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JYo's Action Reaction Thread:New updt Pg43 (Page 39)

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 104323

Posted: 28 January 2013 at 6:46am | IP Logged
A small A/R from me .. Theme is Cas's Uss raat Cool

Action of Yash to all ( I finally got the CD of Usss Raat Shocked)

Reaction of Aarti ( Whose uss raat ShockedShocked)

Double reaction of Mr.Dubey to Shobha ( I think CD has your secret meeting in cafe delight with Cas  Ouch)

Action of Aarti ( What the ShockedShocked.. Who is that woman with Cass ShockedShocked)

Reaction of Yash in same pic ( I dunno .. its not Shobha ma for sure Stern Smile)

Action of Shobha ( What .. Cas is cheating behind my back ShockedShocked ...nahinnn OuchOuchCryCryCry)

Reaction of Mr.Dubey ( OH Well stop the melodrama Shobha .. u too cheating on my back daily in cafe delight with Cas SleepySleepy)

Action of Cas in secret ( Hello Lub ... make sure our uss raat remains a secret  ... I dont want anyone to know that I hv another seed already sown years back during one of the CON elections Approve)

Reaction of Gayatri ( Is Cas talking to Shobha for the next CON electation date in cafe delight Ermm)

Action of Yash ( Casss how dare u did a CON without me ... errr I mean did a CON without my mother uss raat AngryAngryAngry)

Reaction of Cas ( Chill dude , dont forget u r one of the beautiful result of my CONs with your mommy only .. oh lalaaa Cool)

Double reaction of Pankaj ( Hey u both , dont forget , I m also a beautiful result of the CON between Cas and my momma AngryAngry)

Action of Cas ( Well Pankaj , I m not sure about whether u r a beautiful result or not but nevethless result for sure .. And I m proud of my CON abilities ... oh lalaaa Cool)

Reaction of Pratik ( Looks like noone is interested in me ... let me hv some sleep till I m talked about SleepySleepy)

Action of Yash to Cas ( I know u hv a 4th result too .. I hv seen your 4th CON in this CD and its not with my mommaaa .. tell me who is that CON queen with u uss raat AngryAngry)

Reaction of Bua ( Mere bhagwan ki kasam ... Bhaiyya had so many CONs and I still cant get my proper Ram dulare for one single CON ... Disapprove)

Action of Cas ( Alright kiddos , on st Feb , I m gonna tell u all about the spl CON queen lady of my uss raat fantasy .. so till then keep guessing .. ohh lalaaa Cool)

Reaction of Aarti ( But why is my Ansh kidnapped in this CON mess CryCryCry)

Action of Cas ( Hey strawberry , dont cry , Ansh is getting future training on how to make Cube CONs  Cool)

Reaction of Bua ( Mere bhagwan ki kasam , I would love such Cube CON training too to seduce my no. of ram dulares in this house Blushing)

Action of Yash ( Ufff what a heartless family I hv .. noone is even asking me food here .. I can b hungry too na AngryAngryAngry)

Reaction of Cas ( iss limited CON food ki keemat tum kya jaano Yash betaa ... CON ka swaroop hai yeh  spl food  ... har CON se pehla ka prasad hai yeh spl food .. now dont disturb me and let me CONcentrate eating ...ohhh lalaaa Cool)

Action of Yash to Aarti ( Ok thats it .. I m hungry now ..let me go eat u up Tongue .. errr I mean eat up something in our spl CON bedroom AngryAngry)

Reaction of Bua ( I need to eat this CON spl food too tonight for my Ram dulare Embarrassed)

Double reaction of Gayatri ( But I need to find out who is my new uss raat sautan here ConfusedConfused)

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lulujjjj IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 June 2012
Posts: 8983

Posted: 28 January 2013 at 7:16am | IP Logged
@JYO  Awesome A / R esp shoba and dubey part the captions and scene was so perfect. 

Edited by lulujjjj - 28 January 2013 at 7:12am
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 104323

Posted: 09 February 2013 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Weekend spl Action/Reaction on Suraj Pratap Scindia :The Ultimate CON and DNA King Cool

Topic in Main forum Tongue

Weekend Spl A/R on Mr.Scindia:Real CON & DNA King

Action of Akash ( Ladies and Gentleman ... Take your seats first .. Suno suno suno ... the grt CON Election begins now and it will start with our very own Vicky Donor Mr.Suraj Pratap Scindia aka the grt Casanova aka the grt Cas giving his DNA for the CON test ... dhan te naann Cool)

Reaction of SP aka Cas ( Maine pehne CON shoes...Gonna let my body loose...Karli hai thodi booze...Let's CON on my mind Cool...Hai horny horny ride...Cause Saturday hai night...Aur music bhi hai right...Let's CON on my mind mind mind Evil Smile...)

