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Sharon-An Overtly Complicated Portrayal

candybar Goldie

Joined: 22 November 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Ok so some people would disagree with me here. Feel free to share your views. I'm doing the same.Smile

Yes,we all LOVE Sharon to bits. I do too. She's a beautifully etched out character. The soft/sweet side within her,the cute little girl beneath the hard facade always made us all want to be like her. Somewhere down the line we all connect to her emotions.Smile

But these days,I feel she's being portrayed a bit too abstractly. I know she is a complex character but it doesn't hurt to make her seem more like a normal girl in love sometimes.

"Main sach mein humein ek chance dena chahti hun", "I hope you still love me...I really do", "Aaj jab mujhe laga tum mujhse door ja rahe ho,toh I didn't like it at all"...she said all this during the trial relationship episode.
"Ek trial relationship se yeh sab expect kiya,meri galti hai"...she said this today.

I know she was hurt,she was insulted and Swayam didn't really support her when he had to. But the lad is genuinely trying to make it up to her. He earnestly wants another chance. Any girl, however hurt she is, however upset she is, would most certainly melt at Swayam's heartfelt attempts to set things right. But Sharon is depicted as stone-hearted these days. She sure can give him a chance.

Then again in the precap,she is extremely curious as to what Rey n Swayam are talking about and demands the call to be put on speaker. If she isn't really expecting anything from Swayam why the sudden interest to know what he's discussing with Rey?D'oh

In the beginning of the trial relationship,CV's made Sharon seem extremely excited and hopeful about it. She recorded Swayam's voice, made signs for him to sit beside her in class,called him up a hundred times in a day,cared for his sister,called herself his girlfriend without any apprehensions. 
Why the drastic change now? Ermm

Yes,the Footlose fiasco was a big thing. It definitely wouldn't be easy for a person to forget all the accusations and insults. And it would be harder when the person you trust and love doesn't support you at the right time. But mistakes happen,and everything is fine now. The gang is back together,they've let bygones be bygones. Why is Sharon still shown to be upset and hostile to Swayam? Even when he's literally struggling to appease her?Ermm

I really wish the CV's would give us a clearer idea about Sharon's state of mind. And I wish they'd treat her like a normal girl once in a while. A girl whose heart would melt when her boyfriend actually sings for her,a girl who can't get herself around to stay mad at him when he's trying the cutest of antics,  a girl who would see how hard he is trying to keep her happy and to make the relationship work...

I don't know who else is with me in this,but its MY sincere request to the CV's to stop trying to make Sharon overtly composite and intricate. She IS a girl after all.

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mrun_29 Goldie

Joined: 02 December 2011
Posts: 1171

Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Yess .. I agree with you .. Sharon's charcter is a complex one and at times its difficult to understand her .. But always there has been a specific reason behind her behaviour .. Be it towards Swayam or anyone .. But today m more confuse than you .. Sharon is the same girl , who was so excited abt this relationship .. She did all cute things at that time wich u have already mentioned .. And now suddenly she said ," Ek trial relation se ye expect kiya, meri galti hai" ... o_O ----> And i was exactly likee this wen i heard the same !! .. I mean what crap are you giving to us Cvs ?? I really cant understand -_- This track doesnt mke any sense to me .. *disappointed* :/

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candybar Goldie

Joined: 22 November 2011
Posts: 1000

Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mrunnu_TanHa

Yess .. I agree with you .. Sharon's charcter is a complex one and at times its difficult to understand her .. But always there has been a specific reason behind her behaviour .. Be it towards Swayam or anyone .. But today m more confuse than you .. Sharon is the same girl , who was so excited abt this relationship .. She did all cute things at that time wich u have already mentioned .. And now suddenly she said ," Ek trial relation se ye expect kiya, meri galti hai" ... o_O ----> And i was exactly likee this wen i heard the same !! .. I mean what crap are you giving to us Cvs ?? I really cant understand -_- This track doesnt mke any sense to me .. *disappointed* :/
Sab CV's ki galti hai. They never focused properly on her. Never depicted what's running on her mind properly.  Confused
BeulaSwaRon IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 December 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged
thanks a lot fr this. Spoke my mind. I will too make a topic on current sharon. Will edit my reply tomorow  


Sharon is  a complex character...but at the end of the day she is a girl...i had thought she is  hiding her softness from the world and swayam is that Mr.Right for her who knows her softer side and will change her to some extent...but yesterday her expectations waala line made me like does sharon has that soft side to her ya bass dikhaawa karthi hai??? does sharon deserve swayam's love????? hate cvs to get me to this state...

Yess on the confession episode outta nowhere she says out that she is hoping that he still loving her and really really want to give a chance to them...and when the trial relationship happened Sharon is the gal who was all excited...Wat was all that??? its like cvs can show her all softy when ever they want to or ridiculuosly rude as per their whims

Palki mam said that sharon chidthi hai tho chidthi hai bass...really???? but Palki mam how cud you forget one thing hai tho wo ek ladki and now she is in a relation in all senses.

Sharon was not even getting affected by the simplest of the gestures her BF is doing for can any girl not get carried away???? Sharon is shown as a stone-hearted gal...She is fine vth everyone...ppl called her bitch but she is totally being gud with them but wat wrong swayam did??? 

