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Taarey SS: Incomplete Part 3 Last page 9

desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
note: strictly for taarey fans if not a taarey fan pls refrain from commenting and respect my work tnks. new peace rules Embarrassed

Note: If you would like updates to any future Taarey works please add desigirlTRFFPMs to your buddy list, i only send pms from that account.

Hey guys i'm back with a new taarey three part ss dedicated to maneesha. credit goes to mannu for her amazing ideas Embarrassed hope you like it mannu Embarrassed 

Taarey SS: Incomplete

Part 1:

Rey was waiting for his girlfriend outside of school. He looked at his phone and saw that he had been waiting for 20 minutes. "Seems like I"m going to have to go to class without her." Rey said sighing as he realized his class was about to start. 

Walking in his eyes widened at the sight in front of him. No one was inside. "Cars are outside which means college aaj hai toh phir sab kahan?" 

He kept walking until he reached the canteen and saw the lights off. "Canteen mein bhi?" He shook his head going inside to check it out. 

The second he got in there the lights went on and every one yelled, "Surprise Happy Birthday Rey!" Everyone going and wishing him.

Rey smiled shocked and looked around until he found Taani smiling widely at him. He smiled back understanding that it was her plan. Rey went up to her and said, "So this was your plan from the beginning making me wait so you can do all this?" 

"Nahi toh kyun aap humare hai koun?" Taani laughed. Only swaron were aware of Tarey's relationship and they smiled at each other when they saw taani and rey talking.

"Okay guys I think we should get to class before VP comes and gives us all detention." Swayam said making everyone laugh as the attended their class for the day.

After class Taani and Rey were cutely talking and just going around before Rey had to go for rehearsals. 

"Taani you made my day special." Rey said smiling kissing her cheek. 

" Rey you are special to me." Taani justified herself allowing the embrace Rey pulled her into. 

"You know if you want to make my day even more special there is something you can give me." Rey said grinning naughtily. 

"Kya?" Taani asked wondering why Rey had his badmash expression on. 

Rey looked at her and leaned in making Taani instantly close her eyes. Rey leaned in closer and felt himself being drawn towards her. Rey smiled and kissed her sweetly. "Thank you for today." He said pulling away leaning his head against hers. 

"I love you Rey.' Taani smiled.

"I love you Taani." Rey said before grabbing her hand and walking towards St. Louis. 

Once they were back in Taani left Rey to do his rehearsals as she went to finish some AGS work. While walking Taani bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry!" Taani said looking up to see Kriya. Taani was shocked, she was looking at Rey's ex girlfriend, the girl everyone had talked about.

"Kriya?" Taani asked.

"Hey how do you know my name?" Kriya asked with a small smile.

"Woh yahan pe sab aapko jaante hai."Taani said.

"Aap?" Kriya asked excited, "Before yahan pe toh sirf main hi aap bolti thi par aap kaun hai? Maine tumhe pehle nahi dekha?" Kriya asked.

"Hi I'm Taani Swayam's sister." Taani smiled liking Kriya. 

"Hi gosh its been so long since i've been here. Waise you would say that we're friends right?" Kriya asked.

"Yeah?" Taani said confused.

"Please help me everyone is mad at me i need to explain the situation to them." Kriya said helplessly. 

Taani smiled and said, "Sure abhi puri gang rehearsal hall mein hai." 

Taani and Kriya walked and started talking and laughing, "Taani do you know Rey? He's my boyfriend, I mean ex." Kriya said her smile dropping. "I know I hurt him but I love him and that was the only way I could go but now sab thik hoga especially since Ma has accepted him too." Kriya said after telling Taani her story of what happened. 

Taani's smile had dropped and she began to realize something. Walking into reharsal hall everyone stopped and stared at Taani and Kriya. Taani looked at Rey's face and saw all the emotions clearly. Shock, hurt, anger, and last one was happiness. Taani's heart broke as she realized that Rey still might have feelings for Kriya.

And in a minute everyone started yelling and talking at the same time, "Kriya we missed you."

"Kriya we're angry with you."

"And we're glad your back." 

But Rey said nothing he just stormed out grabbing Taani's arm and dragging her away from there. 



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desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Part 2 : Dedicated to Mannu and Rtiz. Thank you so much Rtiz for making this amazing VM Hug please watch the VM after reading Embarrassed also posted song link before the part where it comes pls listen while reading that partEmbarrassed hope ya'll like thisEmbarrassed

As the gang was talking out their problems and Kriya explained everything to them, Rey pulled Taani into the fire exit and said, "What the hell is going on." 

"You know what happened between me and Kriya you know that I don't want to see her or talk to her and you still brought her to the rehearsal room."

"Rey please listen." Taani said as she recited everything Kriya told her about her mom, her being forced to leave, her not wanting to hurt anyone. "Rey woh ab bhi aapse pyaar karti hai." Taani said chocking back her tears.

"But Taani main tumse pyaar karta hoon." Rey said.

"Rey really think kya aap sach mein Kriya ki liye kuch bhi feel nahi karte?" Taani said. "I saw it in your eyes you were happy to see her. Besides you were a perfect jodi, same dance passion, leaders of your team, I don't even belong." Taani said stopping her tears from streaming down her face. 

