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ArHi SS: Dark Side- Chapt 8 Pg 45 *Updated* 30/8/13 (Page 19)

samirao IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 October 2012
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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
very interesting and fantastic chapter, u took so long to update , ur a good writer , u should write more, any way just love ur caring arnav , waiting for net part ,
could u plz pm me net time , if its possible , thanks in advance

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rukuswasthika IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 October 2011
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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 9:16am | IP Logged
plz update soon and can u pm me plzzz

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jessicad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:33pm | IP Logged

Hey guys! Guess who's back? LOL Yea I can already feel the chappals being thrown at me, but I had major exams! I know its really stupid when I keep promising regular updates and that just doesn't happen, but I swear, Its the circumstances to be blamed not me! LOL

Anyway I guess that's enough of me defending me :P Chapter 4 below :)

This is for Saiyu again. Yea I love dedicating chapters to her, but specially because it was her birthday two days ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN SAIYUU! This one's for you! HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 4:   Unforeseen




He cared. He cared so much that cannot be told in mere words. He cared so much that if told would fade in terms of what he actually felt. He cared so much that he couldn't care more for anyone but her.


 He cared. He loved.



So when Arnav Singh Raizada heard those three words from her mouth, it took him what felt like eternity to register the meaning and its implication. He was among those who usually expect the worst, but even a cynical brain as his could never have thought of the scenario that was unfolding right now in front of his eyes.



"Stop kidding me, Khushi", he said scoffing as if the jarring signals his mind was sending his heart were but a mere lie. When Khushi did nothing but stare, he panicked. His heart beat instantly picked pace. Holding Khushi's face in his palms a little too fiercely than he intended to, he shot up the first question that came to him. "What do you mean Khush? Don't you remember me? I'm Arnav!"



 Khushi withdrew from his hold suddenly, finding it to be downright awkward to be held in a stranger's embrace. She got up from the bed and started backing towards the window where Arnav was standing just moments ago, reveling in the past. She cast a confused glance around the room once more before shooting questions at Arnav with a lot of difficulty. "Who are you and..and how the hell did I.. get here? She suddenly stopped abruptly, holding her head in her hand. She looked like she was trying too hard to recollect something. Looking directly at Arnav, she shot the second question of that day that sent another horrible ripple of fear into his stomach. "I.." she looked strangely at him. "Who am I? Who am I?" She clutched her head tighter, letting painful moans out and spoke in a fast manner. "Why can't I remember who I am? Why can't I? Who AM I?" Her entire body started contorting in shudders. She started screaming at Arnav. "Why am I not able to remember anything? Why? She clutched at his shirt, fisting the folds and hurled one shot after another out of desperation. She thought she would go crazy. Her head started to throb badly.



Time is what prevents everything from happening all at once.



And that was precisely what Arnav hated at that moment. Although he couldn't grasp a head or tail of whatever was happening right now, he knew it was bad. Very bad. He fervently hoped that the bad would happen all at once, in the blink of an eye, in a fleeting moment, in the pummel of a heartbeat, leaving only the good to look forward to.



He clutched her hands to his chest trying to implore his gaze into hers; his gaze constantly trying to convey to her, begging her almost, pleading to recollect  who he was and most importantly who SHE was.



If only life had been that easy. But life IS hard. There are things not in our control. It's hard to accept, but it's a bitter fact of life.


Turning away from him, she ran away and outside the room crying and sobbing to herself. He reached his hand out to her for one last time, feeling only the cold wind from the window pass through his fingers, slipping away into nothingness.




"I don't understand, Doctor. What is wrong with her? Is she going to be alright? She refuses to recognize me. Me! She doesn't even look at my face! You saw her crouching in the corner of that room, didn't you? She was like someone fearing that peril would come at her any moment. I've never seen her so helpless, so scared, so frightened. She has never been like that before. Please doctor, she hasn't even let anyone near her for the past one hour. What has happened to her?" Arnav pleaded with the doctor as he walked out of the room and along the wide marbled corridor, matching pace with the doctor.


