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3/9 Dragon Club: Chaddi Buddies? (Page 60)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
@Red: ROFL*Samana gasps for breath*ROFL

What a delight! The limericks are back! Big smile And what a come back they made. I was laughing like a maniac all through out your post because not only were you witty and sharp as a tack as always, but also completely right on all counts. The PV team must plead guilty. I think as we progress into more intense and profound moments of the story, the logic will continue to take a backseat. But since we are picking, can I just say that the timing in today's episode made no sense whatsoever, unless the three brothers were drinking in the late morning/early afternoon? Oh well, as Audrey Hepburn said, and I paraphrase, it's five o'clock somewhere!

@Indu: I know! What is Yash thinking? Then again, I have a feeling there is more to it than just her coming home late. I want to hear it from Yash's mouth because Aarti's track record in finding out what went wrong has been bad, at best. LOL

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by redeye2012

So, Aman is a touchy-feely kinda guy!


Aman doesn't know his boundaries and this happens when one is single and yet to get out of his college mode. And we know Aman hasn't yet 'grown up' fully.  He plays pranks - like the way he followed Aarti in his car, the way he disappears from his car (this I'd like to know how myself), the way he tries to scare her with a disembodied voice, the black hood itself, the childish names given to adults (like sadoo) and so on.  It is clear that he is yet to learn the ways of the unforgiving, jump-to-conclusions adult world.  It is also clear that Aman has special feelings for Aarti, even as he knows that he's not the one for Aarti.  He comes across like the typical incorrigible flirt who can't help himself.  And when he realizes Aarti's situation, the same experience helps him to zone in on the issue in a jiffy -that Yash has fallen in love and is feeling jealous.  Aman is typical of guys who are afraid to move to the next level of relationships and hence doesn't understand his boundaries. When one  steps out of the cocoon of the teen and the college years and steps into the world of responsibilities, marriage and parenthood,  one automatically learns of these boundaries irrespective of whether the marriage is a happy one or not, whether the marriage is consummated or not, whether the marriage is a real marriage or not.


Aarti with all her maturity didn't seem to have recognized or realized this. She decided to take a quick trip back into the college cocoon with Aman. And Aman being the proactive guy with his own issues crossed boundaries without respecting that Aarti was a much-married woman with kids and had left the college cocoon long ago.  And Aarti, perhaps caught up in her own joy of the moments with Yash and perhaps, just perhaps with a teenie-weenie bit of desire to make Yash jealous (she has shown these tendencies before), saw no harm in a little cavorting with Aman a bit, safe in the knowledge that there was nothing between her and Aman.   


To answer our myriad questions, a digital camera miraculously makes its appearance into the children's cupboard, Since the CVs just opened up a fresh can of worms called logic loopholes,  I will wait to see if they show Yash realizing he's not hip and go to a camera store and replace the ancient SLR camera with a not-so-hip looking digital one. Then, I'd like to see at what point in time that this camera walked into the closet.

 HA HA HABig smile

But, the images on the camera - lordy lord! Those images were weird even for a friendly brother and sister!Smile

HA HA HABig smile 

Aarti forgot all about this.   I find it hard to believe.  She's afflicted with G3's memory loss issues. She forgot the fire in the house, she forgot the rains (she knows Yash has bad memories associated with them) and she forgot she came back at 3 in the morning, just few hours before they left for Mumbai.   How could she not think that this was out of the ordinary?  Not only she wiped out an entire person (goes to show how insignificant she thinks of Aman) from her memories, she forgot an entire unusual and awkward in my book incident.  A married woman may hate or love her husband, but she ought to find the circumstances really awkward at some level.  And in this case, Aarti is not only married, she has been married before, has had to suffer insults on her character by her ex-hubby too.   I have seen young married couples who behave freely with friends of the opposite sex one time and the next time you meet them in a gathering, they are all stiff and conscious! LOL Not that such circumstances are unbelievable because they are, but Aarti's responses and reactions are hard to believe.  


Are the CVs going to convey that she selectively blocks out memories a-la Prashant (not that Aman and the rains were bad)? But, if they bring another psychological angle, I'm going to throw my remote at the TV, considering how well they handled Yash's psychiatric issues.  Anyway, I have lowered my expectations from the CVs when it comes to intelligent plotting and logic.  They seem to have increased the drama quotient at the expense of logic.  This ain't a zero-sum game.  


Bua is the boy who cried wolf! Hilarious. The one time she was actually honest about what she saw, she got rebuffed.  She sits simmering in anger in the back seat of the car, while Aarti sits simmering in fear in hers, at Yash losing his 'aapa'.


