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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut: 3rd Sept 2012 (Page 2)

aditi07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Bhulii Hui Yaadon, Mujhe Itna Na Sataao..
Ab Chain se Rehane Do, Mere Paas na Aao !!

Wow...Very Poignant, Touching & Emotional Roller-coaster ride we witnessed in the episode!! Brilliant...& Excellent...this is exactly what I felt after watching itClapClapClap...Seeing the execution only thing that came to my mind was...IPK is back...& Back with the Bang!! Hope its back for good...for long !! Superb Gul, Superb Mr. Khan, amazing episodeStarStarStar. The background score was absolutely fantastic...I am as it is a fan of IPK's music, yesterday loved it even more...Raju Ji wonderful work!!

The pain, the anguish, the irreparable loss which all were going through was portrayed brilliantly...Nani, Mami, Garima, Khushi..all of them but the two people who stood out for me...were definitely Anjali & Arnav!! Daljeet & Barun were mind-blowingClapClap !! Both of them brought tears to my eyes, which doesnt happen very often in soaps for me!!

The scene where reality dawns upon anjali as she looks at tear filled eyes of her brother, his crestfallen face...& how her reactions, her expressions change from smiling convincing face to sudden realization, to shock & then the pain sears through her mind & body as she clutches her stomach & cries her eyes out...WOW...what a powerful performance. Daljeet was par excellence...her Bang On expressions, her body language, her voice tone while crying...very natural & very moving!! Loved her there...she totally made my eyes misty, made me actually feel the pain that anjali is going through, made anjali come alive to me!!

I actually loved this bit, that how when everyone tries to tell the truth to anjali she vehemently refuses, she absolutely discards the possibility, in fact tells khushi to go & convince arnav that his Di is fine...But the moment she comes face to face with broken & shattered arnav telling her that this indeed is the truth...then she believes it!! She only believes it when she feels that even her chote is telling her that the unfortunate accident has occurred!! This is a very good indicator...It depicted that she still trusts arnav the most when it comes to her own well-being, she believes it when He is the one  revealing anything to her.

It made me think that If Arnav had told the entire truth of Shyam to anjali, if he had convinced her that how he knew all about shyam for past 6 months & what he had seen, she would have been broken but eventually she would have believed him!! She still trusts shyam only coz Arnav didn't reveal anything to her, but simply threw him out of the house!! Not even nani or anyone else told her anything, so in want to  still
remain with shyam, she went ahead, termed it all as misunderstanding & kept her contacts with him!! Probably, her such a deep trust on arnav is the very reason that she is so afraid of arnav finding out about her & shyam...coz somewhere deep down she knows that Arnav is right..she just doesn't know how ?? She may be knows subconsciously that she is wrong & thus is scared that what will happen if arnav finds out about it!!
Really wish that this strong faith & trust of these two siblings comes in play when arnav reveals the real face of shyam in front of her...& hopefully this time he would tell her everything & she would eventually believe him!!

However, it was again Barun Sobti who stole the show for am speechless & i dont think i have enough words to describe how & what he portrayed ...he was simply Outstanding ClapClapClap...He has always been fantastic when it comes to Emotional he proved it yet again!! Once before i had broken down in IPK, when Arnav had found out about Khushi-Shyam & Anjali's pregnancy & he was beyond shattered & had cried his heart out in front of his car...breaking down on the road...I was astounded by his acting brilliance that day...that scene remains legendary for me. Today was yet another occasion when he had show the emotional & broken arnav...& he nailed it again...PERFECTLY Star

Arnav is going through plethora of emotions...the successful biz tycoon, having the whole world at his feet...yet so helpless!! He was being brutally shattered under his immeasurable pain, anguish, his inability to be able to do anything for his Di...that one person who means the world to have achieved so much in life yet feel like a Bloody Failure..his Guilt to not being able to fulfill his duty, to carry out his brotherly promise to always protect his sister, to keep her make it all right once again!!

The dutiful, determinate, strong willed brother, who 14 years back had risen for the occasion much beyond his age just to protect his Di, to keep her smiling, to support her when they had lost their whole family is now shattered!! In such a young age, he carried out all the responsibilities, never flinching away only for His Di !!
His content in life, his satisfaction from himself was always benchmarked against his Di's happiness!! ...coz when she smiled, his world smiled! when she was happy...his world was happy!! coz She was the all the family that he had got...she was all that he loved & cared for...but today she has lost everything in her life & he can not to anything about it!! How worse could it get for any man...for any brother!!

