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JYo's Action Reaction Thread:New updt Pg43 (Page 26)

Cadbury-Frog Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2012
Posts: 216

Posted: 20 October 2012 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
lolzzz ROFL

so funny ROFL

milodog Goldie

Joined: 23 January 2012
Posts: 1076

Posted: 21 October 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Thai is such an awesome thread!! Omg off to read it from the top! Big smile
Love your work! Clap
priya_drizzles IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 August 2010
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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
jyo we r in a very critical CONdition nowShockedROFL
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 7:47am | IP Logged
My Action-Reaction of last few episodes ..

Action of Prashant ( Once upon a time I used to b a CON spiderman who used to happily spread his web around every woman's heart but today I m neither ghar ka nor ghat ka ... errr u know what I mean momma and papa na CryOuch)

Reaction of Dubey ( Dont worry son , I will give u the CON powers back by hook or by crook .. jab tak hai Jaan .. jab tak hai jaan Approve)

Double reaction of Shobha in same pic ( errr why is he giving me these tough looks while talking to his spiderman son Confused...if he wants me to forget Cas , then I wont jab tak hai jaan ..jab tak hai jaan Approve)

Action of Dubey ( Look u got to forget those cafe delight days with Cas and somehow give the CON king position back to your spiderman son AngryAngry)

Reaction of Shobha ( Mujhe mere spiderman son ki kasam ... I will never take away Cas's CON king status jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Approve)

Double reaction of Prashant in sleep in same pic ( why is momma taking my jhooti kasam and killing me before time .. even I want to sing jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan na CryCry)

Action of Shobha (Yashuuu pick up the phone right now *hyperventillates* , we need to talk .. its a matter of life CON and death ShockedCryOuch ...)

Reaction of Yash on phone ( Hey Shobhss tell me Embarrassed)

Double reaction of Aarti ( Awww Yash ji looks so cute on phone .. feel like eating him up right now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Yash to Aarti ( CONtrol Aarti ji , Shobha maa just called me and told about some spiderman CON story which just went over my head  Confused, so can u call her up and ask her for details plss Smile)

Reaction of Aarti ( Aww Yash ji , your lips r irresistable , can I kiss it plss EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Yash ( r u getting me what I m trying to say .. call up Shobha maa and ask her details of some spiderman she is talking about .. we need to go for bhelpuri and lemon CON sessions then Embarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti ( oops sorry , my pregnency mood swings got to me plus u r looking so yummy na EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Aarti calling Shobha ( Tell me Shobha maa , which spiderman Yash ji is talking about Embarrassed)

Reaction of Shobha ( err nothing important .. its just that after Dubey , me too suffering from CONstipation because of lack of CONs .. was just missing Cas .. nothing important .. u enjoy your CONs with Yashuu CryCry)

Action of Dubey ( So u dint tell the spiderman story to  Aarti or Yash .. well now I m even more determined to make Prashant the next CON king jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Approve)

Reaction of Shobha in same pic ( oh well even I m determined not to tell the spiderman story till the main CON king rerurns .. so I will stick to my decision  jab tak hai Cas jab tak hai Cas Approve)

Action of Yash to doctor (Ok doctor , so I wil do all sort of CONs with Aarti ji in these 3 weeks and then we will come later to chk whether the bun in my strawberry's oven is safe or not Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( enough of giving those kissable looks to this lady doctor ... now lets go and hv our bhelpuri CON AngryAngry)

Action of Shobha ( May God bless my CON couple for all the CONs ... Cas where r u missing u .. sighhh Ouch)

Reaction of Prashant ( Did mom took any decision .. I dont want to die CONless jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan CryCry)

Double reaction of Dubey ( your mom is remembering Cas and cafe delight days I guess  , but u dont worry son , I will make u next CON king  jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Approve)

Action of Paridi's mom ( What the ... u CONned and killed the producer ...ShockedShocked)

Reaction of Paridi in same pic ( Now how I will CON Pratik .. give me some CON ideas mommy CryCry)

Double reaction of Paridi's mom ( ufff I m no CON king Paridi Angry .. do one thing go to Sweden to learn some CON techniques from your maasi .. after all u can do CONs only till jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan na .. so runnn ConfusedOuchOuch)

Action of Yash (Get set .. lets start Cool)

Reaction of Aarti ( Err we were suppose to play CON games with each other .. but it seems Yash ji is too busy shaking up that vessel than me Tongue)

Action of Yash ( ok heres your flying kiss Aarti ji  Embarrassed.. now wait for me .. let me prepare this spl bhelpuri which will give u tan ki shakti for lemon CON Embarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti ( r u sure u dont hv any bhang today Embarrassed)

