Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; The Wraith !! *updated

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By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

--Second Witch, Act IV, scene i

To be, or not to be, ' that is the question: '
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? ' To die, to sleep, '
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, ' 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; '
To sleep, perchance to dream: ' ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of despis'd love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? who would these fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death, '
The undiscover'd country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, ' puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know naught of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought;
And enterprises of great pith and moment,
With this regard, their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

Hamlet, Act III, scene i

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

--Witches, Act IV, scene i


Vakratunda Mahakaaya
Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva
Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

( The Lord with the curved trunk and a mighty body, who has the magnificence of a Million suns, I pray to you Oh Lord, to remove the obstacles from all the actions I intend to perform. )

A beautiful well balanced with Past n present and hints of future, A episode where equilibrium was maintained between relationships !!

The episode opens with Arnav  alone like he always has been, battling his own pain , feeling the guilt bearing down upon him.. while inside the ward room, Anjali regains conscience , bereft of her Mangal Sutr , her maang ka tikka .  She awakens  to  face the gloomy  and despairing faces, Her  countenance perfectly normal as the grief has so numbed her that she has frozen  , her emotions  locked away as she determinedly refuses to acknowledge the truth that shines right in front  ...A Helpless Anjali tries to  be the pillar to the family devastated by  a shocking event...but what  use is the pillar that is hollow,  The Pillar crumbles the moment  it takes a look at the face of her brother...The Granite who has always withstood  all the blows of life, who has shielded  her from worst storms , weathered through many a battles now stands alone, exposed, unarmoured  as tears of defeat rolls down his cheeks ...The message is understood and acknowledged  between the Sibling ...The dam of despair, of grief, of loss is let out by a keening wail that is torn from her soul  She laments for the  unborn who had made her complete, whole, She mourns the loss  of the little angel  to whom she was deeply beholden !! Her hands clutching convulsively  the womb that is barren, The angel touching her life but not becoming the part of her life ...

A very well enacted scene where none went overboard apart from Mami  * in few scenes* ..A scene where the truth of the plot was revealed completely   and yet seemed to be a part of delusional  woman ... Barun Sobti, The helpless grief  of a brother , the pain  and sense of hopelessness that he cannot  alleviate the  nightmare that has invaded  his Di's life ..

Loved the shot where NK who is sitting blocking the view of Arnav  from Anjali , slowly stands up and gives a clear  and straight view  between the siblings ... symbolically  portraying the deep and strong bond between the siblings , a bond that is only between them and where none can intrude, Anjali finally getting the confirmation from Arnav  with nary a word uttered , Anjali reacting only then for her trust on her Arnav is greater than her own instinct...This was the segment where Barun and Daljeet nailed it !

Nani as a matriarch who is bowed by the sorrow that has visited her Grand daughter yet bearing the weights of the family and  throwing out a facade of strength and  calm acceptance ..was darn good !!

Gripe point ; what was with the two rings  and the thread on Anjali's hand ??

202 ..decode it urself ...

The family are asked to leave  the room as the patient needs rest , Arnav is told by the Doc that the patient might  suffer from stress ..Arnav , Dadi and Khushi  elect to stay back  and be with  Anjali ..  Arnav is pacing the floor's as  his  mind wrestles with hsi heart and tries to come up with something that may assuage his Di's pain, his heart knowing fully well that nothing in this world will  allay her grief but the mind refusing to accept the truth of the heart !!! ...

An Interesting picture  of Arnav and Dadi with Khushi in the middle ..will she be the bone of contention or a bridge  for understanding ...

A girl who knows her man in and out , Khushi knows that  not all the forces of the known world will get Arnav to admit that he  is in need of support, of comfort, of solace ...He would rather bear it all quietly , torturing himself than ask for comfort...With no hangups, no superior air, Khushi  simply chooses to stay back, her eyes never leaving the  pain wracked face of Arnav, letting  him know that he is not alone, she is there with him to halve the anguish, to be the strength  to be his partner!!

The Past that was always hovering around like a wraith , insubstantial , formless now finds itself becoming an entity ...Arnav who was burning the floor  , is sapped of his strength and  his frame which supports the lives of many finds itself weak  and seeks the  aid of a couch to aid  him  ..Khushi who was helping Anjali comes in search of him and finds Arnav , heads  held  low almost bowed, hands curled with fingers intertwined almost in a gesture of supplication in front of Lord Ganesh ... The compassionate one  comes to the  wounded child , trying to soothe the wound , trying to lessen the pain ..

