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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 82)

Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2013 at 7:23am | IP Logged

Hey ...
Awww that was a lovely update Big smile
Loved Shree's reaction ... LOL
Shree is a nice guy right ?!
So why does Arjun seem to be angry in the precap ??? Ouch
Can't wait for the next part Embarrassed

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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2013 at 7:58am | IP Logged

Awesome.. So this was more of Shree-Anu's confession which I loved reading.. Big smile

They're so damn adorable and cute!

The precap is what is making me impatient.. Please update soon..

Also, I guess Riya is going to be in a fix when all of them find out that she knew it all along.. LOL

Rathore-Rawte's reactions are sending out mixed signals to me.. I know there's probably nothing to worry about.. But still.. You never know what becomes of Arjun at times.. WinkTongue

Thanks for the PM!

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2013 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! Loved it! I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the update! 

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2013 at 6:49pm | IP Logged

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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged
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Thanks guys for those lovely comments!!!! Hug

Next chapter in the post below... Hope I haven't disappointed you guys...

Let me know what you guys think Big smile

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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged

Part 24...


Arjun dropped Riya at her house and told her that he'd freshen up and come back in time for dinner. He was about to go straight to his lodge but, at the last minute changed his mind and turned right - which lead to Rathore's house.


He rang the door bell and waited, when Tanvi opened the door, he did not say hi or the reason why he was there, instead he walked straight in and sat on the couch with a scowl on his face.


Rathore who seemed to have just changed his clothes came out of his room. He came to an abrupt halt when he saw the picture in front of him. Arjun was sitting on the couch with a deep frown and fidgeting with his fingers as he bent a little, resting his elbows on his legs. Tanvi stood a few feet away from him, looking at him confusedly.


"Kya hua?" Rathore asked as he went and stood next to Tanvi.


"It''s Shree..." Arjun said through clenched teeth.


Rathore, who understood immediately what he was talking about, raised his eyebrows in surprise.


"SHREE??!!" He exclaimed loudly. Making Tanvi jump next to him.


"Oh, sorry, sorry Tannu!" He said immediately putting a hand around her shoulder.


Arjun looked at them and smiled as Rathore made Tanvi sit down on the couch carefully.


"Sam, main thik hoon. I am only three months into pregnancy, you don't need to..."


"Phir bhi...just..." Rathore, about to say something glanced at Arjun, who was smiling.


"Itna hassi kyun aa rahi hain?? Tu rukh, jab Riya bhi..." Rathore started but stopped abruptly. Arjun's smile was wiped out and he looked away from Rathore.


"Sorry yaar I didn't mean..."


"Baat math kar usski" Arjun said bitterly, cutting Rathore in the middle.


Tanvi and Rathore exchanged glances before Rathore spoke again,


"Kyun? Did you guys fight? What happened...I am sure you did something!! What did you do??"


Arjun looked at his best friend with disbelief.


"Nooo we did not fight! Mein toh bas aise hi keh diya, because she didn't tell me about SHREE AND ANU!! ...Tu bhi...aur kyun...jab bhi hum ladenge toh meri hi galati hogi kya?"


"Nahi yaar, I - I didn't mean it like...accha chod. So, the guy is Shree???"


"Haan" Arjun as if remembering it just now, had his scowl back on.


"Hmmm..." Rathore sat next to him, deep in thought.


Tanvi looked at the two friends and shook her head. She got up going towards the kitchen when Rathore stopped her,


"Where are you going?"


"I'll bring coffee..."


"Should I..." Rathore said and started getting up only to be stopped by Tanvi. Rathore turned back to Arjun who was still brooding.


Rathore chuckled seeing him,


"Shree is a good guy Arjun, you and me, we both know that..."


"I know" Arjun said simply.


"Toh? Problem kya hain??" Rathore asked not able to see what was bothering Arjun.


"I just, I can't believe I haven't seen it till now! I mean it's so!" Arjun's face sported an utter disbelief look.


Rathore laughed again, "Maanna padega, agar koi ACP Rawte se chupaakar kuch kar saktha hain...toh woh uski behen hi ho sakthi hain..."


"Bahut mazza aa raha hain na tujhe?!!"


