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Crooner 1.31 : Kuch aanch baaki hai..UPDATED (Page 34)

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
@ Soni - Hiya sweety. Ki khobor? Arr bolo na... My tryst here is as ill fated as Arnav & Khushi's wedding. And Work is my Shyamu Angry. Wish I could nuke both AngryAngry
khushi am doing good!!!! dekhte paarchi...tomar jibon ta IPK'r golpo'r moto cholche!!!!LOLLOL
still glad finally caught u here!!! btw loved ur post!!!Big smile

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

about asr and bhagya. the opening scene had khushi telling asr some things i agreed with: you are not unsuccessful, sometimes in our lives certain things happen that are outside our control, which can't be stopped. this is bhagya. then she tells him that he must goo and speak too di and she's sure he will find the words he needs to find, this is her vishwas.

between vishwas and bhagya, how caught we are.

some people call it bhagya, some fate, some destiny, some call it chance or randomness. whatever it is, this unpredictabilty and out of nowhereness is an element of life.   

i think as an intelligent human being should arnav come to realise that despite our best efforts things can go wrong, that we can't control everything, it would help him understand life better. however for that, i would not like to play with his beliefs. 

we call him an atheist because he says he doesn't believe in god. he has been nasty to khushi on a couple of occasions about "tumhara bhagwan." the dialogue at the dargah and janmashtami last year come to mind, there may have been a few others. yet, he never stops her from keeping her dm murti in ar's office, he saves her dm from falling and smashing (oooh what a scene), he stops yelling when he comes looking for her at buaji's house and finds that she is praying, he is tolerant of many of his sister's demands re prayer, puja, prashad. interesting, this side of him.

life has dealt him a terrible blow. two parents gone in a day, leaving him vulnerable, bereft, torn and without moorings. he is floating, in the grip of a strong current hurtling him toward an abyss. he fights to survive, to find solid ground. he finds the answer in taking responsibility, of his shattered handicapped sister. he was a kid, but he shows himmat and grows up overnight. perhaps just to keep sane.

then comes the breaking of faith by his uncle. first his dad, now dad's bro.

that burgeoning sense of betrayal and anger within, he needs to focus that somewhere. could that be in his turning away so resolutely from god? you let me down, you were not there when this endless nightmare came to be. if you are all powerful, if believing in you protects us, where were you that night and even now? you, like the other one i trusted, my father, you cannot be trusted. you in fact, are just a figment of our imagination. you do not exist. if you existed, there wouldn't be such pain in this world. this is a cold, harsh world, where only those who depend on themselves and nothing and no one else survive. i deny my father, i deny you.

and as i look at his life i can't blame him for this reaction. i hope he mends. i hope he finds peace. i hope he finds his god his way. sakar, nirakar, nirgun, or in just his soul, quietly, where i do believe it is anyway. shyam worships so much, but is there god in him? is he a believer?

who is theist, who is atheist, who has a moral fibre, who doesn't, who has spirituality, who not, this is so ipk.
Clap.. Very well thought and really interesting .. Di I had long back written a prologue for this show... that was my take on show's journey so far.. the way I have looked at this man's journey.. He is not wrong when he says there is pain in this world..but he is wrong at seeing only pain ..he is not wrong in believing that world is harsh and cold but he is wrong in not seeing warmth and happiness that do exist too.. He formed cynic view di..looking at thing with more of pessimistic approach..his trust was lost ..his faith was lost..that trust was not only in God and his prayers but somewhere even in humanity , relations and love too.. we saw a journey of this man where he found all back ofcourse with that sunshine who came in his life.. Di if we are not prepared to face our failures, we cant succeed in life..He needs to understand that he cant win all time and if he loose ,it is not that he cant win again..

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

khushi and faith.

yes, khushi was also orphaned young, losing both her parents on the same day. she only eight, still not acquainted with the visitor called death. "forever" not even a concept in her being. she looking for her parents, thinking they'll come back. sad sad tragic. but she was spared. she didn't watch her own parents take their lives. she didn't believe her father betrayed her beloved mother. she was not thrown out of her home, made shelterless by her own.

in fact, she was protected by her mother's own sister. garima gave khushi unimaginable love. she brought back khushi's trust in life. khushi's heart always had longing and sadness for her parents, but not the sense of betrayal that arnav had, the extreme helplessness of  a boy who has lost everything, except his loving elder sister. till nani steps in and tries to restore calm.

could garima and her commitment and love made a crucial difference in khushi's development, her sense of trust? and the fact that she always had a home and grew up amidst a happy family?

is that why she can have such complete faith in her dm and that really cool relationship? i think so.

and i hope khushi, who can be very intuitive, can see what ails arnav and know that his not trusting god is not a flaw or a crime, it is his stern answer to the reality that is his life. and she can learn to value his conscience, his courage and moral fibre, his ability to love extraordinarily, above conventional signs of "spirituality" and "faith." 

