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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut: 3rd Sept 2012

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Welcome to another edition of Director's Cut

A Baby Killed... a Mother Devastated... A Brother Questioning his Ability to Keep his vows...A Bride-to-be Standing by her Man...A Family In Mourning..a Haunting Past Slowly Unveiled...and... A Man Standing in the Shadows Waiting to take what He Believes is His Rightful Place

Today we saw all of that and more. Just one person caused all this pain, today. Shyam Manohar Jha.

Beens. Your thoughts yesterday is what made me write this post. So here we go. 

Inside the Criminal Mind of Shyam Manohar Jha

There are crimes being committed in IPKLand. We all know who the unsub is - one Shyam Manohar Jha. Not everybody in IPKLand is aware of the true extent of his criminal activities. While some know, some doubt, and others clearly disbelieve that this man is capable of the types of crimes he could have done. But we know better or do we?

Who is Shyam Manohar Jha?

When we were first introduced to him, he strode in like a Knight in Shining Armour to save a Damsel in Distress! He fought off a bunch of hooligans who were teasing Khushi, and finally got her her dupatta - the symbol of her dignity and honor. Her family was grateful to this stranger - a good-looking, clean cut young man - who risked his life for her. He made sure the Guptas would remember him. Shyam to all intents and purposes was smitten by her at first sight. 

He runs into her in Delhi - in a bazaar, and then again, and again. Each time, he plays on her needs, clears out some obstacle in her way. Be it the sabziwala or a job. Shyam always has an answer to her needs. In the process, he is shown to be falling more and more in love with her. 

Then he meets Buaji. A woman plagued with financial issues, having trouble getting her husband's pension on time. He offers to help. In return, he manipulates Buaji into asking him to be a paying guest as it would help ease her financial issues. 

He helps Khushi gets a job in ASR's company. Unknown to Shyam, she ends up working directly for ASR. For the first time, Arnav has unknowingly become an obstacle in Shyam's path. He tries to persuade Khushi to give up the job. Luckily for him, ASR actually helps Khushi's decision to resign from the job. ASR therefore, is no longer an obstacle to Shyam. 

But Khushi's fate brings her into ASR's path again. It is not until Teej that we finally see Shyam revealed as Anjali's husband. 

Anjali, the devoted wife and sister, with an almost pathological need for rituals and poojas. We know that Anjali and Shyam had a love marriage, so they have known each other for over four years. In the Raizada fold, Shyam is the perfect husband - with one big fault. He disappears for days and nights, every now and then, long absences in the name of work. No one questions his disappearances, not even ASR. 

When Shyam and Anjali met, she was a woman with a scarred past. Her parents had committed suicide. She was left at the altar. She and her brother were thrown of their house. Although life was now secure, with a loving family and a doting brother, who was himself immensely wealthy, Anjali was still an emotionally needy person. Shyam had found the perfect target. They fell in love, at least she did. He became the person she needed him to be - a loving boyfriend and then a doting husband, who danced to his wife's tune. So much so, that he became a ghar-jamai, earning his living as a lawyer and living a life of ease bankrolled by the wealthy brother-in-law. 

To Arnav, Shyam was a godsend, who shared the responsibility of his sister's happiness with him. He was more than happy to keep Shyam happy. Shyam became the brother-in-law Arnav needed. An older male role model, who was in love with his sister, and so willing to keep her happy that he had no problems living in her maternal home. Arnav was another perfect target, because Shyam fulfilled Arnav's needs. 

Once Khushi took the job as Lavanya's trainer, Shyam's life got really complicated. He now had to juggle his time between the woman he 'loved' and the woman he was married to. 

The problem with Khushi, as far as Shyam was concerned, was she had no need of him. She looked on him as a friend and nothing more. She had a job, she was financially independent. Shyam was not able to find out what Khushi actually needed. But as his obsession with her grew, he began to read more and more into her actions than was there. So he had to make Khushi need him in her life. And in this, he found another perfect target, Buaji. 

Buaji needed to get the girls married. So Shyam set out to make himself the perfect damaad for Buaji, She was more than happy with the situation. Until Garima and Shashi arrived from Lucknow. 

Shyam was quick to see that Garima also had the same needs as Buaji. He used the same tactics on her that he did on Buaji. Shashi Gupta, however, was another matter. He was someone that Shyam had not factored into his 'happy ending with Khushi' plan. Shashi Gupta, like his daughter, had no obvious need that Shyam could fulfill, much as he tried. 

He was also suspicious of Shyam. Shyam was too good to be true. Once he knew the extent of Shyam's duplicity, Shashi Gupta became an obstacle in his path, an obstacle he had to remove. With clinical precision, he set about doing that. He tried to kill him the first time, and when that didn't succeed, he tried again, which resulted in Shashi's paralysis. Shyam Manohar Jha had just escalated from obsession to attempted murder. 

So far, Shyam had chosen his victims with care. He found people who had a driving emotional need in their life, and who in turn, could give him what he wanted - a cushy lifestyle, a wife who fed his every expensive fancy. He wanted more when he met Khushi. She did not want him.  So as it made his attraction to her even more deeper, his obsession for her grew. The more she drew away, the more he wanted her. Any obsessed person is by nature delusional. Ironically, this is a characteristic he shared with Anjali. He only saw what he wanted to see. He saw a girl who was attracted to him, but could not acknowledge that attraction. 

