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Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

Remember me? Big smile

I am happy to say I am now all settled in my new apartment, with internet, so I am totally ready to jump back into action on all fronts (including my long-abandoned FF, which I am even more inspired to write after the last few episodes).

There are a few things I just have to get off my chest about he last few episodes. First of all, I am loving this whole journey because the CVs are exploring Yash's emotions from the other direction. Usually we see cause followed by effect in story telling but here we are seeing effect and then (hopefully, someday) cause. I feel like this subversion of logic gives a completely different perspective to the actions and reactions of the characters, especially Yash. To me, it makes it clearer that the effect is not that of a sole cause, but the accumulation of suppressed pain and anguish within Yash. We were all so disappointed in his indifference to his daughters and to his family, but now that we see the kind of pain he had constantly simmering inside him, just waiting for an outlet to burst out of, I am impressed that he managed to keep it together as much as he did. I am sure it was an effort for him every day to keep these wild and uncharted emotions in check and so he didn't have much energy or focus to put on his kids. I am by no means excusing him, but I can honestly say he was doing the best he could, just by keeping this craziness inside of him in check on a daily basis. Can you just imagine?

Secondly, it was wonderful to see the perspective shift to the kids just when I was getting restless about their lack of presence and the lack of attention on them. I like the way the CVs made sure to show that this was no accident and that the kids were being neglected in all of this. Nobody really took the time to explain things to them and so they felt like they had to take things into their own hands. It was hugely refreshing to see Aarti step out of the Yash funk thanks to the money-stealing and wake up to her children's needs. It was reminiscent of Shobha's advice to her on the teej vrat. She can't afford to be stubborn and battle it out with Yash, toe to toe, because someone has to think of the kids and the family for both of them. Yash is going through a rough patch right now and the last thing Aarti should do is slump into his black hole of depression and insanity with him. She needs to hold the fort and be sensible for the kids, even though it is not the easy or appealing wayto her romantic mind. Good lesson, I say!

And finally, I just LOVE the relationship building between Aarti and SP. The latter, of course grows more and more in my esteem every day because he is a consummate leader. All these days I realise that he misinterpreted Aarti's intentions for the family, that is, after the kidnapping. He misinterpreted her initiative as rebellion. This was partly because he had a set idea of what a bahu was capable of in Yash's life and in their family. He pretty much wanted someone who could seduce Yash and have a male heir so that Yash would not be alone in his old age. Before we thought it was chauvinism, and while it is still coloured by that, it is more SP's need to provide everything to his children, for their entire lives. But ever since the Neelam incident, SP has started to see how much more Aarti can do for the family, rather than just being a pretty face, a child bearer or a domestic wife like Gayatri and Vidhi. Like him, she too is a leader.

He has seen amply by now how she tried, not just hard, but intelligently for the family peace. She is not selfish or nearsighted, he knows exactly what is going on with Bua, and has observed that Aarti does not complain, and I think the real clincher for him was Palak's stage fright, and how Aarti dealt with that. Through all this he has seen that she is in this for real, wants the best for the family, and is willing to put her own immediate needs or wishes aside to achieve this in the long run. The reason SP doesn't treat anyone in his family like adults, from his wife to his sons, to his sister, is because they don't act it, where we thought he was purely patriarchal and misogynistic. Now he has an equal in the family, someone with whom he can have adult discussions and come to rational solutions for the best shot at making the family run smoothly and keeping everyone happy. This is what we saw in front of the mandir, where he calmly discussed Aarti's decision with her, heard her side, gave her permission and support, and then, to my delight, repeated it almost ad verbatim to Yash when the latter asked where the kids were. Clearly SP has no issues respecting women when they command it, like Aarti does by this point with her tenacity and her presence of mind, in dealing with difficult situations.

