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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 53)

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged

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THANK YOU guys for the likes and comments!! 

Loved reading every single one of them and appreciate them all!!  Hug

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r u gonna post next part??

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Here is the next part! I'll have to split this part into two as well because it became really long...

I will update 17b in a few hours as I still need to make a few changes to it!! Till then hope you'll enjoy this part.

Let me know what you guys think Smile

Part 17a...


Riya saw Anu's face light up with excitement, anxiousness, curiosity...she knew how Anu was feeling right now but she just could not let this opportunity slip by to tease her a little. Riya composed her face to that of a surprise and asked,

"Shree? You mean Shreekanth Sen? Why would he mention you...I mean..." Riya shrugged with an expression that read, are you insane?

Anu's face dropped. She stared at Riya for a second or two and then turned away looking everywhere but at Riya.

Riya smiled and propped herself up on her elbow, "Kyun Anu? Tum Shree ke baare mein kyun pooch rahi ho?"

"No, I - I was just...aise hi..."

"Accha...aise hi?? Okay..." She fell back onto her back and fell silent. She could feel Anu fidgeting next to her in the dark and smiled, she finally took mercy on the poor girl and was about to tell her she knows everything when Anu spoke,



"I - I am starting to...I think, I..."

"Just say it Anu..."

"I like him"

Riya's smile widened, she turned on the bedside lamp and sat up straight on the bed facing Anu. Though she was warning Shree from the beginning, she was very excited to hear that Annika feels the same way. Riya's main point of concern was that Shree was moving too fast and if Anu misunderstood him or did not reciprocate his feeling the situation could have got weird, and she didn't even want to imagine how Arjun would have reacted.

Riya was happy for her best friend; he couldn't have found a better person than Anu.

"He's a really nice guy...and he likes you as well..." Riya said putting her two cents worth.

Anu's lips cracked into a shy smile as she sat up facing Riya, she then proceeded to tell her what Shree did last night. But Riya cut her short saying,

"Ya, ya I know, he told me everything very proudly this morning...he's crazy..."

"I know right? I mean what if bhai found out?" Anu looked at Riya with genuine disbelief. 

In response Riya sighed and shook her head as if saying, ab iss ladke ko kaun samjhaye?

They talked for some more time during which Anu requested Riya to not tell Arjun anything as of now. She wanted to be absolutely sure about Shree and her feelings before telling Arjun. Riya wasn't comfortable with this but then thought that it was up to Shree and Anu to decide when, how and to whom they'd disclose their personal matters. Riya just nodded and let it be hoping they'll not take too long.


The next few days flew by very quickly with the whole ETF team working hard to solve cases. Things were a little different in the ETF office now with Arjun softening slightly after his and Riya's relationship started. Even Rathore's attitude changed after his reconciliation with Arjun and he didn't mind the once in a while nok-jhoks of Riya, Shree and Chotu which lightened the atmosphere.

As for the personal life of the ETF members, things were even better than the professional side. Arjun and Riya's relationship grew stronger with the each passing day and Anu and Shree's progressed in a positive direction. Rathore and Tanvi were enjoying the experience of first pregnancy and their happiness was sky high with the preparations for the new member of the family. Chotu on the other hand was extremely happy in his small world which consisted of his Mom and Neelima (Neelu).


About a month later, one day after work, Arjun dropped Riya home. He left immediately as he wanted a hot and relaxing shower after the day's hectic work. So, Riya reluctantly let him go back to the lodge. Anu and Riya have been trying for the last week to convince him to move out of the lodge and get a proper house for himself. So far they had no luck, but they decided to not give up so soon.

Riya went in, got freshened up and came out into the living room to find Anu texting away on her phone.

"Is it Shree?" Riya asked. Anu nodded in response.

"Have you decided when you are going to tell Arjun?" Riya was becoming guiltier by the day. These days she couldn't even look straight into Arjun's eyes when Anu is mentioned. It was surprising that with his sharp eye Arjun did not notice anything yet.

Shree was always very clear with his feelings for Anu, but she was unsure about her feelings. He was ready to take the next necessary step in their relationship to move ahead - that is talk to Arjun, but for some reason Anu couldn't muster the nerve to tell him yet.

Anu observed Riya, she had a slight frown on her face and she looked a little agitated.

"I - I''ll tell him soon Riya...but...what's bothering you? You look..."

"I don't like keeping anything from Arjun...especially this...he is your brother; he has a right to know"

"I know, I have been thinking about that as well but, I don't want this relationship with Shree to end before it even begun!"