"Tera shakal dekhne laayak hain abhi..." Rathore said laughing.


Arjun rolled his eyes, "Ab bol, kya krna hain?"


"Karna kya hain? They look good together..."


"Haan woh thik hain, but we can't let them off the hook so easily!!" Arjun said, thinking about what to do.


"Does Shree know that you know?" Rathore asked.


"He'd have figured it out by now" Arjun said.


Tanvi came out with three coffee cups and handed them over to Rathore and Arjun, as they started talking about what to do next.




Arjun knows Shree is a good person, he is not the type that pretends to care - if he loves and cares for someone he does so from the heart. Arjun saw him do that for Riya, he has always been there for her and Arjun knows he'll always be there for her, whenever needed. If Arjun himself or his parents looked for a guy for Anu they couldn't have found a better person for her.


When he reached Riya's place about half an hour later, the ETF car Shree had been driving the whole day was parked in front of the house. He noticed the front door of the house was open, so he did not bother knocking and went straight in. The house at first glance seemed void of its residents. But, Arjun could hear sounds from the kitchen so he made his way towards it.


"What the hell happened here?" Arjun asked seeing the kitchen's state. It looked as if a tornado passed through it.


"Arjun!!" Riya exclaimed and walked to him trying to dodge as many objects as possible in her path.


"We are cooking bhai!!" Anu offered from behind. Shree who had been standing still in a corner moved ever so slightly, as if saying even he was present there. Arjun deliberately did not acknowledge him.


" this how you guys cook??" Arjun asked utterly stunned at the mess.


"Woh, actually we were all cooking. I mean each one of us is cooking different dishes" Riya said near him.


"Haan bhai, Riya aloo-poori bana rahi hain, mein aur Sh...Shree salad aur gulab jamun bana rahe hain..."


Arjun looked on with raised eyebrows as she told him the menu, was it a coincidence that all his favourite items were being cooked at once on the day he finds out about Shree - I don't think so.


He nodded as if thinking about something, "Okay, since you guys are making such delicious items...I was thinking of calling Sam and Tanvi over for dinner!"


All three faces fell simultaneously.


"Really?" Riya asked desparately.


"Haan, just increase the quantities. They are coming over" Arjun said coolly and walked out of the kitchen.


"Didn't I tell you? The first thing he does is tell Sameer bhai!!" Anu reminded Riya.


"Forget about that, he did not start yelling at Shree" Riya said surprised, and then narrowing her eyes she continued, "What is he planning on doing?"


"I told you guys this was a baaadd idea!!" Shree put his two cents in, "He hasn't gone to get his gun has he??" he added nervously looking at the kitchen door.


"Shree!!" Both Anu and Riya said in unison.


"Kya Shree?? Socha tha Arjun sir ko kaise bhi manaalonga, par Rathore sir? Maar denge yaar woh tho!!"


"You should have thought about that before!!" Riya said and went to the stove to make more pooris.


Shree gulped and turned towards Anu with an overly dramatic and sad looking face,


"Anu wherever I am, I'll love you and only you!" he took a deep breath and continued, "Riya you have been a very good friend! there a back door through which I can run away???" He seriously added the last sentence.


"Apna nautanki bass kar aur khana bana!!" Riya said.

Continued in the post below...

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Sorry Simar...kaan pakad kar sorry ...i seriously didnt knew ki u will make 1 more res

mujhe first aana thaLOL

Now coming to chapter

i seriously loved both d parts..

Rathore worried for tanvi n arjun smiling nteasing him...hehehe.

Seriously loved d way dey planned things
At home, these 3 were making dinner for him that he can accept shree in d family...
Arjun also playing along n calling rathore over dinner
n den finally d second part

i was ROFLing while reading shree's reaction..
bechara shree...waat laga di in dono ne uski
n his reaction..."anu please cum here"

n finally Sameer n Arjun couldn't control dere laughter 
even i was laughing dat tym
excellent part 

loved it
Finally shree is a part of d family ...
maze aa gaye ...

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Part 24 cont...(First part in the post above tani23's Tongue)

About twenty minutes later Sameer and Tanvi arrived. As soon as he got there the first thing he did was ask Arjun where Shree was.


"Khana bana raha hai!"