Action of Yash ( Wait a sec ..who the hell is this Akash dude to announce the CON elections ... it was my turn to announce this year's CON elections na AngryAngry)

Reaction of Akash ( Oh well look u hotty , your father was disappointed with your dostana act with Mr.Dead Prashant and so he decides to donate his DNAs to me overnight and make me the host for the CON elections Evil Smile)

Action of Aarti ( I m all lost .. whats happening ...I thought my hotty has the right DNAs na ConfusedConfused)

Reaction of Gayatri ( U r not alone Aarti , I m lost too , I thought only Shobha is my CON sautan , but it seems there is some new chick on the block ... ConfusedConfused)

Action of Maya bua ( Mere bhagwan ki kasam , so we hv another uss raat saga on the block Cool

Reaction of Dubey ( Byeee all , I m going to my Prashant in heaven , cant take any more Love ,sex and dhoka from my wifey DeadDead)

Action of Gayatri ( My swami , plss tell me what happened uss raat ,  Dubey ji just went to swarglok because of all CON confusions , do u want me to join there , no na .. then tell me kya hua uss raat CryCry)

Reaction of Cas ( Which uss raat u r talking about , look this is CON election and I hv several uss raats in my bag .. so specify which one  ,  one uss raat resulted in Panku , another resulted in Yashu  , another resulted in Pratu  and rest I m not really sure about Prashu and Akashu Ouch.. some CONfusion of uss raats .. need to meet Shobha and the other chick tonight in cafe delight for clarification on the matter of my 4th son ErmmApprove)

Action of Yash to Aarti  ( I hv a feeling I m not carrying the DNA of Cas and thats why kept out of this CON election UnhappyOuch)

Reaction of Aarti ( Did I tell u that u look yummy like vanilla ice cream after your hon kong CON trip EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Double reaction of Yash ( oh shut up , this is not the time of our CONs .. lets CONcentrate on Cas's DNA and CON connections for now AngryAngry)

Action of Cas ( Good morning all .. finally the day comes when this Vicky Donor is going to announce the CON and DNA results .. ohh lalaaa Cool)

Reaction of Akash ( And the results r out as per which I hv your DNA .. grrr u got to die CON king AngryAngryAngryAngry)

Action of Yash to media ( Err wait a second all ... inside the CON results r being declared .. u might hear few gun sounds .. so just hold on till Monday for final result Smile)

Reaction of Pratik to Yash in same pic ( Bhaiyya I m really nervous for the CON results .. I heard Paridi's uss raat results r gonna b out too ConfusedOuch)

Action of Cas ( huhhh ... I dont believe that I hv given by precious sperms to anyone without my knowledge ..even Shobha knows it  Approve.. I think that woman is lieing to Akash .. let me first shoot her AngryAngryAngry)

Reaction of Yash to media ( I think some volatile results hv come out ... u guys plss hold on while let me go in and find out who CONned whom ConfusedConfused)

Action of Ishita ( Shut up all u CON hungry souls AngryAngry ... I m killing myself since hotty  Yash ji refused to CON me CryCryCry)

Reaction of Akash to Ishita  ( Dont worry my Apple , I m here na , I will make sure u get your CON rights from me since I m myself about to get the CON rights for my mother soon from the grt CON king Big smile)

Action of Gayatri ( What the hell is happening here .. someone just updt me plss **Rolls Eyes** Stern Smile)

Reaction of Yash ( Dont worry my real DNA mother , I m all dressed up as Dulha now to find the real CONsters Evil Smile)

Action of Aarti ( Is this a CON election or Swayambar happening ?? Angry .. Ek chutki CON errr I mean sindoor ki keemat tum log kya jaano Yash and Cas babu CryCryCryCry)

Reaction of Gayatri ( I know the keemat of ek chutki sindoor as well as uss raat CONs .. but sighh noone gives me the needed footage SleepySleepy)