Double reaction of Yash ( I m already drunk Aarti ji .. your beauty has made me drunk by default EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Yash ( Hv this bhel CON specially made by me .. it has essential CON ingriedents like Mango Blushing)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( Ufff I loveee mangoess EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of a preggy lady ( My hormones r overflowing in this condition .. can we share few Bhelpuri CONs too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Reaction of Yash ( Aarti ji plss save me .. my izzat is on stake Confused)

Action of Shobha ( Hello aarti , my telepathy says  Yashuu's izzat is on stake , plsss CON errr I mean save him CryCryCry)

Reaction of Aarti ( dont worry Shobha maa , in my presense noone can dare to CON with Yash jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Big smile)

Double reaction of Dubey ( it seems  your mommy is interested in every single creature on plannet from Yashuu to Cas except u my spiderman son .. but me with u jab tak hai CON ..errr I mean jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan OuchOuch)

Action of Bhelpuri bhaiyya ( Do u do CONs only with bhelpuris or with the ones who sell these bhelpuris too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Yash in same pic ( My father taught me to CON only with opposite species .. so sorry bhaiyya .. can u give me a good few lemons , need it for my wifey Embarrassed)

Double reaction of Aarti ( Awww so sweet ... finally he got rid of his bromance habbits Big smileBig smile)

Action of Aarti in scindia mansion ( I think I hv some acidity .. this bhelpuri CON is a bit difficult to digest Ouch)

Reaction of Yash coming out of bathroom ( this rotten red towel smells good .. I bet  Aarti ji must hv wiped off her body in this .. I need to use it for wiping off my body and sexy legs too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Aarti ( u duffer stop smelling towels and smell me .. errr I mean save me .. I think I may puke anytime OuchOuch)

Reaction of Yash in same pic ( If I run my bathrobe might come out fully but then who cares , I know I m sexy Tongue , so let me run to save u Ermm)

Action of Aarti ( Plss CON me ..errr I mean save me Yash ji ... I dont care even if your bathrobe comes out but u just come to me Ouch)

Reaction of Yash in same pic ( Yeah I can come running but its just that my legs r not shaved and my chest is half shaved , so I dont want cameras to capture wrong angles u see .. I know i m sexy jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Ermm)

Action of Aarti ( ufff stop your sexy jaap and do something damn it .. we were suppose to do lemon CON na .. where the hell is lemon .. I need it AngryAngry)

Reaction of Yash ( Lemon is in my body Strawberry ji , but u see I m not fully shaved ... so I can show u my body only in parts because my fans know I m sexy Confused)

Action of Aarti ( So then whats the use of puking if u cannot remove that damn bathrobe from your body .. I dont even mind hairs Disapprove)

Reaction of Yash ( ok Strawberry ji , let me remove it all  .. only for u I can become full monty anytime Tongue)

Double reaction of Aarti ( oh no dont remove it .. I might puke further , your legs look too hairy .. so I guess your little visible sexy smelly chest is fine for me Confused)

Action of Yash ( ohh cool .. my chest is for u only .. in fact my whole body from top to down is for u .. let me come to u flying ... spidermannn ...spidermannn ...I m a sexyy legged spiderman Cool)

Reaction of Aarti ( Can u b my superman plss .. spiderman reminds me of my certain past and its making me puke furtherCry Ouch)

Action of Yash ( Oh so u hv a similar apple past too like me ShockedShockedShockedOuch)

Reaction of Aarti ( ufff can we not bring in apple discussions today during this hornyy errr I mean our divine lemon CON AngryAngry)

Action of Yash ( okiess .. but why r u giving those wild expressions ... r u trying to puke or seduce me Confused)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( uff u duffer , I m hyperventillating , u suppose to hold me  now .. dont u know these CON techniques kya .. how the hell PayPal took birth AngryConfused)

Action of Yash ( sorry Strawberry ji I just got diverted seeing your open mouth .. was trying to see if a fly went inside your mouth or not .. its unhygeinic u see Ermm)

Reaction of Aarti ( What thee ... u r just so unromantic .. now I seriously feel like puking with the thought of a fly doing CON inside my mouth DeadDead)

Action of Yash ( okk Strawberry ji , I m sorry , this time just concentrate on me because errr I know I m sexyy ConfusedConfused)

Reaction of Aarti ( yeahh your open mouth gives me all sort of kiss CON feel Tongue unlike u who imagines fly inside my mouth ... Anyways let me look at your lucious lips while u CONcentrate on my hand position Evil Smile)

Action of Yash ( OMGG r u getting heart attack .. let me take u to a doc ShockedShocked)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( ufff u duffer , cant u get my suggestive CON reactions AngryAngryAngry)