Today the closed shell of ASR opened up in front of khushi, sharing his deepest scars in life, the terrible truth of his past which have haunted him for all these years, of how he feels that due to his father's unfaithfulness he was made an orphan, he lost all he ever had & How shyam reminds him of it all over if his same dark past is revisiting once more!! However, it was seemed clear from the flashbacks, His mother committed the same blunder wrongly judging his father just as he had done with khushi!! she also saw & heard a half truth, believed it & gave up her life. seems like in this case at least dadi is right that his mother was a weak woman, who without finding out the truth, jumped to the conclusion & committed suicide without thinking once about her children!! But I don't think that even dadi knows the whole truth...the way arnav's father committed suicide, it seems that he too loved his mother & garima was not the "another woman" of his life & in fact both of them were misunderstood by His mother & by dadi.

Misunderstanding runs in his blood, as a child also arnav heard half of the convo & branded one side as guilty, just like he had declared khushi guilty without even asking her once!! Hopefully if the truth is different from what he has believed all these years, the memory of the day when he had wrong impression about khushi on terrace, would help him in believing the truth...which otherwise is very difficult coz the truth which he believed that night 14 years back has been the very foundation of his entire life & belief system!! it would shake his whole life if the reality was stark different to what his mother & he believed!! It would be too difficult for him to accept the fact that may be his mother had given up her life for nothing...just coz of a misunderstanding & her momentary hastiness he was made orphan that day!!

Today he is standing at the same juncture where he was that fateful night, fighting it all again... for his family's, his Di's happiness...just like he fought 14 years back...but with one difference...this time he is not alone!! His soul-mate, his life partner, his true love is by his support him, to listen to him, to comfort him!! Arnav singh Raizada...who used to proclaim to write not only his destiny but also others' is terming himself a failure...was a terrible sight to be watched by Khushi!! She was tearing apart to see him breaking down like this...but she stayed strong, masking her pain with as to provide him strength & the support that he needs the most to recover from it & to support his Di again...coz she truly needs him the most right now!!

It was a wonderful she first told him to go & support Di even if he has to see her in this state coz he was what she needs the most. Then listened to him, consoled him, comforted him, & hugged him with all her pure & unconditional love indirectly telling him that one thing which he needs the most...that She is always there with him, always next to him, in his every highs & lows, all his life...thus giving him courage & will power to face his Di & comfort her pain!! Today he needed the unconditional support to gather all his nerve & become brave once again & to face the situation with courage...& that is what Khushi provided him with!! Today, there relationship scaled another high, their trust & dependency reached a notch above...their bong became even more powerful...gluing them to each other more strongly!!

Simply loved the episode...fabulous & superb!!
Loving the IPK...CUT IT

Enjoy this beautiful touching No. By Mukesh...Really Suits Arnav today -

Bhulii Hui Yaadon, Mujhe Itna Na Sataao
Ab Chain se Rehane Do, Mere Paas na Aao

Daaman mein Liye Baitha Hoon,
Toote Hue Taare...
Kab Tak Mein Jiyunga Yunhi,
Khwaabon Ke Sahaare !!

Deewaana Hoon, Ab Aur Na Deewaana Banaao..
Ab Chain se Rehane Do, Mere Paas na Aao !!

Bhulii Hui Yaadon

Looto Na Mujhe Iss Tarah,

Doraahe Pe Laake...
Aawaaz Na Do Ek,
Nayi Raah Dikhaake !!

Sambhla Hoon Mein Gir-Gir Ke
Mujhe, Phir Na Giraao...
Ab Chain se Rehane Do, Mere Paas na Aao !!

Bhulii Hui Yaadon, Mujhe Itna Na Sataao
Ab Chain se Rehane Do, Mere Paas na Aao

Bhulii Hui Yaadon ...

Pics Credit - FB

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Labor Day Weekend; so early post today Wink

Episode Feedback: The Main Points
  • Top notch execution today on the emotional plane. I felt everyone's pain; right from Maami to Anjali to Arnav to Nani and even Buaji. The little nuance where Buaji looks up to God and shakes her head while walking out of Anjali's room was just a brilliant touch; added the much needed natural reaction and portrayal to the whole situation.
  • I have been meaning to write this about Anjali and her whole situation for a while; just have not been able to pen it down. On Friday - I honestly didnt feel a shred of sympathy for her...I felt for the child...the unborn child. As a mother; the moment the child enters your body; you automatically become a shield for it. Just like the womb is a physical shield for it; the mind becomes an even stronger shield for it. For Anjali to simply disregard that mental connection and just think about Shyam was unbelievable. But today; when I saw her reaction; at least there was some connection to that child...good direction there.
  • I was shocked that Dadi would bring up Shyam in this state even...I mean come on leave the agenda alone for a while; it does seem like Nani will buckle and get him back and so will Khushi - which will incur ASR wrath.
  • The past - they started uncovering little by little...agonizing for the audience, but I love it makes for a very interesting viewing Smile...the actors though who played the mom and dad were a bit say the least. The other woman looked like Parineeti Chopra for some reason...very sharp features...and no it didnt look like no idea who it was. That I am sure is something related to Khushi.
  • Arnav seems to think history is repeating itself, where he *thinks* his Dad strayed...when maybe he didnt...and it might have been the Chacha who was messed up? And Dad was just trying to cover up for him? Let see...I dont think the story is that complicated.
  • Somehow, I also dont think Shyam has a big back story...I just think he is plain old wicked...will wait to see how that unfolds. 
  • Background score - To Notch Clap
  • The lighting was unbelievably nice...especially in that Khushi-Arnav scene with the Ganpati in the background...I must say IPK is back with a bang in terms of the execution.