I think Aarti's maturity hit him hard because he seemed just a little bit less tolerant of the family's hemming and hawing and general fidgety-ness at the dinner table towards the end of the episode, and just out and told Yash where the kids were, sparing no details about why. He trusts Aarti because he knows Yash, no frills, unlike Gayatri. And now that he sees the maturity with which Aarti is handling things, I think he finds it hard to be patient with Yash who is acting like a cranky teenager. Granted he is dealing with issues of his own, but the fact of the matter is that he is also part of a family and he needs to remember that, and at the very least.

Finally...AMAN! Yay! I am so happy to have someone fresh and cheerful and proactive 100% on Aarti's side. Yash has enough people kissing his feet and the balance has been thoroughly skewed so far, so bring on the charm and the fun, Aman! The only thing I am scared of is the Scindias questioning Aarti's character for this, because how could they not, being the type of people they are? I hope Aman is like a brother to Aarti and they grew up together or something. In the end I trust the CVs of course, so I will leave them to run the course of the story. But the one most significant thing I noticed about Aman, and Aarti's reaction to him is that he is the first person with whom she didn't force herself to smile or put on a strong front. In every other interaction I have seen of hers, even with Shobha, there is a sense of urgency and of agitation. For the first time with this Aman, I saw her totally relax and just express what she was feeling, despondence and lonely, and she just stood there feeling, waiting for him to read her. There was no frantic explanation to make him understand, no defensive humour, nothing and he just got her. I also really liked that he was unhappy with the idea of her being treated badly. It's about time someone was! Shobha, supportive though she is, has been squarely on team Yash since the day he vouched for Ansh. And Papa Dubey was a little better, but then he had his vested Prashant interests too. Hopefully this Aman is going to join our three little angel-children and spruce Team Aarti up!

Episode Analysis

I have been wondering about this for a while but why are there no pictures of Ansh in the kids' room? Confused I hope they address this soon. It would be adorable if Yash put one up because he missed him so much. After all they share that special bond. They do still share a special bond, right? His stubborn claim that SP sent the kids away and SP would have to bring them back, shows that he is stung he wasn't in on the decision, but I was disappointed that he is willing to make this issue an ego battle. I mean, if he isn't willing to set his ego aside to get his kids back, I don't think he is ready to have them back yet, nor does he deserve to.

Even though the episode was sad and foreboding, I saw many things that showed me hope. Vidhi may be angry, but she is not against Aarti persay, she is just mad at her. The very fact that in the precap she is confronting Aarti and shouting at her shows her how much she loves her and feels betrayed by her. This will make this relationship stronger, I think because Vidhi is really acting like Aarti's older sister here, not just in being her confidante and her friend, but also scolding her when she has done something stupid.

This all comes down to one thing: Aarti's NADAANI. Shobha really hit the nail on the head there with this trait of Aarti's. She is honestly so innocent and like a child in many ways and has know knowledge of worldly nitty gritties. She is kind of like a female Peter Pan, in her own personal Neverland. That is why the way she went about trying to heal Yash was not much different from the way Payal and Ansh did. And that is why she can move on with life relatively easily when it strikes her down. She just doesn't have a cynical bone in her body, but the disadvantage to that is that she sometimes cannot wrap her head around the bitterness in others, and how it can affect the way they look at her. The prime example of this is Bua. She doesn't understand that Bua can be malicious to the kids, out of sheer spite, and always seems to underestimate the low to which Bua can stoop.

Similarly here with Yash, she is seeing it only from her perspective, of complete innocence and sincerity, and not through the lens of bitterness and self-loathing that Yash sees the situation through. This is what makes Aman such a refreshing and positive change in Aarti's life. While she was fragile herself, she was busy trying to rescue Yash and that is what has led to this whole mess. She thought she was in control of her feelings and would channel them only in certain directions to help Yash find his laughter and joy again, but as we saw, she sort of lost control of herself in Mumbai. Like she wrote in her diary, her feelings started washing over her in waves that were too strong for her to harness, which made her want to shout her love from the rooftops. But she had to keep it all in.

