love...Every moment she was reminded of her expecting state she was sad at not having her husband around... the joys of motherhood got lost in the separation of a wife from her she bled in pain when the glass shards hit the sole of her feet...the wife panicked at the thought of the well being of her husband... the safety and the well being of the helpless little child in her womb was forgotten...the mother had lost to the wife... 
I watched the the hospital scene unfold .. the actors were superb.. the music was great... the direction was nice... but I emotionally disconnected...

A Promise...

Pic Credit: Chowna

A promise given out of love...
As a wish to see a smile ...
It was a wish no more...
but a silent burden of yore...

A tragedy of losing parents... the wedding of her dreams broken... a younger brother promised his elder sister that he would bring happiness for her he finds himself helpless as the promise was not fulfilled... he blames himself...the sweet promise has become a burden of his guilt... his incompetence... As the thoughts torture him.. in walks Khushi... his strength...she gives him the shoulder to lean on... a silent ear to hear his grief... and words of hope to face the dark hour...a hug of reassurance that he need not hurt alone... he will have her his times of need...the promise of a soul mate...

Two facets of love...
The love for a sister  makes Arnav so weak that he does not have the courage to open the door and walk up to her side to become her strength... the love for his wife helps him to overcome the shame,pain and anger within  to share his inglorious past with her... Khushi gives him the courage to once again stand up and face the tragedy that has hit the family and become the much needed pillar of support for Anjali...

Pic Credit: Chowna

The love is strong and will help Arnav and Khushi weather the storm together...they will fight it together as they had done before...even if the murky past comes out... Khushi will not give up on Arnav... she will make him see the truth...set him free of the guilt of the past...I was mentioning this on my friday's post...It was a good thing that she heard the story from ASR's end.. now she needs to hear it from Garima and connect the missing pieces... 

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Illusions are mirages of hope. - Anonymous

Anjali, a woman who has cluttered herself with illusions and reconstructed them again and again. A woman who fails to recognize her potential within and clings on the the two people in her life until the very end, where she has to step up herself. 

It was during the training days of Lavanya where Anjali had  blackmailed Khushi to work for her, i had realized that this woman's strength is her weakness and her weakness her strength. A paradox personality. Today, life has given her another chance by snatching what she had and to start over. A person who with shreds of glass underneath her feet had struggled to keep her love hidden from others, which extent she would go to?

*I wish to write more on Anjali, because she was fantastic with the breakdown today. The first denial and then when her gaze meets her brother, the reality crashes!! Ahh, it couldn't be more brilliant!!

You have to know the past to understand the present. - Dr. carl Sehgan

Back in ninth grade, my english teacher gave us an assignment to analyze our personalities and put  comprehend ourselves. Before we started, he told us that its is the past and only the past that makes us who we are and have us stand on the point we are at today. 

Today, we have seen Arnav Singh Raizada, a fictional character in the screen play of 4LionsFilms go through one year of his life where he faced hell lot of decisions that were needed to be made and a lot of opportunities he had for himself. He in this one year had transformed from an arrogant young man to one who considers others standing before him. He has fallen in love and that too deeply with every passing second, but there are still things that are intact within him. 

For me, today the episode was heart wrenching but with a force that strike hard on the bubbles we live in to let us face the reality. It was the fourth promo that i saw the first time, and i was intrigued by the fact that although he loves her, he can't truly love her. Fascinating, isn't it. I told my sister that if that same promo comes up next time, tell me the name of the show and its timing. There are few things which can change the course of the life you live in and flip the world where you have been the ruler upside down. Abandonment, Cheating and Abusive behavior [mental, physical or emotional]

Today we had unraveling of the story of the past, the overheard conversation that scarred a mind and under those first impressions he was forced to grow up and where there weren't any second chances. 

Apparently, on the day of daughter's wedding, the siblings are busy rejoicing the festive when the brother runs up to have the parents down and in the process overhears the quarrel. By the little something of whatever was going on, he understands that his father has cheated on his mother with someone else. His mother, pretty judgmental though weak at dealing with emotional affairs dumps her life into a trash can without paying a second thought to her daughter sitting before the holy fire and her son, who is bubbling with happiness. On one hand she blames her husband for giving a second thought to his family, while on the other hand she herself does the same in a weak moment! The husband too who has been blamed for not giving a second thought, proves the point valid by dumping his own life and considering himself, I believe guilty!

