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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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This is my first attempt at an OS & I would like to dedicate this to my Friend Yashi ' she has encouraged me throughout my presence here on this Indian Forums' platform. This has definitely made me think about the written word & improved my literacy skills (I hope?). Please read this if you get time ' sorry for its length. What inspired me is the fact that Arnav & Khushi seem to be coming to these crossroads in their lives where they stand & look to see what direction they should take. They make sacrifices for the people that are closest to them & in that there is a type of triangle & the person that comes out the worst emotionally is Khushi. Here goes''




Khushi stood in her bedroom leaning against the window looking out & up at the sky. It was really late & she was really tired & emotionally drained. Try as she might, sleep was eluding her totally as all the images from this evening kept churning away in her mind. She looked up at the night sky & her eyes searched for the stars ' she always did this to get some solace & comfort ' but today it did not work. Where did it all go wrong & why was everything always working against her.

"Amma, Babuji please make things right ' please help me as I cannot go through this again ' main toot chuki hoon- main aur nahin bardaash kar sakti hoon"



Earlier on after the Gaud Bhar ceremony had been completed for Di then the mendhi rasam had started & she recalled everyone sitting on the floor really happy as all hands were decorated. She remembered Arnavji defy the rules & come in with NK bhai to sit next to her & tease her about the name she was going to have on her hand. She loved the fact that he managed to get some private moments with her whilst he retied the bow on her blouse. Just thinking about those precious stolen moments made her blush. He was oh so gentle with her as he carefully embraced her in his arms & held her from the back. She realised that it was a ploy to correct her undone blouse but also an attempt to be close. How her autocratic Laad Governer had changed. Gone was the stern & harsh demanding man & replaced by the most caring & loving person that she was lucky enough to be in love with. She knew that he loved her too. She could even see this later as they danced with Jiji & Jijaji & NK bhai & Nani later downstairs. In future she would treasure those memories & bank them in her mind as now that is all she had left''''


He actually danced with her - & as she remembered her eyes softened & her soft lips turned upwards in a slight smile. Her Arnavji that hated to dance actually took some steps with her & then right in front of everyone he hugged her. That in itself was a revelation ' to her it was like he was making a declaration that sealed their relationship right in front of everyone. Khushi knew that if they were not so wrapped up in one another than they would have realised sooner that Di had been gone a long time. As she was feeling the guilt she knew that Arnavji would be feeling it a hundred fold. They could have stopped the tragedy of this evening- they could have saved her- they should have been with her. As she remembered seeing Di tumbling down the stairs & coming to rest at the bottom a fresh bout of pain made her gasp & made her eyes fill with tears & start rolling down her face. "Hey Devi Mai'yaa Di ki raksha karna"


The hospital was one of the most harrowing times of her life next to when Shashi babuji was in hospital ' she now always felt very nervous when there. Everyone worried as they all waited & then to get the most devastating news that Di had miscarried. Even as she held tightly onto Arnavji's hand as this was announced ' she felt his hand tighten on hers for a few seconds before he loosened his hold. She felt cold at that point as he walked away & up to the surgeon that made the announcement. No ' no that could not be happening to them. She knew immediately that this would have a colossal effect on the entire family but the person who mattered to her above anyone else was the one that it effected the most'..


Di was everything to Arnavji ' she knew how important she was to him & she now understood why he was shocked at the news as it was imparted. She could read the pain in his face & the blank intense look in his eyes as she gazed across at him through her own tear filled eyes. This baby meant so much to Di- she had reached her salvation recently through this baby & with that peace she had made the whole parivaar really ecstatic. So what would this do to her but break her 'hey Devi Maiyaa. Main Arvavji aur Di ko  iss haalat me nahi dekh sakti!!


