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Thank you all for the likes and comments!! Hug

Here is the part a lot of you have been waiting for - Mukherjee's entry. Hope I didn't disappoint you guys.

Let me know what you guys think...

Part 18...

The flight was to land at Twelve O'clock midnight. Riya and Arjun made their way to the airport and waited as they were a little early.

Riya looked at him from the corner of her eyes but immediately looked away when he turned to her. He stared at her for a few seconds before saying,

"You should have let me talk to her!"

Riya rolled her eyes, "Arjun give that poor thing sometime..."

"Poor thing...? Riya she can't just fling something like that on me and then disappear into her room!!"

Riya stared at Arjun and sighed. If he was still in this mood when her dad comes out there would definitely be a World War III here. She needed to calm him down now and deal with the Anu and Shree situation later.

"Arjun please calm down! When she is ready, she'll tell you everything...please just..."

"The least she could have done is telling me his name...and Riya, why do I keep getting the feeling that you knew about this all along??"

Riya's eyes widened and she looked away. Oh no! Anu, what have you done! Riya thought. She didn't look at him but she looked at the arrivals, her dad would be coming any minute now.

Arjun saw Riya glance at the arrivals gate. What the hell am I doing? He thought. Riya was already worried about her dad coming and everything, she needed him to be by her side right now. He'll deal with the Anu situation later.

He took her hand in his and faced the arrivals gate with Riya. She smiled looking at him and turned facing the same direction.

Riya had a slight smile on her face, no matter what she thought of her father, and even though their relationship wasn't the most ideal father-daughter relationship out there, he was still her dad and Riya was excited to see him after so long.

Arjun kept staring at Riya and could feel her excitement in the light squeezes she gave to his hand. Finally she took a couple of steps forward seeing her father and Arjun followed her stare. He was a tall, middle aged man of average build; he looked like a strict, disciplinary man. Arjun noticed he wore formals on his journey from US to India, though not a single crease could be seen on his clothing. He walked with arrogance and Arjun didn't even need to talk to him to know Riya was nothing like him.

Upon seeing Riya he walked towards them but his eyes were fixed on Arjun. It was only when he stood directly in front of Riya did he look at her. Riya smiled at her father and was about to take a step forward to hug him when he spoke, "You didn't need to come... I'll go to my hotel directly from here"

Riya stood watching her father in disbelief. Arjun raised his eyebrows at that curt statement. When Riya didn't say anything and just stared, Arjun put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze.

"Is that really the first thing that came to your mind when you saw me after so many years? That I shouldn't have come??"

"Riya..." Mr. Mukherjee said irritated. Arjun now understood why Riya asked him to keep his anger in control. Arjun was utterly surprised and annoyed at Mr. Mukherjee's behaviour.

"Really dad! You are not even slightly happy to see me?"

"Riya you have always been so emotional!" he exclaimed, looked away and sighed. He turned back to face Arjun "and you must be Arjun Rawte?!" He spoke curtly, distaste for Arjun evident in his voice.

Arjun spoke in a controlled tone, "ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte" he said and held his hand out for Riya's sake. Mr. Mukherjee eyed his hand for a second or two as if contemplating to take it or not. He glanced at Riya and finally shook hands but it was a brief one, neither men got into each other's good books in this first meeting.

"Dinner tomorrow night" Mr. Mukherjee quite literally ordered.

Riya fumed at his tone and turned to him with a deep frown, "Maybe we made plans for tomorrow night dad...did you think about that before ordering us for dinner???"

"Then cancel them. I am here for only a few days Riya, you'd be surprised how busy I am..."

Riya gave a sarcastic chuckle and spoke with anger, "I'd have been surprised if you said anything"

Arjun was surprised at her; he'd never seen her so angry. But he soon corrected himself, Riya wasn't angry she was hurt. He sighed and decided to intervene, "Dinner tomorrow night is fine"

Riya looked at him surprised; he gave her an assuring nod.

"Good! I'll see you two tomorrow" Mr. Mukherjee said totally unaffected by Riya's words.

Riya did not respond to him in any way. He looked at her before moving past them towards the exit. Riya turned around to Arjun with a lone tear rolling down her eye. Arjun cupped the side of her face and wiped off her tear and pulled her into a hug.

She'd been thinking about him for the last one month and the reunion did not even last for one whole minute. Riya hugged Arjun tighter as her tears soaked his shirt.

Arjun felt a pair of eyes on him. Looking up from Riya he searched the crowd, spotting a man staring at the pair of them. His eyes met the man's, there wasn't even a hint of surprise at getting caught. Instead he stared right back at Arjun. The stranger held his gaze for a few more seconds before disappearing into the crowd. Arjun frowned, his eyes swept through the crowd frantically to find the man. For a second he even forgot that Riya was still in his arms and took a step forward making her jerk and look at him confused with tear filled eyes. The stranger was gone.