Beautiful shot , so well captured when the mighty Arnav Singh  Raizada finally becomes aware of his limitation , His ego is gone, The arrogance which was inbuilt is shattered , The complacency that his money can buy everything   has crumbled ...His impotent rage  caused bec of his inability to do anything  leads to the acknowledgment of  his mortality, of his weakness , of his shortcoming and he sits there humbled and in dire straits  , mutely praying for the well being of his sister in front of the lord of whose existence he had scorned  ...but the merciful lord without taking umbrage at the child who had mocked him sends his angel in disguise  to console him ..

Lord Ganesh  !!
The remover of obstacles, The Door Keeper, The Boy who got a new head so to speak , The head of overbearing confidence , Blind devotion to his mother, cockiness to be replaced by the head of compassion, wisdom, understanding!! in other words Ganesh is simply transformed  and so will be the case of Arnav when the blinkers he is wearing comes undone !!

Arnav , the self contained Arnav  takes the first step towards healing when unprompted he divulges the past that has always stabbed  at him, The pain  having made him a  veritable beast who had to hide his princely qualities, He  recounts those painful moments when he was a mute witness to the  poignant moment of the collapse of his parents marriage , when he was the testimony to his sister's heartbreak, his parents abandonment ..His dewy eyes getting the hazy glimpse of the woman who was the source for the collapse of his home, the destruction of his security blanket , The woman who made him Orphan !!.. Khushi is moved to tears and instinctively hugs him as if by the simple expedient of hugging him , she will absorb all  his angst, his woes, ...The Man who hesitated to even share  his pain  now returns  her hug  as simply s a trusting child who has found his refuge in the lap of his mother !!

 The Beginning of the end !! When I saw the veiled face of the  'Other Woman '..My instant  thought was  , Ahh!! Here comes Shyam's sister !! ..The second thought was curtain call to Kahani .. Yes This was the beginning of the end ... !!

Lets  revert back to Kahani ...  what was kahani all about  ?? It was about Deception !!  Deception to  find the elusive truth, Deception to lure the lies from it's lair , Deception  done to give  a judgement !!   Who was the main character  of Kahani ?? Was it Bidya ?? Was it Satyaki ? Was it Khan ?? Was it the IB chief ??/No..The main and powerful character was the Colonel , who remained hidden throughout  and like a puppet master guided all action's n reaction's... The Colonel was the one who  recruits Bidya trains her and guides her in the exposure of truth ...If Satyaki is the Arjun for Bidya , then Bidya is Colonel's Arjun ..In the end  it is Colonel who is the  Paarthasarathy  .. The one who guides u towards the path of truth... When does Colonel make his appearance,,  towards the end when they show the beginning of the "Mission Arnab"  * Planning to flush out the mole* ...Yes , today the makers too let us have a glimpse of the  'Other Woman ' .. heralding the end of Kahani and beginning  of the "Mission Truth" .. She will lead them to truth , Truth devoid of any fripperies, sans any misconception ..Truth which will  reflect as it is and not as it is perceived to be,  Truth that will set him free  ..Truth where Arnav will be the Krishna !!

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So we got a glimpse of the mystery woman...

Who is she?? She is definitely not Garima..that's for is she Shyam's sister???

For the time being lets guess the actress...I think its Kishwer Merchant...would love your comments and inputs of who she could be...

A sad painful episode where Anjali is made aware of the sad reality that she has lost the little child she had been so waiting for...and emotional scene and well enacted by it touched me...the overall episode...

Anjali who again chose to go in denial has her bubble burst only when she sees the pain and sorrow on Arnav's face...she immediately understands the truth then...what no other could make her look at her chote's face and the truth drives straight in the heart...