Action of Cas ( Hold it all .. I m yet to reveal my CON secrets here .. the CON election real results r yet to come out damn it AngryAngry)

Reaction of Akash's mother ( Cas I know your results better than anyone else ... so u better talk to me AngryAngry)

Double reaction of Cas ( Oh dont pout your lips while making accusations  .. even I can pout my lips too but its distracting u see AngryAngry... haan so where were we .. whose DNA result is Akash ..right ?? AngryAngry)

Action of Palak to Ansh ( Bhaiyya whats hapepning outside Confused)

Reaction of Ansh to Palak ( Sequel to Vicky Donor movie starring our Cas and Yash papa as leads Big smile)

Everything is just in good humour ... Embarrassed

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 August 2012
Posts: 5141

Posted: 09 February 2013 at 6:04am | IP Logged
OMG Jyo ! this new Aakaash track gets a much needed A/R from you and you did not disappoint.


You sent dubeyji to swarglok ROFLROFLROFL

AdhoBithi Senior Member

Joined: 10 June 2011
Posts: 369

Posted: 17 February 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
omg! omg! ROFL ROFL ROFL ufff... having laughing attacks! ROFL ROFL ROFL
..Comrade4eva.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 December 2012
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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
snowypatches02 Goldie

Joined: 12 August 2010
Posts: 1298

Posted: 17 February 2013 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
OMG ROFLROFL can't believe what I have just been reading LOL haven't stopped laughing I am wondering how I missed this comical post ROFL haven't finished the complete post but I must applaud you indeed Clap hahaha best is Yash ji (HOO HAA HAKUNA MATATA) ROFL 

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 104323

Posted: 03 March 2013 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
My Action-Reaction post on Cricket CON Party after the successful CON election Cool

Action of Yash and Akash ( Welcome media to the Cricket CON party after the success of our CON election Cool)

Reaction of Gayu to Radha ( Did u see where is our joint property Cas Tongue... Cricket CON is about to start in few mins time Dancing)

Double reaction of Bua in same pic ( Mere Bhagwan ki kasam .. Sautan bani saheli .. r they sharing Cas mutually now for the next CON electionShockedShocked)

Action of Cas ( Oh lalaaa .. the CON King arrives Cool)

Reaction of Gayatri ( Aahhh dont give me those badroom looks now  when I know what u did last summer Unhappy... Lets get on with the Cricket CON game Angry)

Double Reaction of Radha ( I dont mind those badroom looks though .. hv been missing it for 30 long years Cry)

Action of Ishita to Akash ( Ok lets not waste any time .. before u go for the batting CON and bromance with your brothers on cricket field ,  first u bang me .. errr I mean do some net practice with me on bed   Evil Smile)

Reaction of Akash to Ishita  ( Dont tell me u r interested to b one of the nominees in this CON election too ShockedShocked )

Action of Ishita to Akash ( Dont u know I m the female version of Cas .. u can call me Lady Cas ... ohhh lalaaa Cool... So lets do some net practice now .. ohh lalaaa Evil Smile)

Reaction of Akash in same pic ( Mujhe meri CON biwi se bachao plsss OuchOuch)

Action of Aarti to Yash in their bedroom ( Yash ji , Viewers r getting  desperate now .. we hv some real competition in the form of a horny IshAk couple .. so I m thinking before u go to bat on cricket field , lets play some bedroom cricket CON on bed Tongue)

Reaction of Yash ( I m sorry Aarti ji but I m a retired hurt CON batsman now Ouch ,   I just gave my part of protein CON shake bhang to IshAk couple and turned a brahmachari till Aayu comes out of your oven .. I hope its not a elephant which is coming out from it though ConfusedConfused)

Action of Aarti ( Yash ji , I m not sure when Aayu is coming out or not ever , I hope CVs remember it Confused .. but till Aayu comes out , u look into my beautiful eyes plss ... we can do the eye CON at least if not the horny bed CONs like IshAk Embarrassed)

Reaction of Yash ( Aarti ji more than your seductive eyes , its your sexy silky hair which turns me on and I get those mountains .. u know it EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Aarti ( Awww Yash ji , thank god u still get mountains .. was a bit worried after all the recent Bromance session with Akash and mommy sessions with Radha Ouch .. but your sexy long fingers turn me on too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Yash ( Ohhh Aarti jiii ... neeed to tell u something **hyperventillates**)