As soon as Di was out of the operating theatre she was taken to a private ward & made comfortable & as everyone stood outside in various degrees of feeling absolutely devastated, the doctor allowed Arnavji to go in & see her. You could see before he walked in that he composed himself as he knew that he had to tell his sister what had happened. The doors swung closed behind him & everyone stood there. The nurse that had prepared Di came up with a carafe of water & Khushi saw this as an ideal opportunity to in & support him & see Di at the same time. She took the container from her & walked through the doors. There was a screen around the bed & she hesitated about walking around it as she heard Arnavji talk to Di

"Di  I am so sorry but I will make everything alright for you''"

" kaise Chote kaise aap theek kar sakte hain? My baby is gone, I feel so empty as if part of me has just been ripped out. I have lost someone" at this point you could hear her soft sobs as she gasped for breath 

" Di please don't think like that, just get well & come home & I will make things right'.." he struggled to & his voice broke'.

" Chote please 'help me ' I want my baby- why did this happen- why"' she completely broke down at this point.


Khushi stood there frozen not wanting to interrupt them at this point as she could hear the shattering of emotions & the strong hurt that was encapsulated behind the screen that she felt guilty about interrupting. After a few minutes she could hear Di speak again'.

" Chote please will you do something for me but you have to promise that you will''"

" Anything Di ' name it please tell me!"

" I want you to go & fetch Shyamji ' please I really need him beside me now. He is the only one that can comfort me. Please Chote'..he needs to be here'..I need him with me''''"


"If I mean anything to you at all then you will do this one thing for me'..I  need him- I need to tell him what has happened''.(she was sobbing openly in great gulps 'speaking really quickly)' he is the father'.I need to be held by him'''..please Chote''''just listen to me''''"


Khushi knew that this was the biggest test for Arnavji & he needed some help because he would be in the biggest dilemma of his life & it was because of her. Khushi Kumari Gupta. She had to make him see reason & that it effected the person that was the closest & dearest person to him in this entire world. She had been there a lot longer then she had & she was prepared to do anything for him to realise that. She could not bear to live with the circumstances if anything happened to Di ' not herself & not when she knew that it would destroy her beloved.  She made a decision at that point but she knew that she had no choice in the matter. She knew that this was meant to be & that life kept bringing her back to these crossroads again & again. Devi Maiyaa give her strength'.for what she was about to do!"


She walked in & placed the container on the cabinet at the side, poured some water in a glass & handed that to Di. Then she held her other hand & stroked her hair back from her face. Then she turned & faced Arnavji. Her heart was breaking as she looked at the stark pain in his eyes as he sat on the bed beside his sister. Khushi placed her hand on his shoulder & gestured with her eyes that she wished to speak to him.

" Di ' I just need a few words with Khushi & I will be back really soon" & saying that he stepped outside. Khushi took him by the hand & pulled him to the furthest corner of the room. "Kya hain Khushi- I should be with Di ' she needs me".

" Arnavji ' kya aap hamari ek baat maan sakte hain?" she whispered

"Kya Khushi"..

" Hum aapse kuch mangna chahati hai Di ke liye? Kyun ke Di ki bhalai issi main hain '..Shyam ji ko vapas aane dijiye'." She quickly rushed into an explanation as she saw the shock on his face.

" What'do you know what you are asking of me' can I allow him back into our lives Khushi after what he did with you & Di?"

" Arnavji- main samajh sakhti hoon ke aap ke liye ye kitana mushkil hain.Par Di ko shyam ji ki jarrorat hain aur Di ki khushi usime hain. Aap samajh ne ki koshish kijiye"

You just heard her plead with you ' how can you turn her down? You have to grant her request"

He stood there numb as he heard her & realised that what she said made a lot of sense. He clenched his hands really tightly into fists & gritted his teeth as he remembered what that man had done to the two closest people to him. How could he sanction bringing him back with open arms as that is what they were expecting of him.

"At this time you have to put the past behind you & think only of Di. She needs him to get over this trauma ' please Arnavji ' please if you would just listen to this request from me & I will never ask anything of you again' please''.."