I would like to dedicate this poem to Anjali...which I read somewhere:

I'm sitting here mystified and numbed with pain
To lose someone so close, yet so far away.
Some say you can't lose something you never had
If that's true than how can I feel this sad?
I felt more close to you, my child
More than anyone else around me
Because I felt you so deep within me.
So small no eye could see
Yet so full of life was felt already.
Disbelief and uncertainty consume my brain
As the tears fall like rain,
Heart pounding hard, feels like thunder
The sorrow and anguish down under just can't be explained.
Was I being punished for a sin I committed?
Was I to learn something from this and just didn't get it?
Please God answer me' what did I do to deserve this?
Does he know how much I love him?
Cuz it's your job now to tell him!
I already miss him' I'd do anything to kiss him'
To hold him and embrace the mere presence of him.
I can only hope for one of these days
He comes back to me, this time to stay.
To find it deep within his heart
To give me the chance for a brand new start!

Madi N Mikala's Mom

Arnav Singh Raizada...the man who believed that he made his own sits broken and fallen and thinks about his inability to handle things as per his the man has bowed down and accepted that he failed...he has yet to realize and accept the authority of the one and only...but he has taken the first step he accepted that he married Khsuhi, threw Shyam out of the house hoping all will be well and his Di will be happy again but he was wrong...whatever steps he took to ensure his Di's Happiness did not work out the way he wanted them to as his Sister is again in tears.,...he has been unable to do anything to remove those it the demise of his parents, ousting of her husband or losing her child...everything has been a blow to that she has lost everyone she loves...

Today Arnav opened up further to Khushi...told her about the reason of his mother's suicide...a new flash back for us where we saw him witnessing an exchange between his parents...where his mother accuses his father of being with another woman which she herself has witnesses and the dad denies and tells her she has misunderstood the situation...but Ratna Malik had the genes of anger and losing brain functionality whilst in anger which she has sucessfully passed on to ASR...she stalks off without listening to reason and commits suicide...soon after followed by dad who couldn't handle guilt!!! or so the story has been weaved in his mind!!!!

Khushi is becoming more and more integral part of his life with each passing minute...she is literally seeping inside him and is getting clear glimpses of the actual man who is Arnav Singh Raizada,...she is getting a reason for every action of far she knows why he over reacted when Anjali tried to commit she knows why he was so harsh in his anger on her when he misunderstood her to be with Shyam...soon she will find out about the reason for his aversion for middle class women I think...

The past is being revealed in glimpses making khushi and us aware of what happened 14 years ago that disrupted so many lives...Khushi is getting a first hand account of the makings of the angry, Khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada...

Can you believe it guys...he got short temper and rash decision taking genes from mom, judgemental, stubborn and I will do what I want nature from what a deadly set of genes...D'oh 

We had Khushi supporting Arnav...she always believes in action speaks louder than words...instead of consoling him through words she silently gives him strength through her hug...and he accepts the strength from her willingly...his own is sapping fast and he cries on her shoulder...

They have truly become one soul sharing all...and soon will be bearing all together...why do I say together (of course minor MU aati rahen gi but mainly they will remain together) The whole scene of breakdown and support was witnessed by Ganesha in the background...The son of shiv and parvati...

Shiv to whom Khushi prayed that he keeps ASR safe...Parvati...the DM who is Khushi's confidant...they have put forward the symbol of their love and unity their child The Ganesha for the love birds to guide them forward....the symbol of their unity for me indicated Arnav and khushi's unity...

Ganesha is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.
Ganesha is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride.

The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents Aum. 

In his upper right hand Ganesha holds a goad, which helps him propel mankind forward on the eternal path and remove obstacles from the way. The noose in Ganesha's left hand is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties.

As I mentioned in IP redux Boondein...the Aum sign on Arnav's head indicated his seeking of knowledge and absolute truth to help the Gupta's namely too we have been given a hint by CVs...

That all the hurdles will be removed, the truth shall be sought, all knowledge will be gained and revealed and ultimately all evil destroyed...

But doods guided me that Ganesha was also known for the love of his is it indicating that Arnav and Khushi will come at logger heads in the love of their parents??

