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Part 28...


3:03 AM

Ravi Lodge

Room No. 102


Night before Sikander's trial.


Arjun woke up from an uncomfortable sleep to the sound of his cell phone ringing. His eyes opened for a micro second before closing again – it was dark, he realised he fell asleep on the couch going through an old file of Rajjan. He was torn between letting the call go and picking it up. But, he knew there must be something wrong for someone to be calling in the middle of the night. With his thoughts directed to Riya and Anu, he immediately got up and started looking for the phone. By the time he dug the phone out from underneath the pile of papers, the ringing stopped. Arjun saw the missed call was from Rathore, his anxiety grew.


Arjun dialled back to Rathore and waited as the phone started ringing. It rang for a few seconds and then the answering machine started playing. Arjun cut the call with increasing anxiousness and frustration. He fidgeted with his phone for a minute before calling him again. This time the phone rang a couple of times before Rathore picked it up.


"Sameer, what the hell is happening?" Arjun asked before Rahtore got a chance to even say 'hello'.


"Arjun? Arjun are you okay?" Rathore said in distress.


"Sam...What's wrong? I am okay but you sound..."


"You are okay?" Arjun could hear Rathore's sigh of relief before he continued,


"I – I got a call from someone that...that you have been attacked!"


The second Rathore finished his sentence; everything around Arjun slowed down a hundred folds. He heard the clear screech of a car as it came to a sudden halt outside, he heard two doors open and shut, followed by a series of loud bangs he was way too familiar with.


The sound of the firing ripped through the nights' silence. Arjun froze for a micro second as he saw the bullets break through the widows and penetrate into the walls and objects around the room.


He ducked, just in time as a bullet whizzed past him, only managing to scrape his upper left arm. Crouching low to the ground, he covered his eyes and face as the windows of his room shattered and showered him with glass. He still held his phone in his hand as he got on all four hinds and started crawling away from the window.


"Argh! Dammit!!"


He cursed when his knees and hands pressed down on the pieces of glass and they started bleeding. Shattered glass mixed with bullets whizzed through the room a few centimetres above his head.


He crawled to the far end of the room, leaving behind a trail of his blood. He reached his draws set and started opening the draws at random, not remembering which one held his hand gun. Finally finding the gun in the depths of one of the draws, he took it out. Holding it tightly in his injured hands he crawled back to the window. Laying low near the frame he pointed his gun outside and shot bullets at random.


One bullet shot.


Two bullets shot.


Three bullets shot.




Finally the bullet found its target. The firing stopped as abruptly as it began, the ear-splitting bangs echoed for good two minutes after they stopped. As what just happened started to sink in, Arjun heard the vehicle drive away.


He slumped to the ground as his surroundings fell into the nights' dead silence, his senses super attentive to any movement. Few moments passed with no sound other than his pounding heart and heavy breathing. Then he heard a tiny voice, frowning he looked around dazed and realised that he was still holding onto his phone. He took a deep breath and raised the phone up to his ear with the bloodied hand.


"ARJUN, ARJUN...Arjun can you hear me?!" Rathore was shouting, his voice concerned and anxious.


"Sam...I – I am okay" Arjun managed to say. 


"Was that gun fire? Are you hurt?" Rathore was still shouting.


"Ya, that was firing. I am hurt but not a gunshot...minor inju..."


"I am coming...hold on" Rahtore interrupted.


"NO! Sameer, stay there...stay with Tanvi, Anu and Riya...I'll come there" Arjun insisted.


"Don't be stupid Arjun, you said you are hurt how will you drive here? Accha rukho...I'll ask Chotu and Shree to pick you up. And Arjun please, do me a favour and stay alive till they get there!!!" Rathore said before ending the call.


Arjun stayed on the ground for a few more minutes, looking at his bleeding hands and legs, trying to take the glass pieces out which pierced into them.


He slowly got up, with his back to the wall; he peered outside to see a deserted road. Few more seconds of silence before people from other rooms started pouring out, scared and confused. Arjun went out in an effort to calm them and comfort them that everything was alright. At first they got scared seeing his bloodied clothing but when they were assured that he was an ETF officer and that everything was alright they calmed down a bit.


He made sure no one was hurt and reassured to the lodge manager that security will be arranged as soon as possible. Just as he cut the call to the local police to ask them to come over, a bewildered looking Shree and Chotu arrived.