There lived a father in Bhopal called Scindia Papa

Had an angry spoilt middle-aged son who eyes went poppa


He broke the dinner table in a fury

There were no glass bowls, crockery or cutlery

The Scindias starved to death because he lost his aapa


Pankaj and Vidhi's problems continue to simmer in the bedroom.   Pankaj wants a typical wifey moment and asks her to sew the button on his shirt .  Vidhi, simply hands him another shirt and walks off. Pankaj walks away like he's ready to pop off the remaining buttons as well, but they hold, thankfully.



The Scindia siblings try to have a pity party for Yash's sake.  The topic is wife-bashing. Well, Yash is an expert in pity parties, but he likes to party alone.


   His pity parties are of a different genre and timber. Not the run-of-the-mill swig some glasses of whiskey and spill your guts for him.  Pankaj and Prateek do some good acting to do some really bad acting to convey that they are drunk.  It was hilarious how the two try to recreate their teenage and supposedly mischievous years for Yash. I can't blame the Scindia brothers for the amateurish psychotherapy. When a trained Dr. Dhawan couldn't do any better, the Scindia brothers are forgiven this.  It appears that an adult conversation is impossible with Yash, so he has to be regressed to a more innocent time - G3 reminds his of his childhood, and then Pankaj takes him back to a time when they were typical boys.  When they wait for their elders to leave the building, while Prateek sneaks the whiskey bottle from Papa S's room and then breaks the bottle to make it seem like it was an accident and so on.


Just when things get warm and hot, they forget they need to be in character and sprint into absolute lucidity. They exhort Yash to spit it all out.  Yash was a cry-baby when he was young and he is a cry-baby now.  Wonderful reinforcement of Yash's character!


Episode One-Line Review:  Progress on many fronts, but huffing and puffing still continues for the elusive climax.  


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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Hey @Sammy...You are back in action! Hug

Welcome back! Really good to see you here at this time! Hope you are all set there.

Looking forward to more concurrent discussions...

Now, off to read other takes...

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Thanks Red! Yes, I am back in all my former glory and a brand new time zone, which I think will do good for my sleeping habits. I can catch all the late night and early morning stuff now, at hours that are perfectly acceptable to be awake. It actually works out quite well. Smile

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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
@ Borna: Kittya Cullen is the pseudonym I use for most of the writing and websites that I participate in. My actual name is KadeenEmbarrassed. Also, I began watching the show after one of the CB2 Forum members mentioned this show and AB as two new shows which were not the usual Saas-Bahu drama. I then rushed across to the sight, found the online video and watched episode one. From that day I was hooked!! Unfortunately, I don't have the privilege of enjoying my shows on TV due to the company that we're using, so it meant that viewing the shows happened sporadically on my part. It was when I was slowly becoming attached to the show that Zee bowled such a googly at me regarding one of my other shows, that I felt it would be a betrayal to my other favourite jodi to happily sit on my bottom enjoying PV. However, I simply cannot stay away from PVHeartHeart. There was something so fascinating about Aarti's character and the enthralling pull that she and Yash unconsciously sharedDay Dreaming. I watched enamored at the way Aarti held her peace as that ... lambasted her during her friend's shaadiAngry, and smiled gleefully as Shoba and Aarti set things right with that narrow-minded woman.Clap  Unfortunately, when I finally returned to online viewing I remembered that all the websites I find links to have no subtitles -___-. My Hindi is most definitely not very good.Confused The good news is that the cast is so good I can always interpret what the main idea is from their expressons and my limited grasp of the few words in my Hindi vocabularyLOL. Thank God Yash is so repetitive, " Uss raat..."ROFL.  As for the Yeh Dil Hai song, I haven't yet googled the translation, so I fear I'm still stuck at that one line, "Yeh Dil Hai", however, that Teri Meri scene struck such a chord in me. I searched for the entire track that night and listened to the words, then I found the translation, and almost cried as I saw the misery of Aarti and Yash flit through my mind. I watched the movie that the song came from, and I must say, the serial seems to have found an even better portrayal for those words. In addition, did I remember to thank you for bringing me here? I love it here!! It's so stimulating to see a discussion outside of the usual trivial banter, not that triviality doesn't have its place. Another thank you is in order for appreciating my writing, and I must say, it really amuses me that our styles, and tone of type are so similarLOL. We're practically bloodwritersHugROFL.
@ Samana: Thank you!! Sometimes it's so easy to fall prey to the self- doubt that arises when I see all these amazing writers around me. I literally sit smiling my screen in wonder whenever I see the words that you, Borna, Jyoti, Prasadini, Indu, and many others share with us. Day DreamingDay Dreaming By the way, I do remember that scene where Yash is trying to comb the girls' hair. It was so touching, sad yet beautiful in the way they portrayed his efforts to provide what he knew his daughters were missing. Thank you for reminding me about those earlier moments. This makes me realise that Gayatri's actions, while well intentioned, have a way of emasculating her sons. They also alienate her bahus from her and humiliate them, not something I enjoy seeing from a woman who I know has the ability to teach higher ideals.
@ Indu:  I am so in love with the way you chastised Yash and Aarti. Your words reminded me of a gentle mother telling her children to stop hosting a pity party, and to finally go to the mirror and see what everyone else sees in them; persons deserving of love, and respect. It upsets me when people simply spew words of disgust at Aarti and Yash's behaviour without taking the time to put themselves or their close relations in their place. I am knocked out by the soothing nature of your words as they delivered the most important things that Yash and Aarti need to be reminded of.
@ Everyone: Many people have been referring to Aman's touchy/feely relations with Aarti. None of what he has done is overboard or compromising to the morality of Aarti's character. We know that Aman is extremely affectionate toward Aarti, and his initial dialogue indicates that he may have a tad more feeling for her than she realises. Nevertheless, as a girl with a guy bestfriend of my own, and a few other guy friends I will say that some guys tend to be more physical in touching than others. As a person with strong morals, and a sense of pride and dignity, one has to know where the right boundaries exist, and who is allowed to even come close to those. I most definitely don't give my guy bestfriend the same freedom as my girl bestfriend, but him randomly tugging on my arm or pulling my ear, etc. is not such an OTT exhibit. I agree that unlike me, Aarti is married, that does not mean though that she should changed the dynamics of her friendship with Aman. Her interactions with him are so on the level of her childlike expressions, that it would be unfair to judge them simply on face- value. Which is what the Scindia household just might do I'm afraidConfused.