What he never factored in were the unknowns:
a) the two other men in Khushi's life - her father and Arnav
b) Akash's attraction and subsequent engagement to Payal

He had dealt with Shashi.

He never saw the attraction between Arnav and Khushi because he was never in the same room with them. The more he accelerated his attempts to get married to Khushi, the more she resisted, because Arnav was now firmly in her heart. However, once more, Arnav unknowingly threw him a bone. He announced his engagement to Lavanya. Of course, Shyam did not know this, but he benefited from it. Khushi agreed to marry him. And so they became engaged. He was one step closer in achieving his goal. He never had any intention of giving up Anjali. She was after all, the icing on the cake. 

The Akash-Payal rishta threw a serious wrench into his plans which had been going so well so far. He was not prepared to deal with this. There was no way he could avoid running into the Guptas and the Raizadas together. There hadn't been anything he could have done about it, nor was there anything he could do about it. Shyam had run out of options. It was only a matter of time before Khushi found out and she broke off the engagement. He was trapped. 

His second escalation happens at this point. He decides to show Khushi how unhappy he is with his marriage thinking she would understand and come back to him. He also asks forgiveness from the Gupta family,  showing them the side he thinks they want to see - a repentant man, in love with their daughter, stuck in an unhappy marriage. It doesn't work - the Guptas have no need of him, nor does Khushi. Shyam does not have any leverage left with the Guptas.

In his mind, there is only one obstacle in his way. If Khushi won't marry him because he is married, then he will become unmarried. Anjali has now become the obstacle in his path which must be removed. 

His third escalation takes place. He decides to kill Anjali. His first attempt to electrocute her fails as Mamaji saves her. His second attempt to let a scorpion loose so that she dies of a scorpion sting, is also a failure. 

At this point he has also noticed the Arnav-Khushi attraction, as well as NK's flirting with Khushi. He realized who his real competitor was - none other than Saaley Saab, Arnav. He had to accelerate his attempts. In a last ditch attempt to kill Anjali, he tampers with her car's brakes. He is certain of success, but alas! this too fails. Anjali survives the crash. Once again, Shyam is out of options. 

He has overheard Arnav wanting to talk to Khushi and is pretty sure where that conversation is going. For the first time, he does not use violence to achieve his objective. He uses his brains. He gets Khushi to come to the terrace to appeal to her directly. Unknown to him, Arnav observes a little of the conversation and immediately misunderstands Khushi. 

For the first time, Shyam changed his methods. He goes away from violence to cunning. This is not typical for a sociopath. And for the first time as well, the plan backfires in a way he did not expect. Arnav marries Khushi. 

Shyam is convinced that there is something fishy about this marriage. But Arnav is now Khushi's husband in the eyes of the family and society. Shyam cannot get his hands on her. 

But he still has Anjali and he still has Arnav's money, albeit through Anjali. Once he comes to know that Arnav forced Khushi into the marriage, he is happy. In his warped mind, Khushi is being kept from him by Arnav. Arnav is now the obstacle in his way to Khushi. Arnav must be removed. 

While Shashi's and Anjali's mishaps could be attributed to illness or accidents, he knows that removing Arnav Singh Raizada will not be that easy. 

His fourth escalation takes place. He has been thwarted by Arnav Singh Raizada, so Arnav Singh Raizada must pay. At this point, Khushi comes to him with a need. She needs him to tell Arnav the truth about their relationship. He quickly seizes this opportunity to get her to sign the will, making him sole benefactor of Arnav's will. This is the moment he has been waiting for. Arnav's money and his wife will soon be his. He kidnaps Arnav. 

As you can see, Shyam is now thinking more strategically. He is convinced that Khushi wants only him. With Arnav's money, he and Khushi will live happily ever after. Anjali is not even collateral damage, although she is pregnant with his child. A sociopath like Shyam has no emotional attachments, other that with his driving obsession - money and Khushi. 

Only Khushi is one step ahead of him. She uses his one weakness, herself to entrap him, making sure he signs over everything to Anjali. And then it all falls apart as Khushi finds Arnav and tells him that she only loves Arnav and that he is her husband. 

In a full mental breakdown, he decides to kill Khushi - but at the hands of Arnav. He finds a vicious pleasure in the thought. He leaves Khushi on the road and heads home, with a story of an accident. Khushi and Arnav enter the hall separately and stand apart. To him, they are still not together. By now he has put himself together, at least so he believes. 

But his ability to keep the glibness and superficial charm alive fails. He reveals the ugly inner truth of him. Until Arnav slaps him shut. And that is when he realizes that Arnav and Khushi together have duped him instead. For an ego as big as his, this is a bigger blow than the slap. In his paranoid, hate-filled state, his focus shifts. His obsession with Khushi changes to an obsession for revenge on these two people who have fooled him - Shyam Manohar Jha. How dare they?

He will go to any lengths for his revenge on these two people. Who knows? He might even get his hands on Khushi at the end of it. 

