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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 91)

yas23 Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2012
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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved anu nd riya scenes their dance...running around was great
arjun helping riya with the kitchen work was so cute nd sweet
ariya romance was too amazing...loved thm
plse pm me the next part...thanx
continue soon

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..sweetchilly.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 October 2012
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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Just read it...
It was awesome...
Shree's call nd Anu's embarassment...
Anu nd Riya's dance...
It was really nice chap..
Loved it..

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salmankideewani Senior Member

Joined: 05 November 2007
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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
I've read the last 2 parts but just haven't got to commenting on it. Sorry.

Loved the part how Arjun finds out that it's Shree and how Rathor and Arjun plan on pulling his leg. haha

Ahhh i was missing Ariyas romance...Thank you sooo much for dedicating a whole part on them! Smile  Ariya is soo cute!
This update was beyond fantastic.  You never fail to give the readers an amazing update all the time!

Can't wait to find out who this stalker is.  Looking forward to some more of Ariyas cute romance! 

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Mellifluous IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 August 2012
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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Full on Ariya romance. Loved it. Oh god Anu's phone!!! but chalo koi baat nehi,they resumes the romance again Wink
nice update simar,update soon.

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fatima15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2013 at 9:35pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Thank you alll for those lovely comments and likes!!! Hug

Next part in the post below, the story is gonna take a bit of a serious turn now. Watch out for the coming chapters and don't miss out on any parts! Smile

Let me know what you guys think!!


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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 2:24am | IP Logged

Part 26...


Few days later...


Happiness was all around for the ETF members! Shree and Anu were very happy and meeting each other freely and openly, without any guilt. Their relationship was slowly but constantly growing deeper. Rathore and Tanvi were immensely happy and enjoying the experiences of first pregnancy and the miracle that was growing in Tanvi's womb. Chotu and Neelima's marriage talks were going on in full fledge between the two families and they could announce the happy news at any moment to everyone.


Riya and Arjun were happier then they have ever been. Though the strained relationship of Riya and her father was constantly there at the back of their minds, they never let it come between their happiness. Arjun tried giving Riya space regarding that matter but when she did not take any initiative, he got worried that if something wasn't done soon the relationship could be damaged for a very long time. So, many a times he tried talking to her but when Riya refused to budge, he finally gave up.


These days Riya was too busy with some other work. Arjun has - as told to Rathore - talked to Riya about buying a new house as soon as possible. Riya was ecstatic upon hearing this decision of his, from that day on Anu, Riya and Arjun - sometimes joined by Shree and Rathore, were on a house hunting escapade.


"I still like the third house we saw better than any of the other ones..." Riya said with a slight pout as she and Arjun sat on the couch one day, late night and discussed about the houses.


"Riyaaa...didn't we talk about this? Isn't it too small??" Arjun said as if explaining to a little kid.


"Arjun it has two bedrooms, a living room, a very nice kitchen, two bathrooms and a wonderful balcony that has a beautiful view...and it's only you living there, what more do you want??"


"I am alone now Ri, but what about when you com..." Arjun stopped abruptly realising what he was saying. Though they never talked about marriage, it was an unspoken reality; it was an obvious outcome of their relationship.


Riya blushed and lowered her eyelashes. Arjun smiled warmly seeing her cheeks flush crimson. He pulled her closer, resting his forehead on hers, he spoke softly,


"Future ke liye bhi sochna padega na Riya?"


Riya couldn't make herself speak as she got lost thinking about what he said and what he meant. A beautiful picture of herself and Arjun came in front of her eyes - as married couple. She smiled and looked into his eyes, lost in them for few moments.


"Arjun woh bahut pyaara sa ghar hain. It's small but it's very cozy and warm...I can't imagine a better house for us..."


Arjun smiled seeing her excitement, he loved that 'house' and 'us - meaning Riya and Arjun' were used in the same sentence - their house!


He sighed, "Okay! We'll go see that house again tomorrow..."


Riya gave him a sweet dimpled smile and hugged him.