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Hey just watching the re-run . 9-9:30 am.
Pankaj did not change is shirt afterall. lol. I did not notice this yesterday.

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FireLordPhoenix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MelodiousDreams

Edit: Just HAD to add this...GC and KS and PV have made me slip into perpetual fangirl mode (and that's something I never thought would happen, especially to the extent that is happening because of those two!). I remember feeling very happy when I noticed that during one of the 100 episode party segments, Gurmeet and Kratika were talking to each other for a little bit while Debina was speaking to someone else, and Gurmeet turned to Debina and gestured towards Kratika...It was cute. And the "tiffin" comment was another priceless moment, too. I've become a hopeless case...What to do?

@Borna @red- I was hoping someone would mention this! I loved that part too where they were talking about something and laughing and then Gurmeet motions for Debina to turn around. It was so cute. Loved the tiffin comment as well. KS is hilarious but never comes off as rude, which is why I love her all the more! 

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
@Red: Thank you for that enormous post, complete with a limerick and plenty of things for me to chuckle at! Have you ever written this much before? Seemed like a post fit for a special occasion...Or is this show driving you that far up the wall now? Loved your take on Aman, by the way! If Aarti's mysterious past and Yash-Arpita's mysterious past wasn't enough, now we add Aman to the list!
@Sammy: I'll contemplate the promo thread design and hopefully have something reserved this week/weekend! Pakka promise. And feel free to PM me with a scolding if I forget my promise!
@Kittya: No need to thank me! Isn't this a wonderful place?
Should I call you Kadeen, then? It's such a pretty name! Maybe we are bloodwriters - but that in itself is a serious, serious compliment to me because I'm really not sure I deserve it! Wait a bit more, I'd say...
I love hearing "How I found PV" stories! I might have found another PV twin soulmate just now (how many of them do I have now?) because I too was instantly drawn to Aarti's personality. I'll stop there before everyone else kills me! Have you seen my other DotD posts? Pretty obvious who I was able to connect with instantly as a viewer.
Ahaha, I think I definitely, definitely need to make song analysis posts for you even if we're the only ones interested, because all of the songs they've used so far are perfection! Yeh Dil Hai is just beyond beautiful and I would translate that in an analysis post if I had time, but I don't think I'd be able to bring out the poetry inherent in those lines since Hindi isn't my native language. I can certainly connect the song to the episodes/phases of the story, though. Amazes me how beautifully everything falls into place...
(LOL at the "Uss raat..." jaap that Yash is stuck with! I can imagine Gurmeet and Kratika having a blast joking around about that, too!)
EDIT: *sigh* Ohh, you guys are never going to let me get my work done! Let me leaveee for the night, please! I love you all, but PV is taking over my life! LOL
@Nina: Aah, I know! I was hoping for minimal (and I mean minimal!) interaction between Gurmeet and Kratika, and there were a few tiny moments that made the fangirl in me so happy! LOL Just the little things they do are enough to make me smile. Man, I'm hopeless.

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