Arjun, Shree and Chotu arrived at Rathore's house after a quick visit to the hospital to get Arjun's wounds stitched up. They walked in to find the residents of the house – both permanent and temporary – up and anxiously waiting for them.


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief seeing him but their eyes popped at his bandage covered hands and legs. Tanvi and Anu immediately started fussing over it, while Riya stood near them and looked on with a pale face and shaking hands. Her throat was way too dry to even try to say anything.


"The other guests at the lodge were terrified Sam, I asked the local police to stay on..." Arjun informed Rathore as he sat down and put a comforting arm around his sister who held on to him protectively.


"Hmmm..." Rathore nodded, he too was a bit shaken up by the incident. He asked Tanvi and Anu to go and rest.


Anu looked at Arjun anxiously and protectively. He hugged her and assured her that he was alright.


"Anu, tum Tanvi ke paas so jao..." Rathore said pointing her towards his and Tanvi's room.


Before Anu went inside Shree went to her and talked to her, making sure she was alright and assuring her nothing bad will happen.


Once they went inside Rathore turned to Shree with clenched teeth,


"I got a call saying there's going to be an attack on Arjun. Trace the call Shree...I want that..." Rathore glanced at Riya and fell silent not wanting to swear in front of her.


"Sir, I'll have to go to the office for the gear...I'll go there right now and..."


"Akele kahi math jaana" Riya cut him short anxiously. This was the first time she spoke since Arjun arrived and he was relieved.


"Main bhi chaltha hoon Shree ke saath..." Chotu said and soon both left to the office with a promise to Riya that they'll call once they reach there.


After bidding good bye to them Rathore turned to Arjun and Riya,


"Riya tumhe akele soone mein..."


"Hmmm...oh..." She glanced at Arjun from the corner of her eyes, "It's alright sir, I am fine with that..."


"Ajrun, umm mein iss kamre mein so raha hoon, tum chaaho toh tum bhi..." Rathore said but trailed off, having noticed Arjun look at Riya.


Arjun just nodded in response. Rathore told them both to take rest and left.


Once Rathore left Riya turned to Arjun, her eyes on his injuries she spoke,


"You should get some rest..." and without waiting for his response she turned around and walked into her room.


Arjun frowned seeing her retreating form and followed her in. Locking the door behind them, he walked up to Riya who stood at the edge of the bed, fidgeting her fingers and blinking her eyes more than usual in an attempt to keep the tears at bay that threatened to flow out.


He turned her around to face him,


"Riyaa..." He said softly.


The second she saw him, tears started rolling down her cheeks. He made her sit down on the bed and held her, but did not say anything. He would have told her that everything was alright and etcetera if she didn't know better. But, she knew and he knew; how close he came to being killed tonight. So, he held her silently, letting her know that he was here with her right now – and that was all that mattered.


After sometime he made her lay down on the bed and slipped in next to her. Hugging her tightly, he cherished every second with her, because life is too short and no one understood this better than Arjun Suryakanth Rawte.



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hi simar

i m not in my stalker mode but teri story k liye main Res

Awesum part simar

seriously yaar loved it

i was scared while reading dat whole bullet fighting sequence

dat was indeed scary

Ria worried for him 

Continue soon

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Originally posted by tani23

hi simar

i m not in my stalker mode but teri story k liye main Res

Thank You!! Hug

Eagerly looking forward to know what you think of the update!!! Big smile

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great update
the last scene very emotional

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oh my god! My heart ws in my mouth when the attack began! Whoa!! Indeed well planned and very well written..
Im so glad they're all safe..
They have to get things moving.. Sik's trial? I soo wish n pray that ... gets hanged to death.. Coz if he is acquitted, he's going to make their lives hell!!

Aww.. Arjun-Riya!! God another Mushkil Prem Kahani!! But I hope against hope that they never lose each other or for that matter any of the others too..

Do continue soo. n thanks for the PM!

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Omg mrng me shock!!!!!!
attack began i felt watching live
phew oh no arjun ji hurt.!!!
loved d concern of sam fr arjun most..
gud update
loved it
last line
made me
do cont soon dear..
anu is best as sis i cherish d bond btw arjun n anu..
thank u dear..!!

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a perfect episode dear!!!
felt like actually watching it!!
a new trouble on life... hope it ends with sik
waitng foor nxt part...

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Awesome update
Attack on Arjun..that was scary...thank god he is safe...
and the last part was way too is too short! and cherishing every moment of it is what its all about...

Cont soon!

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