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JYo's Action Reaction Thread:New updt Pg43 (Page 11)

priya_drizzles IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 August 2010
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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
  jyo.. u dragged kids too in this huh..Shocked


jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
My actions and reactions based on yesterday episode  for all of u Embarrassed (Credit to Deeps for the caps)

Action of Yash ( Uff Sanyasi life is so boring Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti ( Here is your spicegirl , now it wont b boring anymore Tongue)

Action of Yash ( But I told u yesterday , I decided to become a sanyasi ..tired of CONs Unhappy)

Reaction of Aarti ( Look at my beautiful face and eyes .. I made sure I get the best make-up done and become a Menaka when u do the fight CON with my sautan Tyson Tongue)

Double reaction of Ansh ( God knows when will I grow up and experience all these CONs Unhappy..and this reminds me one old Eye-CON story Daddy told me about him and Kareena once upon a time Tongue)

**Ansh goes in flashback mode of Yash-Kareena Eye-Con story once Yash told him**

Action of Kareena ( Look at me I m the heroine Angry)

Reaction of Yash ( Ok but warning in advance .,. My CON eyes can produce POTAS ..make sure Saif is fine with it Evil Smile)

Action of Kareena ( I think I m already getting hypnotised with those CON eyes Blushing)

Reaction of Yash ( Camera get further close-up plss .. I know my CON-eyes rock Tongue)

Double reaction of Kareena ( Ufff BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing)

**Flashback of Ansh ends**

Action of Ansh ( Momma I remember some CON stories of my dad in past .. he can do eye-CON too Tongue)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( Well I know that very well .. he did all sort of CONs with me in Mumbai Angry ..but now u just concentrate on his new Dostana Fight-Con with this Tyson dude Smile)

Action of Tyson ( Hello all I m Mr.Tyson ..the grt Hakunaa Matata ...Yash's once upon a time Dostana buddy and today his dushmannn .. buhahaha Evil Smile)

Reaction of Aarti ( Oh no So this Sautan Tyson is the code word of his obsession behind hakuna matata .. he lovingly used to call this Tyson as Hakuna matata ... nahinnn CryOuch)

Action of Bua ( Ohh lala .. this Tyson looks Hot .. hope he has turned straight now Tongue)

Reaction of Pratik to Bua  ( errr In case he is still not straight and those Dostana types , then mayb I can try my CON luck with Tyson ji since Paridi is not interested in CONs Confused)

Double Reaction of Yash ( Ufff why all r concentrating on this Tyson ..look at me too .. I m also hot na Confused)

Action of the Coach ( Yash forget once u had any sort of CON with this Tyson .. no feelings ..just fight because remember u r only mine Wink Smile)

Reaction of Aarti ( U betrayed me Yashji for this Tyson and earlier for Kareena ... u deserve some beating initially before I start praying for u Disapprove)

Action (Hoo haaa ...**Fight begins**)

Reaction of Ansh ( I m confused ... r they fighting or CONning with eyes ShockedConfusedCry)

Double reaction of Bua ( Mere bhagwan ki kasam .. I cant see this Live CON errr Fight anymore OuchOuch)

Action of Vidhi ( I never thought Tyson can b so hot na )

Reaction of Pankaj in same photo ( Well u never said I m hot ever .. woww see how I m forever CONned by my wife Ouch)

Action of Pratik in same photo ( Ufff this Tyson has to b mine Embarrassed)

Reaction of Bua in same photo ( Shut up u kiddo or else I will kick u with my sexy hands .. Tyson is your future Phuphaji remember Tongue)

Action of Tyson's wife ( Ufff this Yash Scindia is a perfect CON material EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Aarti ( Damnnn now Tyson's wife too Cry...when is my number coming God CryCry)

Action of Bua ( Oh so this lady is my Tysoo's wife .. errr my sautan .. I m going to eat her up now by becoming a vampire AngryAngryAngry)

Reaction of Pankaj-Vidhi-Pratik ( Control bua .. let this Tyson-Yash CON errr we mean fight get over and then we can hv the next fight between u and Tyson's wife ..after all we all r lusting..errr indirectly cheering for Tysoo only na Tongue)

