Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Writers, So Glad You Listened!

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Writers, I fadaq you dammit. Just for today, who knows what harakiri you will get down to in the following episodes, but today was utterly PERFECT. I see you all are in damage control mode, and what better way to do it than have Barun Sobti enact an angsty scene, we all know the man is bloody brilliant, but its always nice to have a reminder!

  • Congratulations for figuring out that donating 90% of screen time to AnJhali and her mopey chronicles won't fetch you TRPs. I guess you all have received a nice dressing down from SP honchos and hence have understood that bending backwards for a certain actor's demands was not one of your best and brightest decisions. Hallelujah! Better late than never, just stay on the path you have started today, and hope that its enough to control the damage last two weeks have created.

  • Remember how I said I never succeeded in sympathizing with AnJhali? This doesn't hold true anymore. My heart went out to her today. On Friday's episode, I was pretty pissed with the whole gruesome, drawn out, depiction of a woman losing her child to get down to any sympathizing, but today was different. I felt for her today, for the first time since Shyam left her, I actually felt sorry for her. Her disbelief, denial to accept the fact that her child was indeed gone, trying to placate everyone around her that the doctor must have been wrong, and then finally accepting the worst when she saw her brother's tears silently conveying to her what the rest of the family's words couldn't. See AnJhali did not have to cry for the whole episode for me to sympathize with her, the scene was powerful because it was pithy and it had DB possibly giving her best performance till date. I hope you have figured out the strategy, pay attention to the emotions and have a tight script, like you did today, I don't have see AnJhali hogging up 18 out of the 20 minutes of airtime to get the fact that yes, she is grieving, and yes, everyone should feel sorry for her.

  • I am hoping against hope that Arnav's version of the past story was incomplete. Its extremely shallow if that is all what happened. His dad cheats on his mum, so his mum commits suicide? What the hell? If this is indeed true, than Dadi's words that his mum was a weak person are actually true. And her son was a either a pussy or head over heels in love with his wife, and thereby not having an affair with "Woh aurat" if he kiled himself after her suicide. Lets just say, I will reserve my judgement on that bit until all of the past dirty laundry is spilled. FYI, you could have done a better job picking Mommy and Daddy Malik, look at their gorgeous kids and look at them, just saying!Ermm

  • Three noisy virtual kisses on your face for not going back to square 1 and staying true to the character development that has happened ever since Arnav and Khushi accepted their love for each other. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Arnav has stopped putting his foot in his mouth, and he is not shunning Khushi away either. For him to allow himself to break down in front of her, share his past with her, seek strength and comfort in her arms, its all downright perfect. She is his anchor now, where as all his life people have depended on him while he didn't have the luxury to show his weakness to anyone. Utterly beautiful scene!Heart

  • Pat on your back for figuring out we will identify with this track if you have Arnav and Khushi doing majority of the grieving, 'cause admit it, some quality bonding over mutual angst is totally our cup of tea! Although I still don't understand why you had to go all Nirupa Roy on us just before the wedding. You know you can't stop pretending Arnav and Khushi are unmarried now just because the whole fancy remarriage thing did not happen, right? Some happiness ever hurt anyone, oh well!Stern Smile

  • Last but the least, Barun Sobti, take a bow. Actually I will bow down to you today. What a powerhouse of talent. Each of his expressions, his voice modulation, his body language, everything screamed brilliance today. Look at how the disgust is so apparent in his voice when he speaks of Shyam and Daddy Malik. Look at his defeated stance, the hunched shoulders when Arnav deems himself a failure. Look at the complete lost boy look on his face when Arnav seeks solace in Khushi's arms. This man right here is one of the finest actors Indian TV has ever seen. Barun its a privilege to watch you!Clap

I am guessing its painfully clear Garima is the "Woh Aurat" Arnav hates so much. I don't know why but I still have a feeling that there is much more to this past story. Arnav's dad committing suicide because his wife did so too doesn't make sense if he was in love with Garima at that time. Whatever the case be, I guess we better keep that tagline, "Mohabbat door janey na dey, nafraat paas aney na dey" in mind and buckle up, 'cause it will be one bumpy ride from this point on!