And then came Aman. Someone she had known all her life, with whom she shared everything and suddenly here he was just when she was overflowing with new feelings and sensations, not only that of her own feelings but of Yash's happiness, her success, the new way he was looking at her, the fire and how he had saved her over Arpita, We saw how she had distanced herself from other people in the family because they were being too pushy and simply not listening to her, so she must have been feeling awfully lonely having to keep all of that in, so I can just imagine her joy when an unbiased and close confidant just popped up out of nowhere. Being the uninhibited person that she is in the first place, she must have been ecstatic and just let all her feelings rush forth in a burst of relief. Plus, she was in Mumbai, where she was free of her responsibilities as a householder and a DIL so she was probably not very cautious in her interactions.

But seen from Yash's perspective this is totally different. Now, the only thing we don't know is whether Aman and Yash were introduced to each other before Aarti went out with him, not to come back until 3 am. I guess not, from what we saw today. I can see, like how I mentioned yesterday, why Yash would hate himself because he sees what Aarti can have and takes a good look at himself, only to find that he comes up short on all counts. She cheated him, not simply by being with another man, but by making him believe for a moment that he was worthy of love and deserved happiness, and then taking that belief away because she shared her laughter with another.

I also think the rain has a lot to do with the whole thing, and maybe even Lakhan (I still refuse to believe this is just going to be dropped). Yash did use the word "hadsa." What if Lakhan threatened Yash, that he would do something to Aarti, and then Yash couldn't reach her, it was raining and she didn't come home? He would have been frantic. Also, I keep thinking about that flashback he remembers of her playing in the rain, when he told her he didn't like "bachpana." Why does he keep thinking of that day, when this Mumbai incident is brought up? It is something about Aarti's relationship with the rain, and how she is changing his own attitude towards it that is completely unnerving him. Another indicator of the importance of the rain is the poem in the kids room.

Finally, I loved that the truth is finally coming out with the three brothers (thought it is uncanny how similar Pankaj and the psych's treatments of choice are!). They have always sort of been the zone in which Yash is most comfortable, where he is most uninhibited. Though honestly, Pankaj and Prateek should stop whining. Maybe Paridhi would understand how much Prateek loved her if he hadn't LIED to her about working after marriage and then done NOTHING for the progress of that situation. Vidhi might be in the mood to romance Pankaj if he didn't go around calling her an idiot for believing Aarti one minute, and then expecting her to sew on his button romantically the very next. Respect is the best foreplay, Panku! These Scindia men have a lot to learn about how to be good husbands...YEESH!

Aw, SP was a darling when he ignored Maya. There is really no need to doubt Aarti's character, even if she was sitting in a car with another guy. I was glad to see someone on her side, however briefly.

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Welcome back Samana Hug...Really missed u Cry 