The doctor who had come to check Khushi just mere hours ago was furrowing his eyebrows intently, as if trying to put forth a well worded reason. "I'm not too sure if I'd be right in saying this, Mr. Arnav; but after all that you've told me about '. "The past events", I can come up with only one reason. I think the trauma has gotten too much to her, impelling her into post traumatic amnesia."

Amnesia? Arnav felt like someone had punched him right in the gut. "What exactly do you mean by that?" he barked. "Post traumatic amnesia? Amnesia! Memory Loss? What..?" he shot at him. The doctor immediately asserted, "Now, I am not an expert in this situation, so it'd be only right that I don't draw any more conclusions and direct you to a specialis'." But before the doctor could complete his sentence, he felt his collar being pulled and his face brought in line with Arnav's eyes that were burning with fury.


"What do you think you are talking? There will be no need for a specialist because there is nothing wrong with Khushi! Nothing!" he pressed dangerously. "I know she will be alright in a few hours time. She might have too many things going on in her mind right now, that's why she is so befuddled about things, but that doesn't mean that she has Post. Traumatic. Amnesia!" he bellowed, stressing on the last three words, each of which looked like a blow to the helpless doctor. "Don't give me such nonsense theories just because you don't know what has happened to her. I know she's gonna be alright." he said and then in a louder voice, which was more to confirm to himself than chide the doctor, added "She is Fine! Got that? Now get away from my sight before I do something to you"


The doctor scurried away from there as soon as possible, swearing to himself never to cross paths with this angry stubborn man. Anger was Arnav Singh Raizada's best friend and worst enemy, but when he found himself stuck between it being the friend and enemy at the same time, it usually caused problems. Sure anger helped him calm down by scooting away the doctor, but it didn't let him know 'exactly' what was wrong with Khushi as well. He ran his hands through his hair in a frustrated manner and was about to head back into the room where Khushi was, when the door bell rang.


He opened the door to a smiling Lavanya who was oblivious to the whole situation. Arnav had forgotten to tell her about the incident's details after she left. She held a hot case in her hand and a large basket of fruits. Not noticing Arnav's tensed expression, she entered the house blabbering, "You know I thought your maid wasn't going to come at this time of the night anyway, so I made Ma prepare some food for Khushi. The moment I told her Khushi wasn't in her best health and needed tending to; she raced to cook something for her. She was never this proactive towards my food needs ever, but you know Khushi's nature and how she instantly makes everyone fall in love with her. No wonder Ma was so enthusiastic." she finished and turned to Arnav who was looking at her with a very somber expression. Lavanya immediately scrunched her eyebrows. "Is everything alright, ASR? You look very pale. Are you ill?"


"I don't know Lavanya. I don't know if I'm alright or am ever going to be alright."


Lavanya looked at him, confused. "ASR will you please tell me what's going on? What happen?" and then as if on cue, she asked him, "Wait.. is it about Khushi? Where is she?"


Arnav sat down on the sofa, holding his forehead and said in a little voice, "It seems as if she doesn't remember anything Lavanya. She didn't recognize me.", he said looking at her face in a very sad voice and then proceeded to tell her what happened.


"What?!" Lavanya shot, when he told her about Khushi's incessant cries when the doctor tried to reason with her, almost dropping the fruit basket, shock clearly evident on her face. She ran towards the room where Khushi was and stopped at the entrance. She looked at her through the opening and the sight that met her eyes somehow clawed at her heart. Khushi was sitting at the farthest corner of the room. Her knees were drawn to her chest and she half hid her face behind them, blankly looking at the floor. Her eyes were bloodshot and her already frail body looked like it could break into shambles any moment. Lavanya was a warm hearted person who loved both ASR and Khushi as her best friends and for a warm person like her, to watch a cold scene playing in front of her eyes was a little too much to bear. She composed herself and slowly went into the room and tiptoed to Khushi.


