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3/9 Dragon Club: Chaddi Buddies? (Page 39)

Eva JQ IF-Dazzler
Eva JQ
Eva JQ

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Loveforlife

Ok guys I know the reason!! I have read the script!! ok here it is... the raaz is...
Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat... Uss Raat...  Good Night!! Tongue

nite2 sweetie.. hopefully  that uss Raat will not turn into hailstone! ROFL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
In this pic both Aman and Aarti r posing for camera .. so definitely Yash only took those snaps when both were playing badminton or tennis mayb ... so it was all fine during daytime and thats why Aarti never got any doubt
See both r posing for camera Tongue

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Scindia bete are jerks to the nth degree..all 3 useless sons do not trust women at all... They carried their genetic shakki make up from Bua & G3 ...morons Angry

Seekho apne baap Casanova se kuch seekho UDPsCensored

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
That was one episode packed to the brim with excitement! And from the looks of the precap, we're in for an even more intense episode tomorrow and I'm totally looking forward to it!
A quick note of appreciation goes to the PV team for giving all the story's characters time to shine. The secondary and even tertiary characters are developed and they're all integral to the story.
I was so happy to see the tensions between Pankaj-Vidhi resurfacing with full force! This is going to lead to some shifts in multiple relationships, and it looks like Aarti is going to be the unfortunate target unless she can speak up about the Mumbai haadsa soon. The precap made it seem as though Aarti's thinking, "Oh god, I should have gotten here sooner..." but I'll wait for the actual scene before making a concrete statement. Special mention to Rakesh and Samragyi for their performances today. They were fabulous throughout the entire episode!
I loved that Aman is bringing a man's perspective into all of this - I'm assuming Aman put two and two together based on whatever he has learned (or seen?) of Yash's behavior and from what Aarti told him...
And Aarti's unwavering trust in Yash was seen again, with her defending her husband and telling Aman that Yash isn't the type of man to fall prey to misguided assumptions and misunderstandings. I nearly screamed out loud when Aman said, "Woh insaan hai, koi bhagwaan thodi hai." And then I nearly screamed again when he used the same words that Shobha did when she was trying to convince Aarti that she (Aarti) was falling in love with Yash...
Aman's irritation was evident, too, and I have to say that I liked the way he and Shobha persuaded Aarti to try and clear up this misunderstanding before things get murkier - and with the Scindias, things get murky fast!
Aman and Aarti in the car: Awww! That was so sweet! And then of course Maya Bua had to give me a heart attack when she saw Aman/Aarti in the car. I was like, "OH no...Oh no, oh no!" SP's reaction was the icing on the cake, but I wonder how long his faith in Aarti will stay this strong, especially since Vidhi and Pankaj-Prateek are all discovering different parts of the story and don't know the complete truth, which is only with Aarti and Aman...
One of my favorite scenes in this episode, even though I loved the entire thing, was the drinking scene with the three brothers. It's been ages since they've had time to sit and chat, and it's kind of sad that the tension in the household is what causes them to resort to doing that with drinks to help them get to the root of their problems. Humor and painful emotions were mixed very well in the entire interaction between Pankaj, Prateek, and Yash - I felt my heart go out to all three of them, but Yash's reactions were what hurt me the most. Aah, the pain he's going through...the cause of his pain is also the balm to soothe it...
Looks like tomorrow is going to have some fantastic performances from Kratika and Gurmeet...I'm really excited. (But then again...what else is new? Every day I feel the same way, to varying levels of excitement!)

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

In this pic both Aman and Aarti r posing for camera .. so definitely Yash only took those snaps when both were playing badminton or tennis mayb ... so it was all fine during daytime and thats why Aarti never got any doubt
See both r posing for camera Tongue

Great observation! Yash had to have taken these pictures!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
@Zet: Great take! I agree. The Scindias just love jumping the gun, but Aarti seems to have built some form of trust within the household. Though Vidhi is angry at her, I did not see blatant rejection there. Vidhi was angry with her for doing something wrong, which I think she was justified for. Aarti is naive and though I can understand why she didn't think of the Aman thing as a possibility, I think it was pretty stupid of her not to.

