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Crooner 1.31 : Kuch aanch baaki hai..UPDATED (Page 2)

beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Priya  dear  Hug you made complete sense like always loved the crooner don't be so hard on yourself. Clap Absolutely stunning collages a pat on your back sweetie.Clap

For us, the Cart of family responsibilities

Becomes unmanageable in the muddy path of pulls and pushes

And are not able to bear the weight of the yoke

Make our minds disturbance-free and fill them with calmness

Pillaraya! The Presiding Deity of Yanam town!

Verse on Lord Ganesha


Anjali in denial , when told she has lost the baby,  not believing any family members. But when she sees her brother through the glass with tears in his eyes, the truth sinks in. Anjali believed no one but her silent brother's tears , the chemistry between Barun/ Anjali is phenomenal. Finally Anjali breaks down ,first seeking refuge in Khushi's arms . Khushi in the future will be there for Anjali and  support her specially when Arnav will face Anjali's deceit.  Khushi will forgive Anjali easily but Arnav will have a harder time forgiving Anjali. Arnav reaching for the door handle but cannot bring himself to open and face his Di turning away from the room.

Khushi approaches Arnav , he turns away , she tries coaxing him to see his sister '.Di ko apki jaroorat hai. Mujhme itni himmat nahi hai Khushi , showing Khushi his vulnerability. In amidst of this tragedy Dadi insisting on bringing back damaji.  The doctor informing Arnav , Anjali will be kept overnight. Aakash taking the family home, Dadi insisting on staying back. Khushi stays back loved the silent glances of Arnav and Khushi she understanding his need and he accepting her support with nothing said. Khushi is his strength he knows it too.

Arnav pacing up and down the hallway in front of Lord Ganesha idol'''.. reminiscing his sisters happiness over the baby. Khushi approaches him and sits down next to him, Khushi making sure Arnav doesn't go in the petal ka barten.  The man who writes his own destiny '.mei apni kismet khudh likhta hu  stands hopeless, helpless, today admits he is a failure ,who failed his sister couldn't keep her happy. The man who kept all his fears , sorrows bottled up , locked up all his emotions shares his past , his fears with Khushi who understand his agony. Somewhere along their journey she has won his trust for him to open up and unloads the burden he is carrying for the past 14yrs.

Arnav telling Khushi about his mother's pain, his father's deceit tells her about the other women in his father's life. What is interesting here is Arnav only heard his Mother's dialogue and choose to ignore his Father's response. He repeated  the same on Feb 15th, just heard what Shyam had to say and later only believed him choosing to not believe Khushi. Is Arnav wrong about his Father, is Garima the other women in his Father's life or was his Father responsible of causing the accident where khushi's parents died. So many question don't want to speculate, I love mysteries this track is very interesting and agree with you Priya the anguish of ASR can be impacted more need a stronger impact on the viewers.  

Loved how Khushi silently listens to everything Arnav had to say , then without a word slowly pulls him into a hug. Priya , you are right  iy was the most beautiful hug. The hug in front of Lord Ganesha who will remove all the obstacles from their path.


Barun a powerful performance body language, using his eyes and face beautifully to emote, and voice modulation super.I have a complaint ... had to watch the episode several time to understand his dialogues felt he mumbled a little. Priya don't want to compare performance of Feb 15th to taday's different scenario '''' had to mouth dialogues while emoting on feb14th was all emoting just my POV.

Sanaya was good not many dialogues just emoting using her eyes well.

Loved the backdround score and lighting specially in the scene wher Arnav and khushi hug.

Gul where are the promos '.A dhamakedar Friday episode to be backed by a powerful Monday episode how many people have viewed ? Like you said Priya , repeat the pre cap I have abused my replay button.

Sounding repetative , but would like to see the lead pair together in this quest to destroy the evil.

pic credit: Shallu Hug


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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
The phoenix must burn to rise!!! Amazing quote Priya and a very very good crooner! This post makes absolute sense so dont worryEmbarrassed. I agree with you on the promotions...where are the promos? Such a dhamakedaar Friday followed by a power-packed Monday and a possible dhobhi ghaat on Tuesday and no signs of any promo. The channel has gone nuts not to have released any promo!!! 

