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Crooner 1.31 : Kuch aanch baaki hai..UPDATED (Page 28)

sejket2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mars80

Hey ladies is there going to be a new crooner today? if indeed then is it up yet?
"pUNCH" devta ki Jai ho !!!
No new post today !!!

@ mars80... no new post today...refer back to pg 26

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sejket2

Originally posted by mars80

Hey ladies is there going to be a new crooner today? if indeed then is it up yet?


<div align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"><font color="#cc0033">"pUNCH" devta ki Jai ho !!!</font></font>

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<div align="center"><font size="3" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"></em></font><font color="#cc0033"></font></div>
<div align="center"><font color="#cc0033" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"><em>No new post today !!!
<div align="center">

<font color="#cc0033" size="4" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">@ mars80... no new post today...refer back to pg 26</font></div>

Yeah just saw it thanks :-)
-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged

I'm usually a non-violent person who avoids violent scenes like anything even on celluloid. But today was an exception. I cant recollect if I have ever hated an antagonist like this. When ASR was punching Shyam, I was silently (as i was in office break-room with my earbuds on) screaming to beat the pulp out of him!! and was upset with Khushi for the second time(1st time being the day she starved him to faint from low sugar) in my IPK viewing history for stopping ASR. Man I was in cloud 9 literally[ 9=1(slap)+8(punches)]

How low can a person get? First you kill your own flesh and blood and then you accuse a mother who just miscarried of not protecting his child. If the IPK CVs ever try to redeem Shyam's character, I'll have to write my 1st "Dear Gul" note! This character is the lowest of the lowly...a bottom feeder parasite!! Dark is the only shade that befits him...not option of grey anywhere!

That precap had my bp up again. Why is it so much about Shyam now...please give us a moment to breathe...IPK has always been about light moments in the midst of sadness...I'm not talking about RVs...just let's have them a normal conversation about what next with the wedding festivities.Something ...anything but SMJ!

PS I forgot to write about the very hubby-wife moment between ASR and Khushi...Loved the way how Khushi consoled him without lecturing him about 'Bhagya' and instilled courage to be there for his Di. Loved him asking Khushi to accompany him to Anjali's room. Who cares anymore if the re-marriage happens or not!

Barun your clenched jaws and those punches you threw! made SMJ disgusting...just wish you'd curb your twitching  a little bit.

Daadi-jiAngry ASR "Enough Daadi!" is long overdue!

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
good is the morning, that i will watch shyam slapped
punched is his putrid face.

hi all, didn't watch last night. couldn't bear to see shyam and his slow walk, not at 12 midnight. waiting for second telecast. Big smile

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 March 2012
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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
lovely episode.

would like to just note down my first impressions. priya, no crooner?

asr looking good, acting too good. and i like him in those ridiculous clothes. my hatke man.

shyam surprisingly didn't irritate me as much as he usually does. maybe because the dhaiya ho was not there today or was it? i personally prefer the slimy, creepy, potentially deadly shyam over the louder version on display since his revelation as the "boss" and particularly since his return. a little too fultoo for ipk i feel. 

subtle, underplayed, intuitive, unpredictable, clever, the words i instinctively associate with ipk, may they be blessed and protected.

enjoyed asr's dialogues. khushi's sounded very sp bahu. i wish she would work on her expressions a bit, director sahib may be of help in that. still can't take dadi, very very flat acting and an unpleasant voice/dialogue delivery.

jayshree t hardly spoke a word, yet her whole demeanour and expressions said so much. the worry of a grandmother for a grand daughter who has lost so much and is now fragile, compounded by the constant abrasiveness of her friend and samdhan, plus chhote's anguish, anger, and friction with dadi. how the old lady is frazzling and trying to hold on. it is tough on her.

dadi, fresh and untried by the travails of life after her 14 year retreat is all my way or the highway and full of energy. someone should tell her that frankly she lost the right to say so much the day she didn't take on her responsibilities and ran away. much as i dislike this character, must admit, such people do indeed exist. and they always walk away when things get tough.

i felt the entire episode held together nicely, pacing was tight, performances pretty neat, and no it didn't bother me that there wasn't too much of obvious romance. this is hardly the place for that. plus this one was about the face off with the evil in their lives. nice direction and writing,

once more, i adored asr today. barun just felt perfect. blood shot eyes, a fist full of justice, a heart bursting with love that will protect his loved ones with whatever it takes. thrilling and rare.

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srirao IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Hi,,Priya & all crooners,,,,loved the episode for fulfilling my long held wish of seeing the creep getting punched by ASR,,,,thappadon ka silsila abhi baaki hai,,,was wishing for one to land on Daadi,,,,,!

am hoping its not going to be Khushi (thru' emotional blackmail by Anji)who will be the one to ask Arnav to get back Shyam coz I dont see him listening to anyone except her...