"Anu you don't know what he'll say. For all you know he might jump up and down with happiness"

Anu and Riya stared at each other before laughing out loud as they both imagined Arjun actually jumping up and down.

"Ya, that's never going to happen" Anu said still laughing. "But, I think I know what he'll do..."

"What will he do?" Riya asked

"He'll go straight to Sameer bhai"

"Sameer sir? Why?"

"Yup, I am saying this out of experience. I was in 10th class when a guy from my class gave me a love me, it was the lamest love letter ever written. Anyway, being the good girl I was...I showed that letter to bhai. He did not say a word to me, he went straight to Sameer bhai and god knows what they discussed for almost two hours. The next day, I go to school to find these two having a huge fight with this guy"

"Fight? Arjun and Sameer sir?" A younger Arjun and Rathore in a fight intrigued Riya.

"Yup, that guy never even looked at me after that..."

"Wow!! But you know Arjun and Sameer sir are not going to gang up on Shree right?"

Anu smiled, "That would be a sight to see"

Riya too smiled, "Just tell him as soon as you can okay?"

"I will" Anu promised

Riya went into the kitchen to get something to eat when Anu remembered something and realised that could be the reason for Riya's agitation earlier. She shouted from the living room, "Riya your dad is coming tomorrow right?"

Riya stopped her search for food and nervously replied, "Ya Anu, he's coming tomorrow"

Next Day...

Riya went to office with Shree and Chotu as Arjun and Sameer had to go to the head office. After sorting out their work they returned to ETF office. They were in the car park when Arjun noticed someone near a tree close to the building - looked like he was keeping an eye on them. On the pretext of talking on the phone Arjun stopped and so did Sameer. Arjun very subtly pointed out the guy at the tree to Sameer.

Sameer was thinking of how to get to the guy but they both knew it was not possible. He was too far away, he would easily flee before they go anywhere near him. The next time they turned to see the guy was gone. Sameer looked away frustrated and barged into the office.

"Karthik!!" he yelled as soon as he entered.

"Ye...Yes sir!" Karthik came running nervously, so did Riya, Shree, Chotu and the other officers present.

"There is a guy outside keeping an eye on every person who enters and leaves this office. What the hell is happening here??!!"

"What? I had no idea sir!"

"Of course you didn't!" Rathore yelled and pointed at a few officers, "Check the premise, and see if you find anything suspicious...he was wearing a cream colour shirt and blue jeans!!"

"There is no point Sameer" Arjun mumbled and walked into the conference room.

Rest of the team followed and a few minutes later Karthik came in to inform they did not find anyone but everyone were now more vigilant. It took the team a few more minutes to get back to their current case. They worked for a while and decided to take a break, while Arjun and Sameer went to Arjun's office to look at a file, Riya, Shree and Chotu went out for some fresh air.

"Arre haan, Shree I was talking to Anu yesterday about..."

"I know, she told me"

"Oh! You guys talked?"

Shree mimicked texting with his hands.

"She TEXTED you our conversation???"

Shree laughed.

"Why don't you just get out with it and make your lives easier by freely meeting each other!!"

Shree frowned, he'd love to do that but Anu...sighing, he side lined his thoughts, "W...we are still getting to know each other Ri...and this is fun! Trust me we will tell Arjun sir soon"

Riya sighed. Chotu observed Riya for a few seconds before asking, "What's bothering you?"

It was Shree who answered. "Mr. Mukherjee is coming today"

"Oh ya! What are you so worried about?"

Again Shree answered him, "Let's just say her dad and Arjun sir in the same room is probably not such a good idea...well that's what she thinks anyway..." Shree added pointing to Riya.

Riya rolled her eyes and left.

In Arjun's office, Rathore seriously looked at Arjun for a whole minute as he studied a file and then sighed and spoke, "Arjun, do you remember it's Sikander's court day soon?"

Arjun did not look up from the file but his teeth clenched together and a deep crease formed between his brows, he just nodded in response. Rathore was going to say something else when suddenly the door opened and Riya walked in looking lost.

"Arjun I..." Riya said coming in, not noticing that her seniors were in the middle of a conversation.

"Riya!" Arjun said sternly

"Oh! I am really sorry sir! I didn't see..."

"Didn't see ka kya matlab hai? You could have at least knocked before coming in" Arjun spat out

Riya was taken aback by Arjun's retort. She stared at him hurt. Sameer looked at Arjun and then at Riya, he really wanted to tell her that they were talking about Sikander just before she came in and hence the angry Arjun but decided it'd be best if he left right now.