First he must find an ally. Dadi needs to feel needed to fix her grand-daughter's marriage and the misunderstanding. He feeds her need. He becomes the perfect grandson-in-law. 

Then, he uses Anjali to jump start his plan. Once again, he feeds her need to have a loving husband in the last months of her pregnancy by her side. He becomes the loving husband, but one who is wrongly accused. To him, she is nothing other than an instrument to be used to get back into Raizada Mansion, so that his new obstacles can be removed. 

Shyam Manohar Jha has manipulated every single person in the story, except Shashi Gupta. He is better at judging people than Arnav is. He knows how to read their weakness and use it to his advantage. Feed their needs and get his fix. This is the simple code by which Shyam Manohar Jha lives. Any obstacles in his path need to be removed. 

If it means killing his own baby, so be it. The baby is after all, collateral damage. 

For a quick definition of the term Sociopath - click here



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The Misunderstandings and the  Excruciation that Is The Framework of IPK-Kyun Dard aur Galatfaimi hain teri Ishq main

The Basic Plot  of Iss Pyaar ko Kya naam Doon is the misunderstandings of the Past ,Present and probably Future along with the relative pain it brings about in its wake..are these the only factors which Is the essence of IPk all about..?No,it is  also  about the soulful love story of Arnav and Khushi who undergo the trail by fire through all these misunderstandings and the agonies that they have been put through to emerge is the story of the chotte and chutki who are orphans scarred by the misconceptions and the agony it opened in their lives.. It is the story about the Divine retribution to the injustice that these misinterpretations  have caused through the love of arnav and khushi..


The past which was unveiled in the episode today made us realise that Arnav an impressionable 14 year old overheard a conversation  ,basically a misconception of the facts between his parents which ended in his mother's suicide..the aftermath lead to his father's suicide ,his sister's marriage cancellation  and both the siblings become orphans to be thrown in the street by their uncle..look at the misunderstanding and the resultant ache it caused them..likewise the same applied to khushi..but the khushi's story is yet to be explained though we know that garima is involved some how..she was  left her with her massi who is repenting her lie and and is afraid of what is Garima afraid of ..what truth does Dadi know and is it the real version or the distorted version of the same..?why is Garima pertified at the mention of confronting Dadi before The arhi wedding..?Is she the other woman in the senior mallik's life or is it a distortion of the truth?what ever it is ,the past has brought with it the possibility of another Misunderstanding?The pains of the past has not been assuaged but the future wants to pile some too on the already existent misery..


The present day begins with the second misunderstanding  of the same Family member..The misunderstanding starts with the lucknow fashion show where khushi steps in accidentaly..this unintentional entry makes arnav accuse khushi of sabotaging his fashion show in collusion with an enemy company..the MU which starts then keeps spiralling and takes a final shape of being the father of all the his mother Arnav too listens to the first half conversation between shyam and khushi,falsely believes khushi to be in cahoots with shyam..khushi to be having an affair with shyam..marries her in pain of being cheated by khushi.and finally needs a kidnapping and separation to understand the truth of the misunderstanding.The truth of the bond of love that exists between arnav who marries khushi to save his sister from pain undergoes pain along with inflicting the same on khushi..but all in vain as he realises the underlying truth of the matters and throws shyam out causing his sister under the misconception that throwing shyam out would solve all the issues..then anjali's pain escalates and she starts meeting shyam on the sly..and the ultimately has led to the present where she is facing her child's premature death ..anjali in pain and arnav in pain.the misunderstandings and the pains forming the present..not able to believe the cruelty of the times..but the love of khushi giving strength to confess the travails of his past and expression of anger at his helplessness in not being able to protect  his di.shyam , Garima,and Dadi ushering in the future with the mingling of the past and the present...past seems to revisit the what does one expect the future to be?will the love of arhi stand tall in the test of their resilience?

all the misunderstandings,misconceptions have lead to a state of Impasse now..the past is already revisiting combining it self with the anguish of the present..the Blast of the past ..the only ones to know the truth -Garima and Dadi..will garima save the love of arhi from the wrath of Dadi? long can she run from the future that her past seems to be bringing in..will shyam with a hidden agenda of usurping the wealth and the love of arnav(khushi) succeed in  the execution of his nefarious plans using the past and the present(anjali's anguish and helplessness) as his stepping stones..But isn't this the love story of Arnav-Khushi the star crossed lovers?will these predestined soul mates rise above the ordinary human plotting and the pain with a help from the divine hand..?only time will give us all the answers..

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             Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya
                  Surya-Kotti Samaprabha
                Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva 
                Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa

( meaning: O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, Large Body, and with the Brilliance of a Million Suns,  Please Make All my Works Free of Obstacles, Always.)


Welcome to yet another edition of Director's Cut, the past has come calling ... a shattered arnav .. a helpless khushi .. a devastated family .. in shock in denial .. shattered Anjali .. 
The echoes of the past .. were heard loud & clear tonite in IPK .. a past who is rising quickly from the ashes of its past resting place .. a fire which threatens to consume .. a fire which threatens to destroy ... so was it symbolic ... when devastation faced them in their face ... in the background was the one .. who u pray .. to MAKE ALL RIGHT .. MAKE ALL TASKS RIGHT .. MAKE ALL ONE DOES POSITIVE ... 