Happiness though, as they say is short-lived. Though everyone strived to find it in smallest of things and keep it, it was becoming harder to contain that happiness with passing days for the ETF members.


After investigating further into the matter, the ETF soon found out that Chintu was only the beginning and small part of the plan that was conspired against Arjun. When they dug deeper they realised that he was one of the last and redundant part of a huge network of goons and criminals. He was ordered to follow Arjun by a local small time goon who got orders from higher up, who in turn got orders from a higher up goon. It went on like that in circles frustrating the ETF to no limits.


With frustrations already at a high, their anxiety levels were increasing as well with no knowledge of what their next move will be. Whoever was planning this; their actions were getting more serious with the passing day.


It was on one such day, at the dead of the night Riya heard a loud sound breaking her sleep. In her groggy state of mind she couldn't even figure out what the sound was, but she lay still on the bed - listening. When she heard nothing else she presumed for a moment that it was probably Anu getting a drink from kitchen and probably dropping a glass or something of that sort. But, the next moment, her cell phone on her bedside table rang shrilly in the silence startling her.


Riya gulped and picked up the phone to see it was from Anu.


"Hello Anu?!!" Riya talked into the phone surprised.


"Riya did you hear that sound? I was too scared to come out of the room so I am calling you" Anu spoke hurriedly.


Riya sat up on her bed and eyed her bedroom door suspiciously. If it wasn't Anu then where did the sound come from? She thought before speaking into her phone,


"Anu I'll go check it out, but do not come outside okay?"


"But, Riya..." Anu tried to protest but Riya wouldn't listen to any of it.


"Lock the door!" She ordered her before cutting the call. Riya took a deep breath before she drew her gun out in front of her and went out of the room in a well trained approach.


She squinted her eyes, trying to see through the darkness that has engulfed the house. She slowly and cautiously made her way to the switch board and turned the lights on. As the living room flushed with bright artificial light, Riya realised where the sound came from; her eyes travelled from the tennis ball sized rock on the floor to the shattered glass and then finally to the window which was now broken.


Her grip on the gun became tighter. She took a couple of tentative steps towards the window but came to a stop when she saw a shadow.


"Do not move!" She warned the shadow pointing her gun at him.


It was of no use though; she could see the shadow - only the shadow not the actual person. With another chilling smashing sound, another rock made its way into the house shattering what's left of the window.


Riya ducked right on time missing the rock by few centimetres. She crawled to the wall and sat on the ground with her back to the wall.


"RIYA?!" Anu screamed from inside the room.


"I am alright Anu!" Riya assured her.


A minute later she heard the sound of a bike moving away from the house and she knew they were gone.


Riya took a couple of deep, uneven breaths. Her heart pounded loudly as she looked around the living room covered in shattered glass.




He sat in the car and hit hard on the accelerator. As the car zoomed through the deserted road towards Riya's house he replayed the phone call with his sister moments ago.


As soon as he saw the name flash on his phone, he knew something was wrong.


"Anu? Is everything okay?" Arjun asked anxiously.


"Bh...bhai, woh baahar se kuch...kuch aawaz aa rahi thi...toh..." Anu told Arjun what happened nervously.


Arjun already on his way towards the car keys asked Anu, "Can you hear her?"


" bhai. Should I go and see if she is okay?"


"NO! Don't go out. I am sure she's alrig..." before he could finish the sentence, Anu let out a scared yell,




Arjun came to a dead stop with his hand on the car door handle. A chill passed thorough him, numbing everything except for the pounding heart. After a few seconds of unbearable silence, Anu's words brought life back into him!


"She's okay! She's alright!!" Anu said relieved into the phone.


Arjun let out the breath he'd been holding. His rolled his tongue around his lips and cleared his throat which went dry,


"I - I am coming Anu. Do not go out of your room"


As he started driving, he thought back on how he reacted on hearing Anu scream Riya's name. How, when he thought something happened to Riya - he became numb and couldn't react.