In a way, Aarti did promise Yash the moon and take it away, actually. In those few days in Mumbai she made him feel special, strong, involved and loved and that is why I think he was ready to come out of his shell. She showed him how full of light his life could be and made him comfortable in his own skin, and then she "took it away" by bringing someone like Aman into their lives, perhaps making Yash feel less special and more like this is how Aarti is with everyone.

@Jyo: Precisely. It is actually a trait of Aarti's from the very beginning. She sees things through her mind's eye alone and almost refuses to let other possibilities in. It was the same with Prashant, which is why it took her so long and so much humiliation to accept that it was really over.

@Priya: I agree with you. Vidhi has every right to be angry with Aarti here. She was downright stupid, and while I love her and understand where she is coming from, it doesn't take away from her stupidity, unfortunately. I do hope they justify why Aman was suddenly discovered in Mumbai. My best bet is that she and him maybe lost touch after the Dubeys moved from Indore to Bhopal after the divorce.

@Veena: But I mean, coming home at 3am without prior warning is irresponsible by any standards, which is why I said Aarti is looking at it only from her perspective of innocence. She herself established that she has "itni si jagah" in Yash's life, so shouldn't she act it? I really hope there is some valid justification behind her being out that late, rather than just forgetting the time or something. It would be much more plausible if she were stuck somewhere without signal or something. 

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Today was a filler episode and I hv a feeling CVs r yet to shoot the Mumbai rain flashback and mayb it got further delayed with actual heavy rains in Mumbai today and also as per articles Kareena Kapoor's date shifting seems to b the reason of the delay in mystry coming out Confused...So unless the Mumbai rain flashback is shot , we will hv to wait for it and mayb resist these filler episodes LOLOuch ; There were few positive moments in the episode like Aman telling that Yash is in love or the 3 Brothers bonding over wiskey which is really cute but overall story dint progress much and lets hope CVs shoot the flashback scene soon so that we get some relief LOLLOLConfused
Anyways  even though episode is a filler .but good thing is Aman and Aarti both r in Scindia mansion since in precap Vidhi and Aarti r hving confrontation Big smile .. so I feel all the confrontation will happen finally this week in front of all and we might also get to listen Yash's POV in all this Big smile...
Aarti is thinking only from her POV , so she is not ready to believe that Yash can doubt her , but Yash's POV is different and Aman guesses it right Smile
From Aman and Aarti's interaction its clear that Aarti remembers about the night but she is not ready to believe that Yash is angry on her because of that night simply because her question is if he is angry because she came home late , then why dint he question her about it that night itself WinkTongue...
Aman has the answer to it .. He believes Yash is in love with Aarti and feels possessive for her ,reason why he is angry but not able to question her or else he will b caught red-handed with his feelings in open ..so he is expecting Aarti to come to her with all the expalnation on her own Tongue... It seems Aman got the idea that night itself from Yash's reaction but Aarti never got any idea since she believes Yash will b engaged with Arpita thoughts only , so even his anger could b related to Arpita .. Why will her outing with Aman affect him .. simple LOL
I think  Aarti is seeing it all from her own POV .. So she is trying to remember the reasons which she feels could b the cause of Yash's anger starting from Arpita photo frame breaking to Arpita fire incident to all that which she feels can piss off Yash Ouch...But here Aman and Shobha both r trying to make Aarti see things from Yash's POV  todayApprove  .. Yash as a husband can get mad at Aarti for coming home late at 3am with a random friend ..its natural Ouch...But Aarti is like how can Yash doubt her character  which again Aarti is saying from her POV since she knows that Yash only said they dont hv a typical hubby-wifey relationship Ouch...Again here Aman tries to present Yash's POV by telling her that mayb he is in love with her , mayb he is beginning to feel possessive for her  but she is not respecting his feelings which is pissing him off Embarrassed...
I wont blame Aarti too since she is so innocent that she cannot think about all these complex emotions or doubts going in Yash's mind whereas Aman seems to hv guessed it that night itself ,reason why he comes down all the way to Bhopal to meet her and clear it out with her and Yash ..Big smile
Yash's doubts on Aarti is related to rainy night and not those Aman-Aarti photos which Vidhi saw today Smile
Who took those Aman and Aarti photos which Vidhi saw ?? Tongue...Obviously not the servants but mayb Yash Wink...Because if servants took those Aman-Aarti photos , they would hv send those photos with the Mumbai album only na which was sent by them last week Wink whereas Vidhi gets these Aman-Aarti photos from Yash's digital camera which is hidden in kids room WinkTongue
So this expalins why Aarti never got a doubt that this is the reason of Yash's anger LOL...If Yash only took those snaps of Aman and Aarti hving fun in garden while playing tennis mayb (from photos it looked like both were playing tennis) , then how can Yash get doubt on both later ?? Tongue... Thats why it never crossed Aarti's mind that Aman could b the reason Smile ...
Now Yash got a doubt or fear or whatever it is only that rainy night when she comes home late at 3am with Aman simply because Yash connects it with Arpita's death in rain and he must hv gone paranoid with tension since Aarti is not home but she comes home late at 3am without any tension which drives him mad as he feels all possessive for her but she is not bothered at all Embarrassed..
So his anger is that "I feel so possessive for Aarti .. but she is bindaas hving good time with Aman in rain without bothering to inform me that she is safe or not ?? " Embarrassed...So everytime Yash closes his eyes , he sees Aarti in rain and no more Arpita death in rain ... So he feels Aarti betrayed my feelings and I betrayed Arpita by replacing her memories with Aarti Ouch ... So his anger , frustration and this self-destructive mode is because even though he feels betrayed by Aarti , but still he is not able to remove her from his mind and heart .. That Aarti in rain is almost nailed in his memory forever Tongue

