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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.31 : Kuch aanch baaki hai..UPDATED

honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 November 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged


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bs_deeps IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 November 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged

Beautiful crooner Priya..I so loved that you have chosen "Nirvighnam kuru mey Deva"..
loved it even more when you used "that man's craftmanship"..Only you can write so beautifully and say you are not satisfied Smile

It was so Anjali-like, when she was not agreeing with what rest of the family was saying about baby. I was waiting for the moment when she touches her tummy to realize the moment, but the way she realized it only after seeing the tears in her brother's eyes was brilliant..If I think about the moment now, the trust that she has on her brother is immense and it will help her battling her inner turmoil and to come out as a winner one day..

dadi's dialogue to nani sounded so out of place..we get the meaning..but something like "Anjali needs him now" would have been more appropriate..

How the three people who stayed in hospital has three different ways..Arnav for his sister with nothine else in mind, Khushi for being a support for Arnav, dadi to bring back her damaad. All three has the same reason, that is to be with Anjali and to provide support to her, but in three different ways..

Last night I fell in love with Arnav Singh Raizada once again..His one dialogue " I have failed dammit"had me..It is not a very easy for anyone to accept that..Usual tendency is that, when we are facing success in life we say that "I/we have planned well".."we worked so hard for it"..but when one faces failure,we either blame god or circumstances or the third person..But this man, didn't even think twice before holding himself responsible..

This also made me think how similar he and Khushi are..Holding themselves responsible for every wrong thing that happens around them..For me, ASR blamming himself has nothing to do with his belief in god,it is nature..Khushi believes in DM, yet she thinks she is responsible for certain actions..I don't see it as his failure infront of God..

I don't know if there will be a time when these two will realize that they can't fix everything.

first time when they hugged in hospital, he could not console her. Something held him back.     But now he doesnt think twice before opening up..He doesnt think before hugging her back..

How far these two came in love and understanding each other..Maturity in thier relationship is
so evident..Many dialogues were given to ASR yesterday. I felt it was needed for Khushi to
understand him better..That was probably the best time for her to understand the decisions
that he takes..."I could not see the other women's face" at that time didnt make sense..
Will ASR ever be able to stay upset or angry with his sister? Even when he comes to know that she met Shyam without his knowledge, he might blame himself for not thinking about her feelings while making the decision..

I too have issues with the way past was shown..I really hope it will be rectified and will be
shown in a better way..making of ASR can't be so simple..

Loved Barun's expressions and body language..But he definetely mumbles when lengthy dialogues are given...and in the hug scene, I think, expressions are must b
editing fault..I loved it when he made that puppy face towards the end..thats exactly one cries when they have a shoulder to cry on..He is the only actor who can convince me so well while crying..(irrelevent, but I also love the way he opens his eyes after sleep, its so natural, havent
seen anyone else doing that)
I would have preferred less tears from Khushi while ASR is pouring out his heart..But I loved
the way she held his head during hug..
We keep asking for promos, but we get none. As you have said, they dont have to spend time  and money in shooting a special promo. Even if they throw few of the edited out shots, it will have impact..Though I dont follow other shows, I believe that currently this show has the most powerful track..really hope team will be successful in encashing it, interms of TRPs..


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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 October 2010
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Hiee Priya... and My Dearest Croonies..

My college stuff and studies kept me occupied...Ouch so sorry.. Cldnt unres my post..

I wont say much...Smile  since each and every member has spoken what I thought...

Loved all ur takes...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dont wry Priya.. ur crooner was perrrfect!!! Didnt find anything missing..Big smile

" The pheonix must burn to emerge"!! Whoaa!!! Anything for tht matter Priya.. anything in this world... for success you must taste the failure...!!

Untill and Unless Arnav is not put through this series of hardships, he wont be strong!! He wont be the pillar for whom he loves the most, he wont do everything right again!! Same goes with ArHi's relationship..

For coal to become a diamond, it goes through with heat!! Heat which we couldnt imagine how it is..

The second thing I loved was... ASR . speaking his heart out!! Khushi comforting him.. Loved the scene entirely!!!

They both will emerge!!!Smile

Again my heart went out with Anjali... OMG.. I just saw her expressions... I saw her condition.. I want to hug her..!!! However she became.. However she is.. She is a mother afteral!!l.. Losing her baby, no mother can take it...  Its very very impossible fr her to deal with this truth.. Aww!!

