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OS: Honeymoon Games 1

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A small OS dedicated to readers of my FF: Shameless..u guys are the bestEmbarrassed

OS: Honeymoon Games



Khushi woke up with a startle.

She didn't know what had woken her up, but she'd sensed something even in the depths of dreamless sleep.

She blinked her eyes open tiredly.

Darkness surrounded her.

Khushi squinted, but it was no was like she was blind.

There was not even a glimmer of light anywhere.

Her hand spread across the bed, reaching for something..someone..

But the spot next to her was empty.

Khushi frowned, where was he?

She rose slightly off the bed, balancing on her elbow.

"Arnav?" she called hesitantly.

No one answered.

Khushi's frown deepened. Where could he have gone?

The cabin they'd found for their honeymoon was small and isolated, he couldn't possibly have gone very far.

And anyways, reasoned Khushi, nibbling on her bottom lip worriedly, there was nothing beyond the cabin.

Only an uninhabited forest spread across in all directions.

And this time of the year, snow blanketed the surrounding area.

The wind howled suddenly.

Khushi shuddered and reached for the side lamp.

Her trembling fingers snapped it on.

But the darkness remained, just as penetratingly black as before.

Khushi frowned, but then she remembered Arnav's words when they'd arrived yesterday.

"A winter storm is on its way," said Arnav, glancing out at the darkening sky, "It should hit sometime tonight."

Khushi looked at him guiltily. After all, a honeymoon in the far reaches of Canada had been her idea. She'd wanted to be alone with him in some isolated place so much. But she'd never considered storms, blizzards..

"Will everything be okay, love?" she asked softly, watching the falling snow worriedly.

Arnav smiled at her tenderly. He leaned across the jeep towards Khushi. His mouth was firm against her trembling lips.

"Of course, Khushi. We'll be fine in the cabin..probably won't even notice the storm.." he trailed off, smirking naughtily.

Khushi's eyes widened at what he was hinting at. Anticipation unfurled within her, followed by a wave of nervousness..

But she clung to his hand..she loved him so much..

Khushi shivered as the memory washed over her.

Arnav had been right, they'd noticed nothing going on outside all day..all night long. They'd been so focused on each other, nothing in the world had seemed to matter last night except the two of them..warm and together on the plush bed.

A blush spread across her as she remembered all that had passed between them.

She shook herself, rising up..she had to find Arnav.

She reached for the lamp on the other nightstand, but it wasn't working either.

The blizzard must have knocked out all power, she realized.

"Arnav?" she called again, her voice slightly shaky this time.

No one answered.

Khushi fell back on the bed with a frown.

He'd probably gone to check about the power outage, she reasoned. Yes, that had to be it, she was just worrying too much..

This was their honeymoon, she thought smiling in the darkness, she wouldn't let anything mar it. How long they'd both waited for last night..

Khushi blushed heatedly in the darkness as she recalled their wedding night vividly. He'd been relentless, his hands and lips possessing her completely..and she'd been no less.

Khushi's blush deepened as she recalled just how shameless she'd been.

Her eyes closed tightly, but that only made other sensations more clear.

Her body was sensitive under the soft blanket that covered her. 

She shivered as she felt the blanket touch her bare skin.

She'd never slept like this before..

She pulled at the blanket, embracing it tightly.

Cold air still hit her though.

It was weird, thought Khushi, but she hadn't even sensed the cold last night. Arnav's body on top of hers had blocked everything. The body heat between them had kept her so cozy. The bed had seemed like a warm cocoon last night.

Five minutes passed and worry was spreading in Khushi.

Where was her loveable, slightly grumpy husband, she wondered?

She finally rose, wrapping a thin, white sheet around her body, tucking it under her underarms.

She hissed as her feet hit the cold, wooden floors of the cabin.

"Arnav?" she said, walking forward.

There was no reply.

Suddenly, Khushi had the most unnerving someone was watching her..

She froze, looking toward the far corner sharply.

There was no one there.

Her eyebrows furrowed, but just then, a wild animal howled outside.

The noise shook Khushi and she hurried back toward the safe, warm bed.

She huddled under the covers, reaching for Arnav's pillow.

She held his pillow against her.

God, it still smelled like him.

The howling noise came again and Khushi whimpered.