Fine she is hurt and upset that doesnt mean she can use such harsh words esp for her relationship...Doesnt she know how much swayam gets affected vth all her takes...she knows it perfectly right???? that means she doesnt consider him a part of her life...she is not allowing him to take over her...she is not allowing him to stand by her???? wat is sharon expecting???? how many more times swayam will have to justify himself??? cant she see his intentions...its all so clear...Does she care abt him??? ya bass aisey hi nautanki karthi hai...cant believe m saying like thiss...but this is how the viewers feel like now...and its a shame.

fine she can yell at him but she need to understand him too...Its all new for swyama too...not behave like a ridiculuos GF who just acts as per her mood...Sharon should be apologetic but instead she says that swayam didnt meet her expectations??? C'MON...S

SHARON YOU REALLY REALLY NEED TO CHANGE gal...I definitely dont want swayam to have a GF who doesnt care abt his feelings..and swyaam time for you to react.

Sharon has always beena katputli of cvs...jab chah gusaa dikha diyaa...jabb chaha ek irritating good gal banaa diyaa...they always go vth these two extremes...Sharon needs a big time every thing ...abt her share in relation...her realisation for her love. i hate rude ppl and sharon shudnt be the one.

Cvs are portraying her in a wrong manner...The complexity is overdone...and its not impressive at all...It pissing me offAngry


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Ankithate Goldie

Joined: 26 April 2012
Posts: 1114

Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged

See The Dialogues u Talking about , the Stone hearted ,
She Is Hurt and Moreover She is hurt from Swayam.
Yaa i agree its not all only Swayam fault , but i guess its what swayam wish ,
He Wanted Old Sharon back , the Diva , he dont want her to get change forcelfully though she wasnt changing forcefully. But he wanted and so on sharon gives diva avtar back...
so when she confeses she let Her emotions Flow And now what all she is saying its the old diva saying , the one who use to get hurt and in anger could say anythng ...

So on hole the changes u talking about are really not a change , she was use to be like thiss..
Its when she confeses she changes for swayam.. but swayam though that change was forcefull..
So basically this is what swayam wanted old sharon behaving old way..

P.s- You are mixing sharon charactr when she enters in relationship.. when she enters in relationship..She changes that tym.. the way she is behaving right now is not a change...
ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 October 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
First of all, Thank You for making this post !!

I'm totally confused with what's happening with Sharon now days !! I've always managed to understand why she's doing what she's doing but today, I didn't get what made her say that it was her mistake to expect so much from a trial relationship !!!

I sincerely plead with the CVs to stop ruining Sharon's character !! I really can't take it any more !! It's so hard for people to understand her as it is and I know that for a fact cause there's been countless amounts of time when she's been bashed for the way she reacted !! Still, true fans knew why Sharon was behaving as such and managed to reason with the others !! 

I feel like the CVs are going crazy !! First, Sharon was hurt that Swayam wasn't there by her side which was totally understandable and Swayam is doing everything possible to make up for it !! And when Sharon does respond by dancing with him, that gives us hope !! I get Sharon can't get over it within a day but any girl would have at least acknowledged what Swayam did and the best she could have said was I need some time for us to be back to normal, to heal and to trust you again !! Cause the issue here was Swayam not being by her side !! 

Suddenly, today the CVs decide to make it about Swayam not living up to Sharon's expectations !! Where the hell did that come from ?? Sharon never mentioned that before this !! All this time, she only said that she was hurt and wanted Swayam beside her and today, the issue is She shouldn't have expected so much from a trial relationship ??!! And after such a big statement, we see her wanting to listen to Rey and Swayam's conversation in the precap like everything is back to normal again !! The CVs seriously need to figure out what they want to do with Sharon, Swayam and SwaRon as a whole !!

I can't take this any longer !! Sharon has always been ruined from day 1 and it takes a lot for someone to understand and stand up for her !! But the way the CVs are portraying Sharon now days is beyond my understanding and I hate that !! Everyone knows that Sharon is a complicated character but that doesn't mean you can make her do or say anything !! She still needs to make some kind of sense and I certainly don't see that sense in today's epi !!

Again, I request the CVs with my whole heart to really look into the track before making Sharon and Swayam do and say as they please cause we're attached to these characters and to see them being ruined like this, where it doesn't even feel like it's Sharon and Swayam any more is really sad !! And once we totally lose the connect with this characters, then we will definitely not be able to understand their love story which will eventually make us question, WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL WATCHING THIS ?? 

I ain't making a threat of quitting but I'm just stating the way I feel and what this feeling may eventually lead up to !! The rest is up to the CVs !!

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swaron19 Goldie

Joined: 06 June 2012
Posts: 1229

Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged

Sharon, was really a complex character.. Swayam's philosophical talks were deep.. but sharon's basic behavior and nature was deep for me.. Not only cause she was a girl.. (as you said girls are really complex, we can say that.Tongue.) but her character was not shaped by CV's much.. Sharon's monologue were never shown much and if shown they were never the way other leads monologue's were portrayed..  Earlier (too be precise, when kriya was there), I never felt it was needed much.. cause sneha's expression and sensible story used to save from making Sharon a highly complex character..

But now the story itself is so confusing, that even sneha's brilliant acting can't save the mess created by CV's.. I still blame the introduction of new dumb character is responsible for sharon's confusing nature.. cause CV's are way busy shaping tani's character making Sharon, swayam, and swaron story completely a mess.. And CV's have so brutally butchered and damaged not only swayam, sharan and swaron story but also D3's story .. That now it's far beyond any repair' Whatever they do now is not going to save.. if not D3 then  the swaron story and them as individual'

They have lost swaron track completely, for me'

BTW nice post.. It was really needed..Smile



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NabzKaJenDMG Goldie

Joined: 09 November 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Totally Agree With Ur PostThumbs Up 

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