Double reaction of Aarti in same pic ( **Breathes in breathes out** ... Tell me fast Yash ji .. I m hyperventillating which is not good for a pregnent momma Blushing)

Action of Yash ( Aarti jiii ... yourrr eyesss EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti ( Yash jii ... yesss plsss continue .. my eyess whattt **hyperventillates more** Blushing)

Action of Yash ( Aarti jii .. your eyess ... errr errr .. your eyes reminds me of my nayi naveli sexy mom Radhaaa ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti (**Bangs head** ... WHAT THE &%^&%$^&^%^% AngryAngryAngry)

Action of Yash ( I told u I gave away all my CON bhang tonics to the horny IshAk couple OuchOuch)

Reaction of Aarti ( Ok thats it ... lets go on cricket field and start the Cricket CON .. u r defeating that Akash dude and taking away the CON Bhang tonic from him as Man of the match AngryAngry)

Double reaction of Yash ( Aarti ji .. plss dont do this physical abuse on my sexy facial parts .. I promise I will win this Cricket CON match and get Ishita errr I mean my CON bhang tonic from Akash at any cost Approve)

Action of Akash to Ishita ( Enough of this net practice .. now let me get on the field to play the Cricket CON match with Yash Cool)

Reaction of Ishita in same pic ( Oh my horny CON hubby , rest assured I will b your cheer leader CONning all the men out there with my sexiness Evil Smile)

Action of Cas ( Why hv men not come on the field to start the Cricket CON game yet  Angry... r they busy doing net practice in their respective bedroom still Angry )

Reaction of Radha ( Well they hv just one CON wife unlike u Angry... sometimes I wonder why should boys hv all the fun Ouch)

Action of Cas ( Huhhh remember I m the CON king and winner of this CON election for giving  birth to 4 Namunas errr I mean 4 sons ... ohhh lalaaa CoolAngryAngry)

Reaction of Akash ( Goli maar bheje mein .. dhiskayonn ... hey my CON dad .. me here for batting Cool)

Double reaction of Yash ( I m here too and I m always perfect .. so I m here with proper dress code .. just got it from the little master Sachin Tendulkar u see Cool)

Action of Gayatri ( OMGG .. Sachin beta too knows about the CON leelas of Scindia house CryCryCryCryCry)

Reaction of Aarti ( Hey Chill Sasuma no.2 ... Sachin knows nothing .. Yash ji just got that cricket costume from him Embarrassed... And I need to find out where is my Sasuma no 3 Confused)

Action of Gayatri ( Wait .. who is Sasuma no.1 then Confused)

Reaction of Cas ( Oh lalaa Gayatri .. u forgot , Aarti's Sasuma no.1 is our Shobha darling Cool)

Double reaction of Gayatri in same pic ( I hope  , u dont hv any uss raats with this Shobha too .. now I m doubting about who was Prashant ConfusedErmm)

Action of Radha ( Aa galeee lag jaa my HOT HOT son WinkEmbarrassed .. yeh fevistick ka jod hai tootega nahin ...aurrr paas paas ... the more u hug me , the more u will score runs while batting **breathes in breathes out** )

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( Why my Sasuma no.3 is acting like Ishita now ... plss leave my hot hubby .. these CON hugs r meant for me damn it ... grrr AngryAngryCryCry)

Action of Umpire Gayatri on Cricket field to Umpire Radha ( I just heard from Aarti bahu that u gave CON hug to my hot Yash beta so that he scores more runs Angry.. well in that case I will make sure Yash is given hit wicket even before he starts batting AngryAngry)

Reaction of umpire Radha to Umpire Gayatri ( Oh shut up .. dare u give my son hit wicket , and I will give similar Hugs to Cas then Evil Smile)

Double reaction of Cas from side ( wowww ..Ohhh lalaaa Cool)

Triple reaction of Aarti-Radha-Yash in same pic ( Is this match ever starting ?? SleepySleepy)

Action of Kids ( Ladies and CON gentlemen ... the Cricket CON match is delayed for sometime since both our umpires are hving a serious discussion on certain net hug sessions going wrong here and there .. so stay tuned .. it will resume once its decided whom will Radha give the final hug .. To Cas or to Yash ... Cool)

Reaction of Ishita ( Cool down Ishita cool down .. one day u will get to hug the hot meat Yash ji too and then u too can contest for the CON election ... so cool down till then Cry)

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