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ArHi SS: Dark Side- Chapt 8 Pg 45 *Updated* 30/8/13 (Page 27)

jessicad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2013 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Shobhu21-

Welcome back finally Jess !

So goood to have you back, Id just started to think why people disappear exactly when I start talking with them !
And the update was absolutely amazing !
The way you described Khushi's suffering at not knowing herself, and Arnav's suffering at the fact that his best friend fails to recognise him ! *sigh* 
Loved it Jess ! Cant wait for the next one !

Sho Sho OMG you're here and reading this still! I am so happy I can't tell!!! Big smile

Vee, You're cute but you're wayy better dude! Big smile

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jessicad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 December 2011
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Posted: 18 April 2013 at 10:48am | IP Logged

Hey guys, it's me again and I pinched myself thrice to believe that I'm actually posting a chapter in this SS for the first time without a month's delay! How amazing is that! I feel like I've achieved a great feat! Lol, well anyway as my usual routine calls for, I need to have the name Saiyu mentioned somewhere or my chapter is incomplete. LOL There's a surprise for her in the update. Chapter 5 below.





Chapter 5 : Misunderstandings, but for how long?




The events of the day took a toll on everyone's sleep. It was a long day with things happening one after the other, leaving no space for breath at all and so it was almost 3am when Khushi finally got up from her place at the corner of the room. The room she had run into incidentally turned out to be her very room, although she didn't know this. She slowly went towards the bed and sat down. She looked at the bed stand beside her and grazed the wood, a ticklish feeling on her fingers. She somehow wasn't sleepy tonight. She sure was tired, but there was not a wink of sleep in her eyes. She thought that was because she couldn't remember what actually made her tired. Her constant effort to try and recollect past events held back her sleep and she sat there gazing at the table and its contents.



There was a beautiful red lamp stand on the table and she lovingly looked at the red shade for a few moments, instantly picking the color as her favorite. It was so beautiful. As she looked on she suddenly gasped with surprise as she came across a photo frame containing her picture. She looked at the picture in complete awe. She seemed so happy, her brilliant smile flashing through the frame, dazzling her for a brief period. She held the photo to her face and got up from the bed and started walking around the room, her eyes not leaving the image that her vision offered. A picture speaks a thousand unsaid words and so did this picture. Here she was desperately trying to hold onto any hanging threads of her past and she bumped into such a major ball of thread. She had a happy past; that much she was sure of. The picture was evidence to it. Anyone who would have seen that picture would have been left in no doubt about Khushi's well being and happiness. She looked that radiant.



Suddenly she stopped as her toe bumped into something. Yelping in pain, she half limped as she held her toe and started rubbing it. When she rose from her crouching position, she stepped back in mild shock as she saw her own reflection look back at her. She had dashed against the dresser while looking at her picture and accidently hit her toe against the stand. She wasn't shocked that she suddenly saw herself; she was shocked more at what she saw in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot and red; there were dark patches on her face that looked like bruises, highlighting her cheek bones, as if someone had smacked her hard across the face. Her lip was cut in the corner and bleeding slightly. Her eyes held no happiness whatsoever. She glanced at the picture in her hand and looked back at her reflection. She saw the glaring contrast between them. If the reflection she was seeing was hers, surely this picture could not be her. What had she turned into? Why had she turned into what she had turned into? The picture was her only glimpse of a past forgotten, a past she longed to drive back to. What had happened to her that she was brought down to this..this state her reflection showed? She touched her reflection with her fingers, lost in thought.