"Khana? Are you really that easy to win over?" Rathore asked immediately understanding the intent behind it.


"That's what they seem to think!" Arjun replied.


"Agar aap dono ko Shree se kuch problem nahi hain, then why are you doing this??" Tanvi asked already feeling sorry for the sweet, cute ETF techie.


"Kyun ki bahut mazza aayega!!" Sameer said with a childish excitement.


Arjun chuckled.


"I'll go see if they need any help" Tanvi started getting up but Rathore stopped her.


"No you are not! Sit down Tannu" Saying so he gently pulled her back onto the couch.


As they were talking, Riya, Anu and Shree came out.


"Tanvi!!" Riya exclaimed and gave her a hug followed by Anu, while Shree maintained his distance from the general area where Rathore and Arjun were sitting.


"Shree" Rathore said particularly loudly, startling him.




"Heard you were cooking tonight??"


"I am helping them out sir!" Shree said and after a nervous pause he added, "Pray that food will turn out edible!!"


"Kuch kaha tumne Shree?" Arjun asked though he heard it quite clearly.


" sir"


"Hmm, toh aaj yaha khana banaane ka kaise soojha??" Rathore asked Shree.


"Bhai, I - I asked him to...stay...and..." Anu though started in support of Shree, trailed off under the look given by Rathore and Arjun.


"Haan haan bolo Anu..." Rathore prompted her.


Anu looked away and said nothing.


"Umm, everything is ready; we can have dinner whenever you guys want to..." Riya offered trying to ease things a bit.


"Great! Why don't you and Anu arrange things on the table?" Arjun said.


Riya and Anu nodded and left for the kitchen. Shree was about to follow them when Arjun asked him to sit down, offering the seat between himself and Rathore. Shree gulped nervously and took the seat.


"So, Shree I have something very important to talk to you about" Arjun said seriously.


"Y...ya sir, I have been meaning to..." Shree started saying only to be cut short by Rathore.


"Shree let us finish. You see we love Anu very much, she's our little..." Rathore searched for a suitable word, looking at Arjun for help.


"Angel??" Shree offered innocently.


"That's the word! Yes!" Arjun said.


"We will see the end of the person who will hurt her in anyway" Rathore said not angry or serious, but he had a kind of amused look on his face, as if he's enjoying this, a lot.


"Yes, you see Shree we are telling you all this because...because there is a guy who has been after Anu. Now, she is naive, she thinks she loves this person. But we know better right? I want you to trace whoever it is and tell us once you find out!!" Arjun said all that in one go.


Shree looked from Rathore to Arjun.


Kaha phas gaya mein?!! Bakra bana kar khel rahe hain mujhse! Shree thought.


Tanvi meanwhile sat silently and watched all this unfold in front of her. She knew they were just doing this for fun, so she sat there and had fun as well.


"S...sir, I know we...we should have tol..."


"What are you talking about? Concentrate Shree, you'll be able to trace him right?" Rathore asked.


"Sir, please...I..."


"C'mon Shree...this is what you do every day. I am sure you'll trace him out!" Arjun said.


"Sir, mein..."


"Haan Shree c'mon!" Rathore said.


"Sir, mein jaanta hu..."


"Arjun tum phikar math karo, humara Shree (clicking his fingers loudly) aise pakadlega usse" Rathore said confidently.


"Haan, bahut bharosa hain mujhe iss pe..." Arjun said pointedly to Shree.


"Aur nahi toh kya? He never failed us till date..." Rathore said


Shree rolled his eyes and jumped up from the couch.


"An...Anu!! Come out here please!!" He yelled, facing Arjun and Rathore.


Anu and Riya came out running. He walked up to a shocked and confused looking Anu, took her hand into his and walked back to Arjun and Rathore facing them.


"Arjun sir, Rathore sir, we should have told you this before, but we were making sure that we...sir our relation started out as friendship but to be honest I always knew it was much more than friendship. I - I really, really like your sister...I - I love Anu, sir! I had no idea what she felt for me till a few hours back. But sir, now that I know she feels the same for me as I feel for her, I feel like I am the luckiest person. I promise to take care of her and look after her and love her for the rest of my life...if - if I have your permission...sir..."