Just then someone tapped on the window to her right. 

Khushi glanced at the window with round eyes. She couldn't see much, but she knew thick curtains covered the glass. Thank God..

She was breathing harshly when someone knocked on the cabin's front door loudly.

Khushi's heart pounded with each loud thud. Her heart rate escalated as she sensed someone right outside.

What if it was Arnav? she thought, getting up. But then she stopped. Why would Arnav be trying to break down the door..he knew the code to the number-lock door.

She shook with fear as the noises outside continued.

Another loud howl erupted.

Khushi threw the blanket over her head, shaking.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her ankle, wrapping tightly.

Khushi screamed loudly, kicking desperately.

She heard a small noise of pain as one of her legs hit something solid.

Her eyes opened shocked.

She recognized that sound..

"Arnav!" she shouted angrily. "Where were you? You scared me to death."

But he didn't answer, just smirking in the darkness.

He clicked a button on his phone and another howling noise burst forth.

Khushi shuddered in his hold, fear still clutching her.

But even as fear spread across her, her body clenched as she felt another sensation.

Her husband's moist mouth was sweeping across her feet and legs, moving higher.

Khushi froze as she felt him rise up from the foot of the bed, covering her body with his once again.

Her heart soared as she recognized that his skin was warm and bare against hers.

Her hands wrapped around him tightly.

Her lips sought his.

Their kisses were hungry and heated.

Arnav smiled as Khushi moaned his name and clicked a button on the app again.. another noise came: like someone was knocking on the door.

She froze in his hold, pushing against his shoulder restlessly.

"Arnav!" she said fearfully, "There's someone at the door!"

He mumbled something unintelligible against her throat, his lips moving lower.

Khushi struggled to stay focused.

"Ar..Arnav..the door.."

He just sucked on her soft flesh in response, his hold on her firm.

Khushi moaned again.

Another howling noise came.

Khushi wrapped herself closer around her husband, her arms and legs clenching around him.

Arnav smirked in the darkness, reaching up to kiss her again. His phone slipped out of his hands as he sought his wife's silky skin.

Their kisses were desperate, intensely passionate..

Khushi was lost in him when she bumped into something unfamiliar.

Her eyes snapped opened in the darkness.

She reached for the object.

Her eyes rounded as she recognized that she held a phone in her grasp.

She looked at it confused.

Arnav was oblivious to it all..working his way down her pliant body.

Khushi pressed a button on the phone's screen and a loud howling noise erupted.

Arnav froze against her.

Khushi looked down at him with wide eyes.

"What the! You were doing this? You were the one making those noises?" she asked, reeling with shock. "I can't believe you would do that, Arnav. Dear God, you scared me to death!"

She pushed against his shoulder angrily.

But he only smirked against her skin. He leaned down, cushioning his head on her breasts.

Khushi could just make out his twinkling eyes in the darkness.

"Arnav.." she said irritably.

He kissed her soft flesh in answer, making her shiver against him.

Khushi hated her body's response to him..she was supposed to be mad at him..not be arching up into his touches..

"I thought it would be romantic," he admitted sheepishly.

"Romantic?" bit out Khushi heatedly, "Scaring me is ROMANTIC?"

She twisted in his arms.

But his hold on her only tightened. He slid up her body quickly, wrapping his hands around each of her wrists. His legs held hers apart.

"Ouch," he muttered as she managed to nip his shoulder with her teeth.

And then he kissed her heatedly, making her forget why she was so mad.

"You're so beautiful when you're all angry," he said in a seductive voice, "So hot.."

Khushi could only gasp as she forget everything..everything except him and her..

"'re lucky I love you, damn it!"

Arnav smiled as Khushi clung to him.

"I love you too, Mrs. Raizada," he whispered against her neck.

Khushi tried to respond but passion was overtaking her..her last thought before she lost all control: Arnav Singh Raizada..she'd show him tomorrow..

IF links to my other IPKKND stories are here if u're interestedWink:

Second Half of Honeymoon Games:



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OMG this OS was really a surprise from you..

Arnav idea of romance was really unique.. like kushi i was too scared at what was happening... Awesome os.. great job...

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lovely osSmile
cute nd hot

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superb update...

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freaking hot!!

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Nice OS

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