Tonite wont be doing a pause release ... before i start the write up tonite .. i want to ask all of you a simple ques tonite .. so who was this episode dedicated to ??? so who do u'll think were the leads tonite in todays episode ??? would request all my friends here in DC .. pls guys .. this is the story of Arnav & Khushi .. ( ONLY ARNAV & KHUSHI ) ... this is their LOVE STORY ..  not Di KI Saut .. or any other working title given to the serial .. & as i have mentioned time and again here ...  whatever tracks are shown here .. it will be linked to Arnav & Khushi .. so please bear with patience .. & dont fall in to stray negativities being spread by some in the forum .. 


 before i start my write up for today .. i want to put an excerpt of what i wrote in the last DC .. on sunday .. 

A tragedy like this ... is one of life's most cruelest jokes .. one which leaves u gasping thinking WHY ME ??? .. & this is what anjali will go thru once she is made aware of  HER LOSS ...

A tragedy of this magnitude .. leaves u stunned with its impact ..& u reel with the shock .. of how now u will deal with this ONE .. how now will u unravel this ONE .. how now u will stand behind the ONE .. person u vowed to protect through the worst .. & who has inadvertently seen getting blow after blow .. This is the breakdown & thot process which Arnav will be running with in his mind ...

A tragedy like this cripples u .. a family .. a surrogate loving mother .. a grandmother .. a brother .. all are left standing on the sidelines .. dealing with a basket full of unfulfilled dreams .. a family which will have to grapple with their own loss .. but .. will have to stand tall to support the ONE .. whose loss is the MOST .. this is what the rest of the family will grapple with .. 

A tragedy like this ..makes u wonder .. why the world cannot just let u be .. why when there is a ray of hope that hope that life is extinguished .. why when u finally see the one person who u sacrificed all for .. was finally smiling .. to be now having their smile brutally wiped out .. this is what will go thru Khushi's mind .. as she comes to terms with the LOSS .. how to hold it all together .. how to not only support the ONE who lost .. but how to support the ONE .. who will have to SUPPORT ...


The above was written by me in the last DC thread .. & this is what u saw in the first few minutes of IPK .. hence i will not do a detailed analysis of that section .. Big smile (yea go ahead call me lazy) 


The time : 14 years back 

The occasion : Anjali wedding

The tragedy : Arnav's parents suicide 

The reason : Arnav's mom sees her husband with his arms around a lady 

The SHOCK : Arnav eavesdrops on his parents fight 

The result of this MU .. a family .. completely devastated .. a family broken . & a family torn apart at the seams .. parents dead ..

So apparently Arnav's mom saw her husband in the arms of another woman .. & she deduced that he was having an affair with the said woman .. she commits suicide .. & his father followed suit .. devastated by him being the cause of his wife's death .. 

& this move .. devastated & shattered a family .. broke & tore apart a family .. left 2 children .. out on the streets .. the two children who changed their identity to escape their sordid past .. A sister who had a double tragedy to face .. she was made orphan .. & the man who shud've walked by her side supporting her ditched her at the altar .. 

At that time a young teenager .. stood up picked the pieces of their shattered lives & slowly stitched it together into a patch work quilt .. .. little realising at that time .. that the bonds of these stitches need to be strong to bear the ravages of time .. 

           ________________ CUT TO___________________

The Time : 6 months back

The occasion : Payash wedding

The tragedy : Anjali had nearly a life threatening accident 

The reason : Shyam Manohar Jha lust for Khushi

The Shock : Arnav eavesdrop & sees Khushi in Shyam's arms ..

The result of this MU .. a love which was budding .. was asphyxiated .. a love which was a just taking new life was strangled to death ..

On the day of Payash wedding what Arnav saw was .. Khushi in the arms of Shyam .. ( have always maintained what Arnav found devastating that nite was Khushi in Shyam;s arms .. it was death of his feelings this was the pal which was chaapa hua in his mind) & he reacted .. he first killed his love for her .. & then killed her love for him .. suicide once again .. 

But what DM herself has joined .. let no man let asunder .. right .. the Divine Union which was blessed by DM .. breathed once again .. she brought it back to life .. 

               ________________ CUT TO ___________________

The Time: Present day 

The occasion : Arhi wedding

The tragedy : Anjali looses her child in pregnancy 

The reason : Shyam Manohar Jha lust/hate for Khushi 

The shock : the whole family in shock ( but the BIG ONE is yet to STRIKE) 

The result is yet to unfold

A family celebrating with joy .. get the rudest shock .. they see their beloved Anjali .. falling & with the result loosing her baby .. we see a devastated family .. But today we also c a broken down teenager .. who finally realises .. the bonds of those stitches he made in the past were not strong enuf to test the ravages of time .. 



 " Main bhagwan mein nahi maanta "

 " haan hum toh bhool gaye the ki ASR bhagwan mein nahin maante ..kyon ki woh khud ko "bhagwan" maante hai 

" yeh bhi yaad rakhna ki .. mein apni KISMAT khud likhta hoon"

" aur aap bhi ek baat yaad rakhiye ga .. ke aapne apne liye jo bhi likha tha woh devi maiyyah ne aapka haath pakad ke lihwaya tha ... "

Prophetic words .. spoken in anger by KHUSHI .. but the realisation is now settling in Arnav .. 