A twenty-nine year old business man who is known popularly for striking the best deals in the country and is the most successful one at a young age like his, sits alone far alone to realize that once again he has failed his purpose of serving as a protective shield to his sister. A fourteen year old boy, vulnerable at the edge is exposed again, reliving the memory once again along with the flowing tears of his sister. The images from the past come back to him and what to him was an end of a new beginning is not really ending at all.

Is there anything need to be said about the whole particular scenario that were the past and present were running parallel to each other? The past today is once again replacing the present and its power is unleashing with full force. A vulnerable young boy, A lonely scared orphaned girl, A weak yet strong sister; All holding on to the last of the reigns. 

  • Instead of Devi Mayyin, it was the idol of Ganesh in the back drop today. Arnav had first stepped with his back facing and eventually tuned parallel to the idol. The God is known for removing the obstacles created and now today, begins the final level of the game where the winner would be Arnav, not Shyam

Formation of the wraith indeed. Brilliant title Sathya, and especially the reference to Hamlet. It is my favorite play next to King Lear, Macbeth and Merchant of Venice.

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"There is a meaning behind everything that happens. However, there are very few people who understand everything. To search for the meaning behind every event that happens... It's a daunting task even to imagine it. However, noticing that there is meaning behind everything that happens... That in itself is meaningful. There is a meaning in wondering why."

Yuuko Ichihara,XxxHolic


Once upon a time, there was a Princess. She wanted something very special. All her life, she wanted her very own Prince Charming, someone who would sweep her of her feet and love her so much that the world would look her in envy. And on the day when her dream was about to come true, something awful happened. She lost her parents, the King and Queen. She was all alone and had nothing left apart from her younger brother, the young Prince. 

On that day, she realised she was alone and she was no longer a Princess, just an ordinary person. Her brother the Prince became her life and he was everything to her. But years later, she met someone. Someone who loved her, for who she was. Someone who adored her. Someone who was hers and hers alone. 

She felt free when she was with him. She felt as though she could fly and that the whole world was hers. She finally got her. No, it was even better than a dream, because in her dreams she was a Princess, while with him, she was a Queen. What more could she want?


She didn't know that her beloved was actually an evil warlock who had spun an illusion around her and trapped her in a cage. She couldn't fight against it... the illusion was much too beautiful.

Her brother tried to protect her. He tried his very best. But he couldn't save her from being consumed by the darkness. And so the little Princess slowly began to lose everything she had ever held dear.


She would win because it is in her destiny... After every rain, comes a rainbow. After night comes dawn. After her sorrow go, her happiness will come. Just wait and watch. You'll see. The little Princess will be happy once more.

Anjali. She is God's offering. Everyone around her is lucky to have her in their lives. She is the perfect daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, wife. She too spreads joy to everyone around her, much like her sister-in-law, Khushi. But exactly like her sister-in-law, fate never seems to give either one of them the happiness they deserve.

Just a few hours ago, she was sitting, dressed like a bride, for her baby shower. She was going to become a mother. But her love for her husband blinds her. She cannot think or reason as far as he is concerned. And in her folly, she lost the most precious gift nature could ever give her. The gift of being a mother.

As always, it is Manorama who blows the horn as the Devil's Advocate. She will always be the bearer of bad news to Anjali. She is the one who had the courage and the strength to tell Anjali that her child in no more. 

Anjali doesn't believe her.

Khushi sits down beside her. Khushi tells her, her Little Princess cannot come. She cups Anjali's face and tries to make her see reality. She tries to make Anjali be strong enough to face the truth.

Anjali lashes out at her.

Anjali looks at Arnav and the tears in her Chotte's eyes do what words from others cannot. He did not say a word. It wasn't needed. It was that he didn't. 

And the damn broke. 

"It cannot be! This cannot be happening to me! This cannot happen to me Khushiji! No! No! No!"

Her grief is immense and she is inconsolable. She cries and allows her family to hold her close. Why was it happening to her? She who wanted only good for everyone and she who loved everyone with all her heart. What was her crime for which she is being punished so? Why her?

"You don't belong only to yourself. There's not a single person in this world who only belongs to themselves. Everybody... relates to others and shares something with them, That's why we can't be free of others. That's what makes us feel joy and sadness. And love..."