I think tomorrow we might see some more drama with Bua and company accusing Aarti's character since Bua already saw Aarti-Aman in car and now once they reach home , even SP and Gayatri will see those snaps of Aman and Aarti OuchOuch...Already a comparison of Ramayan and Sita ka Agnee Pariksha is mentioned Ouch...so I hv a bad feeling Aarti will b badly accused here CryCry

My bets r on Yash .. he will come to the rescue and might finally tell the truth .. fingers crossed Confused

Yash is a pessimist and a loner ...

One thing which I fail to understand is why Yash is such a pessimist ?? Confused...When his brothers repeatedly ask him the reason , he keeps saying how its all over and now even God cannot fix it ..etc etc Confused...Why dont he think about his kids for once ?? If God cannot fix it , and if he assumes his relationship is over with Aarti , then what about the kids ?/ Confused..
Instead Yash should learn to confront his problems face to face .. If he feels Aarti betrayed him , or if he has any other issues with Aarti , then confront it directly with her rather than sulking or mourning in alone and getting frustrated Ouch ...
I feel Yash right from childhood is a loner .. Even though Yash seems to b the pampered kid of his mother as well as Pankaj brother since Pankaj tells those stories of how in childhood he used to carry Yash in his arms and swing like dolphin etc etc LOL , but somewhere I feel Yash never had a proper connection with his family members Ouch...He is a complex character .. his feelings and ideologies r all abstract and noone really understood it ... .. Mayb He could connect well with Arpita to some extent but he lost her early in his life and once again became a loner Ouch..Then in Mumbai just when he was connecting with Aarti , suddenly this Aman popped in , and he felt like a looser all over again and thats where he is blowing his fuse and giving up hopes Ouch...
Overall I guess unless the flashback is fully shown , we cant really predict about future storyline much ..so lets wait for the flashback to b shown by this wed-thurs max Smile..Overall filler episode with few interesting moments ...

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
@Jyo: Thank you very much Hun! I hear ya...It's just that the way she was in the promo and after her phone convo with Shawari but Samana made me see it from another POV so I'm much calmer now and if she proves me wrong tomorrow i'll be the first to say Vidhi for doubting her Wink

Now that i would like to see...Why is it always the woman that's been questioned?...I want Aarti to Vidhi that she put her heart out there to yash in Mumbai and he looked like he was about to kill her so she said it was a joke...How could she imagine that Yash could be jealous??? Tongue 

I'm off to read your take now! 

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