Brilliant performance by Daljeet, Sanaya and Barun today!!!ClapClapClapClapClap

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Parsha Goldie

Joined: 09 February 2012
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged

LOVELY CROONER PRIYA...You remember we were talking about your DP one day  and you said you call your DP Resurrection and i asked you why not "Phoenix"..".there is still time for him to rise from ashes" you said..Clap Clap

I loved yesterday's episode...every bit of it...because it froze on their eye lock and i could not go beyond it for some time..!! 

Last time, in hospital, when khushi came and hugged him..cried and tried to find solace in his embrace...she could not find it...neither the man she was looking for nor the comfort!!
Today she stood strong..and said I'll with his side ..."Mai rukungi" ..her presence and its importance acknowledged by the family..Pehlae darti thi..aab kerti hai..!! Thumbs Up

When i spoke about lack of briefing in my WU day before yesterday..i actually wanted to highlight expression and their repetition ..but could not pin point hospital and during mehndi celebration when we had BS in background not knowing what to do with himself..specially when khushi was all worried talking on phone in front of him...but he carried it off well..Dadi and her stopwa hand..another expression will do just fine and we will understand the same.. ..but cast..entire team was dot on yesterday..when you spoke about Mr.Power house ..i had similar feelings on friday when he said "kya matalb..bacah nahin paye..speak up"...Confused

Past being revealed...more shots from the black day...turned it grey..doubts..MU..all this fear..pain and suffering on basis of MU..yeh hard to digest..but it dint hit me that hard..only did after reading crooner and Aline Dii's WU... should be more then a MU..If it was just  that's will challenge their basic initialization of ASR's character..his understanding of things..depth..rationality and much more.

Your mention of Khushi's growth...Kahani...continuity in their love story and maturitry...ClapClap...thanks for bringing in the stated the purpose for what they did...and every one marking their attendance to Diion every given occassion...ASR saying dii first and always..akash going to dii and brothers by side of her stretcher in hospital..Akash taking just brings out importance of dii in the story and her grief thus hits hard...!!

DB was fab in opening scene..she was outstanding post realization.. IPK is hell bent to make me cry one day!! Shocked

Was confused with Ganpati idol in hospital..normally its DM or Shiva..for strength, peace and protection..if i m not wrong!! solved my doubt ..and the way camera focused on the idol and made it larger then life in every frame... continuously reminded me of Feeble mortals trying to play God!!!

I loved the episode...mighty meets mighty...God gave him failures... grief...struggle...betrayal...tormented past...resurrection..and rising of the phoenix...return of "Prince of darkness" and his journey towards light and his Happiness!!!

ASR:Arnav Singh Raijada apni Kismat khud likhta hai
Khushi: "jub aap ko ehsas hoga ki aap jo bhi kertae hai woo devi maiyyan aap ka hanth pakad kae aap sae kerwati tak bahut daer ho chuki hogi" ..

ASR: "I failed .."..."I am such a failure khushi"

apna anjaam to maaloom hai sabko phir bhi
apnee nazroN mein har insaan sikandar kyoon hai!!  For me this was the moment..I can very well ignore rest of all that happened yesterday!!

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three...

But what a Man..consumed in flames...turning in Ash...Raking up the ashes and setting it up on fire conquer..

Winters come and gone 
My heart is thawing 
In the warmth of the sun 
Like a whisper in the wind 
Love is calling 
To touch the heart of only one who will listen 
I do believe I have heard it this time 
I do believe, its opening, this heart of mine...

Don't tell God how big the storm is; 
Tell the storm how big your God is.

(Pics Credit FB)
Blame me of plagiarism people...!!

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smashitup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged

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writ_in_water Goldie

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Indeed. Ashes before the rise.

But before and perhaps even after, then, like he says, everything just goes away.



As always thoughtful crooner Priya. Clap I reserved the space to write about something else but your crooner has made me change my mind. I will instead concentrate on the technical and acting aspects today. The pheonix is yet to rise and my thoughts on it too can wait.

You made me go back and watch the scenes again to get your POV for I thought Barun was more matured yesterday than the 15th Feb breakdown scene.

Let me explain. In the 15th Feb breakdown scene, if you remember, it plays out for the first two minutes almost as an exact replica of the ambulance scene.. him pacing up and down and wringing his hands. And then it picks up pace. For me, the scream to the heavens was personally not required.. it was an unnecessary dramatic element, I felt then and also now, in what was already a heartbreaking, high drama scene. It is like a writer succumbing to his love for adjectives and using one too many. Though Barun did execute it very well.. that point made the scene a less notch impressive one for me. But after  the scream till he lifts his head and portrays the raw resurrection of ASR, it was flawless.