So maybe it starts with being at logger heads but then moves on to the description I gave above..Embarrassed As this time around ASR has committed a blunder once in misjudging Khushi and her character and for that he made her go through hell...but now he has realized he was wrong he will not make the same mistake of rash decisions again when past regarding Garima comes out...he knows garima and he will not be making hasty decisions in judging and punishing her or her daughter Khushi whom he now depends upon for his own breathingEmbarrassed

A little more past needs to be revealed...for us to understand what happened actually, for the picture to be lets see whats in store for usEmbarrassed

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Friday's analysis:

*Freaks out on being on page 1*LOL
Will update as soon as I get some time to watch the episode! Meanwhile, you may want to read my take on the past and see any parallels that can be drawn between this and what Arnav said today - I know it's not all right, but some of it is Smile:

Hey everyone! Hug

Firstly, thank you guys so much for all the lovely comments I got on my last analysis, and a special thanks to those of you who took the time out to send me PMs about it! It's great to know that my take on events is appreciated.

Because I never remember to do this, I'd like to salute Daljeet & Barun for their amazing performance in today's episode. Both were absolutely fantastic! (& Barun, you got a haircut - as if it was possible for me to love you more! Embarrassed)

Sathu's quotes at the start of this post reminds me of a comment I made on Redux in response to one of Koel's analyses:

Originally posted by .Ghausia.

Sunshine99 - Beautiful post! It flowed wonderfully and the way you explained Devi Maiyya playing a huge part in all of this was really good. The 3 women... Why does this remind me of the 3 witches in Macbeth? If I cared to remember that story I could have perhaps done some analysis on it LOL

I can't remember Macbeth for the life of me as I've mentally removed it from my memory, but I just found it interesting, that's all. In relation to Koel's analysis the 3 witches are Nani, Dadi & Garima, three women who hold the keys to the truth of the past.

The first scene, we see the family gathered around Anjali, not so different to when Shyam's truth was revealed in front of her. Everyone is visibly worried, and Anjali turns to Khushi to assure them that everything's fine. Wasn't this exactly what she did when the truth was revealed? She urged Khushi to retract her words so she could return to her peaceful bubble. Anjali asks everyone what's wrong, and no one knows how to break the truth to her as they know it will shatter her world. Finally, Mami breaks the silence and reveals the heartbreaking truth of her miscarriage. Mami seems to always be the bearer of bad news in relation to Anjali; it was Mami who first voiced her suspicions of Khushi and Shyam to Anjali, and it's Mami who's telling Anjali the truth of the miscarriage. Anjali slowly registers what is being said in front of her, the tears on everyone's faces, yet she chooses not to believe it.

Arnav is a spectator, watching on the outside as his sister's heart breaks in front of him at the realisation that her child is no more.

Originally posted by .Ghausia.

When Arnav is placed in an unfamiliar situation he is quick to distance himself from others. The essence of who he is is very much the same even though his attitude has changed - he will still distance himself and close off when he has suffered from a shock.

Arnav, as I mentioned in my previous analysis, distances himself in unfamiliar situations. We saw this here with the physical barrier of the glass between Arnav & Anjali. He wants to be there for her, but something within him is restraining him and holding him back. He feels helpless in the situation, and has no idea of what he could possibly do to make his sister's pain go away.


"Kuch nahi hua humaare bache ko" - the evidence is in front of her in the form of the look in the eyes of her closest family, yet Anjali chooses to ignore it. She paints a beautiful picture of herself with her rajkumari and how perfect their lives together would be. She is so submerged in this illusion that she doesn't even notice the look of disbelief on each person's face at the impossibility of her words. Looking around the room, one by one she tries to assure each person gathered around her bed that everything is fine and the picture she has painted of her wonderful life is very much still intact.

Khushi tries to break into Anjali's illusion, just like she previously did, and tell her that her daughter is indeed dead. Anjali yells at her, telling her to stop uttering such nonsense. Just like when she was confronted with Shyam's truth, she ignored the truth and vehemently denied any possibility of Shyam being unfaithful, insisting that it was a misunderstanding. When she sees Arnav with his back turned, however, something goes off in Anjali's brain. Does this mean that only when the barrier between Arnav and Anjali gets so big that Arnav completely turns away from her will Anjali finally acknowledge the truth that was in front of her eyes the whole time? She asks Khushi to reassure Arnav that nothing's wrong, to be there with him. Again, parallels can be drawn to the Shyam issue here. Still adamant in her denial, Anjali smiles as she sees Khushi stand up. Yet her smile falters when a distraught Arnav turns around with tears in his eyes. It is only when she sees the raw pain on Arnav's face that realisation finally dawns on her and hits her hard. Just like Arnav can't tolerate his Di in pain, she cannot tolerate seeing her Chote in that way. She knows that Arnav would never be that upset without reason, and it is this factor that makes her see the truth that was in front of her.