Honestly, I did not even think of the 15th Feb performance when I watched the episode last night. For me, last night's episode was worked for was emotional, heart wrenching. According to me, the scenario on 15th Feb was very different from last night. Arnav's breakdown that night had to do with his feelings for I said the other day. For him it was Khushi who mattered the most on the terrace. When he saw Shyaam, it reminded him of his dad and the repurcussions of his dad's act. It was more of rejection, betrayal, jealousy, pain and anger while last night's episode, it was more of disappointment and grief...the feeling of not being able to protect his sister. Anyway, this is entirely my POVEmbarrassed 

Anjali, so used to being in her perfect bubble world, refused to acknowledge the truth. Nobody could convince her...though I liked the way Khushi told her that her baby wouldnt come back. Anjali wanted Khushi to go and be with Arnav and let him know that everything was fine (speaks a lot about the trust she has on Khushi which I thought was missing the past few days). The moment Anjali saw Arnav through the glass panel, reality hit her ...he didnt utter a single word...just one look at her and she knew her worst nightmare had turned true. Baruna nd Daljeet were perfect in this scemeClap.  Loved the way Khushi hugged Anjali and tried comforting her...Khushi once again proved that she will always stand by the Raizada siblings. She will be the one who will bring back the happiness. As always, she will be the first to rise from this grief. She comforted both Anjali and Arnav today...and I know when the storm hits Khushi in the coming days, the two siblings will stand up for Khushi and be with her. 

Arnav Singh Raizada who always thought he could control things around him was so helpless. There was nothing he could do to reduce his sister's pain...yes, the fire has engulfed him and he will rise. I loved the way he said I tried a lot, bohot koshish ki thi lekin kuch nahi kar paya...I failed dammit. Arnav admitted to Khushi, that he was a failure. He admitted it in front of God but not once did he look up to seemed as if he was oblivious to the idol being present there. I loved the entire scene as he let all the pent up emotions flow out. All the pain that was inside him for years finally got released. He knew she was the only one who would understand his pain and like you said Priya, he handed over the key to his heart. I just loved the way Khushi, without saying a word, hugged him tight and he continued to cry. Loved the way she put her hand on his head to console him...these small gestures say so much about the character. Barun has always given very restrained performances...yet again, the helplessness, grief, disappointment in himself, disgust for Shyaam, pain remembering his ma, hatred while talking about his dad...all in a span of few minutes. BrilliantClap
It was just the other night when Arnav shared his biggest grief with Khushi. Last night, he told her the rest of the story...the reason for his mother's suicide.. The past has a lot to do with his thinking process today. It gave the reason for the impulsive action he took that fateful night. But like you said Priya, for a person like Arnav who refused his father's name and took on his mother's surname overnight, there has to be more that what was shown to us. From the looks of it, Daddy Malik seemed quite bewildered at the accusation. It didnt seem like he was having any extra marital affair. It may have been a big misunderstanding and like the night on 15th Feb, Arnav misunderstood and jumped to a conclusion 14 years ago. Anyway, this is only one part of the story. Dadi, Garima and possibly Shyaam?! will still come up with their versions...I will reserve my opinion on the past till then.

What made me the happiest was to see the bond between Arnav and Khushi...noway can these two ever hate each other. With ever minute passing by, they can only love more. Loved it when Khushi decided to stay back for Arnav...nobody questioned her. She exerted her haq...she just had to stay back with him. Arnav will never be left alone and vice-versa.

Other thoughts: 
1. Barun Sobti stole the show...Brilliant actingClapClapClap. His voice modulation, body language was perfect.
2. Sanaya supported Barun very well...loved the way she hugged Anjali and Arnav todayClap
3. Dadi needs a slap on her face...pleeej. Instead of comforting Anjali, she wanted to get ShyaamAngry. I feel like parceling and sending her back to that aashram and bribing them to keep her there for lifeAngry.
4. I found the start to be a bit shaky. When Anjali gained consciousness and Mami tried to tell her, she immediately said doc ko kuch nahi pataConfused. I thought the first reaction for any mother would be to feel her tummy and then ask where her kid was and then proceed to say that doc ko kuch nahi pata...I dont know...just felt so. Confused
5. A round of applause to all the actors in the breakdown scene...I noticed Payal. She was could see the helplessness in those eyes. Wish they give her more scenes. 

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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priya sweetie!!!!Hug

Another fabulous Crooner!!!! ClapClapbrilliant take on the epi...and agree with your address to the writers...arnav's past...his kahaani should be more stonger and solid than what they showed...well am hoping there is more to it than his mom accusing his dad and then commiting suicide...with his father following his wife's footstep!!!

loved ur quote at the beginning!!!

coming to the epi...i enjoyed it...actually it was quite interesting!!!! was excepting a lot of rona and emotional scenes but the past being shown was a bit of a surprise!!!!