Double reaction of Yash in same pic ( errr Cas dint teach me suggestive CON gestures na  but I know that ...that ... errr I m sexy Confused)

Action of Aarti ( grrr if next time I hear this sexy word na , I swear I will puke in real now ,..my head spinss arghhh AngryAngry)

Reaction of Yash ( Ok do u want to hear , u r too sexy then Tongue)

Double reaction of Aarti ( I know I m sexy Embarrassed , but can u just understand my silent gesture here ..look at my hand damn it AngryAngry)

Action of Yash ( I got it .. u want me to kiss there ..right ,... ok me  comingg Evil Smile)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( u will really kiss me here **faints in shock** Dead)

Action of Yash ( errr why r u giving a flying kiss and to whom Confused)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( this flying kiss is for Cas whose spirit is somewhere here only .. he will b proud today to see u finally come to kiss me EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Yash ( Ok ok CONtrol yourself .. u r just loosing it now in trying to kiss the air in the name of Cas Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( I wont stop unless u take me in your arms Tongue)

Action of Yash ( **Takes Aarti in his arms** .. Ok now smell me .. I guess the lemon smell might hv gone now as I was sweating a bit too much .. so well  cant help it Confused)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( So is it now sweat CON and no more a Lemon CON Ouch)

Action of Yash ( Well who cares , u just continue smelling me because I know ...)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( I know u r sexy  especially your kissable lips.. Embarrassed)

Action of Yash ( ok get set go ... Saans mein jab teri saans aaye toh mujhee saans aane lagaa..**breathes in breathes out**.. sighh Katrinaa .. errr I mean Aarti jii Wink )

Reaction of Aarti ( did I just hear Katrina from your sexy mouth Ouch)

Action of Yash ( Katrina .. who katrina ?? I only know u strawberry ji jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan ... Anushka  has sexy legs in the movie's trailor  but still I CON u .. Katrina is roaming around the streets of London in half Sexy dress but still I CON u ... See u wont get a loyal CONner errr I mean patni-vrata pati than me strawberry ji ..so never doubt me .. Confused)

Reaction of Aarti ( awww Yash ji I know u will only CON me jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan .. so what if SRK is looking hot sexy while CONning Katrina in that naked under shawl scene , I too remain loyal to u only jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan Tongue ... chalo lets continue with breathe in breathe out exercise and remember SRK errr I mean each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Yash ( r u indirectly lusting over SRK's bare chest shown in the trailors ShockedConfused)

Reaction of Aarti ( well I suddenly see few hair in your chest Yash ji .. u need to shave so that my lust can return back for u Embarrassed)

Action of Yash ( no worries I will shave my chest soon but see my lips r sexier than SRK's lips .. so u can lust on this for now Tongue)

Reaction of Aarti ( I toh 24/7 lust on your m-shaped sexy lips Day Dreaming...)

Action of Yash ( and see even my underarms r smelling good ..isn't it // look I know I smell sexy too Embarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti ( U do Yash ji EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...)

Action of Aarti ( Lets watch jab tak hai jaan this weekend and take some CON tips from the real CON king SRK WinkTongue)

Reacton of Aarti ( but after that what if u start hving CON dreams of sexy legs Anushka and sexy figure Katrina ShockedShockedShocked)

Double reaction of Yash ( I only hv CON dream of u strawberry ji EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Action of Shobha ( I got a telepathy both will go to watch jab tak hai  CON errr I mean jaan Ouch)

Reaction of Dubey in same pic ( Can u get me the cinema hall location where both can go and watch , I will take my spiderman son there and ask for his jaan too from Yash Confused)

To b continuedd Big smileLOLLOL... A/R was sort of tribute to the grt king of Romance Yash Chopra and his last film Jab tak hai jaan ClapClapClapEmbarrassed...

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2012
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 8:08am | IP Logged
 ROFLROFLROFL Marvelous A/R, Jyo...So P wants his place back as been the CON King, Shobha won't let SP lose his position and Dubey is ready to do anything o get his son back the status he once had LOLLOLLOL...Shobha sure likes her SP Tongue

AarYa are too hilarious, Aarti wanting to kiss Yash while he's talking about calling Shobha maa and then the smell me part was to die for ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

Great tribute to Yashji Chopra Dear ClapClapClap

taahir004 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 April 2012
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Great tribute to Yashji Chopra
As always hilarous
priya_drizzles IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 August 2010
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
this one s awesome jyo... loved it so much.. i cant get enough of it.. ROFL
USManeetian Goldie

Joined: 12 August 2011
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged

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