No one said anything; everyone stared at Arjun and Rathore. Minutes passed by in silence filled with anticipation and nervousness.


Finally Rathore and Arjun looked at each other and stood up, their faces void of any emotion. They walked up to Shree and stood close to him, very close to him - in an intimidating stance and glared at him. Seeing their deep frowns and flaring nostrils, Shree cringed a little away from them. All through he did not let go of Anu's hand.


He was preparing himself to be screamed at. He quietly sent prayers to god and stood still, ready for their wrath. After a minute or two more of their glaring and nothing else he glanced at Anu confusedly and then at Riya - they did nothing and just stood there. Just when Shree thought to say something else - because, honestly this was getting a bit awkward, they did something that made him look at them with an open mouth...


A laugh broke on both his senior officers' stern faces. They turned to each other with accusing looks.


"You started laughing!!!" Arjun accused Rathore, while the latter did the same to Arjun.


"Saara plan ka sathya naash kardiya Arjun..." Rathore said still laughing.


"Maine??!!" Arjun said surprised.


"Oh!! You two are sooo baaaddd!!!" Tanvi exclaimed in disbelief, not able to stop herself from commenting on their bad acting skills. After all they did, they end up laughing.


Anu, Shree and Riya stood stunned, watching this unfold in front of them. They understood what was going on and heaved a deep sigh of relief. Riya rolled her eyes at Arjun for all the drama.


Arjun turned to Anu and gestured her to come closer.


Anu slowly made her way to her brother who kissed her forehead and holding her around her shoulder with one arm, he turned to Shree,


"Welcome to the family Shree!" He said with a smile.


Shree smiled; a little embarrassed but very happy.


"Thank you, Arjun sir! Thank you so much!" he said giving Arjun a grateful look.


Arjun chuckled and motioned him to come forward. He enveloped Shree into a quick hug before letting him go.


Everyone gathered around them smiling and laughing and teasing the couple when Rathore cleared his throat loudly from behind.


"Sirf Arjun ka haan khafi nahi hain! Mera bhi jawaab sunlo" Rathore said seriously.


Anu smiled at her brother and walked to him slowly.


"Aur aapka jawaab kya hain bhaiya?!" She asked sweetly.


Rathore smiled and he too gave Anu and Shree a quick hug and warned the latter to take care of his sister.


With a promise that he would, Shree looked around the room extremely happy. His smile soon falttered though - something was missing.


Arjun noticed Shree's smile fade.


"kya hua Shree?" He asked.


"Sir, woh..."


"Missing Chotu right?" Anu asked understanding immediately.


"Oh ya, ask him to come over!" Riya suggested.


Shree walked a little away from the group and dialled Chotu's number.


"Haan Shree bol? Sab thik toh hain na?" Chotu asked immediately anxious to know what happened.


"Sab thik kaise ho saktha hai Chotu? Tune mujhe phasa diya aur khud gaayab? Bachu Riya ke ghar aaja...abhi, issi waqt!!"


"Yaar sab thik hain na? Maamla serious hain kya?"


"Tu yeha aa toh sahi!!"


"Woh actually Shree I am not at home. I came out with Neelu yaar"


Shree's mouth opened in a big 'O',


"Accha? Mujhe phasa kar tu mazze le raha hain?? Tu abhi issi waqt ghar aa raha hain ya nahi??"


"Achha thik hain! I'll drop Neelu home and come there, okay?!!"


"Nah! Aisa nahi chalega!! Bring her over...and no more excuses! Warna mein...mein toh...tujhe toh...samajh gaya ya aur boloon??"


Chotu chuckled on the other end, he understood that everything was alright hearing the light hearted way Shree was talking in,


"Looks like everyone agreed...waah Shree...teri toh nikhal padi!!!"


"Nikhal padi ke bache...aaja dekh loonga!!!"


Chotu laughed, "Haan, haan aa raha hoon!"


Sometime later, Chotu and for the very first time Neelima joined the happy lot at Riya's place. Chotu hugged Shree congratulating him and introduced Neelima to everyone. Neelima as it turns out was as sweet as Chotu and a perfect match for him. Though she was a little shy at the beginning, soon she too became one of them and enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

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