Riya apologised to Rathore as he was leaving and turned back to Arjun who threw his file on the table angrily.

"I - I am sorry sir, I should have knocked before coming in" Riya said

Arjun closed his eyes for a couple of seconds trying to calm down, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Noth...nothing" she turned to leave.

"Riya...what is it?" Arjun was much calmer now.

Riya shook her head, "This is not the right time or the place to talk about it, I should have realised...I am sorry" saying this she left for the conference room.

Arjun threw his head back on the chair and took a deep breath. Why does it take so long to punish a criminal whom everyone knows has done dreadful, unspeakable things? It had been months since he was arrested but he was yet to be convicted. He was a second away from shooting Sikander dead when they caught him but he was stopped. Because, one: Sikander was unarmed and almost surrendered himself and two: they were ordered to bring him in alive for questioning...Sikander held way too much knowledge about the underworld criminals to let him die. And anyway death was too easy a way out, Sikander deserved much worse than death.

Arjun was promised that Sikander will be punished for his deeds and he was hoping ever since that he'd not regret the last second decision to arrest him and that justice will be done.

He shook his head and got up to finish off the case in hand. The team worked hard on solving the case for the rest of the day. It was an eventful day with lots of chasing and fighting with goons, during which Arjun's cell phone broke. They finally called it a day and dispersed off to their respective homes at around 8:00 PM. Arjun and Riya drove in silence to Riya's house and did not even speak when they entered the house. Riya freshened up and came out...when finally she spoke, "dinner??"

"Umm you wanna go out for dinner?" Riya being unusually quite did not go unnoticed by Arjun.

"There is a lot of food'll all go to waste..." Riya said and waited for Arjun to say something when he didn't she went into the kitchen and started heating up food. Arjun finally starting to feel guilty for shouting at her followed her in to make amends.

"Where is Anu" Arjun asked though he knew, trying to make conversation.

"She had dinner with her colleagues today" she said not looking at him.

Arjun sighed and walked closer to Riya he slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind, "naaraz ho mujhse?"

Riya didn't speak immediately, she took her time and slowly said, "My boss yelled at me today"

"He did?" Arjun turned her around in his arms as he asked. She nodded. "And he didn't even apologise?" Arjun asked faking a surprise.

"He didn't have to, it was my fault! Two of my seniors were talking when I barged into the room as if I owned the place. I am just scared that...he may be still mad at me!"

Arjun was amused to hear that, "He can't be mad at you for too long Riya, because he loves you...a lot"

He was relieved to see a smile creep up on her lips. Arjun gave her a quick peck on the forehead and proceeded to tell her why he was so irritated when she came in and hence resulting in so much yelling. Riya heard everything seriously and nodded, she wanted to change the topic immediately as she hated that Sikander still provoked such reaction from Arjun.

"So, the reason I came to you in the afternoon...I don't want you to come to the airport tonight"

Arjun frowned, "Why?"

"It's'll be meeting him soon anyway, why do you want to come to..."

"Riya, I don't know why you are so worried. At first you thought I wouldn't want to meet your dad and have been like this ever since he told you he was coming. Anyway, whatever the reason might be isn't it better to get it over and done with?"

Riya thought about that and finally agreed but with a condition, "You'll keep your anger in control"

Arjun raised an eyebrow, "What? Why would I get...?"

"Arjun, my dad is not the most polite person in this world. He says whatever comes to his mind, does whatever he wants to do, doesn't think twice before doing promise, you'll keep your anger in control..."

"Okay, okay...done!" Arjun said seeing Riya get hyper.

Riya was satisfied with that reply; she nodded and started heating the food again. Arjun stared at her back, smiled and shook his head, now he was curious to meet Riya's father more than ever. He was looking around the kitchen when his eyes fell on a couple of candles in one of the shelves. Arjun's smile widened as an idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

Chap 17b - Pg 55

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Originally posted by tani23

r u gonna post next part??

haha just did! Big smile

Hope you'll like it!!
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Hey awesum chapter dear

Arjun ne ria ko scold kiya ..AWWW

par den he made up for dat 

Shree-anu still building dere relation ...

i m thinking abt how will Arjun react to it 

Waiting for next part n arjun ka planSmile

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superb update...!!!Clap
arjun manofying riya...!! soo cute..!!
cant wait fr d nxt part..!!!
continue soon...!!!

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