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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 47)

Ketakee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 8:30am | IP Logged

Awesome update...Thumbs Up

just loved it  Heart

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life93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
nice update dear...awesome riya is so innocent the way she told arjun tht her boss yelled at himSmile...riya's dad gonna meet arjun what will hapeen what is arjun's suprprise?              update soo

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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Loved It
Arjun Pacifying Riya Was So Sweet
Riya's Dad And Arjun's Meeting Interesting To See
Awww Anu And Shree
Update Soon + Pm Me Please
Thanksz x

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
Loved the update! It was awesome! Thank you for updating. :)

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
I am nervous posting this part, because I am really unsure about it!!! You might even find it a little filmy...cause I sure did Tongue...

Anyways, let me know what you guys think!! Smile

Part 17b...

Once Riya finished heating the food and she was about to carry the dishes out to the dining table, Arjun stopped her. He dragged her into her room without any explanation and ordered her to get changed into something nice instead of the old, dull dress she was wearing.

"But..." Riya started her protest getting confused.

"No buts Riya! We can't waste the food here so we'll not go out for dinner. But get changed into something nice...It's an order" Arjun said sternly, donning his officer avatar for a few seconds.

Riya narrowed her eyes, he could have his way at work and order her around...but it wasn't going to work that way at home. So, she continued ignoring his 'order',

"But why should I get changed? We are at home not a restaurant...can't I just stay in these clothes..."

"Riya don't be so unromantic!" Arjun said, prompting Riya's mouth to pop open with surprise. Arjun smiled at her reaction and closed the bedroom door asking her again to get changed. Riya stood alone in her room, now looking at the closed door where Arjun was standing moments ago.

Unromantic?! ACP Rawte...ab dikha thi hoon! Riya thought as she turned on her heel and marched to her cupboard.


One of Anu's colleagues resigned and was moving away so he gave a farewell dinner to his team. Anu just found out that her colleague who was supposed to drop her off at home couldn't do so anymore. She didn't want to catch a cab that late at night so she called Arjun's phone but it was switched off. She tapped on her cell phone screen again and called Riya, again it was coming as switched off.

Anu's fingers rolled the contacts page up and down, Sameer bhai or...She stared at the name for a second or two before tapping on it and calling that person.


Riya emptied the contents of her cupboard onto her bed. She tried around half a dozen dresses but wasn't even close to satisfaction. She wondered how she owned all these clothes that suddenly seemed...just not right. She huffed and puffed as she went through the pile on her bed.

Some seemed too short while some seemed too long. Some were too revealing while some were just plain boring. One outfit seemed too bright while the other one too dull. Riya held two outfits in each hand and threw them all on the bed disappointed, when her eyes fell on something and she picked it up. Perfect! She thought.

Arjun meanwhile set the table, trying his best to imitate the ones in restaurants. He spread the white table cloth on the dining table, lit the candles in the middle of it. He looked around the house for a flower or two but he had no luck...just have to do with the candles he thought and continued putting the plates and dishes on the table. He switched the dining area lights off, but left the living room lights on giving the area dim lighted, romantic feeling. His eyes then fell on a stack of CDs near the TV. He threw a CD into the player and looked around as the songs started playing.

The environment was set; he was now waiting for his date.


"Hello Shree?" Anu talked into her phone as she excused herself from the table.

"Hey Anu! Umm aren't you supposed to be at some dinner?"

"I am at the's just, I don't have a transport back home. I tried calling Bhai and Riya but their cell phones are switched off!"

"Oh well Arjun sir broke his phone during a chase today and Riya's is probably usual!!"

"Umm...well...will you pick me up?"

Shree smiled at her hesitancy, "Hmm I don't about I call you back and let you know if I can come in a few minutes"

Anu frowned, "Oh, o...okay!"

Shree laughed, "Anu tu bhi na! How can you be so gullible? I'll come pick you up!!! Where are you...are you done??"

Anu rolled her eyes at the phone and smiled, "No, we just got our mains but it's really boring here! I'll skip on the dessert. Give me about twenty minutes and then start okay??"

Anu gave Shree the restaurant name and went back to the table to quickly finish her dinner.


Arjun opened the huge sliding doors to the balcony in the living room and let the refreshing, cold breeze of the night come in. He leaned on the door frame and enjoyed the view outside when he heard Riya's bedroom door click open and a second later she cleared her throat to let him know she was there. 

Arjun turned around to look at her. She looked drop dead gorgeous. She wore a red and black netted sari with jewellery limiting only to the matching hoop earrings. Her long black hair fell past her shoulders on either side, a smile played on her delicate lips. She brought her pallu around to the front holding the edge in her fingers and fidgeted with it. She looked so beautiful he knew he'd do injustice if he ever tried to describe her.

He walked up to her and came to a halt when he was a foot away from her. They stared at each other for a good five minutes, looking past the eyes down to each other's souls.

Riya was so lost looking at Arjun that she did not notice what he had done. It wasn't until the breeze from the open balcony swept her hair across her face did she look away and became capable of noticing anything else. They smiled at each other as she tucked her hair behind the ear and finally looked around.

She walked to the dining table taking in the candles and neatly set dishes and cutlery. She ran her fingers on the table and smiled when she felt his strong arms around her. He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck and hugged her.

"Do you like it?" he whispered.

Riya closed her eyes as she felt his lips move against the crook of her neck, "Hmm..." she answered him.

Arjun then let go of her. Riya was about to turn around to see what he was doing when a locket suddenly hung in front of her eyes in mid air. Arjun slowly lowered the chain onto her neck and clasped it safely at the back. He then resumed his position as before, hugging her.

Riya looked down at the chain and took the locket into her hands. She knew that chain, it always hung around Arjun's neck. She never asked him about it but she knew it was important for him.

