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Director's Cut: 3rd Sept 2012 (Page 4)

kushikumari Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bidz

The CVs sent another googly our way today. Who would have thought that the past would be revisited again today? Not only did we revisit the past, we got the full story from Arnav's side as well. We heard his side of the story from the past. But do we have the full story yet? Does Arnav know the full story yet? Obviously not. There is more than that meets the eye. Garima is connected, but we still don't know how. I don't know if she is the other woman or not, but looking at Garima's character, I doubt it to be true. Garima has always been portrayed as a righteous woman. Even if she were involved with Arnav's dad before he got married, she would never knowingly come between him and his wife after he got married. Also, did Arnav's mom simply hear part of the conversation and jump to a conclusion, just like Arnav did with Khushi? Very likely so. This particular trait seems to run in the family. It seems very odd that Arnav's dad would commit suicide because his mom committed suicide if he didn't love her. And, finally where does Shyam fit in to all this? Also, did we actually see a glimpse of chachaji when they showed the past? 

Now coming to the present, we understood a little more why Arnav Singh Raizada proclaims that he controls destiny. For 14 years, he has tried to do just that. But, what has the result been so far? "Failure". That's correct. He finally realized that no one can control fate, not even Arnav Singh Raizada! That is why he told Khushi so many times today that he failed. 14 years ago, he had lost everything, but he gathered himself together for his sister. He knew that if he didn't stand tall, his sister would shatter. Today, he feels he has lost again, but has he really lost everything? No. He has Khushi by his side. He broke down in her arms, unburdened himself on her shoulders. He has let go of his pent up emotions, and is gathering strength from her. He is on his way to rise again, and this time rise he will. Both are getting ready to fight off the evil with the lord's blessings. Yes, lord ganesha was omnipresent in the room. And this time, they will win. This time, they will finally be happy. For this time, I can see destiny smiling at them:-) 

Did you notice the two people whom Anjali sought solace in the hospital today? Yeah, they were Khushi and nani. Nani has been the mother figure in her life, so it is natural she would find solace in her. But why Khushi? It is true that she loves Khushi as a sister, but the reason why she sought comfort from her today was because her Chote trusts her, and she trusts her brother blindly. She just had one look at him and knew that her world had collapsed, that she had lost her daughter, and with that all her dreams. She is meeting Shyam on the sly only because she is unable to live without him. Deep inside, she knows that her brother and his wife have judged her husband correctly. It is a matter of time when Anjali will re-surrect. And when she does, it will be the death of Shyam!

Always enjoy your posts bidz, thank you!
Just want to take a moment to applaud Barun, Sanaya & Daljeet for their wonderful performances... take a bow, guys!

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gopikaaji Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
let me know one thing...i agree all happened becoz of ASR's mom MU ...and made boy arnav lose everything and had to grow to ASR...but if his dad loved his mom so much ...y could their relation lack so much trust..after living such long life together...and also y boy Arnav took his mom's word...for boys dad will be their hero ...then y he never thought through his dad's angle...dadi too agree with affair his dad has(that too may be MU)

most important y he failed to believe in god ...maybe his tragedy at young killed his belief...thats y he always  rush to write his own destiny...
eventhough he never belived in god ...DM see his just character and his deep sorrow ...and loving heart..thats the reason he has always a blessed hand upon him ...and selected him for DM's daughter...

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Loved your analysis.TOday I wanted to hug Anjali and cry for her, I wanted to hug Arnav and cry with him.
ThithliDhost IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
 [QUOTE=Jameelah52]Redwine- brilliant!! Is all I can say!! Thumbs Up

'this story is about Arnav and khushi' - hell yeah it is!! Today he let her in completely, no pretense just a boy expressing to his love how he was forced to become a man overnight!!

Yes a brilliant episode!!

Just a thing winey, point 3 of points to ponder, do you really think Dadi knows it - the whole truth?? Considering MU seems to be running in the family! LOL

Edit- oh and thanks for pointing out why they chose lord Ganesh because I was soo confused!! Thank you for that!

Edit again- I wished you would have written about the scene when Anjali looked at Arnav and the truth hit her!! That scene stole the show for me!! Wished you would've written about it not because it needed decoding but it was amazing!! [/QUOTE]

Clap I second that. Today 4 me that scene was the most touching... Shows Anjali arnav bonding to the T.. That scene sort of was/is a contradiction to her behaviour wrt to shyam, as to why she is not believing Arnav . Ruby, if time permits please do write up on that scene... 

PS: I was a silent reader of DC all these days. I love reading all you guys comment. 4 me, an ipk episode is not complete without  DC.. Hope you guys don't mind me jumping in like this...

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GirlOfFire Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 4:53pm | IP Logged

Profile of the Sociopath

    I used this website as a reference of the term sociopath - which is how one would define Shyam Manohar Jha.

  • Glibness and Superficial Charm

  • Manipulative and Conning 
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims. 

  • Grandiose Sense of Self 
    Feels entitled to certain things as "their right." 

  • Pathological Lying 
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests. 

  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt 
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way. 

  • Shallow Emotions 
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises. 

  • Incapacity for Love 

  • Need for Stimulation 
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common. 

  • Callousness/Lack of Empathy 
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them. 

  • Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature 
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others. 

  • Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency 
    Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc. 

  • Irresponsibility/Unreliability 
    Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed. 

  • Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity 
    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts. 

  • Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle 
    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively. 

  • Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility 
    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

Other Related Qualities:
  1. Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
  2. Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
  3. Authoritarian
  4. Secretive
  5. Paranoid
  6. Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
  7. Conventional appearance
  8. Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
  9. Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life
  10. Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
  11. Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
  12. Incapable of real human attachment to another
  13. Unable to feel remorse or guilt
  14. Extreme narcissism and grandiose
  15. May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

(The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.) 

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
what is the ONE genetic defect running in the Singh Raizada clan .. which was pased on by mother to son??? ( u may want to look into the mallick dynasty for the defect as well )

Answer to the Question:
They all belong to the Kangaroo dynasty you see...Jumping from one conclusion to another Big smile; without of course any soch!

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Madhu- *standing ovation* Clap I have seen Arnav's growth even saw Khushi change a bit but the stages of Shyam's behavior skipped my attention- it's safe to say I always thought this guy was a sociopath!!

And still people ask how can Shyam do this?!! Have you not met him??!! He tried killing Khushi's father mercilessly yaar!! His baby is yea, as you put it, collateral damage!!

Fantastic job at analysing this jerk!! Clap

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GirlOfFire Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jameelah52

Madhu- *standing ovation* Clap I have seen Arnav's growth even saw Khushi change a bit but the stages of Shyam's behavior skipped my attention- it's safe to say I always thought this guy was a sociopath!!

And still people ask how can Shyam do this?!! Have you not met him??!! He tried killing Khushi's father mercilessly yaar!! His baby is yea, as you put it, collateral damage!!

Fantastic job at analysing this jerk!! Clap


Thanks so much! I always wanted to get inside his mind being a crime procedure drama buff myself. Shyam is central to what happened to all of them today. So even though he's not in the episode... he will be very much present in the near future - precap to dikha diya!! 


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