Action of Ansh to Aarti ( Look momma all r lusting errr cheering for Tyson only ..noone is with my daddy dearest Cry)

Reaction of Yash ( Yeh duniyaa ... yeh CON family .. mere kaam ki nahinnn ...mere kaam ki nahinnn ...CryCryCry)

Double reaction of Ansh and Aarti ( Dont worry Yash .. no matter how many CONs u do with various species , we r always with u ...Big smile)

Action of Bua and Company ( OMGGG our Tysoo is winning Big smileBig smileBig smile)

Reaction of Yash ( Tysoo sounds like Susoo and right now my condition is such that I cant even do susoo ... I wish my momma was here ... OuchOuchOuch)

Action of Aarti ( Mere mangalsutra ki kasam and mere new fresh apple designer saree ki kasam .. get up Yash and finish the CON errr I mean fight Angry)

Reaction of Yash ( hakunaaa matataaa )

To b continueddd LOL

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taahir004 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 April 2012
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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Awesome , its just way too Fantastic
ananda29 Goldie

Joined: 07 April 2011
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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 7:37am | IP Logged
AnushaGK IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 June 2012
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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Fantastic one.
ashGC_arja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 July 2010
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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 24 September 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Finally my net is working .. pheww Big smile

My action-reaction of friday's episode Embarrassed

Action of Arpita ( Kiss me Yashuu ... I m your ultimate Apple Blushing)

Reaction of Yash (Errr your colour changed in my dreams .. u r no more red ..so sorry no chance of kiss .. my real apple must b waiting in real world Ermm)

Action of Arpita ( But Yashuuu ..look at my badroom eyes .. I taught u eye-CONs ...dont forget that Embarrassed)

Reaction of Yash ( But I cant look at u since I just realised Aarti ji taught me real CON Tongue ..so sayonara Ouch)

Double reaction of Arpita ( Ok Yashuu .. I m forever residing in this Bhoot-lok.. if u ever need me , come to me .. for now I will go and participate in promotions of Ram gopal verma's bhoot returns Day Dreaming)

Bhoot-flashback ends ... in present now ...

Action of Aarti ( Forget kiss .. can we hv a hug plss Embarrassed)

Reaction of Yash ( Yup .. we r in macthy-macthy red today .. so hug will make us look like a big complete apple Blushing)

Action of AarYa ( Hug hug hug EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Shobhaa ( Sighh I wish I could hv been in Aarti's place giving this hug demonstration Day Dreaming)

Action of Vidhi ( Ok all .. CONs and Hugs r over .. now back to POTA meetings at home ..so lets all go home Smile)

Reaction of Shobha in same pic ( Uff why Vidhi always eats away my precious screen time AngryOuch)

Action of Vidhi ( Shobha mommy .. well u hv taken enough screen time .. now time for u to CON with Mr.Dubey errr I mean to track where Mr.Dubey is Big smile)

Reaction of Shobha ( Dont worry about Dubey , he might b preparing for next CON sessions with Cas Evil Smile)

Action of all ( Entry in Scindia mansion Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti ( It seems Arpita bhoot ate away my hubby's stubble ..arghhh ..he needs to grow it soon for his fangals Ermm)

Double reaction of Ansh and Palak ( We too thing Arpita bhoot vanished Payal somewhere .. time for some CON black magic mayb Confused)

Action of Pankaj ( Well can we discuss Arpita and her fear files CONs later .. lets first enter the house .. I need to use the loo asap Ouch)

Reaction of Bua in same pic ( Mere bhagwan ki kasam ... noone ever thought about my CONs Angry)

Action of Vidhi and Pratik ( Bua u r not alone .. we too r with u all CON-less Ouch...thats why we opened CON revolution club na .. we will hv its first CON meeting once the POTA suspense is over Big smile)

Reaction of Bua ( Pheww now I m happy .. Big smile)

Double reaction of Pankaj in same pic ( ok now its all over na .. can we get in plss .. I need to CON errr I mean use the LOO Ouch)

Action of Yash ( Someone plss let me in .. I need to sleep badly Ouch)

Reaction of  Aarti and Vidhi to each other ( Ok so who is CONning errr we mean doing arti of Yash for him to get in and sleep Ermm)