"ASR?" Lavanya peeked in through his garden and Arnav immediately hid his bleeding palm. She hesitated for a second before walking to him. "You're still here Lavanya? I thought you had gone home long back" he said trying to sound normal through his cracked voice. Lavanya gave him a *really-you-think-so* look and Arnav sighed. "All right, I knew you were still here. How would you go home when.." his voice trailed as she cut short of his speech that she was sure was being told in order to avoid the topic that had been looming in his mind ever since. "We have to do something ASR", she said, speaking to the point. "You tell me, Lavanya. My mind- it's completely blank at the moment" he spoke, a little irritated with himself. "Well I know a lady who knows more about this situation than us. If you want me to call her in, I will. What do you think?" she asked Arnav, waiting for his decision. Although Arnav had first brushed off the idea of calling in a specialist, he realized now that he had no other go. He straightened his back in a very ASR-ish manner and nodded curtly. "All right Lavanya. But remember, if she does anything to make the situation take a turn for the worse, you're to blame." To his surprise, Lavanya smiled. If ASR didn't react this way, then who would? She turned on her heels to walk away but not before she turned back to him and said softly, "Give her some time to trust you ASR. She isn't a business tender that you control within a second, na? You'll have to earn her trust and that only you can do. She may misunderstand you, but you're not giving up hope on her and neither am I" And with those few words of wisdom, she walked off, out of his room. Arnav stood there trying to understand what she meant when her head peeked in again after a second, "Don't forget to bandage your hand and don't try to hide your wounds the next time" and as Arnav looked at her in surprise, she walked away with her voice echoing "If you have a hawk's eye, I am your secretary!"



Arnav looked at the rose in his hand with the thorn that grazed him. He walked outside his room and didn't know when his feet subconsciously took him to Khushi's room. He positioned himself once more outside her door, his eyes searching the little figure that belonged to his Khushi. He saw her at the dresser, looking at her reflection, her expression somewhat troubled. Concern rose in his heart and he immediately wanted to goo upto her and know what troubled her, but her words from the previous night were still fresh in his heart. Should he approach her? What if she wasn't ready to face him? Most importantly, what if HE was still not ready to face her?



"Khushi?" he whispered, despite his reluctance. She turned in her spot and looked at him. He tried to read her facial expressions that changed from surprise to confusion to as if something dawned upon her to anger. Wait. Anger? And before he could even process anything, she almost charged at him. "You!! You are the reason for this!" "Huh" he looked at her baffled. "I know, the doctor said I was with you all the time. He said you were my friend, but why was I even living with my friend? Friends don't live together, do they?  You must have held me hostage. You must have done this to me" and she pointed towards the bruises her face held. "You're the reason I don't remember anything. You!"



It took Arnav almost a full minute to process that she was blaming him, HIM for her condition. He looked at her with deeply hurt eyes, and then anger took over. "You're saying I did this to you? I!!" his voice boomed. She was a little taken aback by his sudden outburst, but she gathered herself and said in the most daring voice possible, "Yes! Who else would have brought me to such a condition? These bruises look fresh and I've been with no one but you. So it's obvious that you did this!" With every word of accusation, Arnav's body started to seethe in anger and like always once again, his best friend yet worst enemy stepped in and he grabbed Khushi by the shoulder roughly, hurting her and his already wounded palm in the process "How dare you Khushi Kumari Gupta? How dare you even think that I could have done this to you? Do I look like the kind of person that would even think of hurting you?"



"Let me go!" she struggled within his hold as tears replaced the anger in her eyes. "You're hurting me." The tears and her last words suddenly brought back Arnav to his senses and he let go off her, his anger slowly ebbing away, replaced by guilt. He lowered his eyes, deeply ashamed of his actions and mumbled a low but genuine "I'm sorry" and then looked away. Here he was arrogantly announcing that he would never hurt her, while doing the very same thing. Hypocrite, he chided himself.



"Khushi, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do it. It's just that you suddenly blamed me for everything when all I was trying to do was help you, it just hurt" he said and looked back at Khushi, but there was no Khushi there. The room was empty and she was gone.



"Khushi?" he called out, but there was no response. He cursed himself inwardly. "Khushi, Khushi? Where are you?" he shouted, his heart literally banging against his ribs. He heard a door being opened in the distance and ran towards the noise. He saw the end of her Red dupatta flapping in the distance as the door banged itself after it.



"Khushi, no! Come back. Don't go out. It's really dangerous" he shouted after her and ran, but by the time he came outside, she was gone. He cursed some more and looked around helplessly, not knowing what to do. He had never been so helpless in his life. This was the second time he's lost her in one day. He started screaming at himself, agonized "What the f**k Arnav? What was the need for you to have shouted at her? Can't you ever rein your anger sometimes! Bloody idiot!" He ran back towards his garage to take his car. It was almost the break of dawn and the sun would be up any moment. That was the only thing that made him feel better. Khushi was safer in daylight. He started his engine and was about to leave the premises of his home, when another car entered. Arnav started honking like a crazy insane person, asking the other person to get out of his way, when he saw Khushi in the car, struggling as her wrist was held by another woman.