Attention PlssBig smile
Deeps is planning to move my A/R posts in separate thread so that all can read it .. here is the link Embarrassed
So now a work for all Tongue
Each one of u pick  2-3 DCs of the past  and find my A/R posts and give the page nos in this new DC whenever u get time Embarrassed...this way it will b easy for Deeps to move all the A/R posts in one common thread Embarrassed
And congrats all for reacing yet another milestone in last DC ...Completing over 140 pages with 40K historical views in 2 days time StarStarStarStarStar...We achieved this with not a single page spamming .. so woot woot to our daily discussions and DC members ClapClapClapClap
Today's Episode Analysis
Today was a filler episode and I hv a feeling CVs r yet to shoot the Mumbai rain flashback and mayb it got further delayed with actual heavy rains in Mumbai today and also as per articles Kareena Kapoor's date shifting seems to b the reason of the delay in mystry coming out Confused...So unless the Mumbai rain flashback is shot , we will hv to wait for it and mayb resist these filler episodes LOLOuch ; There were few positive moments in the episode like Aman telling that Yash is in love or the 3 Brothers bonding over wiskey which is really cute but overall story dint progress much and lets hope CVs shoot the flashback scene soon so that we get some relief LOLLOLConfused
Anyways  even though episode is a filler .but good thing is Aman and Aarti both r in Scindia mansion since in precap Vidhi and Aarti r hving confrontation Big smile .. so I feel all the confrontation will happen finally this week in front of all and we might also get to listen Yash's POV in all this Big smile...
Aarti is thinking only from her POV , so she is not ready to believe that Yash can doubt her , but Yash's POV is different and Aman guesses it right Smile
From Aman and Aarti's interaction its clear that Aarti remembers about the night but she is not ready to believe that Yash is angry on her because of that night simply because her question is if he is angry because she came home late , then why dint he question her about it that night itself WinkTongue...
Aman has the answer to it .. He believes Yash is in love with Aarti and feels possessive for her ,reason why he is angry but not able to question her or else he will b caught red-handed with his feelings in open ..so he is expecting Aarti to come to her with all the expalnation on her own Tongue... It seems Aman got the idea that night itself from Yash's reaction but Aarti never got any idea since she believes Yash will b engaged with Arpita thoughts only , so even his anger could b related to Arpita .. Why will her outing with Aman affect him .. simple LOL
I think  Aarti is seeing it all from her own POV .. So she is trying to remember the reasons which she feels could b the cause of Yash's anger starting from Arpita photo frame breaking to Arpita fire incident to all that which she feels can piss off Yash Ouch...But here Aman and Shobha both r trying to make Aarti see things from Yash's POV  todayApprove  .. Yash as a husband can get mad at Aarti for coming home late at 3am with a random friend ..its natural Ouch...But Aarti is like how can Yash doubt her character  which again Aarti is saying from her POV since she knows that Yash only said they dont hv a typical hubby-wifey relationship Ouch...Again here Aman tries to present Yash's POV by telling her that mayb he is in love with her , mayb he is beginning to feel possessive for her  but she is not respecting his feelings which is pissing him off Embarrassed...
I wont blame Aarti too since she is so innocent that she cannot think about all these complex emotions or doubts going in Yash's mind whereas Aman seems to hv guessed it that night itself ,reason why he comes down all the way to Bhopal to meet her and clear it out with her and Yash ..Big smile
Yash's doubts on Aarti is related to rainy night and not those Aman-Aarti photos which Vidhi saw today Smile
Who took those Aman and Aarti photos which Vidhi saw ?? Tongue...Obviously not the servants but mayb Yash Wink...Because if servants took those Aman-Aarti photos , they would hv send those photos with the Mumbai album only na which was sent by them last week Wink whereas Vidhi gets these Aman-Aarti photos from Yash's digital camera which is hidden in kids room WinkTongue
So this expalins why Aarti never got a doubt that this is the reason of Yash's anger LOL...If Yash only took those snaps of Aman and Aarti hving fun in garden while playing tennis mayb (from photos it looked like both were playing tennis) , then how can Yash get doubt on both later ?? Tongue... Thats why it never crossed Aarti's mind that Aman could b the reason Smile ...
Now Yash got a doubt or fear or whatever it is only that rainy night when she comes home late at 3am with Aman simply because Yash connects it with Arpita's death in rain and he must hv gone paranoid with tension since Aarti is not home but she comes home late at 3am without any tension which drives him mad as he feels all possessive for her but she is not bothered at all Embarrassed..
So his anger is that "I feel so possessive for Aarti .. but she is bindaas hving good time with Aman in rain without bothering to inform me that she is safe or not ?? " Embarrassed...So everytime Yash closes his eyes , he sees Aarti in rain and no more Arpita death in rain ... So he feels Aarti betrayed my feelings and I betrayed Arpita by replacing her memories with Aarti Ouch ... So his anger , frustration and this self-destructive mode is because even though he feels betrayed by Aarti , but still he is not able to remove her from his mind and heart .. That Aarti in rain is almost nailed in his memory forever Tongue

I think tomorrow we might see some more drama with Bua and company accusing Aarti's character since Bua already saw Aarti-Aman in car and now once they reach home , even SP and Gayatri will see those snaps of Aman and Aarti OuchOuch...Already a comparison of Ramayan and Sita ka Agnee Pariksha is mentioned Ouch...so I hv a bad feeling Aarti will b badly accused here CryCry

My bets r on Yash .. he will come to the rescue and might finally tell the truth .. fingers crossed Confused

Yash is a pessimist and a loner ...