Arnav Singh Raizada .. who PLAYED GOD ..  with everyones lives .. today realised .. he FAILED .. but GOD does not fail right .. SO Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada .. you are not GOD .. u FAIL ...

Arnav played GOD with Khushi's life .. nearly destroyed the girl .. got her to the point of suicide ..but Khushi is DM's special child .. so her life resurrected itself .. with DM's blessing 

Arnav played GOD with Anjali;s life .. destroyed the lady .. today she lies with her life in shambles .. will DM give Arnav ONE MORE CHANCE .. one more chance to realise .. One more chance to right the wrong he has DONE 

Maybe on the nite of Payash wedding Arnav cudnt have broken the news to Anjali .. about shyam's indiscretions .. but what stopped him from alerting her of the same later .. specially as he kept seeing his brother in law .. hitting on his WIFE ..  

but arnav decided to play GOD .. & decided to take matters in his own hands .. write everyones destines the way he wanted to .. result .. when Anjali comes to know .. she is devastated .. she chooses not to believe .. & she inadvertently brings disaster to her own doorstep .. 

For me todays .. episode goes to 2 people .. the writer .. who conceptualised this outstanding scene .. & the director .. who shot the scene ... despite all the shortcomings .. & delivered a master piece to us .. kudos to both .. 

Arnav paces the corridors of the hospital .. with Ganeshji .. sitting behind him .. now .. a lot of you wondered why Ganesh ji .. & not Devi Maiyyah .. Ganesh ji .. since .. he is the lord u pray to right all the wrongs .. the LORD who u pray to .. wade off evil from ur life .. 

Tonite arshad used Ganeshji's idol in the backdrop so wonderfully .. to convey the message of the episode Clap


Arnav firsts has his back to the lord .. he is facing away .. when he starts to get FBs of his sister .. when she told him .. about her pregnancy  & when she tried aborting her child ... he breaks down 


he sits down a broken man .. gasping with what has been dealt tonite .. putting it all together .. 


Now comes the realisation .. he has failed .. he is not facing GOD .. but he is not turned away .. look at his hands .. they are joined together .. as if in prayer .. 


The moment u realise ur mistake .. & bow ur head down to GOD .. GOD sends in his sustenance .. 

Brilliant work Arshad .. !!!!!!

Then .. after he lays his self bare infront of Khushi .. he for the first time opens his heart & shows her the depth of devastation residing there .. the depth of how scarred he is .. the depth of how broken he is .. 

He speaks about his parents past .. a sordid incident .. which has coloured his very existence .. 

Now look at the similarity .. he eavesdropped into a conversation that day too .. picked out what .. mother accusing .. father of having an affair .. he did not pick up .. father defending himself ..

Now look .. he blames his father for moms suicide .. but fathers suicide .. coz he cudnt bear the guilt of his wife;s death has passed him by .. 

Similarly .. he on that fateful day on the terrace .. caught on to Shyam hugging khushi .. but why did he not see .. KHUSHI was not returning the HUG  ... why did he not hear the passion & disgust .. in Khushi's voice when she challenges Shyams love for her .. 

He has never seen the face of the woman who was the "woh aurat" in his father's life .. .. 

Now let me throw some points to ponder here for you guys .. 

what do we know of the past :

1. garima is related to the past of the mallick family

2. she had lied to the mallick family years back

3. dadi is in the know of the whole sordid tale .. 

4. arnav blames his father & ofcourse at some point the faceless woman who was the "woh aurat" for his mothers death 

5. arnav & anjali were thrown out of their homes .. by their chacha

6. the " woh aurat" probably visited Sheesh mahal on the nite of anji wedding where she was spotted by asr mom .. asr dad apparently had his arms around the woman 

7. Khushi's parents died in a car accident ... 14 years back .. when she was 8 .. & she went to stay with Garima who at the time was unmarried 

8. Garima finally married Shashi Gupta who had a daughter from a previous marriage .. payal 

(This about sums up the past .. now if u connect the dots here .. u will get the story line .. brilliant .. simple ..not at all complicated .. as i kept telling here on DC .. when the makers will want to convey the past to you .. it will come out .. & it will come out simply when there will be no dig time decoding required .. & u will come to know before the characters come to know ) 




In Hindhu culture ... Lord Ganesha is wroshiped saying he is the lord who is "sankat mochan" the lord who wades away & ends all the troubles & evils 

Lord Ganesha is also the lord whose name is chanted ..when one is starting something new .. we say .. "Shree Ganesh " karte hai .. 

what you see above is .. a new day in IPK .. arnav hugging Khushi .. saying shree ganesh to the new day in IPK .. one can hope . this new day .. this new begining .. will end in happiness for both .. the path will be tough .. it will test their love . it will test their relation .. but with the "sankat mochan" standing behind them .. & DM always .. blessing them ... ONE can rest assured .. JO HOGA ACCHE KE LIYE HOGA .. 


Ending here tonite guys .. kudos Arshad Khan for delivering a wonderful episode .. despite the various shortcomings ..