"Taani I," Rey said not knowing what to say.

"I understand she's your first love." Taani said. "Bye Rey." Taani said kissing his cheek before running out of the fire exit. Taani wiped her tears and put on a smile as she entered rehearsal hall.

"Kriya Rey fire exit par hai." Taani told Kriya allowing her to go talk to Rey. 

Swayam and Sharon saw Taani and wondered what happened. "Taani yeh tum kya kar rahi ho?" Sharon asked.

"Sharon, Kriya is Rey's first love. Abhi bhi Rey has feelings for her." Taani explained as much as she could. 

Kriya and Rey were talking in the fire exit. 

"Sorry Rey I know I should have told you the truth." Kriya said again and Rey smiled at her. 

"It's okay Taani explained everything to me." Rey said. Kriya had noticed a change in Rey, he wasn't the same as he was before. And when he spoke of Taani his face light up. Kriya and Rey talked clearing out their misunderstandings. 

"Rey I think we should have a one week trail relationship. I haven't moved on and neither have you, Nil told me. If we still have feelings for each other then great, if not, then we'll move on as friends." Kriya suggested. Rey looked at her remembering what Taani said. This was what Taani wanted and this is what he needed. He needed to be sure that he was over Kriya, he couldn't be cruel enough to continue his relationship with Taani not knowing if he was still affected by Kriya. 

Kriya and Rey walked hand in hand down to rehearsal hall where everyone was waiting for them. The gang smiled and cheered thinking that Rey had won his first love back, not knowing that Rey felt empty from inside. Taani looked at Rey with a smile hiding her pain inside. Rey looked at Taani forgetting everyone else, his eyes begging her to understand how incomplete he felt. 

There was something missing. Even though Kriya was hugging Rey his eyes wandered towards Taani. He wanted it to be Taani who was hugging him. 

This is the life that he chose, Kriya in his arms, but he couldn't help but feel someone's constant chatter, her weirdness, her cuteness missing in his life.   

"Okay guys I'm going to leave now. Before VP leaves i have to give him all the detailed reports of footlose." Taani smiled. She went to Rey and gave him a hug, "Happy birthday hope you get everything you want." She whispered before leaving. Rey watched her leave and couldn't help but feel like everything was wrong. 

"I'm incomplete without her." Rey said himself. Soon everyone was dancing and practicing in their own song. Kriya was with her team as they were rehearsing. Kriya looked over at Rey and saw the change in him again. She couldn't help but feel like their entire relationship had changed. Even when she was in his arms, she wasn't feeling the same as she did before. Her feelings had changed and looking at Rey she saw that he had changed as well.

Rey thought about everything happening today, Kriya returning, Taani breaking up with him and he pressed play without realizing what song he put, without realizing it's parallel with his life. 

"Empty spaces fill me up with holes." The song started as Rey stretched into his step thinking of Taani.

"Distant faces with no place left to go." Rey thought of how alone he felt at the moment even with everyone around him on his birthday.

"Without you within me, I can't find no rest." Rey thought about all his times spent with Taani, all of those perfect moments that he didn't want to let go of.

"Where I'm going is anybody's guess." Rey stopped closing his eyes as he wondered if he made a mistake in agreeing to be with Kriya instead of fighting for Taani.

Opening his eyes he thought of how Taani left the room knowing that she couldn't be around him."I've tried to go on like I never knew you." Rey danced letting his hurt pour out of him.

"I'm awake but my world is half asleep." Rey danced thinking of how numb he felt without Taani's smile, how nothing mattered to him anymore.

"I pray for this heart to be unbroken.He thought of how his heart wrenched when Taani left.
"But without you all I'm going to be is." Rey danced.

"Incomplete." Rey stopped dancing realizing  that he couldn't let her go. (Watch Ritz's amazing VM that goes beautifully with this SS thank you so much Ritz Hug)

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blossom1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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.wanderlust. IF-Rockerz

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-PixieDust- IF-Sizzlerz

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itz sooo gud sanju

i loved it..

Love TaRey so muchEmbarrassed

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DontAsk Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
WOW DI!!!!!!
Hmmm Kriya is back????
That too on Rey's birthday?????????
I hope there arent gonna be any problems between Taarey!
pooor TAANI!!!
pooor REY!
Idk who to feel sorry for more hmmm
I kinda feel bad for Kriya I hope she finds some else and lets Taarey be happy with each other!
DI u r a GENIUS!

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.Rupali. Goldie

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aaye haaye...Kriya wapas aa gayi...Confused
I loved it how you showed Rey leaving in the end not alone...but taking Taani along with him...that showed even when he was disturbed...he didn't leave her alone...and he wanted her to be with him...Big smile
The return of Kriya is interesting...waiting to read the next partSmile

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omg...mannu awesome ideaHug and sanju so well writtenClap...awesom,superb...itna bada twistShocked...i am feeling so sad and bad for taaniCry...omg please update heart is sinking and i am dying to know what happens next???

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