I love you di.. these are my favorite arguments..people compare past of both orphans and claim why khushi could cope with it and arnav couldnt...they both had their different reasons for who they are.. Khushi got her parents back while arnav she always knew if God takes away ,he gives too...This man never had the chance to believe that... He caught on lonely roads and explored life on his own... wrong or right there was no one to guide him ..betrayals that he faced and harsh realities he faced was at the time when he was in his teens and had to grow up overnight...His beliefs were his survival tactics as khushi's beliefs in her DM are her's...

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by jakhushi

Havent been able to post on Monday's episode... but I did read your Crooner. Brilliant take...Trust you to call a spade a sapde, without drowning in Bashing.
I thought both the episodes were  brilliant in parts.. 
On Monday, I loved Daljeet. Finally the actress in her woke up. And her realization of the truth only when she sees her Chotey - extraordinary screenplay.
The entire cast did a great job.
The music was brilliant...and some amazing shots on both the days. Especially Monday. Both Sobti & Sanaya were good... Sobti in ASR's grief, Sanaya as Khushi, the anchor. She brought in the 'therawd" ( do I spell this hindi word Confused), that the scene required.
Yet, I thought the hug lacked the intensity that both should have got on the scene. Especially for ASR. While the final shot was beautiful...after I rewatched it, but I still felt that hug should have been the hug of someone who was trying to draw strength by that contact and the other trying protect him from his pain. That didnt come through for me.
I agree with you that AK should have demanded more from his actors - afterall Sobti & Sanaya cant see the scene while enacting it - he can.
Now on Shyam.
Maybe I am jumping the gun here - but I do continue to feel that focus on the evilness of Shyam will not hold their audience for long.
Darkness fascinates me... actually Grey does it for me more. Thats why I love ASR's character, but I digress. But I do believe darkness can appeal to people in short doses only. Unless ofcourse, one has sociopathic strains Wink. We all need a little ray of sunshine at the end of a long cold day.
There is enough pain in the real world, everyday grind that can pull you down, question your basic belief in humanity, in love, even decency. In a daily soap, the audience tunes in at the end of a long and maybe not so nice day, to see good triumph over evil. No social re-engineering causes needed to be taken up...but unless one can identify with the problem on screen and see the good overcome the evil (which might or might be the case in real life), why will that audience be drawn back to the show?
It worked when Shyam wasnt the centerfold of the story... because his evilness got outshone by the good in the IPK world. Why is that not happening?
I am yet to understand the significance & the need for Shyam setting up the video in RM - did anything come out of it really? Yet that was one example of evil going scot free...and without any further consequence to the story line. I do have an issue with such points.
I know Abhaas is a pretty decent actor - but are the actors & the love for them tweaking the storyline/screenplay to some extent? If so... that is extremely unfortunate.
I am sorry for the rant... I saw your response to Indrani di's post and I couldnt agree more. Ofcourse, IPK also does team me to be an I will continue to be one. Aur option bhi toh nehi hai Ouch
But I think somewhere, we need something which is a little more substantial than  2+1slaps & 8 punches  for attempt to 2 murders (on 4 counts) , 1 kidnapping, 1 emotional attachyar and 1 murder of an unborn child.
I am hoping they can deliver atleast something strong in the interim, even if they dont close the chapter and bring him back on why he wants revenge track.
Again sorry for the rant... got carried away Embarrassed
The story is better paced now... that is something I really appreciate.
Technically they are doing quite a good job for the past 2 episodes. And I am loving the bond that is getting strengthened between Arnav & Khushi in these trying times.
For some reason, Forum webpage keeps crashing for me at work, and I cant do much...Ouch
Was waiting to hear from u, coz no one is a better technical and sound view on Forum than you...believ me...I read evey post across the Forum - and yours and Rashmi's are always bang on...more head, than heart - and thats why perfect check for any epis !!!
Just read ur previous 2 Kostins, and this post - and you know the answer ? plain and stupid - someone loves that man silly - on and off screen - its the screenplay that highlights him - not the story - and why even when the screenplay is glorifying him, we dont get the desired effect - kyunki director saab has his focus on his lubher boy - so the euqation is simple - two camps playing in highlighting their lubher boy - ab dekhna hai to dekho Wink
So all our moralistic, fictional - judgement and analysis is good to read, debate, talk and write - we can romanticise our theories as much as we want - but darlng "khichdi" to kuch aur pakti hai - so hamein sirf Tamaasha dekhna hai LOL
Any kostin ??? Battle of ego Tongue
Priya... you are too kind babes. And thats why people flock here...not only for your awesome analysis but for always keeping the heart and head together. Hug for that. You know you rock right!Embarrassed
Now... see this is what I was afraid of. And honestly... I gathered this and my big Question is what is Gul doing about this????!!!!!. She is the captain of the ship (unless love for Arjun has shifted her focus on a different mythological story LOL)... when 2 very important leads on your team are going in oppsite direction, it is absolutely impossible to proceed in any direction. Its simple physics!!!
Ego can be very big force...Heck it IS the biggest force in our lives. Even Love for someone else is driven by ego...just that the ego now encompasses another person who you see as the extension of self and belief. Unless the ego of the 2 forces can be united and see only & mind you Only the entire show as a part of their ego...we are going to go downhill and eventually underground.
One doesnt need a psychologist to figure that out!!!!
The fun part is the 2 "extended ego's" in question only have fun on the sets!!! Maybe the pillars of story & direction can learn a few lessons from them!!
I am sure you can figure out how frustrated I am right now... The entire team (not including the actors here) are veterans in the industry. They are expected to understand the pulse of their customer/audience and churn out a product that has the basic strains of that. Else, the audience will endorse another product. You dont need to tell them to watch something else... one can do it through their actions as our man is hell bent on provingAngry.
They would be absolutely STUPID, with IQ less than 20, if they believe their EGO can be larger than the product that makes them today. I am sure they know what Sells with their audience...its Time Gul hits them on their knuckles  (one much more than the other if you ask me WinkWinkTongue - Yes I can be like Kajol in Fanah...kill the lubherboy for the greater good WinkLOLLOL) and asks them to focus on what made IPK... IPK!!
Sigh... waiting for that Priya... Just hope I am not waiting for Godot!