Arjun looked at Riya and pulled her back into his arms, holding her more protectively.

They reached home at around 1:00 AM, Arjun thought he'd drop her and leave but seeing her upset he decided to go in with her. Riya threw her bag on the couch and slumped on it. Arjun sat next to her, took her hand in his and asked, "Are you okay?"

Riya sighed and rested her head on his shoulder, "You'd think after so many years I would have got used to him by now. But it hurts just as bad every single time"

Arjun ran his fingers through her hair and chose not to comment...thinking that would be the best way to go right now. They sat in silence for a while after which Riya leaned away from Arjun and asked with unhidden disgust, "Are you heading back to the lodge?"

Arjun raised his eyebrows at her tone and smiled "I was actually thinking of crashing here"

"You'll have to take the couch...I'll bring the bedspreads..." Riya seemed relieved and left to her room.

Arjun watched her disappear into her room; he hesitated a little before getting up and going to Anu's bedroom. Riya watched from her room as he slowly opened the door and went in.

Anu was deep asleep when Arjun went in and sat next to her on the bed. He noticed she had a slight smile on her face, she looked happy. Arjun caressed her hair lovingly. When she said she was in love, he stood on the spot for a few minutes surprised. He wanted to barge into that room and talk to her - 'talk' would have most definitely turned into yelling but, thank fully Riya stopped him.

Give it sometime she said, cool off and you can talk to her later!

Now that he had sometime for it to sink in and thought about it, he wasn't against her being in love. In fact it's a wonderful feeling to be in love and he was glad that his little sister has felt it for someone. All he wants to know is – if the guy is worth her.

Arjun pulled the comforter up to her shoulders and pecked her forehead. He then left the room as quietly as he came in.

Riya set his bed and waited for him. When he came out, he slowly walked up and sat next to her.

"She is sleeping" Arjun said as he took his shoes and socks off.

"Hmm, thought she'd be..."

"You know don't you?...but you'll still not tell me"

Riya looked at him guiltily, "I am sorry Arjun. I would tell you everything's none of my business. I am sure she'll tell you everything once she's ready..."

Arjun nodded and said nothing, making her feel guiltier.

"I wanted to thank you..." Riya said sliding her hand into his as if checking to see if he was angry at her for not telling him about Anu.

"What for?" Arjun asked looking at her hand in his. He understood her gesture and gave it a slight squeeze assuring her he was not angry. Riya immediately relaxed and continued,

"For keeping your cool with dad...when I didn't"

He smiled and using his other hand tucked a strand of hair behind her ear,

"I promised to you that I would, didn't I?"

Riya nodded her head.

"Get some sleep now. We have a long day tomorrow" Arjun said.

Riya stood up and took a few steps towards her room but suddenly stopped. Slowly turning around she went back to Arjun and in one swift movement ruffled his hair. Arjun looked at her with raised eyebrows. She smiled and pecked his forehead before bidding good night.

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woaahhh m here... brb
*runs away to read no recieve Mr mukherjeeROFL
I'm so thankful to Riya that she went to receive Mr Mukherjee..LOL
but ohh god I hate him... hate him in this story... what kind of father he is ufffAngryAngryAngryAngry
Anyways... I love it how Arjun controlled his anger and Anu's matter.
Riya's a sweetheart.. bt why is Arjun making her feel guitly yaarUnhappy
I cant wait for next big day... its going to be one amazing day.. and an Interesting nightLOL

Continue soon dearHug

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Nice part...

i was worried that Arjun wuld yell at Anu... bt thanks to Riya...
oh no i hate Riya's dad Dead... he nd his bloody attitudeAngryAngry... wanted to slap him th way he spoke to Ariya esp Riya... loved the way Arjun said his name with full attitude... culd really visualise dat... Ariya dey really understad eachother so well... Hope everythng goes well th dat dinner wth Riya's dad... want Arjun to blast him bt it may afeect Ariya's realtionship na soConfused... i knw Riya wnt mind bt still...
Arjun s really a loving caring brother... waiting for Arjun - shree confrontation...
b/w who s stalking on Ariya????? i thnk he s Sikki's men... scared to evn thnk abt that...
enough of my bakwaas... update soon...

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Grr.. Mr. M, as I shall call him, makes me want to bang my head against the wall. But, thankfully, Riya has Arjun and Arjun has Riya. I can't wait to read how dinner goes. Thanks for the update! 

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Hey ...
That was so good ...

I just love Riya ... Love the way she handled the situation of Anu and Shree ... 
 She didn't want Arjun to lose cool infront of her but it happened the other way around ... Poor Riya ... :(

Hate the attitude of Mr. Mukherjee ... He acted so proud and his attitude towards Arjun and Riya was just infuriating ... Anyone would have lost their cool ...

But Riya is trying to get used to his indifference and arrogance ...
But I know at the end of the day Arjun is there with Riya to make her feel good ... ;)

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Great part

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Nice chap:)

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