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SS: Race - Part 12

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SS: Race - Part 12

Okay! Hey everyone! I have updated Race after the longest time!! I will try keeping the updates more often from now on until then here's part 12
"We're in South Africa, baby." Arnav replied, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.
"South...Africa?! That is so cool!!!" Khushi shrieked, practically jumping up and down in excitement. "Where in South Africa though? And is this place yours?"
Arnav smiled against her hair as he replied, "I came here for business a few times and I came across this guesthouse once and just had to buy it."
"Just like that? You can be so unbelievable at times, sweetheart." Khushi giggled to herself. "You didn't tell me though, what city are we in?"
"Cape Town."
An hour later Arnav had finally gotten Khushi to stop squealing over every little thing she saw and asked her to go get ready as he wanted to take her out today.
"Khushi! How much longer?" Arnav practically groaned from outside the door to her room. He lifted his hand to knock on her door for the hundredth time, but stopped halfway as Khushi opened the door and stepped out.
She was wearing a red strapless, layered knee-length dress with a black beaded belt hugging her tiny waist.
He started from her face, which was framed by her now softly curled hair.
His eyes traced her face, from her wide eyes, to her blushing cheeks, lingering on her lip-glossed lips.
His eyes trailed the length of her neck to find a simple pearl necklace at its base.
He lifted his hand to tuck a curl behind her ear when something hit his hand, he moved away more of her hair to find a pair of two pearl drop earrings adorning her ears.
"Khushi! Khushi please? Just listen to me once?" Arnav called after Khushi who was storming away. Arnav turned back to look at Akash and Payal who were looking at him skeptically, "What?! Why are you looking at me like that?! I didn't do anything this time!"
"Seriously? Dude! It's Khushi's birthday today! How could you forget?" Akash stared at him like he was an alien from another planet.
" the looks of it I think this time Khushi won't talk to him for a whole week...maybe two." Payal said to Akash thoughtfully before turning back to Arnav, looking at him pointedly she said, "You're gonna have a lot of making up to this time."
Arnav just stood there as Akash and Payal walked off to go grab a bite for lunch. His shocked expression slowly turned into a smirk as he thought, his plan was working, everyone thought he'd forgotten his Khushi's birthday.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a red velvet box, he snapped it open to reveal two beautiful pearl drop earrings. He snapped it shut again and stuffed it back into his pocket.
Later that same day the Khushi who had stomped off away from Arnav tears of anger in her eyes now threw her arms around his neck in a strangle hold with tears of happiness streaming down her face this time.
Arnav could only say, "Girls, doesn't matter if their sad, mad, or happy you'll always find tears in their eyes."
He was rewarded with a soft shove against his shoulder before Khushi pulled him into another hug, completely forgetting the other fifty people in the room waiting to wish her for birthday.
*End Flashback*
He fingered the earring as he looked into her eyes and asked, "You still have these? After all this time?"
"You gave them to me, how could I not?" Khushi replied, emphasizing on the 'you'.
Arnav leaned in, pulled her closer by her waist and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. He moved back again taking her hand, leading them both downstairs and out the door.
*Twenty minutes later*
"Reservation for two, under the name of Raizada." Arnav said to the waiter at the doors of the restaurant.
"Right this way, sir." They were lead to a secluded table with candles at the center surrounding a small pot of roses.
The waiter handed them two menus and left for them to decide what they wanted.
Khushi opened her menu, discreetly looking at Arnav over it. She couldn't get over the fact that he was all hers, that he loved her truly and completely, even after knowing everything.
She knew he had brought her here because he wanted to get her away from everything and everyone.
Arnav's voice brought her out of her thoughts, "Okay, I know what I want. Have you decided?"
Khushi quickly glanced at her menu, having no idea what was on it since she was too busy staring at him before.
Suddenly an idea struck her, "Hmm, Arnav won't you order for me like you always do?"
Arnav's eyebrows shot up at Khushi comment. He involuntarily smiled as his thoughts went back into the past, right along with Khushi's thoughts.
"Arnav... You didn't have to bring me to such an expensive place!" Khushi whispered loudly at Arnav as she glanced around the five star hotel.
"Khushi, this is the first time I'm taking you out on our first official date and I want it to be special!" Arnav whispered right back, placing his arm around Khushi comfortingly and pulling her close.
They were soon seated and handed menus by the waiter, who refused to even glance at Khushi after being given a death glare for openly checking her out when they walked in.
"Khushi order whatever you want, okay?" Arnav said with a smile.
Khushi looked down at her menu, it was all gibberish to her, she missed her Dhabas!
But of course she didn't want Arnav to know, what would he think of her... Suddenly one of her ever so genius plans popped into her head.
"Arnavvv! How will I order when the waiter won't even look at me after you glared at him like you wanted to kill him on the spot!" Khushi whined, hoping Arnav would buy it and go along with it.
Instead he raised his eyebrows, he knew the instant he looked at the menu Khushi would have no idea what to order, but he was going to wait until she asked him herself. But no, Khushi Kumari Gupta couldn't even ask her boyfriend such a simple thing instead she would make a huge deal about it.