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Indi - di..
IPK has made you philospher LOL... Or may be its you...who can induce philosophy in IPK.
Loved your takes! Beautifully articulated & well thought out. It is always such a pleasure to read your thoughtsSmile.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mouramen

exactly Priya,

i dont know whether you r reading this...though d phangirl in me doing dhinka chika but  but...

1. khushi's dialogues...i wanted them to touch d heart...somewhere in this rush d character has taken a beating...

2. what was need of showing Shyam's entry for whole 3 mins?OuchOuchOuch ok drama element...

3. pls for god's sake stop showing d women as dumbos...i guess its enuf now
5. i seriously wish that Shyam has some solid reasons to justify his hatred or revenge against Raizadas...killing your own unborn child and thus risking d mother's life is no small crime...
6. nobody talking about d glass shards and how anjali's feet ...ShockedShocked
7. last but not d least ...i come from Amitabh Bachchan genre...d mukkkas should have looked more better...WinkWink...hitting Shyamu not stopping in d air...
sorry for i always say i never pick up d remote ...i watch , rewatch and criticise too...because IPK is a part of my life...not just a work of fiction on phangirlTongueTongue
Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by indi52

lovely episode.

would like to just note down my first impressions. priya, no crooner?

asr looking good, acting too good. and i like him in those ridiculous clothes. my hatke man.

shyam surprisingly didn't irritate me as much as he usually does. maybe because the dhaiya ho was not there today or was it? i personally prefer the slimy, creepy, potentially deadly shyam over the louder version on display since his revelation as the "boss" and particularly since his return. a little too fultoo for ipk i feel. 

subtle, underplayed, intuitive, unpredictable, clever, the words i instinctively associate with ipk, may they be blessed and protected.

enjoyed asr's dialogues. khushi's sounded very sp bahu. i wish she would work on her expressions a bit, director sahib may be of help in that. still can't take dadi, very very flat acting and an unpleasant voice/dialogue delivery.