Kudos .. Gul & her team of writers .. for once again keeping it simple . & non complicated ... 






Guys here goes u wanted me to write on the anji scene .. her realisation ... of loosing her baby .. 

Anji woke up from her anaesthetic induced stupor .. only to see her whole family surrounding her .. looking concerned for her well being .. 

She reassures all .. that all was well with her .. she is smiling .. she is her normal sweet self .. the family is further struck .. with her normalcy .. they step forward .. her nani .. her mami .. khushi .. all trying to tell her .. 

nani .. completely shattered steps forward.. only to realise the words cant be spoken by her  .. she cant be the one who will shatter the illusions of her own grandchild .. the grandchild she reared with her heart ...

Its at this point the woman .. the surrogate mother ..breaks down .. but finds an inner strength to blurt out the reality .. 

Pause here for a bit .. once again it is Mami .. the woman who has a steel exterior .. an acerbic tongue .. but a heart of pure gold .. she understands the magnitude of what has transcribed in Anjali's life .. but she stil prefers to speak the truth .. rather than hide behind false reassurances ...

Anjali .. vehementaly denies this .. she keeps saying there is nothing wrong with my child .. that doctor .. speaks nonsense .. she refuses to believe .. that her child is no more .. GUILT & DENIAL .. rule her mind .. she gets hysterical ..keeps asking Khushi to deny this that something happened to her baby ...

Pause here please : why Khushi ... why look to Khushi for reassurance .. there is a DADI & NANI .. & an Akash standing there .. why KHUSHI .. ??? struck me here .. SHE knows .. KHUSHI like mami .. will not .. hide the truth from her .. KHUSHI .. has felt Anjali's pain .. Khushi was the one who stood in front of her & told her live for ur baby .. hence she looks at Khushi .. for reassurance .. is my future secure .. do i have a reason to live .. do i have a reason to be happy ?

Finally Khushi steps forward ... holds Anjali's hands & tells her .. yes u have lost ur baby ... u know what i loved here .. the moment Anjali asks Khushi for reassurance the camera pans on arnav .. who was about to enter .. but doesnt .. cause he knows KHUSHI will handle it .. they r finally 2 halves of a whole .. 

Anjali still in denial .. now gets a bit angry .. she shouts at Khushi .. what nonsense u r talking .. nothing is wrong with my child .. do u hear me .. my child is fine .. she is getting hysterical .. clings to nani .. 

She looks around for the one person now .. who will reassure her ..shut everyone up .. her anchor her brother .. who will NEVER SPEAK THE WORNG THING .. MOREOVER .. WILL NEVER LIE TO HER .. 

She looks up .. sees Arnav whose back is to her .. she tells KHUSHI to go to Arnav & reassure him .. all is fine with her & her baby ...she is about to call out to him when he turns around .. she looks up to him about to ask him .. to SHUT these people up .. WHEN  she reads the truth in his eyes .. 

Stunned she moves her hand on her stomach .. feels the missing bump ... & breaks down .. finally accepting .. the devastating blow fate dealt her .. clinging to NANI & KHUSHI .. 

Pause here please : Khushi .. delivers the blow .. she does what the others cud'nt do .. wakes her up from denial .. gets her to anger mode .. 

Now lets revisit the Shyam exposure scene on that fateful day of July .. was this the recreation of the same .. once again Mami .. blew the trumpet .. brought out the truth into the forefront .. even then Anjali looked at Khushi for reassurance .. ( not all is wrong with my world)  but when Khushi ... stood up & spoke the truth .. & Anjali turned angry .. saying .. u r wrong .. she shouts at her & says .. U GOT IT WRONG .. 

NOW as i end this .. piece .. i leave with you this thot .. like today .. that fateful day in JULY too Arnav came & passed the final judgement .. which Anjali had to accept .. 

Today .. Anjali realised the truth when she saw it in her brother;s eyes .. SO do u think dear reader .. that on that fateful day to somewhere Anjali .. realised her brother will not support the wrong ?? 

Did anjali later ( on being waylaid) by her husband .. beleive it to a misunderstanding ??

Or has Anjali .. been doing ..what an elder sister ( a mother stand in) & a loving wife would in such a situation .. ??

Guys .. if i write any further on this scene .. i will have to reveal . some future happenings in IPK .. which i abhor doing .. I am not into predictions & speculations .. So please bear with me .. Big smile



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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 April 2012
Posts: 9370

Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged
                    POST FOR RITZY 

We are back with Question of the day for you guys .. 

yea u can keep Ritzy down only for so long .. so guys ..chalo .. dimaag ki batti jalao .. & answer the question of the day .. 

the winner of the most creative answer .will be crowned the DC Queen ( KINGs if any) . of the day .. 

Oh God .. no negativity .. there are consolation prises as well .. 

DC princess 
Fastest Finger first .. 

So lets get started guys  .. 

           QUESTION OF THE DAY ??

Q: what is the ONE genetic defect running in the Singh Raizada clan .. which was pased on by mother to son??? ( u may want to look into the mallick dynasty for the defect as well ) ?????

standard rules apply .the most creative answer walks away with the prise .. 

psst psst : have heard the judge is bikao ( bribable) 

As RITZY wud say .. TALLY HO !!!!!!!