Anjali's Breakdown

As anjali regains conciousness...the family surrounds her to support her...nobody knows how to tell her that she has lost her thing i liked was that like last time this time also mami is the one who breaks the news to her...despite knowing how much anjali would hurt by knowing the truth!!!! but just like last time she refuses to believe mami and tells all that her rajkumari was fine!!!! she is not willing to believe anyone...till the moment she sees the truth in the eyes of her chote!!!! the siblings do have a very strong bond...she refused to believe the words or tears of the family who stood next to her but one look at her brother made her realise the truth which makes her finally breakdown and cry out for her rajkumari!!!! daljeet was fantastic today...specially from the moment she sees arnav and her hands moving to feel the her baby and then the complete could feel the pain of a mother losing the most precious thing in her life!!!!

Arnav's Breakdown

Arnav's only wish is to keep his sister see her smile and today he is completely helpless...seeing his sister in pain, crying for her loss!!! loved ur take priya on arnav!!! his promise to protect her...not only as her brother but also the promise he made years ago to her...that he would make everything right!!!! but yet again...all he had worked hard to correct, to build a new life for themselves is being destroyed!!! the present is taking the form of the past which he has been fighting for years!!!

arnav finally breaks down in front of khushi...voicing all his fears and pains!!! him failing...not being able to do anything...his past, his parents' death...his hatred for shyam...everything which had been bottled inside him till now...he finally tells all!!!! the bonding between arnav and khushi was beautifully shown today...arnav today needed someone to lean on to and khushi is there for him...silently supporting him, understanding his pain!!!!! loved the scene between arnav and khushi...the hug was beautiful!!!

priya loved ur connect of arnav's kahaani to the terrace scene and also the bit abt their agni pariksha!!! liked ur take on the presence of Vigynharta!!!

today it was all about the brother and sister's pain with khushi standing by them, supporting them!!!

1. anjali crying while khushi holds her, consoling her!!!

2. mami protesting when asked to leave the room...very mamilike!!!

3. dadi couldn't find a better time to remind abt "unhe"!!!!Angry

4. loved nani...she looked pretty irritated and upset with dadi's suggestion!!!Thumbs Up

5. khushi stayed back for anjali and arnav and dadi stayed back to call shyam...of course she was thinking of anjali only!!!AngryOuch

6. the past shown in bits and pcs...interesting but am hoping there is more to it...personally i don't think garima is the other woman...but will wait and watch!!!

7. shyam's motive cannot be only the property...then having the child made more sense...if revenge then am sincerely hoping that the cvs can connect garima, arnav's parents with shyam's past well enough... and have a stronger storyline for the past!!!

8. Sanaya was superb!!!! ClapClapBarun...well i love to watch him cry!!!! he was as usual fantastic!!!!ClapClap

Precap...another face off between arnav and shyam!!!! looking forward to it!!!

PS...priya aami bhujte parlam na...why not happy with the post!!!! darun lekha hoyeche!!!Smile

PPS...always have difficulty in writing abt emotional hoping it makes sense!!!!Smile 

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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-Viji- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Just wanted to Hug him tightlyHugSOBTI was at his bestClapClap

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
what an awesome heart wrenching episode ... i think everyone performed so well today Anjali, Nani, Mami, Khushi and of course our very own ASR ... loved it absolutely ... simply WOW ... waiting for all the updates esp priya's of course ... as usual, just bookmarking :)

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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Dearest Priya,

I loved the title u have used for today's crooner..Embarrassed

I do agree with you that it fell short of Feb 15th impact that it had...but it wasn't meant to be..a feb 15th impact...

We cannot ever forget his feb 15th performance..because that set a bar for his performance as an actor. He was just brilliant that evening..

We should also not forget that today is just the beginning of his pain and anguish...there is an entire week for him to let that fire inside him out and burn ..

The impact today was the same as the day he felt when he thought he lost Khushi..and she was taken in that ambulance..not the feb 15th impact..

the pain of not being able to protect his sister..inspite of marrying Khushi for the same reason..he felt like a failure..none of his powers could be used to save his sister's baby. Arnav Singh Raizada who always writes his own played games with him today..

I loved the way He spoke to Khushi and she just listened to him...he didn't have any support that day when his heart broke..but today he had Khushi to share that pain...

For all the drama that the CV's are showing they better make every performance even more brilliant...they promised us a marriage...i really don't know if they r giving us one or not...but i want this bond that Khushi and Arnav share to get as strong as it can...because there are rocks..heading their way..they need each othe more than ever now..

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by smashitupsobti

totally...loved this Kalps...
but that one of urs today is incredible...

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