jayshree t hardly spoke a word, yet her whole demeanour and expressions said so much. the worry of a grandmother for a grand daughter who has lost so much and is now fragile, compounded by the constant abrasiveness of her friend and samdhan, plus chhote's anguish, anger, and friction with dadi. how the old lady is frazzling and trying to hold on. it is tough on her.

dadi, fresh and untried by the travails of life after her 14 year retreat is all my way or the highway and full of energy. someone should tell her that frankly she lost the right to say so much the day she didn't take on her responsibilities and ran away. much as i dislike this character, must admit, such people do indeed exist. and they always walk away when things get tough.

i felt the entire episode held together nicely, pacing was tight, performances pretty neat, and no it didn't bother me that there wasn't too much of obvious romance. this is hardly the place for that. plus this one was about the face off with the evil in their lives. nice direction and writing,

once more, i adored asr today. barun just felt perfect. blood shot eyes, a fist full of justice, a heart bursting with love that will protect his loved ones with whatever it takes. thrilling and rare.
Di loved ur take...on a plin view level the epi woked fine for me too - not as great as Monday, but it was a phann gurll ASR BG music and the punches worked...and thats it, Di...
My issue is they are trying something which is beyond the scope of the telly setting, which is creating and will extent more backlash their way - they are playing with the evil nd darkness...which is fine - but at the cost of two women - earlier it was Khushi who was trampled without any rectification after the kidnapping track...and yesterday was Anjali.
it was like he trapped ASR to behave the way he wanted..Daadi is an uni-dimensional character...its time they show the match of ASR-shyaam to be of equals...the evil here has been winning since the Bauji's track without any justification...
to top it Di, right now its on moral grounds - a cold blooded murderer and they showing his entry as if he has won the Oscars...CVs need to rectify this ASAP.
I'll still buy that he is going to play with her emotional dependency now - but then Di at what cost are they glorifying the eveil

mou, priya,

last night when i switched on the telly, shyam had just started his tan tan dan entry. promise you, irritated me so much, i just used the remote.

didn't want to say this earlier, because i would like to see where the writing is going this time round. asr has already been shown as a fairly weak man in the kidnapping debacle. and shyam the "boss"? makes me want to ...

but i was thinking this morning, if this time they don't show anjali meting out justice with a big J to shyam, they will be utterly wrong in their story telling and i will switch off. 

plus, time to show how courageous and also clever asr is. shyam's games must not leave the hero character, the righteous character all flummoxed and failed. what's the point of dousing us in idols and chants, if truth always loses? 

time to move to the denouement of the shyam menace. and yes there better be a damn good reason for him being the way he is, and doing what he does. however much i loathe the character, the death of his unborn baby is too easy a solution, fairly immoral in my reading. so every time a truth is "inconvenient" we kill it? why not just show the baby come into being and bring great joy to her/his mother's heart? life is not fair, this could have happened, but to engineer it for "convenience" in a story?  writer, is this good for your soul.

perhaps the creators are worried that once shyam goes what will be the conflict of their tale that will take it forward? now, arnav and khushi are in love, the commitment has been taken to a point where a separation doesn't seem feasible in the immediate future. so what will keep the story going?

but that's being lazy, isn't it?

ideally, shyam should be given sweet hell by his wife whom he has injured beyond redemption and the woman he has dared lust after and cheat. 

i worry and worry and worry about the portrayal of women in our telly world. it keeps us all in ugly clothes and neatly corralled following rules set by men centuries ago.

i started fretting about khushi a while back, sensing channel interference and toning down of her individualistic streak. see what's happened to payal. and now i can't practically make out the diff between khushi, akshara, pratigya, sandhya. gosh. i have been saying this in my own way for a while.

i get the feeling, the creatives had no idea ipk would become as popular, almost a cult, as it did. part of its magic was in the writing, but the real ignition lay in that fabled chemistry between two actors. how far these two elements have taken it. yet somewhere along the way an orthodox channel demanded that ipk enter the fold and tone down its hatke being. trouble begins here.

no idea where it ends. 

but yes, if the new story guy has taken ipk this unconscionable route, he better find his way to conscience and beauty again.

(my mind laughs and says: silly woman, do you remember the things you saw in pratigya, and yet sajjan singh is a "star" in star parivaar, whatever that is, and his malevolent family thrives in our "family oriented" channel with nayi soch?)

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