One thing which I fail to understand is why Yash is such a pessimist ?? Confused...When his brothers repeatedly ask him the reason , he keeps saying how its all over and now even God cannot fix it ..etc etc Confused...Why dont he think about his kids for once ?? If God cannot fix it , and if he assumes his relationship is over with Aarti , then what about the kids ?/ Confused..
Instead Yash should learn to confront his problems face to face .. If he feels Aarti betrayed him , or if he has any other issues with Aarti , then confront it directly with her rather than sulking or mourning in alone and getting frustrated Ouch ...
I feel Yash right from childhood is a loner .. Even though Yash seems to b the pampered kid of his mother as well as Pankaj brother since Pankaj tells those stories of how in childhood he used to carry Yash in his arms and swing like dolphin etc etc LOL , but somewhere I feel Yash never had a proper connection with his family members Ouch...He is a complex character .. his feelings and ideologies r all abstract and noone really understood it ... .. Mayb He could connect well with Arpita to some extent but he lost her early in his life and once again became a loner Ouch..Then in Mumbai just when he was connecting with Aarti , suddenly this Aman popped in , and he felt like a looser all over again and thats where he is blowing his fuse and giving up hopes Ouch...
Overall I guess unless the flashback is fully shown , we cant really predict about future storyline much ..so lets wait for the flashback to b shown by this wed-thurs max Smile..Overall filler episode with few interesting moments ...

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Thanks for opening up the DC! Welcome back Samana!

Live Stream: http://1tvlive.in/zee-tv/


Maybe Res? Depends on my mood after seeing the episode. Big smile

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Hey Samana !!! Hw u doing ??? Hwz western life ???

So happy to see that u have opened DC today...Hug



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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Hola Guys .. I Hope all had a wonderful weekend .. I finally got caught up with the episodes last night as I was busy with guests and could not clip last week .

As I was clipping Friday's episode I noticed some amazing execution of promo scenes in the Teri Meri song sequence

Teri meri song sequence is reminiscent of the beach waala promo.Notice the following caps Big smile

this particular mirror cap ... is similar to the promo with frames...where Yash is on another frame...and Aarthi is waiting for him to move to her part of the frame Ermm

Symbolism : 

Aarthi is trapped in another world ..she is on another side waiting for him to cross over...Yash  is yet to cross over to her...Mirror represents reflections...Physical & spiritual reflections...It reflects what is reality..they are each others's better halves... Aarthi is his reality...but he is not accepting it...and closes the window to the absolute truth and remains in darkness. Ouch

Peacock represents immortality &  renewal ...Peacock feathers renew annually ..so u can say Peacock symbolizes Rebirth... Aarthi gives rebirth to love in Yash's heart ...and ArYa love is immortal . Embarrassed

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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25/7 Dragon Club:Side Effects of the grt Bua :( (Page 23)


So it was finally confirmed that Yash Loves Aarti and we heard it from Aman's mouth...It was great to get a guy's POV Big smile

It starts with Pankaj and vidhi in their room he still mad at her for trusting Aarti while he was buttoned up his shirt a button came off so he asked Vidhi to sew it on she opted to go get another shirt for him...Aww he was in a ahem mood but once again Vidhi threw cold water on his romantic advance telling him she has much chores to do Ouch living him pissed off.