Do not make her your weakness Arjun! He told himself sternly. She is your strength! NOT your weakness!!!


As he neared her house he moved forward extremely slowly and cautiously. But, soon he realised that there was no one there. He got out of the car and holding fast onto his gun, made his way to the house. He knocked once, when he didn't get a response he knocked again.


"Who is it?" Riya's voice came from the other side of the door.


"Ri, it's me!" Arjun immediately said. He heard a cry of relief from the other side before the door swung open. He was immediately engulfed into a hug by the two residents of the house.


Arjun held both Riya and Anu tightly before moving forward and closing the door behind them. After a second Riya let go of him and looked up at him.


"Are you okay?" Arjun asked her, cupping the side of her face. Riya nodded in response and held his hand, pushing her cheek further into it. Anu meanwhile did not let go of her brother.


Arjun kissed the crown of her head,


"Anu, it's okay! I am here now!"


Anu held him for a couple more minutes before letting him go.




Arjun looked around the house and heard everything from Riya before he called Rathore and informed him.


A few minutes later there was a knock on the front door alerting all three of them.


"It's probably Shree" Anu told the other two.


Of course, she'd have called him right after calling me! Arjun thought and opened the door.


A concerned looking Shree walked in, taking in the shattered glass and the two rocks on the floor with raised eyebrows. He then went to Anu who hugged him without a second thought. Arjun looked at them with raised eyebrows but looked away, seeing how upset Anu became with the incident.


After comforting Anu for a while Shree then went to Riya and held her for a second or two making sure she was alright.


After Rathore arrived and looked at the scene, Shree took photos of the rocks, the window and the shattered glass. Shree and Arjun picked up the rocks and put them in clear plastic bags under evidence.


"Tum dono thik ho?" Rahtore asked Riya and Anu.


"Accha chalo...tum dono mere ghar chalo!" He continued when he got mere nods in response to his question.


Riya and Anu looked at Arjun,


"Uss ke taraf kya dekh rahe ho? Chalo! Pack your clothes for next couple days and hurry up...I left Tanvi home alone..."


"Sameer you shouldn't have left her alone..." Arjun said anxiously.


"Woh security hain waha pe...phir bhi I want to get there as quickly as possible..." Rathore said.


Anu and Riya went in to pack their bags of the necessities. The three men waited outside in the living room talking about what must be done next. Anu soon came out but Riya still wasn't ready.


"Tum Anu ko leke chale jao Sameer...I'll get Riya, Tanvi will be waiting for you!" Arjun said reasonably.


Rathore agreed and left with Anu and Shree.


By the time Riya came out Arjun stood near the broken window looking outside as the night's chill hit his face.


"Sorry, I had to pack some valuables as well...couldn't have left"


"That's okay...I asked Sam to leave...Tanvi is home alone"


"I understand!" Riya said.


"Kal subha ek, do constables rakh doonga yeha par, security ke liye" Arjun said looking lost at the window.


"Arjun..." Riya called out to him, there was something in her voice that made him frown - it wasn't scare or anxiety to the contrary it was a firm, determined call - as if she made up her mind about something.


Arjun turned to her and slowly walked up to her.


"Promise whoever is behind this, they'll...they'll not be able snatch the the life we've built up!"


Arjun looked at her for a few seconds before speaking up, "I promise Riya, ek baar meri zindagi mujhse cheen gayi thi...iss baar nahi! I also promise that whoever dared to do this, will be punished. I'll make sure of it!"


Riya smiled, and hugged him, "We'll make sure of it!!" She said confidently.


Arjun smiled too.


Strength, she was definitely his strength!

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 2:47am | IP Logged

A very nice chapter 

seriously liked d way u portrayed d case

dat sudden attack at ria n Anu's place

Arjun was actually frightened for a second 

thankfully nothing happened to Anu n Ria

Whole team coming dere place

n both girls shifting to Sam's place

i really liked Arjun n ria 's end conversation n liked d  line she s her strength Smile

continue soon

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