Her shaking hands reach up to her stomach, willing her suspicions to be wrong, but all hope is in vain; she touches her stomach and finds no sign of life there and screams out in pain, releasing all the pent-up pain that had remained hidden from the past. Life had again dealt her a cruel card & she couldn't take the fact that she was being punished by life once again through no fault of her own. Anjali seeks refuge in Khushi's arms, indicating that Khushi will be there for her and support her in the future. Where Arnav will grow more detached, Khushi will take his place and be there for her sister-in-law. Khushi has a very forgiving mentality (she forgave Arnav for all the torture she endured because of him) yet Arnav doesn't. Khushi will forgive Anjali for her deceit but Arnav will not do so so easily. Also, Khushi is also more tolerant than Arnav is; she may agree with Dadi's suggestion of Shyam returning for Anjali's benefit, yet Arnav won't as he will not be able to tolerate the man lusting after his wife living under his roof. However, Arnav forgets that Khushi had tolerated him, knowing the truth, for a lot longer than he did.

Arnav, watching this spectacle, reaches for the door handle, but cannot bring himself to open it. He feels helpless watching from the outside, but he knows that he cannot do anything to numb the pain his sister's feeling as she has felt it before, when their parents died, and he could do nothing to prevent it. He had previously locked away all feeling as he had no control over it - wealth cannot buy feelings so he felt that he was better off without anything that he couldn't control. Yet Khushi began to chip away at this hard exterior; she had begun unlocking the multi-faceted man that is Arnav Singh Raizada and made him feel again. Although this brought positives, negatives quickly came along with it as ASR began to feel pain - the pain he had locked away for the last 14 years for the sake of his sister began seeping through those strong walls that were gradually crumbling down.


Dadi is insisting on bringing Shyam to the hospital - why? Why does it make me think that Dadi had her part to play in all of this, a part bigger than just allowing Shyam to visit Anjali at RM? Surely she wouldn't willingly put her granddaughter in danger Confused


Khushi emerges from the room and immediately approaches Arnav, yet he turns away from her. He doesn't want to expose his vulnerability in front of Khushi, yet she coaxes him into talking to her and revealing what it is that is worrying him. "Mujhme itni himmat nahi hai Khushi" - he is telling her that he isn't strong enough to cope with his sister's pain, yet Khushi is insisting that he is the only one who can help her through this; Arnav & Anjali have been through so much pain together and Arnav cannot isolate her now.


Rather than going home with everyone else, Khushi states that she is staying at the hospital. Khushi will be the one who will help Arnav face his demons and come to terms with the past. It's only then that the two of them can truly move on. Once the family goes, Dadi remains along with Arnav and Khushi. Dadi and Khushi settle Anjali down in her bed. Does this mean that the two of them will eventually put their differences aside and learn to get along for Anjali's sake?


Arnav meanwhile is pacing up and down the corridor, in front of an idol (is it Ganesh? Sorry, I'm really unsure!), thinking about everything that went on with Anjali. This, to me, signifies how regardless of whether he is close to his faith or distant, his fate remains the same. He is a tortured soul, and there is always pain lurking around the corner from him. But this pacing signified his inner turmoil with regards to his faith as well as his past.


Khushi apprehensively approaches Arnav; just like the previous scene in the hospital waiting room where Arnav approached Khushi, but the tables have now turned. Arnav is explaining the reasons behind his distress and Khushi is patiently listening rather than showering him with comforting platitudes. She allows him to vent out all of his frustration, all of his anger at his own helplessness. We get a look-in into the past here, the last time where Arnav had felt so helpless. We see that Arnav's mother is accusing his father of having an affair in a heated argument, not allowing him to explain his side of the story. We have, however, witnessed a tainted view of occurrences (Arnav's view of history repeating is quite similar to the one I had thought of in my theory of past occurrences); tainted due to Arnav's allegiance towards his mother. Arnav doesn't think rationally in anger, so did he actually make any attempt at discovering the truth? Is his Dadi right in suggesting his father was blameless? Did his father indeed commit suicide (contrary to what I had previously thought) because he was unable to take the heartbreak of his wife killing herself due to a misunderstanding? What intrigues me is where Khushi fits into the image. Could the woman we caught a snippet of have been Khushi's mother? Many questions have remained unanswered; if anything, we have more questions now having seen this confrontation.