"It was Roshni's..." Arjun whispered near her ear.

Riya turned around in his arms.

"I hope you don't mind that I..."

Riya put her hand on his mouth and shook her head, preventing him from finishing the sentence. She then slowly leaned in and kissed her own hand which was still over his mouth. Arjun removed her hand and kissed her again. Tears rolled down Riya's cheeks as she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

Arjun broke the kiss, wiped her tears and looked at her.

"I love you!" They said in unison and laughed.

Arjun was about to lean in for another kiss when the front door clicked open. He turned around to Anu entering the house.

She closed the door and leaned against it. Both Riya and Arjun realised at the same time that tears were rolling down Anu's cheeks. Before they could do anything more than stare at her with concern, and it slowly started to register in their minds, Anu turned to them and smiled.


By the time Shree went to the restaurant Anu was waiting for him outside. Shree came to a halt right in front of her and she climbed in. They greeted each other and fell silent. After driving in silence for a few minutes Shree broke the silence,

"So, did you skip on the dessert?"


"Do you want to have it now? I know what you like..."

Anu remembered his little surprise for her a month ago and turned to him, she'd been meaning to ask him something for a while but didn't,



"Can I ask you something?"

Shree glanced at Anu before nodding his head.

"What would you have done...if I told Bhai?"

Shree smiled at her innocent question. He again glanced at her before focusing on the road.



"Can I ask you something?"

Anu did not say anything instead stared at him.

"Why didn't you?"

Anu looked away embarrassed, she did not have an answer to that. She looked out the window with a slight smile before composing herself and turning back to him.

"That's not the answer to my question..."

Shree smiled, "No, it isn't..." he paused, sighed and said, "Well...honestly, I don't know what I would have done. It would have turned into a very scary situation I reckon...I mean Arjun sir..." Shree raised his eyebrows and shook his head, as if in disbelief that he'd actually done it.

Anu stifled a laugh, "Are you scared of Bhai?"

"Huh!...Who isn't??"

Anu laughed, seeing her Shree too laughed. With the last one month's relationship with Shree (mainly with texting), she knew he's a genuine guy with a good heart, with a simple intention of knowing her better and if everything works out...taking their relationship forward. She knew that even if for some unforeseen reasons things didn't work out between them he'd still be there for her as a friend...but as of now, Anu couldn't find any reason for things to not work out between them. In fact every time they talked, her intentions about him grew stronger. Somewhere deep down she knew Shree had deeper feelings for her than he let on. But, she still didn't know what to call the feelings she had for him. Wasn't it too early to call it love?

Shree increased the volume of the radio when he heard the RJ announce one of his favourite songs

Aate Jaate, Haste Gaate
Socha Tha Maine Man Mein Kai Baar
Woh Pehli Nazar, Halka Sa Asar

Shree glanced at Anu and smiled.

Karta Hai Kyun Is Dil Ko Bekaraar
Ruk Ke Chalna, Chalke Rukna
Na Jaane Tumhe Hai Kiska Intezaar

Tera Woh Yakin Kahin Main To Nahin
Lagta Hai Yehi Kyon Mujhko Baar Baar
Yehi Sach Hai, Shayad Maine Pyar Kiya

Shree stopped at the traffic signals and looked at Anu, he really wanted to hold her soft, warm hand in his and tell her,

Haan haan tumse, meine pyaar kiya!!

Aate Jaate, Haste Gaate
Socha Tha Maine Man Mein Kai Baar

Anu listened to the song lost. Somewhere the song was mirroring her own feelings and it was nice to hear it out loud instead of the inner turmoil she has been going through for the last few days.

Hothon Ki Kali, Kuch Aur Khili
Yeh Dil Pe Hua Hai Kiska Ikhtiyaar
Tum Kaun Ho, Batla To Do
Kyun Karne Lagi Maein Tum Pe Aitbaar

Anu's heart beat faster as she heard the next lines of the song; she knew what would come at the end. But, did she? Was it too soon to decide? But what about the feelings she already has for Shree, they could become deeper but they'd never change!

Khamosh Rahun Ya Main Keh Doon
Ya Karlu Maein Chupke Se Yeh Sweekar
Yehi Sach Hai, Shayad Maine...

"ANU!" Shree called her

Anu flinched and looked at him. He was saying something but everything became pin-drop silence for her. She suddenly saw him in a completely different light!

"Kya hua?! Are you even listening to me? Anu tumhara ghar aa gaya!!!"

"Hu...haan...I - I..."

"Anu, are you okay??" Shree was now concerned.

Anu just stared at him, she wanted to scream out loud and speak her heart out, she wanted to hug him and never let go of him. She wanted stay in that car with him forever. But...she gulped down all her excitement and got out of the car with trembling legs. Her breath shallow and heavier she looked at him smiled and slowly made her way up to the house and entered.

Arjun and Riya were near the dining table. They both looked at her as she closed the door and leaned on it. Anu looked at them and smiled as tears flowed down her cheeks,

"Bhai...I - I am in LOVE!!!"

Anu announced and ran into her room.

Haan Haan Tum Se, Maine Pyar Kiya...

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
Sure, it was a little filmy! But it was perfect! I loved it! And the song was the icing on the cake.. Loved the update! 

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MissRight IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
AWWW such a cute update... dono bhai behen ko apna pyaar mil gya aur dono best friends ko apni zindaggi ki sabse badi khushi!!! Waiting 4 riya's dad!!

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Mellifluous IF-Rockerz

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shree & Anu is going to be in a relqtionship..aww thats sweet Embarrassed Riya's senior scold her!!! Cry but itne hot senior se daant bhi chalega LOL yeh Riya ki dad toh kuch zyada hi weired lag raha hai Shocked lets see.

love this part dear..update next part soon Smile

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