"He can still take your order without looking at you Khushi." he replied nonchalantly, not looking up from his menu.
Khushi just huffed in response as she quietly slammed her menu down, looking away.
Arnav didn't want her going hungry while she was all caught up in her crazy ideas so he let her go easy this time, "Khushi would you like me to order for you?"
She looked up at him excitedly at his question, nodding.
*End Flashback*
"Khushi, you were crazy then and you're crazy now!" Arnav smirked at her. "I still remember how you finally told me you didn't understand the menu and that's why you didn't want to order after we left the restaurant."
"Well if you remember so much then why are you being so forgetful?" Khushi retorted annoyed. "That same night we decided that whenever we went to some posh restaurant you would order for both of us and whenever we went to my Dhabas, I would!"
Khushi leaned back crossing her arms and looking away. Arnav smirked at her antics. "I remember everything. I just wanted you to admit you were openly staring at me instead of reading the menu."
Khushi's face formed three 'O's as she turned back to see Arnav winking at her. She gapped like a fish for a few seconds before recovering herself and looking away embarrassed.
"Well... I... You... Okay I was staring at you okay! Now please order for me, you always know what I'll like!" Khushi pouted defeat.
"I know and that's why I already know what I'm going to order for US." Arnav smiled at her, this was His Khushi.
Khushi couldn't help but smile back as Arnav reached forward and held hands with her over the table.
Arnav and Khushi were to busy staring into each other's eyes to notice the waiter arrive with their food on a platter.
"Excuse me, sir, your order." The waiter finally spoke up. Arnav and Khushi looked up surprised, pulling their hands apart as the waiter set down their dishes.
"Thank--" Khushi stopped short as she looked up at the waiter. She was openly staring at him as she tried to figure out where she'd seen him before when Arnav nudged her from under the table. "Oh, um... Thank you."
The waiter smiled at her as he pulled his hand from the plates, but knocked over a glass of water in the progress, which spilled all over Khushi.
"S..sorry.. M'am" The waiter stuttered as Khushi stood up, hurriedly wiping her dress with a napkin.
"It's okay. Just tell me where the bathroom is." Khushi said before rushing off in the direction the waiter pointed in.
"Thank Devi Maiyya that it was just water. Otherwise my dress would have been completely ruined!" Khushi exclaimed as she hurriedly tried drying her dress. "Argh! My first date with Arnav and it's ruined!"
Khushi looked at her dress once over in the mirror, she concluded she looked fine before rushing back out of the bathroom only to run into someone.
Khushi took an involuntary step backward as she looked up to see the same waiter that had served them.
There was something about his eyes, the way he looked at her, and the scar over his right eye that sent the chills down Khushi's spine.
Muttering a quick apology she dashed back to where Arnav was waiting for her at their table.
Arnav immediately stood up as he saw a frantic Khushi rush towards their table. "Khushi? What's wrong? Are you alright?"
"Ar...Arnav, that waiter." Khushi clutched Arnav's coat with one hand as she kept pointing the other hand behind her. "Can we go? Can we go from here?"
Arnav just nodded as he threw a few hundred bills on the table. He wrapped his arms her waist as he quickly led her out of the restaurant.
As soon as they were outside away from the restaurant he turned to Khushi and cupped her face. "Khushi, are you okay? What's wrong? Did.. Did that waiter do something to you?"
Arnav gritted out the last question as Khushi wildly shook her head, "No, just...that waiter...his eyes...I'm scared Arnav. What... What if that Sha--"
"Shhh!" Arnav shushed Khushi as he pulled her into a hug, hiding her face into his chest. "I won't let anything happen you, I promise. Now smile, okay?"
Khushi pulled back sniffing as her lips pulled up into a smile. Arnav kissed her forehead, "Since we couldn't have dinner how bout we go for ice cream?"
"Ice cream! Oh Arnav you're the best!" Khushi jumped up and kissed Arnav on the cheek, a grin set on her lips.
Arnav grabbed her hand with a chuckle and led her towards the car, but stopped when he felt Khushi tug on his arm, "What the... Is everything okay, jaan?"
"Hmm, you called me jaan after so long, it sounds so nice. But can we walk?" Khushi titled her head to side, giving him her puppy dog eyes and pouty lips.
"Jaan, of course, jaan. Whatever you want, jaan. Lead the way, jaan." Arnav repeatedly called her jaan as he pulled her to him leaning in for a kiss.
Khushi quickly pecked him on the lips before pushing him away and running off laughing away, forgetting everything that happened moments before.
Arnav stood shaking his head, watching her for a few moments before running after her, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around as they both laughed all their worries away.

Part 13: Coming Soon!
Okay so what did you think?? Please leave your likes and comments!
New readers please buddy me for PMs!
For my other works: Arina's Index

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Pls PM me ur next update dear !!!!
loved this part !!!!
it was fab Clap

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awesome update...
loved arnav and khushi romantic moments...Tongue

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awesome update..

thanks 4 d pm

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Awesome update! Clap
OMG! seems like the waiter is one of the don's henchmen Shocked

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lovely update, Plz PM me your next update 

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but who was the waiter i hope khushi will be ok
well update soon thank u!

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I loved the ArHi moments but who is the waiter...Loved the update!! Thanks for the PM!!!

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