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meghavn Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged

***Saru's post***

hey everybody i also loved the episode a lot.. posting in a hurry bec net ney dhoka dey diya!!! missed u all!!! n thanks a lot meghs, u are a rock star!!!

i ll publish my rant for the day


1. i always used to think when and if they decide to show us the past.. what about the guy who shouts..maaa.. it was shot ages ago so now the teenager is a man what will u guys do???

 i must say i forgot your biggest trump card!!!!! n u  used his body double for all the scenes!! ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

2. what are the muh dikhaai n mehendi n god bharai  waaley guests doing in the scene where anji is crying near her parents bodies???ConfusedConfusedConfused???  How come that lady who held anji babe dint grow old yet??

3. ASR's dad is fab but the lady ratna is a dud.. when i saw her running away to commit suicide.. i felt she is just shy n running away from her new hubby!!!

4. the buck teeth nurse was fab, she has great potential, however cannot say the same about the doc!!!

5. how come garima doesnt recognise anji babe?? She looks the same!!!

6. I dont think garima needs to play hide n seek with dadi anymore.. the lady doesn even look like garima!!!

7. so  the teenager ASR saw his mum running away to commit suicide..he came all the way down to the hall..n waited for the gun shot to shout maa???ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

6. where are the promos?? Oops sorry got carried away here..

7. why dint ruby say 18mins of ipk..?. because the episode was on 20mins today.. 

yes guys today indeed we turned a new leaf. in the history of ipk... we got 2mins extra!!! celebration time!!!!

p.s.- chalo guys enough of rona dhona!!!! ipk rocks it was necessary for the story to move ahead!!!

pps- i am back in shyam camp!!!

everything else was perfect!!!!!!

                                LOL nazar na lagey mere ipk ko!! LOL

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chowna Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged

An emotional episdoe

We found out about Arnavs past more from
his point of view

Anjlai learns of her loosing the baby
Arnav takes Khushi support in tough times
Dadi stays back with Anjali at hospital

Image of the day

Arnav Singh Raizada a man who makes his own desity walks alone
 with the presence of God behind him what an irony
even i this tough time he didnt one look at the idol
nor did he acknowledge.

For rest of the pictures visit my pictures post

It remains to be seen when garimas truth is out will arnav remeber that khushi was adopted

today major thing we noticed Arnav didnt listen to his dads reply that he was not having any affiar he just heard his moms side

Since childhood he only listens to half truths and makes assumptions we can see that now

It remains to be seen whats Arnavs truth whats Garimas truth and whats dadis truth
in between where do Arnav and Khusi be together or seperated.

what will be Khushi reaction if she knows about garima and arnavs past link will she seperate herself form Arnav wihtout telling  him the reason or what remains to be seen

Free to use the images just credit me with the pictures

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Khoda pahad aur nikali chuhiya.  Aur woh bhi Mari hui...Wink

ASr dad And ways... Seems like MU between dad and mom ...after all apple doesn't fall far from tree...Seems like ASr has MU about his dad and wo aurat..

If mom had zero trust on hubby..

Anjiebaby the opposite put her trust on undeserving one

But how does it link shyam?

Back to them episode... Please Can the director and the actress do research on a role where a character loses a 7 month old baby..,Dead

A lot of the trp junta...are ladies who have given birth...if 4lions... Want us to feel Anjalis role...then the actress herself should feel Anjalis role...Dead

Is she never looked 6 months pregnant till the last week.. She certainly did not look having delivered a 7 month foetus...Thumbs Down

She got up smiling... Ham bilkul the ek hai...
Others are crying.. When u deliver a foetus... There is something called post partum's a very unique stress and there's no escaping it unless she was in coma... And came back to life after 1month..

The body is recovering and recovers till one month sometimes more there is no escaping it...

ANJali need not have looked at chhote.. Or her tummy..

See she did not believe that she had lost the baby that's ok...but there should have been a better way to portray .. Saying its ok... The doctors will make it ok... Let's go to some other hospital... My baby will be ok..

No wonder the trp audience feels a disconnect I was watching with my mom in law... Her only reaction was how can she wake up like this... Disbelief... Mental denial is possible but physical denial...Thumbs Down
 Mind blowing performance by sanaya..

Today I was so happy with khushi she is finally taking her position as Arnav's wife by authority... In front of the family...

I loved it she was at the forefront to console ANJali..,as her brothers wife she was the closest in rishta to any other rishta... She was taking on the role of asr...she stayed back with her sister in law... And then looked after her hubby...Clap..

ASR seems like MU runs in your blood..but let's see more of the past..good you are opening more and more of yourself to your wife... It is giving her nourishment to take care of u.. The more she understands you... The less chances of MU from her side...

I was expecting BS driving shots but thankfully it was in the hospitalll with vignaharta in the background...Clap

Edited by msin - 03 September 2012 at 7:07pm

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BeautyForAshes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Hey dearies !!!

It was really heart breaking to see Anji today!!! Arnav's words just broke me into pieces "jab di thodi khush ho jati hai mujhe laga hai sab teek hogaya.. dont know why? ...everything just goes away... maa. baap , pati ab bacha "... literally cried over the scene ... the pain i totally felt but the Analysis part surrounding it - will definitely be handled well by the wonderful n well matured members here in the DC !!! 