Yash is in the kids' room...he's missing them a lot...He takes up a piece a paper that has "A Rain Poem" writing on it, I think its the one that Aarti wrote 4 Palak...He traces his fingers over the writing...Hmmm Yashbabu, its little gestures like that gives u away even when u say u don't care 4 her TongueEmbarrassed

Vidhi comes and asks him something (sorry couldn't get was she said was on the phone) Unhappy Yash leaves and Vidhi wants to know what happened in Mumbai to just as she putting away the children clothes a digital camera falls out. She picks it up and sees pics of Aarti & Aman looking all happy.

She gets a call from Shawari he tells her that Aarti didn't do go by Yash...WTH??? And then they have a convo in mute mode, after which Vidhi fuming starts questioning Aarti as well AngryAngry

At Shobha's Aarti and Aman are talking about the reason why Yash is mad at her is because he's jealous by Aarti replies that she knows Yash and that's not the reason so Aman tells her that Yash is in love with her...awww we got a little piece of Yeh Dil Hai BG playing [:^>]which left her thinking (she still doesn't believe) but who can blame her when Yash himself has told her a thousand times that he could never love her.

Just then Shobha comes and along with Aman they are trying to convince Aarti to go to Yash to clear up the MU but Aarti doesn't want to but finally she gives in and on her way to the house Aarti & Aman's car passes in the opposite direction of the senior Scindia's own boa sees Aman holding Aarti's hand and complaints to her bro who doesn't wanna hear anything Clap...But I'm afraid of what SP's reaction is gonna be when he learn about Aarti's friendship with Aman <_<

Yash, Pratik & Pankaj are having some drinks in Pankaj's room...The two Ps talks about their women troubles so Pankaj give Yash a drink which he drinks in one shot (damn, he really wanna hurt himself)...they are trying to get Yash to tell them what happened in Mumbai...Yash throws the second glass of alcohol and was about to til them...Well we'll have to wait til tomorrow to find out Wink

Precap: What can I say...I'm really DISAPPOINTED in Vidhi *SMH*

Well it was an episode about everyone doubting Aarti's character thank goodness SP still believes and trusts her.

I'm really happy that Aman is gonna be there for Aarti cause those Scindias are just about judging people without knowing the really story Angry

P.S Sorry for any mistakes and if I missed anything...Writing on my phone, power if out so Ouch Cry so I hope u guys enjoy the take.

Will be back when power gets back on...Happy discussions xox

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Originally posted by AngelDark

Arti leave house !


Meet Aman!

My random thoughts on the episode are just like the random showers pitter-pattering down. Though the episode left me a bit confused and feeling as if the CV's are trying to shake of it's worst critic by giving a track that appears to be dragging. I enjoyed that 4 things came out of the episode.

1.       Arti now has full knowledge that Yash is in love with her. She has full anecdotal backing in the sense of Aman words and worldly experience. She now has to find the truth regarding this matter though a lot of detractors are going to pop up with her having a male best friend.

Seems there is a social message in all of this friendship and married couples.

2.       Yash seems that he is not relating rain and Arpita in one thought anymore. It must be Palak who wrote that rain poem. Things like life's simple pleasures through a child's eyes has kept him entranced kept him grounded the whole time he was inside the kid's room. When they are away you miss them the most and makes you think I should have spent more time with them and thoughts like those will cross your mind.

3.        Aman seems to be in a hurry to come to the defense of Arti. In his words if you love someone what is there to be afraid of. I loved it that Arti has a lot of friends though she was an orphan. There is something that draws people towards her.

4.       Vidhi is on a war path and wants to adopt Arti as her sister. So she wants to know her past, her present and future. Just wish she does not go about it doubting Arti's character.

Now on to something's I did not like.

1.       Why does in Dubeys house they have to stand on attention while they go about talking Arti's love life. They could have sat down and have a chilled out conversation too. They could have included a long shot of the children too while they were at it.

2.      " Uss Raat" is becoming Yash go to motto when in distress it seems. No happy hour for him because of it either.

3.       All  these coming up next stretches to the next advert and the next. I'm invested in watching the show so why is it they are treating me as if I would ditch the show in the middle of watching it!!!

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