He realized at this point how hard it was for his Khushi as well to be in the company of his Jijaji as she had explained to him what had happened in the past & how she hated him with the same passion but she put up with him for his sister's happiness. And now it was full circle again & yet again she was thinking & putting others before herself. At that moment he felt so much pride for his Khushi & the sacrifice she was making again.

" Very well Khushi I will do this thing & bring HIM back into our lives because of Di ' but know this DAMN IT that this is the hardest decision that I have had to make. How can I bear to see him in the same room as you". Once he said that Khushi knew that her earlier decision was the right one. She quickly smiled at him & hugged him & then pulled him back to the bed. "Arnavji ' you sit with Di & I will tell Akash jijaji to call Shyam jijaji & I really really love you" With that she stroked his face lovingly & gave him a quick hug. Then turned around & started to walk out'..

Arnav was baffled by her behaviour & called out to her "Khushi ruko ek minute'.." but then was pulled short by Di called out to him '"Chote'."


All that happened so quickly but she decided that it was for the best & here she was back to the place in her mind where it all started. She knew that she was the complication in everyone's lives & as far as she was concerned it would be best for everyone all-round if she removed herself out of the Raizada family. Mami was constantly badgering her- Dadi was constantly criticizing her & placing Arnavji in a very awkward situation as he ended up arguing with her whilst defending her & she knew as a result in effected Payal's life with her husband. It was for the best but she was broken inside because she had grown to depend on Arnavji. She knew him as well as she knew herself & she wondered how she was going to live without him. She would play back all of the times that they spent together when they recognized the love they had for one another.

Her ASR had a heart of gold & he was hers- they were to be married & he had already started teasing her about starting a family but all that was gone & the more she thought about it the more painful it became for her. She hurt so much '''..

                  Photo: Good Night...<3<3 
Suddenly she felt a slight breeze on her face & her heart began to flutter loudly in her ears & she felt a sudden rushing sensation which made her turn around & there he stood in the room. Khushi stopped & watched, her heart in her throat as she saw Arnav hesitate, his dark lashes lowered hiding his longing, his vulnerability, as he risked rejection. His deep whisky voice was a mere whisper as he said Khushi's name. Khushi stood agitated. On the surface his words were quite clear, easily understood, yet there was un undercurrent between them that hinted of something that was not simply defined. Her eyes widened slightly, caught & held by his as he approached her. Khushi found it difficult to breathe-her heart was suddenly beating too loudly, her fingers were twisting the fabric of her nightgown. She wanted to take a step back as she was faced with the anger burning in his eyes. The smokey brown gaze blazed down at her & he grabbed her forearms & gripped really tightly & she could feel his fingers dig really deeply into her flesh but she welcomed the pain.

He shook her & she could feel her teeth clatter. " You idiot. Where the hell have you been"

" I had to leave Arnavji my note explained'''."

" How dare you Khushi. You left a note & that is it- so that makes it alright? Do you realise what I have been going through? Do you have any idea what was going through my mind. We have been searching for you all this time & I was afraid ' I was very afraid that''." As he was saying this his voice was getting louder & louder & his fingers were digging heavily into her forearms.

"Arnavji please try & understand the 6 months are well & truly over & now we can separate & get on with our lives"

" Don't you dare say that to me Khushi- don't you dare bring up the contract- we have been through that & we have agreed to marry- so now tell me the real reason that you left & I want the truth, damn it"

                       Photo: Good night GYss!!

Khushi pulled herself out of his grasp & turned her back to him & pulled up all the reserved strength she had so she could tell him that they had to finish this. It was destructive & she could not go through the pain & heart ache. They just kept coming back to the same impasse over & over again. She stiffened her shoulders & said with gritted determination " I want to live my own life- I cannot live in a large family & I have fulfilled my side of the bargain so please let me go now"

" Khushi idhar dekho" She refused to turn around. " Khushi mere taraph dekho ' NOW!" When she still refused. She felt him walk up behind her & she bent her head. Arnav went behind her & bent & circled her with his arms, hauling her against him in an embrace that was powerful than tender as he tried to comfort her. She gasped for air as her body shuddered with great wracking sobs & crying came from deep within her from a broken spirit & wounded soul. She pressed her forehead against his shoulder. He stroked the length of her hair whilst his chin rested against the crown of her head. He gently turned her around in his arms & tilted her face up to his.