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lazyleaves IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged

Mein semi dinner kar ke aati hu :D


I totally agree with you. We both spoke about the same thing that Daddy Malik loved Mummy Malik a lot hence he commited suicide.

I loved the episode minus the excuse given for the suicide.

Did winds blow when Garima came and stood behind a baby Arnav? How did he know that she was there? Did he have a connection with Garima since she is Khushi's maasi and hence he got aware of her presence?

Barun did steal the show. I loved the silent conveying of message from brother to sister.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's episode. I so want an Arnav and Shyam show down. He will never allow Shyam in his Di's life that was quite clear today.

I wish there is more to the story. When I say more to the story I mean no suicide pileej.

It is so difficult to handle a discussion thread. Hats off to you :)

Hello Parul ji :)

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Loved today's episode even though too angsty & emotional for me ... yeah yeah am a sucker for happy & naughty times in all shows. But even THAT could not keep me from loving the episode because today it reminded me of the old IPK I had fallen in love with.

Anjali accepting her loss only when she sees the person closest to her, the one who has always been her strength dissolving in tears ... an absolutely brilliant scene . Gave a glimpse of the Anjali for whom her brother's word counted above all, whom she understood without a word.

Arnav acknowledging Khushi as an integral part of his life ... where he no longer needs to appear the ever strong & ever confident man to all. Today he admitted his insecurities, his alleged failures from his view to his wife, gained strength from her support & showed her the wounds which even though old were still as fresh as the day that it all happened. An absolutely brilliant Arnav & Khushi moment Star

Loved the scene where Khushi maintains that she would stay back in the hospital ... no Daadi, no Mami ... no one was keeping her apart from her husband, dare anyone try Star

The longest FB of the show -- So finally we see an extended version of it. Agree that there's more to the entire story.
1. Why would Daddy Malik kill himself too if there was someone else other than Mommy Malik ?
2. What moment of bigamy did Mommy Malik witness that she committed suicide w/o considering her children ... what could be that big?

Am hoping there is a proper story to this, coz if Mommy Malik pulled a trigger happy suicide just coz of a MU with Daddy Malik, then I will take back every word I said against ASR's shatir dimaag when he MU'ed Khushi ... clearly it runs in the family Tongue

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manjha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged
So finally the writers figured what is best, & Gul seems to have taken over today. Brilliant episode all because of a brilliant Barun and yes Daljeet was fabulous as well, her finest performance till date! 

My heart went out to Anjhalli because of this murder, not miscarriage. No woman deserves to go through the pain of loosing her child at all. She loved the baby like all mums do and suddenly she looses it, I just cant help but cry for her leaving aside al the stupid things she has done in the past. Daljeet was fantastic today in her performance, the way she broke down.

You said it perfectly Tanu! We dont need 9084982 minutes of her face to gain sympathy for her, its all about the character and it just wasnt right before and atleast for me, downright annoying and now they've figured out "lets kill the baby so she can get sympathy" well congrats writers, you have gained sympathy but I still dont like this killing the baccha during the wedding Ermm

Now coming to ASR's breakdown, darn it, I felt so horrible for him... He has truly put out all of his efforts to protect Anjhalli in every situation and has done everything possible but yet Snake-wa has beaten him to it. Yes ASR has made a lot of mistakes, marrying Khushi forcibly being the biggest one, but he did that all for his Di, not that I am justifying but just pointing out all that he has done for her. The funny thing is that Arnav did so many things trying to control everything, but has now realised the fact that he cannot write his own destiny and despite have money and power, he cannot control the events that happen in life.  But my heart just went out for him. hes just wanted to protect her and he couldnt do anything about saving the kid!

The whole FB was weird, errm Mommy and Daddy Malik are terrible actors first of all,and I was just astounded at the fact that Mommy Raizada commited suicide because her husband cheated on her leaving her kids behind and everything! Proves that women being weak run in the Raizada family if that is the case if we look at Anjhalli too! But from what we have seen, Mommy Malik was selfish and pathetic but hoping theres more to the story. Garima is obvs the aurat so we shall see what happens with that! 

Barun was par excellence! One of his finest performances in a while and the way that man portrays every emotion and all the pain. its hard to explain in words how epic this man is and definately one of the best things that has happened to this industry!