"Maa, baap, pati aur ab bacha" - remember the 4 factors/promises/phere I had referred to in a previous post? (link: I have a feeling that these could potentially be the real 4 factors, or at least a part of them.


Khushi turns Arnav to look at her, and it seems as if he has seen her for the first time during their entire conversation. There is a hint of recognition in Arnav's eyes before she pulls him into a hug; he knows, he acknowledges that Khushi is there for him through everything and he no longer has to do anything alone, and he appreciates her help and support. He has laid everything out in front of her, the core of his being and the reason he is who he is, and she has still accepted him wholeheartedly. The hug was just perfect.


Brilliant, brilliant episode overall! 

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helo al reduxians

IPK is back indeed but we have to hold it wid full grip.brilliant script ahead of us,all it need is good execution in all depts.
doods thank u for decoding lots of things in ur fri anaylsis...but one question which is lingering in my mind is as to how shyam knows about garima & khushi past ???
straight pointers:
1. anjali is convincing the viewers that her rajkumari is alive...point noted...lets c how things unfold in the future.
2. arnav is saying that past is coming back again...this is wat shyam wanted..this is where he wanted arnav/anjali...same scenario but 15 yrs bk it was shyam/his sis.
3. its a confusing past wherein everyone has their own version...nobody knows the other person kahani...interesting!!!lots of revealations on cards.
i dont deserve to be on pg1 of redux but here i amBig smile

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"One word
Frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is love."
- Sophocles

I am not doing a full episodic review nt, gals as I already I am down with flu, but to share myself on Arnav tonite will make me happy somewhere so here I do
The whole episode once agn was focused on Anjali, Arnav & Khushi, the tragedy which bought the destruction of life once agn leaves Arnav & Khushi shattered too, its Arnav helplessness as a brother and Khushi's empathy to him and Anjali which was highlight
Arnav stands and looks his sister struggling once agn the cruel blow of fate and yet he isnt strong or dareful enought to stand by her, he looks from afar, feeling her pain, her helplessness, her disblief evrything yet he isnt pulling his strength to go her, the whole family is there but the one who matters is afar and Khushi takes the stand, once agn she returns to Arnav ahnd tells him to be with Anjali she needs him,  he has to stand by her, her brother, her anchor in the wake of calamity needs to be by her, he refuses he cant do it she tells him, he will hv to it no matter how diffcult, Khushi a young gal who hasnt been in relation with Anjali or Arnav for a long time yet she understand the strength of this brother sister bond, who hv stood together in wake of disater  and she understand the pain Arnav see in the loss of Anjali,
The strange thing was the whole family felt the pain and gathered but none stood by Arnav or coaxed him, only Khushi, a nani who has equally realted to Arnav & Anjali , A dadi who is equally related to Arnav & Anjali, Mami too, Akash too, they all left Arnav, they know he is person who will not express easily in years they hv spent with, they have known him, understood him, but tonite no one stands by him, not for a moment, no one spares a glance towards this man who last time when tragedy had struck had to grow overnight from from a 14 yr old kid to a man who assured to protect, he says " chota sa tha main, maine himmat ki aur di ko kaha ki sab theek ho jayega"
and Than comes Khusi, who sits by him, somewhere along their journey she has won his trust and for the first time he opens he unloads the burden he carries on his soul
He shares the pain, the angyst of betayal and he sheds the horror of his past to her, he know this women will stand by him, will not judge him but will burn herself to provide the brightness for others, he had seen this experienced this, He knows she is women whose intregrity marks her character and tonite when he stands lost in front of ganesha, the god with every correct thing starts, his pain breaks the dam and comes out, it pours out from Khushi's eyes, the tears he is unable to shed, the feeling of inability,khushi comes and listens his pain, anger, the feel of losing, unable to protect, she holds and hugs him with all her mite
Most battle he has fought hv been alone but from here on  he has a partner who will be the strength and one who will stick him when he breaks, the hug had both of them crying but one wanted to hold the strength which the other one was providing, other wanted to be the strength which will not let him fall, one of most poignany hugs we witnessed in this journey of IPK love has the ability to gv to heal tonite we saw that
Khushi the golden daughter of DM will heal Arnav, she has been bought by DM to clear the past and present & bring a bright future
StarStarStarStarStar BS SI for a Heart Wrenching performance
Daljeet u bought CryClap
Team IPKClapClap
Dedication to Arnav & Khushi Singh Raizada
Being with you never felt wrong. It's the one thing I did right. You're the one thing I did right."
--Becca Fitzpatrick Cresendo

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Hola girls Hug Hug..