Yesterday, it was flawless throughout. There were, as far as I could make out, flaws in the sound department. Barun mumbling is a point always raised by many. But my point is, he has to mumble sometimes...that is within the character portrayal!!! It is for the sound department to make that mumbling clear for us. It is not about diction.. it is about dialogue delivery. He is grieving, he is not a person given to shouting out his emotions, this breakdown itself is a huge thing for him and will he shout out his grief then? NO SIR!!! He will only mumble.. his words will be half-uttered.. his voice will be broken.. his tears will flow out his voice. That is how it should be. It is the sound department that has to wake up to ensure that the actor mouths the dialogues exactly like how they should be and those dialogues must be heard by his audience exactly like how he mouthed them.

There were minor editing flaws too. Agreed the shot of his bloodshot eyes with the blurred earthen lamps in the foreground is a fantastic one but it was used twice and the effect was thus lessened and in fact it put a kind of break in what I thought was seamless emoting by Barun. He kept it deliberately a notch toned down; it had to be... he was in a hospital corridor.. he was not confronting his insecurities in the middle of a road with only an SUV as witness but he was for perhaps the first time ever, sharing his deepest griefs, deepest fears with a person he deeply loves. The subtlety, especially when he tells Khushi 'here I am.. ' and when he has to shift from grieving for his sister to utter disgust for Shyam with the helpless hate of his father at the back of his mind. Applause-worthy. ClapClapClap And finally, the giving up of his everything, in Khushi's arms.. when he becomes the little lost boy that he never had a chance to be.

Finally, a small bit of what I wanted to elaborate on. More on this perhaps in some other crooner.

'Chota tha mein.. par himmat ki'. Courage, that kind of brinkmanship courage sucks you out dry. And makes you fear happiness. You fight against it, (the resisting of 'Khushi' symbolically) or you want to lock it up somewhere when you glimpse it. Both, alas, will only push you further towards grief.

Happiness by its very nature is transient.. like trying to hold sand in our hands but for ASR, the sand seems especially slippery. 'I don't know...everything just goes away'.

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Joined: 15 March 2012
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 January 2010
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Priya WOW :| your posts are a pleasure to read, and they see through so much more than what is shown :| I can't begin to gauge what I feel after seeing it. I do think like you, that the flashbacks or the story of Arnav's life could have been shown in a more forceful manner, but then again I think his past is the driving force of his character, and it is going to take a lot of time for it to come out in the way we want to see it. Yesterday's episode was the first time ASR broke down, the man who thought he could write his destiny, the man who didn't believe anything could make him bow down, bowed down to the pain in his own heart that couldn't wait to be let out finally. It hurt to see a man like Arnav Singh Raizada say he failed, but one could see through the man whose yet a kid, who lost his childhood, shouldering so much pain, hurt and responsibility. He had hoped to bring happiness in his sisters and his life but everytime he thought he could move ahead, life proved him wrong. And yesterday he probably couldn't take it anymore and broke down. And in my opinion I believe there could have been no better time than this. Today when he had found someone who has taught him to trust and love again, a feeling he had no idea about, he knew she was the only one who could provide him with some comfort, ease her pain, just like she was trying to do with his sister a while ago.

The highlights of the episode for me were - 

- A lot of people saying that Khushi had less to do, but for me she had the most to do yesterday. Through her silence presence, her tears for the two people she loves so much, her comfort to them, she proved she was the angel of the house. Every frame I saw her, the only word that came to my mind was 'angel'.  No one probably realizes this now but I believe that she is the one that will bring the lost happiness back to the Raizada's heal Anjali's pain, heal Arnav's pain and bring their broken life back together. Yes there is a storm of the past lurking above them, yes it could break ArHi apart, but even then just like today, through her silent presence she shall always be there.
 P.S - Sanaya aces in emotional scenes, her hugs, her emotional support, beautifully showcased by her.

- I bow down to Daljeet and Barun, the scene which was the best according to me, when Anjali looks into Arnav's eyes and her denial transits into acceptance, when she finally accepts she lost the baby. When she sees into her brothers broken eyes and tears of helplessness she realizes she lost again, they lost again. That scene almost spelled out their relation to me.

- Barun stole the show for me, a brilliant performance, par excellence I'd say. The way Arnav broke down, the way he let himself break down and did not clam up like I thought, was what stood out for me. He finally let his heart out and I am glad he did. His feelings pain me and hurt me too, how much has he even gone through. It was a beautiful execution where we got all our answers about why Arnav became ASR, why did he ever react the way he did to what he saw on the terrace between Shyam and Khushi. 

Never seen a story so beautifully executed, so maturely I'd say. Such an intense story, so many layers and I;ve never really seen the creatives play around with it. Very sensitively handled.

Love your post Priya Hug

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