Yuuko Ichihara,XxxHolic

Arnav and Khushi. It has come to the point where you cannot refer to one without the other. It is the worst day imaginable for Arnav. The only two people who are his existence are crying in each other's arms and he cannot do anything about it. He has failed to protect Anjali. He is drowning in guilt, pain and helplessness. He tries to isolate himself... from everyone apart from Khushi. 

The only person Arnav allows to be with him is Khushi. Anjali and Khushi are Arnav's life. Without the two of them, he is nothing. A sister and a wife have different pedestals. Both of equal value and importance, the love of equal depth, but still different. A sister cannot take the wife's place and the wife cannot take the sister's place.

Arnav has relied on Anjali for love and comfort. Anjali is the only reason why Arnav didn't turn into a creature made of stone. She is the only reason why he still had a heart left. And when Khushi came into his life, she brought out the heart that Anjali had painstakingly managed to preserve.

Arnav and Anjali have always relied on each other. They cannot be without each other. But their relationship was not an equal one. Arnav couldn't open his heart to her because she wasn't strong enough to handle it. By attempting to heal him, she would have been broken and he knew it. She was broken herself so how could she heal him. Arnav is the stronger one of the two and he took it upon himself to heal Anjali. 

And he succeeded to a point. But he couldn't drive away Anjali's insecurities. Only Shyam could do that. But Shyam became a drug for Anjali. He wasn't healthy for her (pun not intended). He weakened her mentally and physically. When Arnav found out, he tried to take measures but he failed.

This is where Khushi comes in. With Khushi, Arnav will be able to right all the wrongs. Khushi is the only one who has been given the privilege to see Arnav Singh Raizada's heart. And she will heal and protect it wisely.

They have indeed come a long way. Almost a week ago (in IPK timeline) Khushi had to play songs and hug and coerce Arnav into opening up to her. Now he does it the moment she sits beside him. She hadn't asked him. He voluntarily spoke about his hurt and his pain. 

This will have been the first time he had ever vocalised his suffering. In 14/15 years, he had never talked about it once and he prevents everyone else from speaking about it. He doesn't allow the woman who gave birth to his father talk about him in his presence, and yet he himself speaks of it to Khushi.

He shares the pain in his heart with her. He doesn't hide anything. So now, she knows almost as much as he does. She knows almost everything from his point of view. 

He shares with her his fears, his regrets, his wishes, everything. And he allows her to engulf him into her bosom and hold him close. He finds comfort and solace in her arms. He finds love in her. With her, he is the fourteen year old child who just wants love and who just wants the nightmares to disappear. He hold on her tightly and allows his tears to flow down her neck. He doesn't try to hide them. Why?

Because she is home. She is love. She is life itself.

A brilliant episode in terms of direction and acting ability. Everyone emoted wonderfully! 

Daljeet Bhanot, I had at one point clutched my own abdomen by watching you. You can't get any better than that and I can't give you a compliment bigger than that. You made me want to give you a big hug and give you my Pikachu plushy (I love my Pikachu plushy, I don't let anyone touch it and it is my bedtime teddy-bear. Don't judge me). So honey, I can't praise you any more than that.

Sanaya I cried with you today and I felt proud of Khushi for being so strong.

Utkarsha, Jayshreeji, Swatnisji and everyone else was amazing.

And finally Barun... I am not going to say anything about you because whatever I say won't ever be enough. 

A wonderful, wonderful episode and if you keep this up there is no reason whatsoever why TRPs won't rise. So guys keep it up!

And guys my school starts tomorrow. I will continue to write, but I won't be around to chat with everyone. Sorry but I cannot do anything about it! I am in a helpless situation and if I don't turn just assume that I am buried in a huge pile of school work Ouch. I promise to write about almost every episode and I will let someone know if I don't.



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bsp0207 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

To be, or not to be, ' that is the question: '
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? ' To die, to sleep, '
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, ' 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; '
To sleep, perchance to dream: ' ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of despis'd love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? who would these fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death, '
The undiscover'd country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, ' puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know naught of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought;
And enterprises of great pith and moment,
With this regard, their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

Hamlet, Act III, scene i


Once again a beautiful title and quote, will wait for your post if you are going to update.

Nonetheless your above quote is just brilliant. Clap

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