A fabulous mind blowing episode Clap Clap..Fast phased , heart wrenching episode with excellent acting skills by Barun sobti,Sanaya irani and Baljeet   ..entire cast Rocked the episode Star Star..

An hint of past..that we are all waiting for so long ..made my day Big smile..

A poem on the Man Of the episode Arnav sing raizadha 

Another disillusioned  day has past,
how long will this last 
and only thing i wanna do is run
run away from the pain 

But its bound with me like a chain
my life is simillar like the rain
so many tears that i shed
oh i wished some could make me glad
but no their is just pain instead
nothing changed and never will change

i hear sis voice in my head,over and over again
disappointed,and a little surprised
should  i really blame myself
i am feeling guity for what ever happened to her

wish i could do something
wish i cold help her
what the hell  have i done?
how can i let this happen to her
now i can't do anything,its too late now 

i wish i knew how to reach her mind
i wish i know how to tell her sorry
you are my whole world 
nothing compares to you
if i could ,i would do anything  for you
the promise that i have given to you
i wish i could have have saved you from the pain

i am so afrid of everything now
not sure  of myself
it seems  impossible to breath
my heart beating the way too fast
and my body is shevering

its strating all over again
fear is killing me slowly
fear from the past and in the future
My mind seems unable to think clearly
how long i can face this ?
i am tierd ,don't wanna face this again

A place alone where we both can be happy
its just a dream
i try to reach it everyday
but everytime  i have just some hope 
its take away again

everyday my sarrow grows again
and my fears of past come back again
i try not to cry
but than my tears start coming
Rolling slowly dwon my cheeks
falling in the Drakness
with frozen thoughts
left behind from this life with out sense

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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 Hola Reduxians HugHugHug

What an amazing episode it was.ClapClapClap Great job by the CVs and by the actors for their wonderful delivery. ClapClapClap

It was poignant episode showing a mother's agony, a brother's / son's helplessness and sense of failure and a wife's resolve to support her husband. 

"Yeh sapna nahin haqueeqat hai."

Anjali - Just a few days ago, the sonogram made her realize that the life growing inside her was not just her dream but a reality.  All this time she was weaving dreams around her unborn baby, the baby which was the center of her universe. How can she believe the baby was just a fleeting dream?

"I am a bloody failure."

Arnav - 14 years ago he was a helpless son who failed to save his mother. And now 14 years later he is helpless brother, who could do nothing to save his sister's bundle of joy. Her world came crashing down and he could do nothing prevent the collapse. He is feeble, powerless. 

"Jab bhi mein Shyam ke baare mein sochta hoon, mujhe aapne dad ka chedhra yaad aata hai"

14 years ago he found out about his father's betrayal towards his mother. 14 years later, he learned about his brother-in-laws betrayal. Back then he was a helpless son, now he is helpless brother .The ghost of his past continues to haunt him.

"Hum yehi rahenge."

Khushi - She knows what she has to do. No matter what happens she will stand by her man through thick and thin. His family is her family, his happiness is her happiness, and his grief is her grief. 


One thing didn't sit well with me. Anjali's shock and disbelief is completely realistic but is it possible for her to sit up immediately after gaining consciousness? Wasn't there supposed to be some strain in the voice?

Things to ponder

During the FB seen Ratna Malik draped her sari with her pallu in the front and sari looked quite simple, not something one would wear during a wedding. In the old FB seen, we can see her wearing a different sari and she's seems to be decked up. We can also see Arnav witnessing the fight but when he hears the gunshot, her is downstairs with Anjali. So the suicide's didn't happen right after the fight. 