Sheer relief spread through him the moment he saw Khushi, which was replaced by anger after sometime. Khushi was clearly struggling there and he didn't like that one bit.



He barged out of his car and in two long strides; he was at the other car. He opened the door to the passenger seat and brought Khushi out gently, but with a firm hold on both her hands. "What do you think of yourself? Leaving the house like that? What if something happened to you, dammit? What if something serious happened to you? As if all this wasn't enough, you went ahead to get yourself into some more trouble? What would I have done? Do you even have any idea how scared I was? I thought I lost you..again! Imagine how that feels? Don't do this again Khushi please? I promise never to shout at you again, but please don't leave me!" and saying all this in one long breath, he pulled her into an abrupt hug. "I'd die if you leave me" he said. Khushi stood dumbstruck like an unmoving doll in his hands as he held her tightly against his chest. "Ahem" a voice came ending their thoughts suddenly as well as their hug that strangely didn't go down too well with Khushi. Still holding Khushi by her elbows, Arnav looked on as a woman stepped out of the car. She was in her mid twenties and had a pleasant smiling face. She had sharp eyes that looked like they had spent years observing people and had a keen sense about it, but they still looked pleasant and not calculative. She had long dark brown hair that was tied into a twisted ponytail that hung at her front. She was almost of Khushi's height and was wearing brown high-waist trousers with a beige shirt tucked in. She had an air of authority that spoke almost everything about her.



Before Arnav could open his mouth to shout at her for man handling Khushi and how she could dare do something as illicit as that, she cut in and spoke in a straightforward tone, "I know what you're gonna say, but trust me, there's no need for it. You'll be thanking me later for bringing Khushi back here (at which Khushi scowled at her) and there'll be unnecessary sorries which you'll be mumbling to me, so let me cut us all some slack and introduce myself.


"Hello, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. I'm Saiyeda. Doctor Saiyeda P. Psychologist and Khushi's new Doctor, Mentor and Friend" she said bringing forward her hand to shake his.






Hope you all liked it. Please don't be angry with my Khushi. She is in a very vulnerable position and will take time to trust anyone, but be the first to raise accusations. That's her. :) Please leave your likes and comments.

With Love,


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pari_goyal IF-Dazzler

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nice update

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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I am a character in Dark Side! And a psychologist at that??? Chal meri degree kahin toh kaam aayi. What better than the noble cause of ArHi love? Party

"Hello, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. I'm Saiyeda. Doctor Saiyeda Patel. Psychologist and Khushi's new Doctor, Mentor and Friend" she said bringing forward her hand to shake his.

 I shook hands with ASR???? Dancing Day Dreaming

Arnav looked on as a woman stepped out of the car. She was in her mid twenties and had a pleasant smiling face. She had sharp eyes that looked like they had spent years observing people and had a keen sense about it, but they still looked pleasant and not calculative. She had long dark brown hair that was tied into a twisted ponytail that hung at her front. She was almost of Khushi's height and was wearing brown high-waist trousers with a beige shirt tucked in. She had an air of authority that spoke almost everything about her.

I look like this? Shocked And give such an impression??? Shocked Story main chalta hain LOL

Enough about me. Now to your story...

Poor Khushi. First not remembering your past, then when you come across a glimpse to a happy past you are forced to acknowledged a bruised presence.

Poor Arnav. All his life he cherished one girl and she is accusing him of her current condition.

You are portraying the pain very well.

Winter is here. Where is the spring?

Wait am I the spring? LOL

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achu_arshi IF-Dazzler

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U updated
It was awesome

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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so khushi thinks all this that happened to her
the bruises and all is arnie doing
oh dear thats so wrong she got
but then how is she to know right
and it dont help the way he behaved with her
no khushi he didnt do this to you
in fact he is your protector
well am sure she shall know that soon enough
oh dear this mu could have caused more problems than ever
hello arnie she has forgotten but you havent
he has gotta control his anger especially now that khushi dont know about him
cheers for pm

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shubhanjli Goldie

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Really touchy... Feeling bad for Arnav... Update soon

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Saddening As Khushi Has Forgot EVERYTHING =(

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