The Odd Thing:

  • For a hospital scene, where there was so much going on...everyone looked too "put together". I understand that they came directly from the function..but they should have looked a little bit disheveled at least...look at Khushi for example..not one pin out of place from her hair...and I would have liked it better..if she had for example just covered herself with the dupatta...this is a public place and it would have looked more natural and like Khushi...director's fault in this case.

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paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
just book marking the thread today...Big smile
iritz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged

Hello Hi people...

Thanks Ruby for reserving my spot on Pg 1...

Guys I have updated The Director's Cut Index Thread... for you all to refer to in case needed !!!

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
what an awesome heart wrenching episode ... i think everyone performed so well today Anjali, Nani, Mami, Khushi and of course our very own ASR ... loved it absolutely ... waiting for all the updates ... as usual bookmarking :)

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Bella and lizzy, read your thoughts on the past and the similarity of misunderstandings! Not knowing the whole truth and jumping to conclusions seems to be running in the family! Though I wonder why dint Arnav give a chance to khushi? To set things right?? He took after his mom I guess that he chose to believe the worst immediately!

On the other hand I now know why he chose to believe the worst in khushi? Today Arnav was stripped of the reflections of his past and stood bare in front of Khushi and today I understand him better than ever before!

Waiting for you guys to update!

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bidz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
The CVs sent another googly our way today. Who would have thought that the past would be revisited again today? Not only did we revisit the past, we got the full story from Arnav's side as well. We heard his side of the story from the past. But do we have the full story yet? Does Arnav know the full story yet? Obviously not. There is more than that meets the eye. Garima is connected, but we still don't know how. I don't know if she is the other woman or not, but looking at Garima's character, I doubt it to be true. Garima has always been portrayed as a righteous woman. Even if she were involved with Arnav's dad before he got married, she would never knowingly come between him and his wife after he got married. Also, did Arnav's mom simply hear part of the conversation and jump to a conclusion, just like Arnav did with Khushi? Very likely so. This particular trait seems to run in the family. It seems very odd that Arnav's dad would commit suicide because his mom committed suicide if he didn't love her. And, finally where does Shyam fit in to all this? Also, did we actually see a glimpse of chachaji when they showed the past? 

Now coming to the present, we understood a little more why Arnav Singh Raizada proclaims that he controls destiny. For 14 years, he has tried to do just that. But, what has the result been so far? "Failure". That's correct. He finally realized that no one can control fate, not even Arnav Singh Raizada! That is why he told Khushi so many times today that he failed. 14 years ago, he had lost everything, but he gathered himself together for his sister. He knew that if he didn't stand tall, his sister would shatter. Today, he feels he has lost again, but has he really lost everything? No. He has Khushi by his side. He broke down in her arms, unburdened himself on her shoulders. He has let go of his pent up emotions, and is gathering strength from her. He is on his way to rise again, and this time rise he will. Both are getting ready to fight off the evil with the lord's blessings. Yes, lord ganesha was omnipresent in the room. And this time, they will win. This time, they will finally be happy. For this time, I can see destiny smiling at them:-) 

Did you notice the two people whom Anjali sought solace in the hospital today? Yeah, they were Khushi and nani. Nani has been the mother figure in her life, so it is natural she would find solace in her. But why Khushi? It is true that she loves Khushi as a sister, but the reason why she sought comfort from her today was because her Chote trusts her, and she trusts her brother blindly. She just had one look at him and knew that her world had collapsed, that she had lost her daughter, and with that all her dreams. She is meeting Shyam on the sly only because she is unable to live without him. Deep inside, she knows that her brother and his wife have judged her husband correctly. It is a matter of time when Anjali will re-surrect. And when she does, it will be the death of Shyam!

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by paayaal

just book marking the thread today...Big smile

Hey, aren't we getting a 20-20 today?? Confused

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