Barun Sobti - Once again you made me speechless. The pain, helplessness, the breakdown, every emotion was portrayed wonderfully. It made me teary eyed. Cry Arnav was crying but it was a little difficult to understand some of the dialogues. But nevertheless, nothing can take away from that delightful performance. ClapClapClap

Daljeet Bhanot - The shock and disbelief is completely realistic but I expected to hear a strained voice and see some exhaustion in the face. But the reaction after seeing Arnav in tears, just before the breakdown was beautifully portrayed. Clap

Sanaya Irani - Your eyes speak volumes; A wonderful, understated performance. ClapClapClap

Utkarsha Naik - You beautifully enacted a mother's love and concern. Clap




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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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I had written this post today afternoon . So if you not seen any connectivity sorry for that.


kabhie kabhie aisa lagta hai k hum ne apne dukh ro liye hain. Laikin actualy aisa nahi hota. Kuch aansoo bin roye hi reh jatey hain. Bilkul aise hi jaise aj anjali dekhne wale dekh rahain hain k wo apna dukh ro rahi hai. Arnav apne gham ro raha hai laikin nahi . Aansoo jo bin roye hi reh gaye hain

In a large palace.there lived a little princess ... But inspite of every things.she then too..was a little scared and feared girl...Because...she has a shaken shades &  a shelter on her head as her parents...but she then too wanted to be a happy. girl...

as she became a young girl...and she captured her self in her dreams...her illusion's world... where everything is beautiful, where every one was happy, where  they love each other , where every where was positivity rays... and there were  no pain in her  this imaginary world...she forgets all her sorrows... and living happily...

But the time came and  brought a storm with it...A day when she closed to get her dream's prince...that fateful day...snatched all her dreams...all her...happiness.n gave her only tears...pain .n sorrow...and loneliness...

as time passed...A bright day came in her life again when she found her soul-mate, her supporter, her center of her dreams...he is her dream now a dream ...that she seeing every time ...every where... he held her hand and took her in this dream world , wher he was a caring, loving , husband of her .he is a jadooger...who whenever and whatever want to see her , only in some moments he saw her ...and she sees because she is in his mantra affects...she sees that he wants ...

then a day came when outsider of her world threw water on her wake up her...she shocked..but not believe what other people saying , what other people wants her to believes...

she again living in sorrow of her dream to snatched away from her by others...she living alone... but that dream of her not left her...he again came back but this time with him ...he brought some terms and kept it in front of her that if she wants to get him and achieve her dreams tabeer ...she have to do these things...and she accepted these unknowingly...

the terms are

if you wnat to get me , .you have to leave your garden...
if you want to get me have to break some of your little dreams...
if you want to get have to cut yourself  and separate yourself from your plants...
if you want to get me have to walk on that path which i have prepared for you...
a path or way where there no flowers bed...

only and only...the broken pieces of relationships
the broken pieces of your other reams...
the pieces of truth...
the pieces of trust...
the pieces of broken heart...of your and others

and she walking , walking on these pieces...
she feels pain but she is walking...
she wounded but she then too walking...
on these pieces of glasses but in real the pieces of her beautiful broken dream..

and in this process she lost her dream of her baby.her rajkumari...her small bud , whom have to bloom on her ( branch) but now she is only a

a broken dreamer
a branch on which a bud germinate without bloom, withered ...a barren branch


log mer haalat pe ro rhain hain
laikin main kya karun
 main tou ek bin roya aansoo hoon
jo na khud apni halat  ro sakta hoon
na khud pe apney dukh pe beh sakta hoon

main wo be bas aansoo hoon
jo dil pe tou girta hai
aankhon se nahi behta
main wo aansoo hoon
jo doosro k dukho pe to ro sakta hai
pr apni halat pe khamosh rehta hai

main wo aansoo hoon
jo apney khuwabon k toot janey pr bhi...
be bas hai , lachar hai
sab ko dekta hai rotey huwe
pr khud seeney  main qaid rehta hai
khuch keh nahi sakta

main ek bhikra huwa khuwab hoon
khuwab jo tabeer pane se pheley hi
toota , aur toot k bikhar gaya
main wo shakh hoon
jis pe ek nanhi kalli tou ugi thi
pr khilney se pheley hi murjha gayi

main ek be jaan jism hoon
jo rooh se khali hoon

main ek bin roya aansoo hoon
jo sirf dil pe girta hoon
aankhon se nahi behta.

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