 Photo: Check New Promo!!

He recognised Khushi's stubbornness. It was in the shape of her seriously set mouth & in the tension around her hazel eyes, her brows were drawn fractionally together, A curling strand of dark black hair lay across her left cheek fluttering slightly as she worked a muscle in her jaw. Her skin was flushed with frustration & impatience -  the hollow of her throat was exposed along with part of her collarbone as she swallowed & gasped for air. With her chin jutting at that defiant angle, with the pulse beating hard against the side of her neck, with the tense rise & fall of her breath, Khushi looked unbreakable.


" Now Khushi if you dare- phir se kaho but this time look me in the eyes & tell me that you don't love me & that you never ever want to see me again'..If you tell me that then I will leave you &

never see you again. But Khushi I also want you to place your hand on Devi  Maiyaa when you tell me ' is that clear?" With that he pulled her towatfs the murti & placed her right hand on the chunni that covered it & he leant opposite her. " Go on Khushi I am waiting'.


She stood there facing him her hand on Devi Maiyaa & she knew that he had her where he wanted her. This was a typical ASR manoeuvre designed to win & to get him the result that he craved for & that he knew to be the truth. Her hand trembled as she looked at the face of her Maa & then she was looking up into his eyes & he saw something change- a flicker-a light like the first star of the night. Then her mouth slowly curved upwards & whilst he watched the slow smile the tension he was holding began to ease'..he saw the devil lurking in her eyes & in the edges of her smile where it lifted the corner of her lips. He hauled her up into his arms'. He touched & ran his fingers through the length of her hair. He actually felt tingles from his fingers through to his toes. She was silent but beneath his fingers he could feel the tremors. He wanted to break apart her faade piece by piece. The very thought of it took his breath away. A very subtle perfume rose from her skin, rich, golden & he inhaled her & so it was quiet natural that he bent his head & kissed her softly on her shoulder. Her lips parted & she closed her eyes ' both involuntary actions that she could not control.

He kissed her on the ear, a kiss with the barest hint of moisture to it. He hugged her as if he never wanted to let her go''.


                                                Photo: Another emotional hug <3 -Zana-

" Khushi I know why you did this. You always put everyone else before yourself but I will not let you do that anymore. Both of us will work it out. Do you hear me Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Do you know why? Its because I love you."


Her eyes were luminous ' " I know that you love me" she said softly " but I've never known until now how much!"


"Almost from the first time I saw you " , he said touching his forehead to hers & flicking her nose lightly with his fore finger. " And that's nothing compared to forever" Standing in the circle of his arms, one of her hands over his heart, Khushi decided forever just might be long enough


 Please give me some feed-back on this my first attempt at an OS -would appreciate your comments/likes. Best regards. Big smile


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really good :P congrats 

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I love the choice of words you employ when writing a  story. I think that is what strikes em most. It helps bring out the depths and thoughts of a character with a more realistic light. Thanks for writing this and sharing this with us...A touching glimpse to what may unveil...

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I loved it.Nice OS 

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OMG..Finally u did it...My dream came trueParty
Congrats for ur First OSBig smile

Today two surprises..First brilliant episode and then awesome OS by VasantiClap
You are Star. i knew it!!!!

Loved reading every bit of the story. 
Loved the depth of words. so emotional and heart touchingEmbarrassed
Loved the Monologue of Khushi.
Beautifully written and brilliantly executed .
Waiting for more stuff from u...

Thank u for mentioning my nameEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Loved every bit of it! You should defo write more! Big smile
Loved the way you write, splendid! Congos on your first OS Big smile

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Wow. I don't know what to say.
Very emtionally packed os.

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Wow that was soo good!!! Thanks for sharing!

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