Great post Tanu-wa! Hug

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Screen Writer
Joined: 16 September 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Pressed for time cause I have to run off for a meeting (at midnight, can you believe my luck?!Ouch), but I shall post my two cents up here.

Firstly, Tanu, wonderful post! Very aptly described and and articulated! 

Secondly, like you said, I'm glad that the CVs have realised that devoting almost ALL the screen time to a character actor isn't exactly gonna top the TRP charts, that too if said character is delusional.

Daljeet was brilliant today. I've always maintained that she's a fine actress, but today's episode just gave her an opportunity to unleash her talent. I am so glad that Dolly decided to stay back as Anjali Jha, even if it means that the story has begun to revolve around her more than the actual lead pair of the show.

While Arnav's parents' past didn't come as a HUGE surprise to me, I was rather astounded to see the vengeance and sheer hatred in Arnav's heart for the "other woman". While I do sympathize with him in every way possible, and his actions and emotions are justified, I can't help but wonder, what will happen when he finds out that the other woman is none other than Garima Gupta, his wife's foster mother? Will he still be able to accept Khushi? Will their love hold strong, and help overcome Arnav's hatred for Garima? Or will Arnav's past consume him to such an extent that he'll sever ties with Khushi for something that she hasn't even done?

Finally, I come to the man of the episode, hour, day, year, century: Barun Sobti. What a fine actor! Possibly one of his BEST scenes till date. Truly, this man never fails to amaze me with ever single episode of his. Maybe that's why my mom and I watch him with the same gooey expression on our face (when I'm home, and that's really rare!). 

Once again, thank you for such a wonderful post Tanu, and sorry for not being able to write down more!

I love you dammit Heart

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Rabba-Ve-Delena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:55am | IP Logged
As always really well written Tanu-wa!
Articulated and poignant, I'm glad the CVs and if not them Gul is listening.
Today was good. Really good! - It struck an emotional chord that was necessary after the preceding chaotic, contradictory and slightly disturbing episode before! 
I don't know whether that's because we're attached the show and it's characters therefore we could sympathise or because it was a genuinely good script.
Actually it was a mixture of both!

I've always loved Arnav and Anjali's relationship and how it's been handled which usually in harmony with Arnav and Khushi's... Yet post-kidnapping they almost ruined it - but today they completely nailed it. It's odd writing this when technically Barun and Daljeet didn't share a mutual scene today but the emotions conveyed, the situation, the angst and pain... it still made a mark.

If there is one thing Arnav and Anjali bond over, it's that sense of mutual loss. Of death. Of having one moment and then losing what feels like everything the next and that was defined in the scene when Anjali focusses on Arnav's tear ridden, sorrowful eyes observing her from a distance.
That was pure brilliance, bow down director jee, bow down Barun and Daljeet.
That was painful but so powerful!
It worked so much more then the random, repetitive scenes they've had lately.
It was using screen time wisely!

Then as you said, DEVELOPMENT!
When a tearful Khushi walks towards a pensive Arnav sitting down, I was on the edge of my seat. Here it comes, he's going to lash out, blame it on Khushi .. just. about. now..
But what actually transpired on screen was completely unexpected. Unexpected but brilliant, a step towards the right direction.
It was mature, deep and meaningful, those rare moments when Arnav and Khushi aren't behaving diametrically opposite to each other, randomly Rabba Vey-ing, pointlessly arguing or bickering - but have a real, perhaps one-sided conversation. He was an open book for her, and Sobti's dialogue delivery was spot on. I know Sanaya didn't have any poignant lines in that scene but her emotions and reactions to Arnav's pain was spot on!
I just love the fact they dealt with this in a mature manor and not made it into a reason to set these two in another spiralling, demeaning, irrational and idiotic argument between them. As they did when Anjali had her mental breakdown and almost tried to harm her own child.
Good stuff, but who knows what we'll get. Inconsistency is our friend on this show.