Khushi felt a warm hand on her shoulder as Lavanya sat herself beside her. Khushi looked at her with questioning eyes. "Err Hi Khushi", Lavanya awkwardly mumbled, and when Khushi continued to penetrate her questioning gaze into Lavanya's eyes, she spoke again, this time with firmness. "Oh Come on, Khushi. I'm Lavanya! Don't you recognize me?" Khushi lowered her eyes and shook her head in an almost despairing manner that broke Lavanya's last hold on the hope that Khushi would remember her.

"Khushi?" Lavanya prodded her trying to frame her sentences with a bit of caution, "What are you thinking right now?" Khushi stifled a hiccup and shook her head and said "Nothing" Lavanya waited for a few moments before Khushi spoke again "I want to think about something, but there's nothing to think about. The doctor says that guy Arnav knows me, and I'm his friend. Why don't I know this if I'm his friend? Why does the doctor know this?"

Lavanya was at a loss of words. Never in her life had she encountered a situation like this, but she pulled herself up and told Khushi soothingly, "It happens sometimes that we don't remember the most important things of our life, but that doesn't make us any more stupid, or any less precious than we actually are. You and I are almost like sisters. You can trust your sister when she tells you this, can't you?" Khushi looked at the floor for many minutes before nodding in the affirmative. "Arnav there is your best friend, Khushi" Lavanya said. "I can vouch for it when I say to you that you will not find a more caring man in this entire world who cares so much for you." Lavanya knew Arnav's state of mind and how much he couldn't bear the fact that Khushi didn't recognize him, so her first step was to dwindle the distance between them and sort out all apprehensions from Khushi's side. "Trust him" she finished, and then realizing that Khushi needed some time to process all that she heard and space, she got up to leave. A small voice stopped her in her tracks. "So my name really is Khushi then?" Khushi asked Lavanya looking into her eyes. Lavanya smiled nodding her head to which Khushi showed the first ever curve of her lips slightly smiling at the corners. "Khushi" she whispered to herself, as if embracing the new name in her life. "Happiness"


Arnav stood in his garden, holding a rose in his hand, his fingers grazing the thorns around it, Khushi's words resounding in his mind. "The doctor says that guy Arnav knows me." That guy? Is that what he was reduced to now? That guy? He had immediately left the place the moment Khushi uttered the words "that guy" Somewhere deep within his heart muscles; something tore, shattering into pieces. He fisted the stem of the rose with a stronger hold. Pain struck him at his palm as his blood started flowing from his hands, running in the same color as was the rose- RED.



Please tell me what you all thought of it, and leave your likes and comments. Smile

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stories.1408 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
just read this story.cant wait for future updates.really feel bad for arshi.both in their own hell.plz pm if u continue.

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
Have you ever suffered from amnesia Jess?
You portrayed Khushi's confusion, fear and frustration so well.
Imagine not knowing about yourself! Poor her, bore so much of trauma that her brain decided to blank out than fight a losing battle in hopelessly dealing with pain... Cry
But my heart still goes out for Arnav more. He loves her loads but never told her. He was trying to mend her life brick by brick only to have the entire building being torn down all at once...
He doesnt know where to start. First he was at least her best friend, someone whom she could rely in her worst of moments is now the that guy for her... Ouch
I hope he moves beyond his anger and gives his heart and soul to her all over again.
I hope she moved beyond her distrust and gives their life another chance.
And who knows... this new Khushi will recognize and accept the love the old Khushi didnt.
PS: I love your Lavanya Smile
Thanks for the dedication Embarrassed You guys made my birthday so special Star

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Dynamix215 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
oh no... :( bechara arnav1

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gangsu IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 July 2012
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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update.
hope khushi remember everythin soon

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nikki.171 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 June 2009
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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
A brilliant update. U write wonderfully!
Khushi.. the poor soul is deprived of the very characteristic her name offers - happiness. And Arnav - sometimes the person who is closest to the suffering person suffers even more (if that makes sense). The helplessness.
 Well.. I hope you can update more often and please know that I appreciate ur work even if I cant comment bcuz of the 'circumstances' ;)
Till then! Ciao!

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