As the truth of the past is slowly coming out i really feel sorry for Arnav's dad ... i had a strong feeling even b4 the past unfolded ...that ASR's dad was innocent n yes he is !!! today got a hint on it when they showed the flash back . Example : see the way Arnav loves khushi .. the way he treats her n all is a solid proof ..that his blood can never be bad !!! 

"aisa kuch nahi hain" was ASR's Dad's explanation to his mom's MU in the FB !!! but what did his mom say ?? --" maine apni aankhon se dekha "... the same lines which Arnav said to khushi ["tumhe kya lagta hai ..agar uss raat ko  mujhe pata dehte to me aanke bandh karke thumhare bhaato ka vishwaas karlega ??i always believed in what i saw and what i heard ... meine aankon se dekha"while confronting her and not wanting to listen to her side of the story !!! thank God our khushi was strong enuf to bring in the truth in front of ASR agian and again forcing him to see what was right !!!...  the one thing is for sure a 100% hereditary and thats misunderstanding situations without clarifications !!! 

am happy that i wrote exactly same situation b4 ..  take a read on my flash back post ...18th august 2012 !!!
btw when Arnav was telling Khushi abt dadi's nature... he says that dadi always thinks that whatever she does is right ... her stubbornness is to such an extent that she wud never consider others say/ their difference of opinion put it simple Dadi is Judgmental ...she Judges !! she declares !! that's it !!! [runs in the blood of the Maliks i guess ]

dadi's characteristics are very much similar to ASR's .. remember ...he did the same thing with khushi.. never gave her a chance to let her explain her part of the truth !! simply blindly believed what he saw .. 

so it could be Arnav's mistake of misunderstanding his dad ...

his mom's mistake of misunderstanding the whole situation  ...

and Dadi's mistake of misunderstanding Garima !!! 

the reason that Garima is hiding from Dadi could also be that even she explains her part of the truth.. this lady[ Subadra Devi] will not be ready to listen !!! coz..she had already passed on her JUDGEMENT reg. garima !!

thats all i gotta say for now.. still thinking abt Khushi's responsibility over his past ... cant wait for the suspense to get over soon  !!! will be a treat to watch if the CV's had planned for aproper explanation +Execution !!!

they have never let us down ... always been far so lets hope something more good !!

(P.S. : MU is the true/real HERO of IPKKND  ... all characters revolves around misunderstanding.. ...4 souls wr lost then ... n now thats not gonna be the same case ... no loss of souls this time baby .. ...they [arnav,khushi,anjali n all involved] will correct n clear up all MU's  !!! and we Crazy fans of IPK can expect a happily ever after !!! ) 



AUDIENCE POLL :Embarrassed [imp ones in blue color bold]

Originally posted by pkpkpk

anjali wholeheartedly accepted khushi. She still have faith on khushi still loves her. the way she told khushi to go to chote to console him was her faith on khushi. Today i felt very bad for anjali that she lost everyone one by one what a destiny.  

Originally posted by Aquiline

Goodness!! Where do we begin? What an epi! What an epi!! Loved the way Anjali believed no one even though they were all 'telling' her that the child was no more, but she believed the truth when she saw it in her brother's 'silent'  tears. The chemistry Daljeet and Barun share as brother and sister is irreplaceable, I tell you! Runaway Garimaji and Wheelchair Shashiji. Do cure up quick, Babuji!! We miss you! I so loved the music they played in the flashback when Young Arnav says "never saw the woman again" and the suspicious 'other' woman was shown.Who expected the past to show up today. Though we already knew this was the plot of the past, it was nice to see it thoughThe statue of Lord Ganesha you saw behind is actually the 'god of completeness' and wow! Look at that last scene. The statue is watching over the "completed hug in the hospital"!!!that many more completions were lined up to happen in the show!!!Did you see the motherly way in which Kushi hugged him? That's what's called a "healing hug."  

Originally posted by subha_rath2004

Here One thing strange I find ...that is here some people in the name of analysing the story or the characters only show their analysing skill and ENGLISH rather than actually understanding the characters...

Originally posted by archanakamaraj

What a emotional episode??when she is here with u..Then no more sorrows .just loved it !!
IPKKND rocks n SARUN rocks

Originally posted by arshicritic

Progress in their relationship Arnav opened his heart to Khushi, Dadi saw Khushi care for Anji ,Promise of ASR Shyam face off tomorrow - great precap. All in all this episode had all the right masalas in perfect proportion

Originally posted by great4life_2005

she didnt force him to talk... she didnt ask questions..she didnt demand answers...AND THEN...HE OPENED UP LIKE NEVER BEFORE.... POURED HIS HEART OUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE..

Originally posted by great4life_2005

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!.. how we underestimated IPKKND

Originally posted by swati-89

Every heart string cried out for him, for her, for them...He found his solace in her presence, in her arms, in her just being there with him...She for the first time came to know how vulnerable her Arnav is, a man who is such a tough nut to crack from his outward appearance, the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada... and yet a man who is just striving to be happy with life's small happiness...

thank Y'all !!!!!

luv n Hug

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