Action of Ram-Dulare ( My queen victoria is here ..so me too here to do her arti EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Bua ( RD control yourself dear .. we wont give our CON secrets here in public .. wait for our time to come Evil SmileBig smile)

Action of Yash ( Aarti ji did u by chance saw barfi film .. why hv u become a silent film ki heroine suddenly Confused)

Reaction of Aarti in same pic ( Yash ji dont u know I m a forever pushpak fan .. taking inspiration from Kamal hasan darling .. silence is best medicine after all CON fiasco Smile)

Action of Aarti ( Does the arti of Yash in silent mode Ouch)

Reaction of Ram dulare in same pic ( I wish my and bua's CON errr love story was equally interesting ..sighhh Embarrassed)

Action of Aarti in silent mode ( I hope Yash dont think I m doing any sort of raksha bandhan here Ouch)

Reaction of Yash in silent mode ( Dont worry Aarti ji , I know we share a beautiful CON errr husband-wife relationship now ...that ex-apple is history Tongue)

Action of ram-dulare ( ufff without stubble Yashu looks hot  to me.. I think if Bua ditches me in CONning , I will go after Yashuuu Tongue)

Reaction of Yash in silent mode ( Aarti ji do it fast ..I think ram dulare is possessed by Arpita bhoot and eying on me Ouch)

Double reaction of Aarti in silent mode ( its a daily soap arti u duffer , it will take time ..so wait for next epi to get over Smile)

Action of Pankaj ( Achha Yash after all this fight-CON  u dont want to go to the LOO .. Ermm)

Reaction of Yash in same pic ( Bhaiyya why is your tape recorder stuck in Loo only Confused)

Action of Aarti in silent mode ( I think I need to do some Ice CON on Yash's swollen face )

Reaction of Pratik in same pic ( I think I need some CON tutions from u bhabhi , hopefully Paridi will b visible tonight Tongue)

Action of Aarti silently about to start Ice CON ( thanda thanda cool cool Tongue)

Reaction of Yash ( Errr this white ice is reminding me of Arpita bhoot I saw in boxing ring today Ouch)

Double reaction of Aarti in silent mode ( Oh so this means from now onwards Arpita is Ice-baby and no more apple-baby .. uff my phooti kismat Ouch)

Action of Yash in silent mode ( Errr mayb u can apply apples on my face Confused)

Reaction of Aarti ( Huhhh I m not applying anything on your body anymore .. Pankaj bhaiyya can do the Ice-CON Angry)

Action of Pankaj doing Ice-CON on Yash ka face ( It seems I can visit Loo only in next episode now OuchOuch)

Reaction of Bua ( what is so interesting in Loo .. I need to find out Confused)

Action of Cas ( Heyy Vidhi darling ..errr I mean Vidhi bahu ..wassup Cool)

Reaction of Vidhi ( Hey Cas nothing much .. Pankaj and Yash r doing Ice-CON Big smile)

Action of Cas ( What .. why the hell my two sons r CONning each other .. I need a POTA damn it Angry)

Reaction of Gayu in same pic ( So the mystry of who is CONning whom is yet to b solved ShockedOuch)

Action of AarYa ( Dont worry Cas .. we had all sorts of CONs in your absense and mayb POTA will come soon too Smile)

Reaction of Gayu ( Can u give me the lsit of CONs u both did .. I need to apply it all on Cas too here before he runs away to Cafe delight .. uff I m so excited EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile)

Action of AarYa ( Well  we started with Eye-CON , then drunk-CON  , then tod-phod CON , then fight-CON in the end  ... So this POTA will hv spl powers for sure Tongue)

Reaction of Gayu ( Cas did u listen all types of CON my laadla beta did .. I m so proud of her Embarrassed)

Double Reaction of Cas ( Gayu after all beta kiska hai ... I m the CON king dont forget that .. aa gale lag jaa Cool)

CON saga of A/R ends here ... from next begins the POTA saga Big smile

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priya_drizzles IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 August 2010
Posts: 2594

Posted: 25 September 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged
LOLi loved the ice baby..let her be frozen ..LOL

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