Lastly the past.
THE FLASHBACK continued beyond *Gunshot* and "Maaa!" ROFL
I got so excited at that. Anyway, I am refusing to accept such a flimsy, pathetic past. It was such a silly backstory, were his parents that mutually weak ... THIS IS WHAT MISUNDERSTANDINGS DO TO PEOPLE in IPKKND. Either cause them live in che maine wala marriages or kill themselves. Hmph.
No in all seriousness though, promo 5 said, Khushi WAS THE reason for his parents death, so there has to be MORE to this story.
If Arnav turns away from Khushi because of what Garima did, I swear I will ... I don't know.. just do something mean to himLOL Steal his hair gel, forever. Kidnap Aman. Yeah, that's better.

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 June 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Tanuwa brilliant write-up hun. Hug

You absolutely stole my thoughts today with these following lines...

I hope you have figured out the strategy, pay attention to the emotions and have a tight script, like you did today, I don't have see AnJhali hogging up 18 out of the 20 minutes of airtime to get the fact that yes, she is grieving, and yes, everyone should feel sorry for her."

Exactly, today was the first day in months I have actually felt sorry for Anjali... What they have been showing all these past weeks only evoked the exact opposite feelings in me, instead of feeling sorry for the plight of the girl, her histrionics, her refusal to see the truth, her unshakeable belief & trust in that scoundrel of a husband of hers actually drove me up the wall. Gone was the sympathy that I was supposed to be feeling for her in light of the fact that this delusional girl would actually go behind her adoring brother's back & meet the snake on the sly... Instead of support & sympathy for her, she garnered in me feelings of disgust & anger for her stupidity and lack of ethics in her. But today, her grief made me shed a few tears myself, why was this girl so stupid and blindly in love? Why oh why didn't she trust her own flesh & blood rather trusted a slimy sleaze ball?? Well, one has to pay for their deeds as they say, as you sow so shall you reap is what comes to mind right now...

The other thing that was absolutely heartening to see was as you wrote...

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Arnav has stopped putting his foot in his mouth, and he is not shunning Khushi away either. For him to allow himself to break down in front of her, share his past with her, seek strength and comfort in her arms, its all downright perfect. "

I would have been so pissed with the CVs had they not shown this character growth in ASR today. Lord only knows, how he needed to do what he did today, cry and take refuge in the arms of the woman who has come so much to mean to him, it would have been absolutely suicidal had they shown him shunning her away again. Thank goodness for small mercies.

Having said that, Sobti was beyond brilliant today. Oh Lord! this man only gets better each day. His pain & angst was so palpable today, his broken voice as he related his horrific past about his parents was so downright moving, brought a lump to my throat. Yes his clenched teeth as he spits out Shyam's name every time induced the same kind of disgust in me for Shyam. Brilliant, simply brilliant Barun, hats off to you. Clap Clap

About the other woman being Garima, I sure hope not, although seeing the visuals gives me little hope... All this while I was hoping beyond hope that Garima isn't the other woman, simply because it would have been the most obvious route to take and IPK IMO, is anything but obvious... I still just hope the other woman is NOT Garima because the story would have more depth and meaning. Making Garima the other woman would be so cliched it is not even going to be funny, I expect much more from the writers of IPK, hope they don't disappoint me... We'll just have to wait and see how the story unfolds...

All said & done, a brilliant episode with all the right things happening... Barun & DB were brilliant. SI was perfect too in her role. Loved her being the strength & pillar behind ASR in these trying times... Hope they keep up the tempo now...

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
You know I lau you Dammit...Tongue

Now..coming to the was a real good one..Thank You CV bhaaiya jees and Gul behenjee for giving us a sweet reminder about what IPK is all about!!Be it the beauty of the sibling bond to the unconditional lau and support between the husband and wife..the episode had it all!!

Arnav bhaaiya jee opening up to Koosie jee was such a giant leap in their relationship...And my dearesht Arshad Mamu is literally and figuratively back from his vacation/hibernation!!ClapNow that's something!!Tongue

Aur main bhaaiya jee ke baare mein kya bolu!!I faraq him dammit..samjhe dunia waale??!!I FARAQ HIM and his cutie patootie face while crying and that pout called out to meBlushing

Toh keh diya na..I laued the episode...Big smile

And  the precap gives me umpteen hopes and a sweet SKD Heart

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