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 9:13pm | IP Logged

How we Love to hate him...

How we love it  1..2..3..4...5..6..7...8...Dancing...8-  my favorite number and will stay till count increases 9..10..11..yeh dil mangae more...Anajali took away my song yesterday "chanta laga...han laga..."..."laffa pada...kya pada.." LOL.

I  will keep my thoughts open let him take a place in some dark corner of my heart ...Antagonist who strengthens and sharpens our hero ..

"Kanha kisi kae liyae hai mumkin..
sab kae liyae ek sa hona
Thoda sa dil mera boora hai
thoda bhala hai seenae mai"
 Whose Hero are you playing SMJ...???...OuchConfused

This man is turning graver... deadlier..and Psycho day by day..Dhaiya decides to kill on impulse..Babuji...Rani Sahiba..ASR..His child..he never blinks before executing his plan and laying death traps.. 

In Today's episode ...there was blood..all over him...On his thoughts and the way it was not hurting him when ASR threw punch after punch..That  brain was still working on a mission.."i have to get back...reenter RM"..

 You are fearless when you have nothing to lose ..or when you have lost all that you had..n there is nothing more this world can take away!!! He had that fearlessness and it came out stronger  yesterdays ..the way he was moving his was not normal..this man enjoys of people in pain..killing... ..he plans..plots..and nothing hurts him anymore.. "humari Rajkumari"...he smiled "aab aap ki Rajkumari KABHI wapas nahin aayegi"..."aap kya jane bachae ko khonae ka dukh kya hota hai"...Confused

Faketears...mocksympathy...Pseudo Sincerity...Rani-
Sahiba...Rajkumari.. ---
IRRITATING  to the core ...Kameenae...10/10 from my side...

Abhash : standing in the same frame as BS it self raises performed and at least for me you were a very convincing villain...there is more to your character..more to this hate..and you brought it out well..Clap 

Is it always  A Protagonist who rises from Ash??? May be our antagonist is a Phoenix in his own dark ways!!!..
Someone who went to an extent of killing his unborn child and is still not satisfied...what Adversity he went through..I am not sympathizing...its curiosity...he is evil.. poisonous...deadly..but still spare him a thought..a man who will transmit such limitless courage  in our hero..who will bring him back to us..Shatir ASR we love..Only i wish my horrors at his crimes were equal to my admirtaion for his skills..he still has to work on that.

jis kavi ki kalpana mein jindagi ho prem geet
uss kavi ko aaj tum nakaar do
aarambh hai prachand bol mastakon ke jhund
aaj jung ki ghadi ki tum guhaar do
aan baan shaan ya ki jaan ka ho daan aaj
ik dhanush ke baan pe utaar do


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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2012 at 9:14pm | IP Logged


I didnt write anything on monday's episode as scene was not fully played out so will love to share my views on highpoints of monday-tuesday...
'I failed'
These words came from a man who said once - I win everytime ..a man who exclaimed 'Main apni kismat khud banata hoon'.. I was so eager to see this man saying these words.. I know I am so evil ,isnt it Evil Smile but I waited for this moment and here it was... He fought and he fought hard for his sister who was world to him..who was his mother... he lost his mother once ,didnt want to loose another so he gave everything he had, even his own happiness. And thus when that sister lost everything, he failed in real test of his life and his tryst with destiny. 
'Aap Nakamyab nhi hue'
There are times in our life when we need someone to say to us - All is not lost and we still have hope. However strong we may be ,but at times even hardest of all need that shoulder to cry on and that moment came when he hugged the chosen one sent for him by same fate or destiny... Has he recognised it,will get to see it soon but really loved that there was someone who could recognise his efforts and who could better do it than that person who knows the extent of his sacrifice for his sister.. his khushi.. She know that he tried but there are few things who are beyond our control and thus she exclaims - it was all fate. She makes a promise that I am with you, let make fresh start- Lets face this storm together..and then they walk together to face evil together...
Now I will go to my favorite scene of Tuesday's episode - When dust settles and he rises again, again taking on his fate and he takes his sister's hand to be always by his side.. A promise which he can die for.. I so loved that moment..
I knw I didnt do justice at all..LOL and I missed few scenes..specially punch much I love that daiyaa ho.. but there were few glitches in execution that I would like to point out..
- Direction - Opening scene of Tuesday' episode could have been better in execution.It failed to create that impact on me which I really wished to see.
- Dialogues writer- Khushi's dialogue was again sounding a preaching to me...They could have induced few heart touching lines rather than making it look like a Bhashan...
- Shyam' cry -LOL well only one thing for that..ROFL

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